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Inside out printed “Rally Cans” by @budweiserusa for World Series.
Retweeted by BudweiserThe biggest stage calls for the biggest superstitions. Introducing new inside-out #RallyBuds, because you never kno… @dalrymple_nick You've got great taste.
@Jessica_Whitney We got you. @salinaspolo @MLB Game day ready. 👊 @McKimChris Trevor is all about those #CincinnatiBuds. 🍺Who wants to win a huge pile of beer? 🍻 ⚾️ Each #WorldSeries game, someone can win a season's worth of Buds* + 2 t… @darrenrovell Whenever a team needs a rally, we'll be there. #RallyBuds 🍺Your Friend's Fridge Is Car Broke Down Empty… @prgirl17 Representando bien 🍻 @sunsign902 🍻
@ijames05 Nothing better. @COLE_BORNHOP4 You're on to something Cole... @Thesentswordsmn With the pictures to prove it! @MenInBlazers Stocked!⬇️ The right way to pour a Budweiser Nitro Gold. Who’s poured one? @LionsChoice @Nelly_Mo @panerabread @GatewayArchSTL @downtownstlouis @explorestlouis @in_thestl It's gettin hot in herre (so hot). @RaysBaseball See you there! @MLB @RaysBaseball Congrats @RaysBaseball! Now it’s time to #HitTheBuds in the World Series. 🍺 @TMillerBayonne Let's see it happen. #HitTheBuds @Richiey_Rich Game 7 mood. #HitTheBuds @notjeanine Spooky season. @Mavericksfolife Deep into right field! #HitTheBuds @ivansmom60 Let's see a homer! #HitTheBudsEven if no one hits the pile of Buds at Petco Park, we’re still picking a winner. There will be more Buds to hit in… @JoshBenton82 ⚾ 🍺 @mogirlprobs @Nelly_Mo 👀 @AgentRachelLuba You deserve this: 👑 @wkusigmachi That's the energy we need! #HitTheBuds @LexiPaie 2nd inning... It's time for a beer. #HitTheBuds @MLB That ball had no chance. ⚾️ @RaysBaseball Perfect caption. 🍺 @MLB The people want their beer! #HitTheBuds 🍺 @Nvdlr84 Let's see a homer! #HitTheBuds @AgentRachelLuba King of sweaters 🍺 @luvthacanes Time to grab a Bud. 🍺 @jcleveland1217 Tonight is the night! #HitTheBuds @carolyndufrene Game 7! Let's go! #HitTheBuds @bayourunners The people are counting on you for free beer. #HitTheBuds @Andy_P1 Have fun and #HitTheBuds ⚾ 🍺 @JoeyGallo24 We respect that. 🍺 @AgentRachelLuba 👑 🍻As if Game 7 wasn't intense enough... someone still has to hit the pile of Buds! If it gets hit by a homer (or ev…
@JGravius24 What a sight.This image lives in my mind rent free. @astros Time to put in work for those Buds! The people want their beer. #HitTheBuds
@save_your_cool @TBLightning Tell your mom it will be available in the Tampa Bay Area next season! @BillyBadBirrd HBD! 🍺 ⚾ @bayourunners Look for them in right field. #HitTheBuds @carolyndufrene Do it for the Buds. #HitTheBuds @MLB Look at those Buds just waiting to be hit. #HitTheBuds @JNavarr72761437 Keep your eyes on the prize! #HitTheBuds 🍺 @Moose6371 Sounds like you're ready for a good game. #HitTheBuds 🍺 @ocabarcas Tonight's the night. #HitTheBuds @PaulSabatino Game 6. Let's go! #HitTheBuds @gypsyof58 We're feeling lucky! #HitTheBuds ⚾ 🍺 @ParisiAustin We want a homer! #HitTheBudsThe @Astros and @RaysBaseball need to work on their aim and hit the piles of Buds at Petco Park 🎯🍻 If one gets hi… @Mavericksfolife Let's see it happen tonight! #HitTheBuds @lotti_96 Tell your friend- just a few more hours. @LionsChoice You bring the beef and we'll bring the beer. @haramiles Congrats to you! 🍺 @SillySheep Bud tastes good everywhere.With Budweiser Zero, I can stay 100% on top of my game with 0 alcohol - and even hit some impressive shots. ⚽️ Show…
Retweeted by Budweiser @Terlyn43 Iconic. @RaysBaseball Better luck tomorrow #HitTheBuds ⚾🍺 @MFiore9 It will be legendary. #HitTheBuds @BR_MLB Frame this. close to a season’s worth of beer 👀 Keep entering to win by tagging @Budweiserusa and using #HitTheBuds &… @IamNYSports We're ready for it! ⚾
@MLB We won't be impressed until you #HitTheBuds @RaysBaseball The Buds are to the right btw #HitTheBuds @Mindyvol Eyes on the prize #HitTheBuds 🍺 @LorettaChopey You deserve a beer. 🍺 @MLB Let's bring the same energy to right field #HitTheBuds @bayourunners Let's see it happen! #HitTheBuds @jedi_greg Boo-yah! @lilangelita333 King of Beers and baseball. @carolyndufrene Batter up! #HitTheBuds 🍺 @Dodgers How many dingers are the Dodgers hitting tonight? Bet you a 🍺 it's more than 0. @Lynpinwin Let's see some homers! #HitTheBuds @jlmulls2 It's that simple. @astros Game 5 Goal: #HitTheBudsAnother #ALCS game, another chance to win some beer 🍻 ⚾️ If the pile of Buds at Petco Park gets hit by a home run… @tonymess That's a good guess. 🍺 @TacoBaller23 Bud gear would be sick. @ShelleyStapp Without a doubt. @dbrum2010 Love you too.Two legends from The Lou. What do you think we’re doing with @nelly_mo? #NellyBuds Budweiser Zero, I can stay 100% on my game with 0% alcohol — and even hit some pretty impressive shots. 🏀 Show…
Retweeted by Budweiser @burowngod Let's play ball! #HitTheBuds @BleacherReport @BR_MLB See you tomorrow for another chance to #HitTheBuds 🍺⚾️ @kp3pe_ We like your enthusiasm. 👏 @a_thinkingma That's not a bad idea, Lynn. @MLB Should we move to that side? Let us know. #HitTheBuds @BleacherReport We want one to #HitTheBuds ⚾️🍺 @astros Hit another... the other way. We want you to #HitTheBuds! @csm100207 Tag @BudweiserUSA and use #HitTheBuds #Sweepstakes for a chance to win! @ketel_marte4 Think you could #HitTheBuds? 👀 🍺 @Richiey_Rich Let's hit those buds. 👏