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Founder of @FanPlanInfo - Loves the Denver & Colorado music and tech communities. Laughs a lot. Knows @greeblehaus well. Knew MrLady before the change.

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@jpostman For a friend sure we understand
My battery is about to d @NostrADAMusly @Greeblehaus One could. One certainly could argue.Do you ever lose focus when tweeting of a bird flew by the window washers on skyscrapers are taller than there’s be… @daisycakes Because that’s where they KNOW me. My people are THERE. @NostrADAMusly @Greeblehaus I’ll always be here for you any path you choose. #ubuThere was a time my arguments were that Prince was better than Michael Jackson. I thought that was stress. @NostrADAMusly @Greeblehaus I’m sure it was. The first wheel was made of wood (stone?) and the first computers work… @NostrADAMusly @Greeblehaus Damn right! Stand your ground and fight! #likesteampower @NostrADAMusly You and @Greeblehaus are the last 2. @msitarzewski I always think of eating Swiss cheese when someone says this but this really is pretty amazing. @NicJaMberg That’s crazy talk! Nobody got time for that. @NicJaMberg You kids are adorable ;) @zenaweist +1 or 2...This is for today’s holidays Jan 1, everyone who voted for Biden will be sued for treason. #wackyworld @OneRedWall Perfect. @WalkrXY Yes!!!Can’t wait to hear new music from all of these! @paul_shinn @QualityFrog Maybe you won’t need those increments to be accurate?Wooohooo! Congratulations to the top 10! Let the music nerd mayhem commence!
I taste no poodle in this snickerdoodle ice cream. #ripoffMen trying to find new ways to bond during the pandemic. — Don’t suffer in silence guys. Reach out. It’s ok. @plexus12 @Greeblehaus Catzillas! Meowzillas? @kcfaul Ugh. So sorry. @WalkrXY So it wasn’t an abstinence program? Huh.
@Greeblehaus Every day, I take multiple actions that will prevent me from ever having to deal with this situation.…’m a grower. @scottpantall His (lawyers’) long game is to get everyone to defend sites so he can create a shit show evil site an… to @inthewhale for helping me work through things this year.
@frogtosser Ha! At first I thought he was wearing a shirt with his name on it. @myerman Wow. Just wow.
Web-enabled software updates means our users can do all the testing, right? They find it, we fix it! #hatethemIt’s just funny. I can’t not laugh. @Greeblehaus @misskubelik I don’t want to talk about this until after my therapy session this week. @justthisguy In the 80s ballads were everywhere.
@lzzcat For every choice there is a consequence...
@jenleighc Clearly the acid vomit is reflux caused by stress and loneliness. Not to mention social anxiety when for…
If Mando kills the big acid vomitting snake thing, does the species go extinct? Is it the last one? Sure it's eatin… @palinode That’s one of the problems in Thailand now. All out of typewriters and too many monkeys saying “Told you this would happen” @jenleighc Absolutely. Is there a word for that? Like shart, but for burps. @lzzcat You all got engaged to each other! That’s even better! Congrats!
VR sex is going mainstream. This could make the opioid epidemic look like the quirky fad. #thanksgivingzoomtopics is all I’m having. No UTIs this year. @kciR_kcimA Oooooo that could be problematic. @alizasherman If autocorrect is right, duck.Did you know: COVID Thanksgiving can also be Naked Thanksgiving! @engineeringamy Maybe that explains Jesus too?There’s a fine line between orange zest and bloody knuckles. The year of the zombie mutant killer COVID minks.
Welcome to switching the swing kick in your dirty heart, Baby Shabooh. It's an INXS day. @laughmom Hahahaha hell no. Caffeine and setting others’ expectations low are key. @Greeblehaus I’m not even sure of her SSN.During difficult times I have always turned to cooking. This year, I wanted to share one of my family’s favorite Th…
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter. Bugfrog“The truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away.” -Elvis Presley #ArtistAndSoul
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter. BugfrogShould we all (or at least 80 million of us) start shipping sage to the White House for the cleansing?
@justthisguy Excellent point!The timing and placement of news in my feed is truly creepy. Day! #basinatokefacts #abasin
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter. Bugfrog @LinSmitty Crunchy or Puffs preference?What does vehicle ownership have to do with anyone’s right to vote? Nothing. Clearly criminal voter suppression.
Clarity is a double edge sword best held with a gloved hand, extended far from the body and any bystanders.
@katatwell I JUST read this today - But it's moose, so probably not the same. you likes the rock, check out this new release - Crosses by @IntheWhale #NowPlaying @JinDenver @AOL AOL is still around? Wow. @inthewhale Loving this!
I know they are incredibly tough and smart, but the name Seals really doesn’t inspire fear at first listen. Neither…“Crosses,” our new single, is out NOW! Check out the video here and share it like your life depends on it! Video:…
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter. Bugfrog
John Davidson, Sarah Purcell, Skip Stevenson, and Byron Allen are reuniting for the new That's Incredible! to cover… @dbinkowski This just writes itself. @kcfaul Coffee!!! @trypnotik Redirecting
@dbinkowski Fifty bucks more says he eats it. @JRehling The slightest nudge now will amplify to a powerful influence then! I just ate a butterfly. #2048forChangeCovid-19 is female. . There. I fixed it so Republicans will fight to control it. @trypnotik Every time a redirect happens on a site, it would be fun to hear “Redirecting...” in a Siri like voice.… @thespeirsnebula I laughed a little. And then waited."Currently there are no calls ahead of you. Your wait time will be 4 minutes." WTF?Own your content. YouTube just adjusted TOS so they can monetize on your videos even if you can't yet. There's no s… up @Bacardi Ocho rum and chai tea - this drink is going to work for me. #thehappiesthour @palinode Free flow or no go! #puddlesforpeoplesReady to watch Bacardi pros mix up some Thanksgiving libations - let’s light this rum! I mean candle! #thehappiesthour
If we pardon him, he will not go away. He'll do more.
@OneRedWall @Greeblehaus Some of us prefer fatherly wisdocisms, but at least I'm getting gigs!Holding the trials on a cruise instead of the Hague or Nuremberg is an interesting idea, but is this the right time… @hobohumpinslobo @rudygobert27 travel? This must be the Sea of Tranquility on the Moon. They really did discover water! an argumentative logical fallacy perpetrated by people who want to hear their own voice. i.e. A: The go…
@robsarvis Not a dream sequence?
Things that come out of a 400 degree oven seem to be about 400 degrees.COVID has reminded me of the joy of being home and getting f’d up listening to incredible music. @rondoyleco @solomongeorgio I’ve been blocked. But that’s legitimizing, right?My youngling was born on Friday the 13th so will always be a super lucky day! Happy 13th! @jpostman CAPS LOCK ABSOLVES ALL SINS
@MikeEgeberg @hughhowey I've read the Silo saga (h/t @stiricide who always knows great books) and am digging Jemisi… week's reading list included Kurt Vonnegut, Abbey Hofffman, Isaac Asimov, the Harvard Lampoon and N.K. Jemisin… @gmault It is - right in front of Irish Snug. I put in my card and it went all the way into the meter.I had one meeting today and it just cancelled. #shipwithnoanchor @Denver_dan I finally got to the end (hopefully) of that serial dream and found out it wasn’t you. Sorry for the confusion.