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Boo-ly @bully_thelsb Brooklyn, NY

He loves comics, cookies, and kindness. He wishes the world was nicer. he/him/hi there, cute bull!

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well goodnight
Retweeted by Boo-lyleaps out from darkness SURPRISE is Brooklyn. Lines are double wrapped for 6 blocks. Literally thousands of people in line for a hand full of v…
Retweeted by Boo-lyI love you ✋ THIS MUCH 🤚 ╲ ╱ ╲… still get mad when I think about the shitheads at 70s Marvel getting pages like these and mocking Kirby as a has-…
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Marshall just likes the wine. made pizza!, "to his face"I believe in the freedom to say what you want but anyone who personally insults Frank Conniff right on his own timeline gets blocked.Fuck you, I was watching Adam-12.
Retweeted by Boo-ly @ThatWeissGuy @bdclarke oh, no, I meant now @ThatWeissGuy @wheresmygift I wish I could remember the one that was my favorite. It was about a confidence man an… @bdclarke @ThatWeissGuy what's goin' on with that nixon fellaIt wasn't so much the note itself but the note's easily predictable "shock" ending NO. @ThatWeissGuy That was one of the reasons I kept so many of my tapes for so long. The news lead-in and the last few… @RobertNBerry @FrankConniff @TraceBeaulieu Now I want to see them do a Night of Shirts. "Frank is wearing a darli…'s oh-needer-ful @PaulWurgisnacht I saw it at the theater too and I had a bag of M&Ms. They started falling out of the bag into the… @PaulWurgisnacht I like it a lot, but it's kind of a soft curve against the other Moores (except The Spy Who Loved… am so grateful to the fans who have been watching the live streaming @MST3K-style shows @TraceBeaulieu & I do eve…
Retweeted by Boo-lyFor Your Eyes Only is the best Roger Moore but only if you cut out the first five minutes and the last two minutes. @gumprich Bunnies!I just got a citizen app notification. I heard the dispatch call. “Thousands of Black people gathering, the complai…
Retweeted by Boo-lySTOP POSTING PICTURES OF MY MOTHER“If you go and look at what has happened to New York, it’s a ghost town.” - @realDonaldTrump This is all one line…
Retweeted by Boo-ly @realtegan I just placed a McPhee order and was very tempted by those!Seriousness warning: I am going to be serious. Whatever the election results are next week, we need a much more im…
Retweeted by Boo-ly @Prankster36 BUFFER TIME!when everybody screamed when the train was coming right for them @MarvelADayProj This is the first Doctor Strange story I ever read (I think it was in the Simon and Schuster trade…’s commercials just don’t have enough puppets shooting each other
Retweeted by Boo-ly @mikesterling Not paying attention to their own internal continuity? Here in Casablanca?No one was surprised when that candle burst into flame in the third act.
Retweeted by Boo-lywalked past tim hortons today and saw an employee working hard everybody wish him luck
Retweeted by Boo-lyFirst of all, it was 1972, and second, it was 38:29 long.
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Retweeted by Boo-lyBK Reader looks at some common falsehoods spreading about the 2020 election and breaks down the facts for Brooklyn…
Retweeted by Boo-lyFormer employee here! The Strand's owner laid off union employees after receiving millions in PPP loans, spent hund…
Retweeted by Boo-lyThe *only* reason New Yorkers can vote early starting today is because in 2018, Democrats fought hard, took back th…
Retweeted by Boo-ly2020
Retweeted by Boo-lyIt's so important that youngsters have access to books.
Retweeted by Boo-ly @sequentialmatt Congrats!
CHICKENS! Yorkers losing their minds over the Strand news: you should know that the owner, Nancy Bass Wyden, owns the…
Retweeted by Boo-lyMy mother-in-law bought Gus a cat cave. It's not going well
Retweeted by Boo-lyIt’s okay. We can share.
Retweeted by Boo-lyOne great thing about the 70s is everyone pretty much ate like a hobo. Dig into this bitch and you can almost hear…
Retweeted by Boo-ly @ShaneMBailey Doop x12 @TakeAShite They've invented bowls!In case you need to hear it today:
Retweeted by Boo-ly @KrsJams HAPPY BIRTHDAY! @ThatWeissGuy @potomacripper @TrinaTrioxin245 They were *not* you but I kept thinking you would enjoy the ceremony. @potomacripper @ThatWeissGuy @TrinaTrioxin245 That's who I was thinking!She bled, sweated, and sang for freedom at the Great March on Washington in 1963. More than 58 years later, Scalawa…
Retweeted by Boo-lyI had a better dream last night. I dreamed that the king of the punks and the queen of the goths were getting marri…📅 23rd October 2020 The most ‘boopable’ nose 😭 💕 #animaloftheday
Retweeted by Boo-lyAnd they said the perfect costume doesn’t exist
Retweeted by Boo-lyCHICKENS!! @ComicBossTimmy Ugh! Feel better. Ginger ale and soda crackers for you!In supermarket: Mother: No, we're not getting cheese. Little girl: No! We need cheese! For's only just for me to walk around with.
Retweeted by Boo-lyRemember when I went to artisanal cheese summer camp and made cheese?
Retweeted by Boo-lyoh no Hickman's making cheese now
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@diversetechgeek There's two customizable buttons on my new Roku remote but absolutely no explanations in the manua… enjoy this commercial where Boris Karloff stares into your soul while promoting Butter-Nut coffee
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Retweeted by Boo-lyleeks it is then's the point? Zappa
Retweeted by Boo-lyOctober 22: Kingpin really enjoys the new season of "2 Broke Girls" from DAREDEVIL #254 (May 1988), script by Ann…
Retweeted by Boo-lyATLAS SPLASH PAGES #22: We can't do this feature without THIS guy! from STRANGE TALES #89 (October 1961), plot by…
Retweeted by Boo-lyHey trans sibs. If you are are experiencing difficulties voting because of your ID or whatever bs reason please cal…
Retweeted by Boo-lyMissed this one! ...Bully in a Can? don’t watch debates unless you’re paid to! They’re useless!
Retweeted by Boo-ly @Big5Army I'm so glad I barely spilled a teaspoon of this stuff out. @FrankConniff Garrison Keillor wrote for them for several years, so... @ScottSlangword I bet Fred Hembeck is happy!SHELF PURGE - quarantine has got me wanting to shed some shelf weight - HMU if you’re interested in any of this - $…
Retweeted by Boo-ly @ErrantPedant I'll have to look more closely at the label. I'm pretty sure now that it's for industrial use after seeing it start to work.I didn't want to burn a hole to the center of the earth. That's how the Moloids get ya. @darksong I'll look for that, thanks!...before it dissolved the pipes. It left a splatter mark where it ATE the enamel around the drain. I'm throwing… just tried to use an off-brand drain cleaner instead of the usual Drain-O/Liquid Plumber. It was dark brown and…’s #Taskmaster time!
Retweeted by Boo-ly @michaelmaycomix And now you're pretty much friends with a bull like that bull (hint, me)Does this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you? @adampknave @david_wolkin Batman defeated him because the Pirate Bay feed stalled out at 89%.It's also a comic that really rewarded me re-reading it because of its puzzle-box non-chronological structure!Just wrote a review for one of my absolutely favorite comics of the year. The hard part was keeping my delight down to fewer than 200 words!I had a lot of bad dreams this morning so I'm taking it slowly today. @jrblackwell We would have been starting a week-long vacation tomorrow. @Harleyc46352139 I was thinking of the Kirby panel where Odin yells at Thor and he's depicted as a huge red Elmo fa…
Retweeted by Boo-lyDoes this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you? this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you?