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Founder of @FanPlanInfo - Loves the Denver & Colorado music and tech communities. Laughs a lot. Knows @greeblehaus well.

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@thejuliemarsh @Greeblehaus Stellar to see you in human form again!
@kcfaul @upidaisy This is the opening of an M. Night Shyamalan movie. @TheAntiM @jeffekennedy It will be on Jeopardy one day. @TheAntiM @jeffekennedy They all stealing my lines.Read and consider. @bucknam We’ve done some DIY rigs that just didn’t have enough strength to hold the whole thing up. @bucknam Thanks! Will look!
Sturdy, but not expensive. Anyone have one sitting in a basement that they don't use and want to sell?Hey photographers - Does anyone know where I can get a C stand strong enough to hold a DSLR camera? @adamjury Your optimism is an inspiration to travelers everywhere!This is a problematic platform but the community I have met here is stellar. Fuck the troll morps. I love you people. @kcfaul Mathy math math mathy math mathy math kelvin. Can’t we all get along? @robsarvis @Gizmodo That would explain a lot. @laughmom Ask me a good question and you may get the same. I’m moody and impish. @MrDWhitney @pug A bookcast club for pod people?
Who's coming to Denver Pop Con July 3-5? Here are a few of the celebrities! Follow @denpopcon to stay up to date! is an insanely tangled web. Our govt is abandoning the people solely for power. I guess that’s the usual reaso… @iHeartSteveB What’s a voice text? Do they come with leather trench coats? Does the Oracle know about this?“Remember, people who go on TV are never under oath.” - Kellyanne Conway
Today’s The Grawlix Saves The World Podcast from @GrawlixComedy is by far the best one so far. Take a listen before… we ever discuss the possibility that the World Health Organization let the dogs out and nobody did anything about it?
It is only in 2-D that the relaxation time is not inversely proportional to the diffusivity of the particles. Amirite?My bad. Once upon a time. And I had more than enough time to proofread.One upon a very long time in Hollywood. A very long, slow, waiting for anything to happen time.
See you at #DOCC! @lzzcat Thanks for putting it together for us all!
@Deeebluhd @Greeblehaus @lzzcat I think I have video proving my innocence. Will find it. @CassandraBugir @Greeblehaus @lzzcat I do the same but with rhombohedrons.No, sir. It is not called a Zambini. It is a Zamboni, and you need to be a better parent and not tell your kids stupid things. @Denver_dan @Denver_dan Oh I’m there and you will rue the day you did that thing that was so bad. RUE THE DAY
Seems like the new style for guys is the Bob and Doug McKenzie look. Plaid, touques, and blank clueless looks. #takeoff
Checking flights... @LibationsWine I had no idea! This is awesome and closer! Thank you!
Everyone should have their own personal sneeze guard. Let's make the flu a crazy story from the past.’s called fasting, but it doesn’t feel that way. @tomhigley No one wants to be the off-script loose thread that causes it to unravel and seen everyone to jail. @bpontarelli @rdegges @robotdan220 Flu is evil. That was no fun at all. @JackiNicole Zenni Optical, EyeBuyDirect
@alf933 @Greeblehaus You are second on the DigDug list
Aspirational or reality? Tough one. @meltzere PS Lounge @datingdad But before all that, it’s also ok to have one more Negroni and sleep on any difficult issues before taki… @palinode Yet your flying and gliding are still phenomenal. I salute you! @palinode I will argue point 1. I did confuse you for a pterodactyl at one time, but that was without the hat. @NicJaMberg Wait- isn’t this Twitter?
This is a stellar concept! goal for 2020 is to get this video over 20 views. It's a documentary of me trying to get to the 2016 Olympics fo… @laughmom @dbinkowski “I’ve been here a year and no one has given me the Speak Spanish juice. So unfair they keep it all secret.“ @NowWhatNick That is so like you to say @pug @hopedoty @ADDcrafter @unicorn @Kath1213 @courtneyo @sodaZen @daisycakes @Greeblehaus @trypnotik I love donuts.More @FLAB303 #picinpic from a killer show at @bluebirddenver! They had a crazy robot on stage too! I had a drink.… @albs_19 Now Billy will be more upset. #toughlove @mrlady It’s late. I’ve had a drink. I’m hungry. @itsmaddiecasey @whoismrrobot @samesmail It ends??? @laughmom I thought everything would be clear this year. WTF?Aimee just punished #BillyJoelTheCat by telling her she can’t come to 1up on Sunday. @hopedoty @ADDcrafter @unicorn @pug @Kath1213 @courtneyo @sodaZen @daisycakes @Greeblehaus @trypnotik The excitemen… #picunpic for @FLAB303 sold out at @bluebirddenver @ The Bluebird Theater barometric pressure on Colfax is perfect for floating tonight. @FLAB303 is Bluebirding! @unicorn @pug Wait for it...
@robsarvis No, but that is a really interesting idea. Just wanted to roll around in all those textures and colors.… @Tekee Focus on the demigorgons and try to get out of the upside down.When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail - FEAR - Let's Have a War via @YouTubeMusicians, you only have a few days left to vote for this year's Peer Awards. Make sure to cast your ballot to reco…
Retweeted by 1 + 1 = Bugfrog @jakesutton @KyleClark Oh please let it be Clarksville. Please please pleaseThere are SOOO many cool fabrics here!!!
It’s 4am. Do you know where you are?I was promised by all sci fi that all this bull shit would end by now. WTF?
Cat was being cute and hugging my arm. Tried to take one-handed photo. Dropped phone on sleeping cat. Now removing claws from arm. @Greeblehaus @cmclymer Babies and fish are slippery. @TheAntiM Was it the original, or a Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies version?Thanks to the Internet, Google, YouTube, and many people who are willing to share their knowledge for free, I can a…
Crawling out of a holiday haze, and discover just how generous you are. We're up to $767,754.87. Seven hundred six…
Retweeted by 1 + 1 = Bugfrog"Hate crimes are preceded by hate speech."
Retweeted by 1 + 1 = BugfrogLetters? Checks? What are these things? @Denver_dan I’ll check on the prices these days @Denver_dan Yikes. So doing it on trampolines wouldn’t make it safer, then, huh? @Denver_dan Dodge ball league?Email is the gateway to hell. if The Raiders always played away games with no home city? They could be the Corporate Raiders and sell merch from every city! @robsarvis With all the ads it must happen, right?
If you get a car for Xmas, is it rude to return it for the cash? Do you get full sticker price? What if you get 2 c… the list of bars that exist! @kcfaul I’ve been told several times that the air vents aren’t designed for backwards travel, so there is some exha…
Does anyone else notice that Jawas are tiny Sith-lings?
@liamoran I mix them all together and jump while drinking 30 gin and juices (which is totally vegan) and I will fee… @TheAntiM @venetianblonde if The Child is really a baby Shrek! @TheAntiM @venetianblonde I remember the part where the ship sank, but can’t remember why. @TheAntiM @venetianblonde Do Cliff Notes count?
@Greeblehaus That was insane.
Cat is playing with used tissues. It’s disgusting, but she seems so happy. #BillyJoelTheCat @Greeblehaus And we both carry hand sanitizer for any post-deal-making situation.This can be a hard time of year for many folks. Help is available whether it’s for you or someone you know. The N… @Greeblehaus @alifanacct Love this thread soooo much
Books, chocolate and bed? I’m ready for this holiday. to @vynyl - the geand prize winner of #HTFTH 2019! Also congrats to @holdfastbandco for winning the audience favorite!
Retweeted by 1 + 1 = Bugfrog @dannynewman @Denver_dan I volunteer to help. I support this 100%. @iamkendall The times I was there (very early in the morning) I was never really in search of quality, or would notice if it was found.