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🦴Buffpup🦴 @Buffpup_ Female Presenting-Any Pronouns

🥩A pup who is buff but also a VTuber🥩#Buffpup for fanart - #Ruffpup for 18+ 🥩CC for @AnimalRoyale🥩 Fueled by @AdvancedGG🥩

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@shxtou NEXT ANIMAL - SPIDER @zentreya LOOKIN’ 🔥 @shxtou I can’t wait to see you become every animal @silentsonic1 LOL HERE WE GO side note - THANK UUUUBuff the Werewolf If you know you know @Buffpup_ #Buffpup
Retweeted by 🦴Buffpup🦴 @Videon13 @rosedoodles MAKIN' OUT WITH THE HOMIES 🙏❤️ This is so CUTE THANKS SO MUCH AAA @rosedoodles Here's the art I promised to finish today from yesterday's stream!
Retweeted by 🦴Buffpup🦴 @gisnotalizard WOAH!! This is so unique and cool!! Thank you sm!! 🙏💖Just finished a buffpup tattoo design! Did a lot of experimenting and learning on this one XD Hope it's ayt! SIKE,…
Retweeted by 🦴Buffpup🦴 @BubiVT TAIL 👁👅👁 @2wintails NOOOO - THIS ISNT HOW I THOUGHT IT WORKED @shylilytwitch I’m so ready to glitch into my coffeeYo, I'm in some PJ's and am sleepy ❤️ @Raygats_ I need @shxtou @rosedoodles @aicandii WANNA CUM... I MEAN COME @aicandii Whatever I can do for a homie🙏💖 @aicandii
@TiredCatMom @sharksprite TWO SEXY ROCKERS @MowtenDoo Time to lay down for a nap!! @chibidokii omg thank you so much I- ...there is something in my milk...My order of milk is here 🥛Ya'll... @Yorunys Omg these are all so cute!!!! 💖 @cherrichus 2D GANGbut also 3D 👁️👅👁️✨I CAN'T WAIT TO BE 2D AGAIN✨ @WFN_Art I am going into the future we a new trendOmgosh what a weird day... IN A GOOD WAY💦 Thank ya'll just for chillin' with me today, I always feel weird for doi… can't believe this happened... @Saruei_ @rosedoodles @aicandii YES - Cmon down! You'll be perfect 💖SORRY IM LATE 💦 @Rei_do_Leite WOAH this is so good!! THANK YOUEven though i've discovered her content pretty recently, i'm in love with Buffpup's streams! So of course i had to…
Retweeted by 🦴Buffpup🦴IM LATE FOR STREAM MY ALARM DIDNT GO OFF IM COMING @aicandii This is tragic @rosedoodles I ment cat and I hate my phone But also chat sprout sounds so cute?!bad bitches 😤💖
Retweeted by 🦴Buffpup🦴 @rosedoodles YES PLEASE I NEED MY PROTECTOR CHATI joined a minecraft server for 1 minute and... @TornBubbl3 AAAH THIS CUTE ❤ thanks so much!!drew a lil chibi @Buffpup_ hehe i hope you like it hun! <3
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Going to take a power nap and dream about how greatful I am for all of y’all in my life 🙏💖 Imma be puppy dreamin’ @RoenTheWorld YAAAAASS @dyarikku LITTLE PRECIOUS BEYBY 🙌💖 @dyarikku Me looking this image like 💖💖💖 @RoenTheWorld OK BUT LIKE IS THAT A MODEL IF NOT I HOPE IT IS 👁👅👁 @rosedoodles Very helpful 🙏 @PorcelainMaid HELLO MR FRESH @rosedoodles This is the mood 🙏 @LichVtuber I am uh…looking respectfully 👀Chicken fajita bowl with blue corn tortilla, pico de gallo, and chili lime crema~ The cheese, veggies, and toppings…
Retweeted by 🦴Buffpup🦴 @_mamavale It was pretty close to pancakes!! But idk if anything can beat them 🤷 @chibidokii Time to block everyone with a hexagon icon 👍 @haruka_karibu Omgosh it’s snowing here! We can cuddle up together 🙌💖 @akumanihmune I will always be your piss baby u3u❤I swear to dog I probably peed 3 time today on stream BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT BECAUSE WE GOT TO HANG OUT 🙏 Thank y…👁️👅👁️💨 TIME 👁️👅👁️I can't resist...🍑👋 WOOF 🔻 🔻 @Mysta_Rias Happy heccin’ birthday!! 🎉💖I didn’t get enough sleep… @RoenTheWorld Ayyye congrats!!🎉💖 @Saruei_ You are 100% good enough - there is no one who can be YOU. Being in this world is enough💖Sometimes we feel… R Us @versuversu @ShiaBun Worst mistake of my life @GeneralGEEGA @ShiaBun Me @rosedoodles @ShiaBun ROOOOSEEE @versuversu @ShiaBun HELP ME @Tristan_TheDino I'M UPSETI went and asked @ShiaBun for all the answers ya'll were looking for.... ...he's not helping... @akumanihmune omw rn 😩💖 @akumanihmune *sticks finger in your horns* @domoarigathanks OBS always playin' @domoarigathanks HAND SLIPPED TO A CALLOUT 💨
@_spatsula I 100% feel you and it’s ok to be different! I think no matter what style you’ll always be a vtuber and… balsamic pork with roasted carrots and thyme potatoes 👁👅👁💦 @MAMETCHl 🙏💖💖💖 @MothMillie omg give me like 2 hours LOLreturn to streaming, new model, new bgms, new overlays, and new other stuff 😌 🔺wednesday 26th🔻
Retweeted by 🦴Buffpup🦴 @MAMETCHl I'M READY FOR SEXY LYN ARC LETS GOOOOO✨NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO IS LIVE✨ I CAN'T SHOW THAT... 🔻 🔻 🔻 🔻 @yoclesh I CANT HELP IT 👁️U👁️ @yoclesh OH HULLO ???? 👀💦 @ShiaBun THEY SO GOODAnd this is the first thing we made in it! Mozzarella strips I coated in a mixture of panko crumbs, garlic powder,…
Retweeted by 🦴Buffpup🦴 @rosedoodles LISTEN I WILL THROW YOU DOWN.... then get cuddly - so this is very tru @MarinaBooUwU when I got this picture I instantly thought of you LOL @CthulhuLel I used it once and already love it LOL @yuniiho I WANNA TASTE... @MarinaBooUwU *Me runs out from the book closet to suplex them*Also side note - this was their first ever Skeb! So please go commission and support them - they are super fantastic to work with! 🙏💖✨Skeb Link✨ a perfect night🌙✨ 🎨→ @hao_kainushi #Vtuber #Buffpup @ShadowMistArt OMG I love this!! They have impeccable style...not biased at all 😏Some art inspired by #Buffpup
Retweeted by 🦴Buffpup🦴 @Lumituber THANK YOU LUMI ✨ I am honored to be apart of this club 🙏 @Mtendo Omg we cooked mozzarella in it first 💦 @onomatopillows OMG I love this sm!! Gotta show off the new kicks ✨