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There are days when you are certain you wrote at least 2500 words, then you do a quick count, and it returns 282. #amwriting @Rugged_Legacy @TheBrometheus Is there a way to unread this??
@ThatBlackHatter @Rugged_Legacy Thank you. @MArmstadt Thank you. I know that I will need to eventually go line-by-line. Each cringe with an accidental re-… is your preferred method of editing - simply re-read and edit as you go line-by-line? Or do you re-outline th… town, the others became #curious, if not worried. It wasn’t like William and Raisa to be late on slave #hunt
The bloodied man not named 'Johnny' watched, his pupils dilated black from #scare. He watched William hand his pa… @JoshuaLisec That first paragraph might work
“We should make a #movie,” William said dryly. Raisa rolled her eyes, “If you want to drag this out until the 31s…
@MTheWriter93 Correct me if I’m wrong, but they’re dead, right? Hundreds of years dead? Or are they still kickin’ it as stupid as ever... @JoshuaLisec Serious question: is there a finite number of themes?Watched Fatal Attraction today... thinking I shouldn’t partake in the bunny thing going around...“The macabre set in as the #sunset f-“ “Babe,” Raisa interrupted, “you’re not even trying.” “You have a bloody ma…
@JoshuaLisec A beheading in the town square... I’d also settle for a one-on-one with your best gladiator and the b…"To understand someone, find out how he spends his money." — Mason CooleyEver know you were dreaming while you were sleeping and tried to wake yourself up? #writingcommunity“#Slaughter the masses!” Raisa cackled. “Quiet down. You’ve already been warned,” William scolded, “and #pass me… @JoshuaLisec One year from now... a crappy book everyone bought (don’t care if they read it) 500 years from now..…
@joserosado Technically, losers hate their “todays” as well... especially if they lack 49 inchesWill I be cancelled for admitting I date neither carbon nor isotopes? @jezeusbryce I'd argue over your definition of 'useful'. But, the quote is still good."Sweat equity is the most valuable equity there is. Know your business and industry better than anyone else in the… @kathryninman9 Well, I wish you all the luck and hope it happens soon for you!I admire those who are able to disagree with those whom they would typically agree.The man lay there unable to speak, tied and bound, and bloody. He looked at the couple discussing toys, members an… @JoshuaLisec Mine.
Number 6 on Elizabeth Percers 9 Non-Rules for Writing is to procrastinate - therefore I find this list very comfort… no one dreamed of flying. Imagine no one dared harness the power of a lightning bolt. Dream like its your job. @KelvinROfficial That was great"The fastest way to succeed is to look as if you're playing by somebody else's rules, while quietly playing by your own." — Michael Korda @mattkwrites @vssmurder You just did @Tanya_nottonya Thank you 🙏“Member dis?” Raisa asks pulling a rubber snake from the bag. William shakes his head, “Not it.” “Come on, let’s…
@Rugged_Legacy I’ll try again tomorrow...500 words/day 20 days/month (take your weekends off) = 10,000 words/month ==> 90-120,000 word novel in 9-12 months…“Hi Babe!” she squealed as William passed the hotelier. With the door shut behind, her mood shifted serious. “I’m… @Real_Daipanda @mandylawson7 I felt like pupperoni made good sense @AnthonyLaFauci I don’t have a book for you, just a single dad that knows your life
Why?Are you more inclined to read/click on a tweet if it is accompanied with a gif/pic? I once told a recruiter that h…“Is that a joke, ma’am?” the hotelier asked. “No, that’s #joik,” she replied, “I’m a real joiker!” “Well keep it… I have absolutely no idea how I’m supposed to be using Twitter. Is there an end Boss or something? @Rugged_Legacy Too stupid to ask for a “tread”?
I’d love to be frank. But my name isn’t fucking Frank.PTSD from toddlers takes longer to recover from than a bullet to your face...It’s been years since my boys were toddlers and I still believe toddlers are nothing more than domestic terrorists. @JoshuaLisec 👆Based @AuthorJFuller Funny is funny no matter the conduit, unless someone’s making money off it, doesn’t matter... I lik… @JoshuaLisec Your punctuation tells me you know @AuthorJFuller If not for plagiarism being labeled “wrong”, I’d be one hell of a comedian. Hadn’t seen this one, s… @byMorganWright @JoyceSchneider1 Is it possible to rely on this “too much”?? @AuthorJFuller Can’t wait to use this in my personal circle, pretend it’s mine, then get called out because they kn… @JoshuaLisec My coach told me packaging my Managing Technical Teams product as a fictional thriller would be “innovative” and “edgy”...Every time I read the last name of my MC I'm reminded of the last name I gave my MC.... #amwriting @MariaAPerez1 Wow, that definitely gives this story a new perspective @Rugged_Legacy I came very close to being a trophy husband, but wasn’t too keen on the taxidermy @MariaAPerez1 The 2 most common last words in the English language... “Calm down” 🤣 @AbiGraham3 @MariaAPerez1 I resemble this vss... @traceinmadrid I laughed way to hard at this relative to the maturity level I pretend to be @mere_789 It’s Friday, 5pm somewhere...William #round-ed the corner carrying his bag of titillating #torture and toodles of toys. Raisa was speaking to a…
@Sociopathlete Holy shit 😂😂🤣“William is known all over the world, Johnny. They say he swings a big #sword if you know what I mean,” Raisa laug… @LauraSavino747 “I’ve been writing my ex- in jail, she apologized, and I’ve forgiven her. We will marry next month!”
I'm willing to bet you are not having as much fun as I am as I sit on this zoom call with 1,000 other employees com… was back on the bed, straddling her duct-taped prey, hands blurring his bloody pentagram. “You know, Johnny, b…
If you were to close your eyes and envision it, this tweet is extremely eloquent. #amwriting @demi_writer @EricStoffle Love it - hopefully you write it!"Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money." — Jules RenardLesson learned: Writing the ending to your book, first, pigeonholes the direction of the beginning and middle. I e… @demi_writer @EricStoffle A midwife would provide a lot of opportunities in such a vulnerable time of a woman/family’s lifeOn the drive over, he thought of the night they met. It was New Years Eve many years ago, when he was planning…
Why won't my characters just make up their own damn dialog....? #amwriting"A fool and his money are soon parted." — Thomas TusserIf you tell yourself today that you will start tomorrow... Tomorrow becomes today, and you will once again tell yo…, I venture down into the pits of despair that is political twitter. My mood goes right down with it.… @HargreavesSir Gettin’ close, you’ll be there soonAn impromptu invite he worried, as he left the house with her bag of toys. He’d stop on the way for her favorite…
"I met someone, we're getting married. You don't need to worry about me," he lied. "Congratulations!" She told hi… couldn’t have waited 3 more months??"You are such a great guy, you will make some girl the luckiest girl in the world," the luckiest girl in the world… @lyv0n Yes and insanity is staring me down. They keep telling me the light at the end of the tunnel is actually a… pre-torturing your editor before you even know who your editor will be a thing? Asking for a friend. #amwriting @emspairow Thank you!who vs. whom is the bane of my existence. The struggle of a non-writer trying to be a writer is real. #amwritingWhen the police looked #back over the search histories of everyone found slumped #lifeless over phones, they had 1…
Retweeted by Silas Caste || Bullethead Books @nreillyjohnson @ThatBurntWriter Love this one - see you all on the other side! @kathryninman9 Do you have an ETA on this? Or not ready to say yet? @StephiSimone From death do we begin lol.. need to update those vows lol!“Johnny, you lay there, #lifeless on your #back, like you’re not having fun,” she bemoaned with pouty lips, taking… @OminousHallways lol @joserosado Except Anesthesiologists... @kathryninman9 Not even close. I’m well reminded every time I say something that I know will impress my kids... @nunosancha @JoshuaLisec Those are very secret..I guess it would depend on what the hole/question is, so the author of this question needs to get better with his q… you prefer a book that leaves certain questions unanswered to allow for interpretation and speculation? Or an…
If we are able to disagree with our own side more, we may just be able to start agreeing with the other side more."A shady business never yields a sunny life." — B. C. ForbesHave you ever looked into the eyes of a narcissist? #writerslife @ChaOFarrell Yes!