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@jongold lol who in your followers have become way more right-wing
@jhooks Your office looks v niceCould someone who doesn’t just buy everything Apple sells give me their opinion on AirPods? I’m tired of wearing… ways to support Black-owned businesses this weekend
@sophiebits @aweary @sebmarkbage @dan_abramov @sebmck @wycats Just to share, this was the opposite of my experience… @jongold Why be a Venture Capitalist when you can be an Adventure Communist? @dan_abramov @aweary @sebmck @sebmarkbage @wycats Maybe not with the inclusive/positive decisions, but the exclusiv… @samwightt @fardarter Yall find a room @sebmck @samccone HAHAHAHAHA "pre" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH "pack" @alexarena @wongmjane Backtrace: 0: (aka::CALL-WITH-SUBTWEET) 1: (READ-TWEET #:WITH-SARCASM #<TW-SYS:FD-FEED fo… you complain that Regex is slow, and yet you don't write all your code in C. VERY interesting.Interesting you complain that Regex is hard to read, and yet you don't read parsers for fun. VERY interesting. @ljharb Because data is expensive for many @it_daniel_d @entemper Omg stop hurting it! You’re gonna kill it!!! It’s only a child! NO!!What are some examples of high-quality React Hooks for working with RxJS observables/subjects/etc?Websites vary here quite a bit, and it's more nuanced than just SPA vs SSR or any particular framework. This gets f… context, I work on Discord which is currently 64 MBs to download the macOS desktop app, but navigation events t… these metrics that the Chrome team has pushed over the years... Has a single one ever focused on data-usage ove… reminder that beloved tech co. @cloudflare not only serves this website, but wrote a ~literal case study~ about…
Retweeted by Jamie Kyle #ACAB @tesseralis ReasonML boys in 3...2... @devonbl @ljharb @orta @rickbutton Sssssshhhhkkjjdjsmkxnsjss SHUSH don’t let them hear you @jdan JDaniel.Regex is an incredibly powerful tool. But with great power comes great responsibility. Here are some strategies for…
Retweeted by Jamie Kyle #ACAB▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░ 50%
Retweeted by Jamie Kyle #ACAB @fforw If you’d like to learn more about parsers, I’ve distilled years of teaching them here @fforw I’ve written many parsers, and I’ll continue to do what I want
Somehow I missed the start of all the discourse right now about bisexual people and I cannot tell what the fuck yal… really only came to share what just might be my new favorite TikTok 😂😭
Retweeted by Jamie Kyle #ACAB @LNplum @johnlindquist heh you're right, I didn't actually ever run this function as I was writing it, I was just t… @H4N4W4LT Blood too gayHere are some tips on using regex responsibly: @brianmcoates is an incredibly powerful tool. But with great power comes great responsibility. Here are some strategies for… @ThePrimeagen @guycirino The idea that you should never use regex ignores the alternatives in most cases. Example:… an expert with regular expressions is more than just memorizing the syntax. There’s lots of really cool thing… other news, I wrote a visual markdown editor the other day with very little code because I was able to use regul… people should practice writing /Regular Expressions/ semi-regularly It’s a skill that will stick with you you… she’s back @wongmjane @gaberivera Haha I know, I was shitposting @wongmjane @gaberivera Omg you’d just out me like that? @wongmjane Lol apparently ‘techmeme’ does not understand a ‘tech meme’Viola Davis. For. The. Win...
Retweeted by Jamie Kyle #ACABI've been doing a lot of research about Stonewall, and I just want to say, this is 100% correct:
Retweeted by Jamie Kyle #ACAB @jpwallhorn We use React Native at Discord and it works pretty well. I think all the decision step backwards from r… @wongmjane Jane.
@markmarkdoyled1 I encourage you to send any details you have to our Trust & Safety team and they will investigate is your place to talk. Looking ahead:
Retweeted by Jamie Kyle #ACABBut that's not the point, the point is that a *lot* of companies think they can solve this later and it'll be fine.… wouldn't have joined Discord if I thought they hadn't addressed this problem. I spoke to several people on Trust… lesson to take from todays Forbes article about Discord is that you *need* to address moderation early or someo…’s gonna come with its own set of design system problems, but this is the first time I’ve seen a design system… thing that differentiates SwiftUI from similar tools is that it deeply integrates design systems thinking and m… of the reasons I'm grateful for Swift and SwiftUI (and other similar frameworks) is that building UI without it…
Retweeted by Jamie Kyle #ACABThere is a woman singing opera outside, all I can imagine is that lady banging on the door trying to get on the busI wish Spotify had a "never ever ever play this song ever again" feature @bradleymeck @bradleymeck Isn’t this to prevent some kind of JSON attack methodFirst of all how dare you Second of all aww you called my bf and I a family how cute @sebmck @cpojer I’m gonna start referring to you as ‘My Sebastian’Cookie Monster has forward facing eyes mounted high upon his head. This suggests Cookie Monster is a submerged, am…
Retweeted by Jamie Kyle #ACAB
My friend Linds Moore shot this video of cops attacking peaceful protesters near Washington Square Park at 4:30pm t…
Retweeted by Jamie Kyle #ACAB @sebmck @cpojer Rude @Daniel15 @OliverJAsh @joshribakoff @juhanakristian I do think it's good it didn't happen before AsyncIterators bec… @Daniel15 @OliverJAsh @joshribakoff @juhanakristian We've talked about it on TC39 before. I was writing a draft pro… about event loops / asynchronous programming
Retweeted by Jamie Kyle #ACAB @gregvardyza @jarredsumner Wrong language, meant for..ofApologies, I meant for...of not Sometimes I forget what language I’m talking about @dmnd_ Lol yeah, been writing too much code in the language I’ve been designing @wongmjane Does it support async iterators at all?I still rarely use generators (although probably a lot more than most people do), but they have proven to be a supe… is why I almost never use the array map/forEach/find/filter methods. Oftentimes I write faster `` loops… note that sometimes you can rewrite your code to better take advantage of iterators. For example, if you are… people should be using generator functions to return iterators instead of writing expensive functions that bui… @seldo @maiab Building up a city center infinitely should also not be our goal because no matter what it will just… @seldo @maiab There’s actually a lot of evidence that bigger towers are a lot worse for the surrounding area becaus…
You have to ask yourself: is this the America you want? Or were you taught that America is supposed to be better th…
Retweeted by Jamie Kyle #ACABpolice really don’t give a shit about other people
Retweeted by Jamie Kyle #ACABI hate when services auto generate names for the things I create and never remind me to give them a name Like thi… @holtbt oh apparently its only for shoes @holtbt Want $20? happened in Tampa today please share and tag the mayor we need an explanation asappppppp...this shit heartbrea…
Retweeted by Jamie Kyle #ACABI need like a mask connoisseur to tell me what the best masks are cause my shitty target mask is trying to blind me @anulman @cpojer Neither of those are particularly difficult with your standard React Hooks, past that you’re just… @cpojer Christoph you’re being a dick @anulman @cpojer Nah, this is not a matter of separating concerns, and Redux (especially with observables) is very bad @cpojer The time it shines the most in a React app is when you have an event based performance problem that is sens… @sebmck - reached into my mailbox and picked one up with my bare hand before feeling it move - one came running tow… @sebmck I didn’t have a spider problem in Australia, but I did find a massive cockroach in my apartment almost every day
@kiliancs @spikebrehm Okay well welcome to the conversation @kiliancs @spikebrehm It is the discussion we’re having: Do not stake a claim to the language of the oppressed (ie… @kiliancs @spikebrehm Okay well my father tried to beat the gay out of me and every time I told the police or my sc… @spikebrehm Parents may deal with prejudice in certain settings, they may deal with a lack of accommodation, but pa… Malcolm X told us the white man will try to satisfy us with symbolic victories rather than economic equity and…
Retweeted by Jamie Kyle #ACAB @spikebrehm Uh no, you’ve missed the point. People are upset with the usage of the word ‘privilege’ to describe any… don’t want to advocate for or against anything, but be careful recommending suicide prevention hotlines as the on… @EmmaJanePettit @ArtDecider @sebmck My name is Jamie Kyle and I approve of this messageIt’s the end of the world and we are so tired