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bug @bugxjoy Dallas/Fort Worth

i like writing n makin stuff. you can call me bug or logan. whichever sounds cuter

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@Skxtchy @deepincision oh my godi know an absolute shit ton of older centrist democrats who are voting for trump because the news made them scared… some new Violent World Music on Saturday 😬👀
Retweeted by bugmisspelled thought hell yeah @lilwastoid dr suess socksnon-vegans were so annoying with the “i tHoUt yOu wErE VeGaN???” comments anytime a vegan posted their lunch that v…
@fruitpunched95 @TuckerBassar check out the first two records sometime, they are nuts @fruitpunched95 @TuckerBassar while we’re on the subject of late 2000’s to early 2010’s indie rock, might i bring u… @fruitpunched95 i haven’t listened since thank you happy birthday, but those first two albums were the soundtrack to 2011 for me
i am still curious as to how borat’s “my wife” became such a meme. borat only says it a handful of times in the mov… @internetscumbag same energy @Iovexlasso damn epic bruh momentThe Shape of Hatred available everywhere Friday.
Retweeted by bugtexas being cold for the week of halloween is the best thing to happen in 2020 @ToMandateHeaven @britegrl_ i also heard you like peanuts dad, but it honestly sounds more like a statement than a… isn’t serious this would be so dumb but i would love it so muchwhat if in matrix 4 you learn that the entire trilogy took place in another matrix and neo wakes up from that into the REAL real worldwhoever brought the “RISE AND GRIND, NO DAYS OFF” fake motivational fitness influencer element to photography & vid… @wwhcb_ insane movieBUY THIS NOW
Retweeted by bug @cowardchain honestly so does every movie in this grouping, but i very much enjoy cube @cowardchain cube goes dummy hard @pooassolan @scentedgladbag pat do i have your word that you will complete your reading logs and phonics exercises for this week? @scentedgladbag @pooassolan it’s okay mr. pat i used deduction, reasoning and context clues to decipher what you mo… @scentedgladbag the channel name is nate the matespent an hour watching chris farley videos and now i’m sadtheres a dude on YouTube who makes very quality video essays on 2010’s emo and pop punk and my nostalgia meter has… miss when chance the rapper was good because man he was GOOD
@Norman0797 @barbaracrampton @TheHorrorMaster insanejust got these printed!! $7 (+ $3 shipping) so a flat $10 total. dm me to purchase!! you had sleep paralysis before?the witch the lighthouse midsommar hereditary
@ptapapi NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @noxjustice felt 😔 @_fullofheck there are like 3-4 songs that really go but the rest are very forgettable @BACKSHREDDER LMAOOmy favorite activity is making french men cum
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@deepincision i agree with thisattack attack could have come back with their old style and it would’ve been an entertaining novelty at least, but… shipp is just out here every day trying to make the world a better place with each tiny interaction he has wit… @K987sick5yrolds trust the process, do not question the master at his work @K987sick5yrolds if it looks like it’s shaped good it’s because i pressed really hard on my skull and moulded it so… why does venmo have a discover feed that shit is weirdtrump said “in terms of goggles” and that phrase alone got me through this evening @damnchams it’s very annoying 😕i haven’t seen marina since february and it hurts my soul
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@brodibanks granted 😤 @BASEMENTGHOST unrealDoes Joe Biden Is Gay? @Cxldeggz no YOU @dainty_minx tysm 😌 @BlondOf_TheDead i was definitely going for ian mackaye meets steve zissou in that second pic @JoshShipp10 aww thanks so much josh ☺️it* :)
@Ging_BBU i wanna see them tryThis bug shall not be squished
Retweeted by bugi wish more bands made shirts that just had their album cover ony’all ever hard of these things, beans? they have all fucking kinds. black ones, green ones, brown ones. some of th… @bugxjoy As much as I love your curly hair, this goes hard. 😤💖
Retweeted by bughead: shaved mind: still cluttered @slimyswampghost @Kasamyst look, it’s a 10/10 for the sticks alone @scentedgladbag @trithton between politics and entertainment. for all we know, though, this is just a fun one-off o… @scentedgladbag @trithton yeah, i mean i don’t think it’s doing any active HARM or anything. the clips i saw looked… @Humanstein i recently played an among us game with a user named “hubiesucks” who spent every voting conference ran… very much dislike the ideas of politicians becoming twitch streamers/playing among us. i know EVERYTHING feels li… @Chanderson96 @dainty_minx i mean most of the male population taller than emily still can’t reach any kind of high bar @dainty_minx emily this is such a low bari would KILL for a serious attempt at a Land of the Lost movie. the original series is hokey, but the writing is ac…
@kidigami no way @kidigami @tarantaquito strong point!there is really a person just walking around with the name SKEET ULRICH pretending everything is fine. well it’s not @cowardchain them* @cowardchain dude those found footage reels in sinister are still so fucking creepy and terrified me when i first saw thence @cowardchain definitely do! something about cold, creepy japanese horror just gets me in my bones @cowardchain i went back and watched a specific scene from Kairo just now to see if i remembered it correctly and i almost shit my britches @cowardchain no movie has unsettled me more in last few years more than Lake Mungo. a movie hasn’t kept me up like… we can’t lose jeff bridges @slinkiistuff false
i know that your perception of music you loved as a youth will never be objective, but i can not comprehend how som… @Lilbeanmarine what’s your problem with it? the fact that it RULES?Happy anniversary to Willem Dafoe's monologue scene in The Lighthouse, which was shot in one take
Retweeted by bugi know it’s nothing personal but ouchie
@lilwastoid i definitely enjoyed it! it did feel a bit choppy, like it was a condensed version of a bigger story (w… @TheTinyValReyes LISTENi am now about to watch Interview With a Vampire as part of my “movies i have no excuse for never having seen” mara…
Hello! For anyone who doesn’t know me, I’m amber. I invented these moon baskets. I had never seen this done before…
Retweeted by bugyou ever way overestimate your importance to someone? 🥴What the crud?
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i love how evil dead II was just like “if you saw the first evil dead no you didn’t ❤️”
Retweeted by bug @scentedgladbag i’m sure even he would appreciate funny shit talking over “really?? $100?? in a PANDEMIC??? you use… @scentedgladbag the jokes are funny but then you scroll down and see how many counterparts fans are actually seethi… @deepincision it’s okay, i swore that i never owned either, and yet there are a curious amount of pictures with me from 2013 wearing both @pukeakki the hundredth kids moved to denton and pretended to have never listened to metalcore @_fullofheck i gazed out upon a sea of red/grey in the blistering cold of early march at air hogs stadium during s… 2013, you either had a hundredth two-tone hoodie or a sworn in death card hoodie. the sworn in kids do meth now speaking, bella poarch is probably, without exaggeration, the least amount of effort anybody has ever h… @HeartBathtub the original. i haven’t seen the remake, but i’ve heard positive things @beetIejade yes!! definitely lived up to its reputationi watched the lost boys for the first time tonight