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Founder of @FanPlanInfo - Loves the Denver & Colorado music and tech communities. Laughs a lot. Knows @greeblehaus well. Knew MrLady before the change.

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@sugarfreedesign It’s like they all got caught doing something wrong.
@Denver_dan The Wizard! @Denver_dan War Games? @Denver_dan Lawnmower Man?Read the Declaration of Independence. repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every… hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator wit… @virtuallybing Enjoy your day! #4D6At Mount Rushmore, which is sacred Lakota land, indigenous protesters parked white vans in the road & removed the t…
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter. Bugfrog @bucknam Too late - even if you only count the fourth's we've had since 1776, which is not the right year anyway, t…
@bucknam And don't even get me started about the fourth. @bucknam Exactly. They got em backwards. Idiots.Why is today called "The Third of July" when it's only about a tenth? @ADDcrafter We’ve been going to this one for 26 years. Crazy at times, but it’s home. @ADDcrafter Shitty.Still nothing clear. More people here now. Heading out. Hope to hear a peaceful resolution. @thespeirsnebula So far no change I’m aware of.Any idea what’s happening @MyKingSoopers ? @GuitarGoddess77 Couldn’t get a clear hande on it, and don’t know why 3 police cars present. More people witnessing… Mayfair King Soopers wondering why these signature gatherers are being questioned by police. People are always h… Redskins should change their name to the Washington Whatabouts. Cause every time it’s brought up some dumb ass…
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter. Bugfrog“Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.” - Emerson
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter. Bugfrog
Great chat with @geographermusic this afternoon - the interview will be up on my site soon. (Apparently we are the…
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter. Bugfrog20 years ago my phone was a precious piece of tech I’d protect with my body. Today I used it as a napkin to catch spills as I ate a burrito. @UpsideUp @Greeblehaus It's like club soda with alcohol. Add a slice of lime if you are crazyFood-grade wheatgrass is finally here! What grade have people been serving? Explains the taste. moment of zen. @Greeblehaus Did God have Netflix when it was DVD in the mail?Instead of chewing tobacco I used raisins. I spit into a cup and have the worst glass of wine ever. #covidconfessionsWe do what we can.
Happy Canada Day! Not sure what to do from here, but ENJOY! (Thanks for the notice @jpostman) sure, there's an EYEDROPPER tool to do that. Fine. It's good to know how to eyeball it too for when your fancy eyedropper tool is broken. @doylealbee It’s just like Guitar Hero teaches guitar! You’ll be just as good!I like the fish. They aren't bugfrogs, but they are aquatic.
@ADDcrafter @Greeblehaus And Oklahoma, Nebraska, and what the hell, Maine too.Why would any American Congressperson not want this to be a requirement for our elections? Or is foreign help impor… @jamesshane The world has a lot of problems to solve. Are you back from Iceland?
@FlyoverJoel @Greeblehaus @Rae_volution @mattgaetz Mauve is the new salmon. @KTCLchannel933 I'm in! Ready for anything. Except murder hornets. Nope.I am not on the list. Not music nerdy enough yet. @JoeyMcAllister "Glasses, activate VR. Engage."Things are changing fast in #VR and #AR
Texas is considering making mask-wearing voluntary when schools open August 17th. Here’s what: if I’m prohibited f…
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter. Bugfrog @jpostman So rude. #squirrelpopper
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter. Bugfrog @jakesutton Or the dash in phone numbers. @jakesutton Bah! Next you’ll try to tell me you don’t pronounce the period in Mr. Johnson. #gramurican
What if we made liability insurance required if you don't wear a mask? @stiricide I can never tell if she sees me, or is just staring through me.Yeahhhhhhhh!!! You are my hero!!! #sumochamp
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter. BugfrogDiscussions with a cat: How did you know I was staring at you unless you were staring at me? #billyjoelthecat @Shawpsych Water used to be free. Maybe this is imported artesian reverse osmosis natural spring artisanal-mined mineral anxiety.Our marquee, your message! Show your love with a custom marquee message for your announcement, proposal, wedding, a…
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter. Bugfrog @wadupree EXACTLYON NOW!!!
Who's coming to you LIVE tonight? @inthewhale will be LIVE tonight because we all need it. 7pm MT. Don't be late, b… I signed an Executive Order designating Attorney General Phil Weiser to investigate and, if the facts support…
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter. Bugfrog @brandonblaine @trypnotik Oh yeah. I'm a slow learner so he'll have lots of free time. @trypnotik Done! If we ever have shows ever again 😢 but we can do other cool shit too!I want @trypnotik as my life coach. @ADDcrafter At least illustrations of kit fabric @arshimbo @GrrlGhost So these are just the keyframes that the in-betweener will start from? @jpostman and 11:02, 11:05, 11:14, 11:17... @liamoran adorable game pieces ever!
Ooooooh! #cheeky My new song "Boomerang" is available now on all streaming platforms worldwide! Listen here!…
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter. BugfrogElijah McClain should still be alive today.
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter. Bugfrog @itsmaddiecasey Murphy was an optimist. Hugs to ya! You’ll get through. @itsmaddiecasey Hope I’m not violating the one person audience rule... but it sounds like you kneed this to be over with. @Denver_dan BREAKING: Nessie lives in a giant underground aquarium managed and maintained be a tribe of Sasquatch. #its2020soyeahA reminder that this time four years ago, Hillary Clinton was ahead in the polls and everyone was laughing at the i…
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@schmutzie Sometimes very low expectations can be quite liberating. Sometimes it’s all we got.Mail-in ballots are safe, secure, and good for democracy. Colorado has proven it.
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter. Bugfrog @sodaZen I am very sorry. And yet I am still envisioning the opening scene from Scream. With a rabbit. @NostrADAMusly THE EMOJIS ARE COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE!!!Seems this update is working well. @Greeblehaus Laura Brannigan!!!
I bet I know a political ass who’s going to claim credit for this. this 👇👇👇 have watched this 3 times now and clapped every single time. Well done @GaryChambersJr 🔥
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter. BugfrogNext Friday we’re going live on @SummitDen’s Instagram page at 5pm! It’ll be the first time we’ve played live since…
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The 3 Kings Tavern space will continue to be an independent music venue.
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter. Bugfrog @sodaZen I’m not allowed to say. We’ve all agreed to stick together until we can be uploaded and divided. @dbinkowski For me it wasn’t worthwhile. I tried to set rules and was more worried of looking for violators than discussion.Tomorrow is Blackout day. What it means: Buy Black. Eat Black. Spend only at Black-owned businesses and franchis…
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter. Bugfrog @dbinkowski I set up and open source version once for a more sane experience. I was there, so it failed. @sodaZen One of me does. @michaelstjames *grandpa voice* I used to use Twitter through text message on a flip phone, you spoiled kids!Best gear to wear while emerging from a cave - Denver Area Bands & Venues To Buy Merch From - Support Local Music… sounds coming from Juneteenth Music Festival @frogtosser Ah! Sincere apologies for my stupidity. Didn’t think it through.
If you're a black African game developer, DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS. I know a lot of diversity initiatives "skip" Africa…
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter. BugfrogIt's not just a question of CAN Colorado venues open, it's can we open safely in a way that isn't financially detri…
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter. BugfrogThought this was about Kellyanne at first. #mybad a great chat with @iggytcrazymaker and fell in love with them. Their new single "Cake" honors the B in LGBTQ -…
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter. Bugfrog @basurablanca Not yet.❤️🖤❤️
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter. BugfrogSuicide by hanging isn’t a trend, fad or meme. This is fucked up evil shit that people are behind.Gonna need some help here! I’m such a big fan of the Breakfast Binge album for tomorrow morning at 8:40, this is t…
Retweeted by Black Lives Matter. BugfrogVICTORY: The Supreme Court ruled that DACA recipients can continue to live and work in the United States without th…
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