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@evanjconrad it is game of thrones nowSome of yall really tweet like this every other day "Democracy is dead. Can I be next?" "You know what I'm DONE f… @seldo Now I’m just thinking of that “LinkedIn vs Facebook vs Instagram vs Twitter” post of the guy slowly undressi… @L1fescape @hyp_e @entemper “Normal”“Are Americans okay?” No, no we are notSo are you a before work crier or an after work crier? @AngryBlackLady @ElieNYC My bf just got me Zachary’s thanks to your tweet
@jongold oh good, I needed a data type for my polyamorous enneaplople relationship @ryanflorence @remix_run I don't mean to rag on you. But if you're gonna frame the messaging as "MVC" you're gonna… @chrisbiscardi @jsjoeio @discord Yeah sorry, this was not me rejecting the idea outright. We've been talking about… @jsjoeio @discord Hmm I don’t know that I’d want pronouns to be global w/o some privacy options People will use th… @AngryBlackLady @ElieNYC Ugh I love Zachary’s, now I gotta have it @aweary thats mud brandon @ryanflorence @remix_run lol how is that a benefit of using Remix then? I already define my own model in React @ryanflorence @remix_run How is that a "model"?Would people want to watch a meetup talk where I break down how I built a JSON parser in TypeScript's type system? person running this meeting just described the meeting agenda as "girthy" and thanks I hate itOh Noes! Gays In The Locker Rooms! Whatever Shall We Do? (thread) This thread will contain examples of how modern…
Retweeted by Jamie Kyle @_philpl Happy birthday, can I provide you with some feedback on RegHex, there are some things that would be imposs… @itsmadou @GordonRamsay Ive dragged many Australians around SF and fed them my favorite junk food until they begged me to stop @goshacmd I would tell you those are faults of pretty much every democracy in the world. Political theory never equ… @goshacmd Well.. most of the faults we’re seeing are faults of democracy. Democracy is not necessarily what we shou… @LarelLapin @bradfitz @ryanflorence Not anymore I’m afraid @LarelLapin @bradfitz @ryanflorence Nice!! @chromakode Counterpoint: March was 12 years ago @swftjack Wish I wasn’t so shy meeting lots of new people, we should’ve hung out more when we joined EB at the same time
@ken_wheeler Flights are $300 SFO<->EWR @ken_wheeler Want to do a livestream where we switch states, get wasted, and order each other delivery for our favo… me @ken_wheeler statI want to do a show where I get fuckin schwasted and eat my favorite drunk food as a horrified @GordonRamsay watches @itsmadou lol yeah, this guy emailed... _everyone_ @ken_wheeler what happened 3 years ago? @tehemopenguin @MychaelHerrera *Changes username to “Alt+F4”* @jennschiffer lol happened again... @jennschiffer I had this happen several times after tweeting about covid @threepointone One Angry Dude™ @lionloya This is what Discord is migrating to. With the additional requirement that we have one codebase for web/i… @rauchg @vercel Mmm blazing... I should smoke @IslamAttrash The specific component becomes a featureTyler is a consultant for medical device regulation and he said “this is actually how a lot of doctors operate most… does this mean github now has a virtualized scroller they can use in more places??? pleezzz?… this isnt life or death, get over yourselves @pkell7 lol @pkell7 lollol, shut up nerds @pkell7 lol @ferdaber Sorry, bf pointed out that it was the bamboo ones we slept on last night, the eucalyptus ones havent been… @sanyeechung Sorry, bf pointed out that it was the bamboo ones we slept on last night, the eucalyptus ones havent b… @pkell7 Organizing by feature works for organizations of all sizes. Organizing by domain only works for <20 people. @t_nikolich oh... fuck @gt_katakura @ryanflorence When you show me /screens/Products/screens/Items all I see is /UselessInformation/Use… honestly wouldn't give a shit if this wasn't so hard to migrate later on. It's the most grueling project you'll e… @drunknhik They have lots of folders with lots of very long file names. You'll often find directories with hundreds… you think you can achieve that with /utils/, /components/, etc, then go for it... Just know that I've heard you… like.. I dont really care how your organize things super specifically as long as you *easily* meet these for a *…, I figured out my new organization system... @sanyeechung @ferdaber @gt_katakura @ryanflorence Seems like a lot of work @EskildsenBen Make it a top level feature if you ever do put that effort in. Until then, it is your implementation… @alexeyraspopov I've never convinced a company to do a flat structureI have worked for Cloudflare, Facebook, Atlassian, Eventbrite, Discord, and others.... all of them *eventually* lan… telling people to organize their apps like: /components/ Feature /utils/ feature Every company has… got new eucalyptus bed sheets last night and they are so soft and wonderful it is impossible to leave the bed @swyx FYI that magnifying glass handle is too thin to be seen by some users. Do they have tooltips? @carlos_paelinck @ken_wheeler I hope this is Apple recognizing they have to compete more with the web than Android/…
@ken_wheeler Praying for Android next @alexfrazer1031 “It’s when they take our hard earned money and give it to lazy entitled assholes who contribute not… @donavon @mattpodwysocki I should mention that that lint rule would be powered by the type system. A text-only lint… @donavon @mattpodwysocki Well, the example you gave isnt a matter of type safety. It was a mistake in your code log… @donavon @mattpodwysocki I wish TypeScript complained about returning undefined return // ok return returnsUndefin… @donavon @mattpodwysocki I think that's cause of the use of void instead of undefined did the numbers again... We raised $55,586.69!! - 159 people donated - an average $178.85 - for a total of… @jdan This What do you mean this anime is gay? They don’t ever do *anything* with each other... The protagonists: @jdan The topics I focus on with teaching recursion: - managing state - error handling/exiting early - asynchronou… @keithkurson I’ve started doing PM work recently and all I’ve learned so far is that every estimate engineers give you is bullshit @kristoferbaxter @ken_wheeler Holy fuck @tiarala Thanks!! @TaylorLorenz No, you can't delete it you coward @TaylorLorenz this hit a little too hard @seldo This was clearly thought up by a graphics person and not any kind of engineer or urban planner @wongmjane Do you use Discord? / Would you like to try things?
@DEGinsburg Wow! @mehulkar MM is the majority leader, so if he doesn’t have the majority anymore he won’t have the same power he cur… of y’all think you’re the main character and it shows“Stop telling us to vote, we’ve been voting” says the 32 year old guy who has never made phone calls, knocked on do… @dan_abramov @Infoxicador I find it funny how often people call you humble for saying there’s more than one person on the react team @colefitzpatrick Thank you!!!Schitt's Creek is a triumph of television and I HATED it so much in the first few episodes—why should I care about…
Retweeted by Jamie Kyle @amadeus Thanks! @amadeus @dan_abramov Amadeus I’m concerned about you @mjackson I’ve got a life hack for you so you don’t constantly have to move it from one place to another: Throw it in the river @metaphdor Thanks!!! @bitandbang My boyfriend collect board games: @bitandbang If you enjoy it I know a ton about social deduction board games @bitandbang That’s basically all social deduction games
@Delilah399 Thank you!! @CCMADONNA Thanks!! @ESMathTeacher You rock!