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@NeerajKA @RampCapitalLLC @notouriousrep YESThe world has gone bat soup crazy @AndoniOlta Sorry I’m a fintech attorneyThe Dangerous Rise of Women Who Won’t Date Cryptocurrency TradersShould have fucking known that the trash pandas would be the death of us all @cynthiamwood Nice. See you got it down already. Wink.
@mdudas, when you’re talking to your friends and colleagues, you’re in “fintech”. For the love of god, do not te… @NeerajKA Imagine how many kids with peanut allergies he’s killed!! @doc_brypto @pt0kes Are we sure he’s even still alive? @ShardiB2 Only one I wear. No exceptions. @TTremendous350 Are you hitting on me tt? @YORK780 It’s the mirror I don’t have stains all over my fucking suit York lmao @pt0kes Big mood @dreemer08 Hugo boss is with brooks bro’s tie and shirtGot out the ol tree piece for a client meeting this morning. Bring back formal business dress code. for this account
Retweeted by ฿ully @CryptoDale @CryptoGainz1 @IamNomad Maybe we should have a farewell live stream @CryptoDale - get a bunch of folks… @notsofast @nosofas @cryptostardust @inversebrah @nosofasIn 10 years Goldman will have gold toilets with “bully” engraved on the tops at a diner outside of Phoenix. So sa… @MarcGoldich Hopeless savagesI’m always surprised how many businesses are just agreeing to their vendor’s and customer’s stock terms of service… - sad times 😭 rip @CryptoStreetPod @wasserpest “Moot”“In it for the tech”
@fluffypony FBI should force him to unlock it.’d like a plugin that automatically blocked anyone who replied to my tweet who doesn’t follow me. It’s just never something I want to read. @doc_brypto This doesn’t even make sense here but go wild I guessI was wondering how it all was going to end. Looks like it’s a superbug! Thanks for playing. @dougboneparth @Hipster_Trader Hit some real turbulenceHave some kids and a mortgage and see what happens to your risk tolerance. @thecryptomonk @CryptoGainz1 This is libel. @CryptoGainz1 *has two very stupid dogs*“The people” want your power. now I want a CoronaI maintain my thesis that tech could cause the bubble pop this time around. Give that real estate sector a break!… what, he should just smile more? VCs @HaileyLennonBTC This is bad. YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD.FUCK WHAT THE FUCK you think the Panama Papers scandal was bad, I’d like to tell you about a little state called “Delaware” @fintechfrank Sorry I’ll try to keep it down. But please stop eavesdropping on my conversationsTraveling internationally for work sounds so glamorous and then you go and you’re just an exhausted, disgusting mes… @JoshManMode @13Prince31 You guys seem to really like poker. It would be a shame if someone tweeted about it for engagement... @zackvoell @13Prince31 Yes @13Prince31 It’s a game of chance @SPCMNspliff @twicrates @bitcoinbella_ Lmao
The best thing about having so many followers is that I can just say whatever shit I want and when some dickhole is…’s a hell of a lot easier to defuck our planet than it would be to colonize fucking Mars. @fintechfrank Unless you’re planning on being a party in a massive multinational merger or pharmaceutical MDL, they… regret to inform you that the VCs are indeed at it again.Startups are “less evil” than other businesses? Lmao what the’s the post - it’s not “zero carbon” is my point. @eatmykarbon Reptar was rightI should have said “typically by fossil fuels” not just coal. I’m not saying electric vehicles are a bad idea. And… vehicles aren’t “carbon free” — they are powered by electricity that is created somewhere else (typically…
Retweeted by ฿ullyLooks at $BSV chart get a hat that says “Cryptocurrency” the fuck is this shit, at least it’s not the fucking patriotsMan I can’t believe Colin Kaepernick is going to the Super Bowl
Retweeted by ฿ullyIt always amazes me how many people I know live life with almost no urgency or conviction. I know it’s cliché but l… @_tm3k This you mek? @ledgerstatus, at least sending bitcoin to that boomer schiff turned out to be the same thing as burning it. Everyone’s bit… @cryptochrisw @CryptoGainz1 @BitcoinBirch the worst half of football I’ve ever watched 👎
@Spitfire_988 I’ll actually allow it. That’s delicious. Gravy underrated @Proof_of_Skate Bro have some self respect @CfaFenny Nice. Carry on @Noobincrypt Diet Pepsi lmao @dannycharts Oh like chili? @CryptoCecil Enjoy gitmo @BarrioFinito @Tim_Owens13 Carry on @athcrypt Haha that’s not a real word @DarkWebNetflix Carry on @Leve_raged Mushrooms are gross. Gross. More like low chews. Did you buy the spicy chicken from someone outside of the restaurant? @mickel_ans Why are you eating food in the style of John Podesta, bill clintons chief of staff? @Joseph4us I don’t need to know about your sex life @nullpackets You must trade crypto. Also s’mores flavored is the only acceptable pop tart @pierre_crypt0 This is cryptotwitter. We don’t eat vegetables. Gtfo of here with that peasant food @AttleseyStorm Tater tots are for children.Schiff the fuck up omgNot your paper, not your documents. Noob. accept I’d like the 10 bitcoin thx bet some dumb fucking southerners will be like “herrr derr I like hush puppies and grits” not bothering to consid… your favorite food below and I’ll pick some replies tomorrow to make fun of @DonnyCrypto But Donny - craig and Calvin are such good executives aaaahahahahahdkdkdkfkffovoglflooooooooolololllllaaahahahahahahahaaJust a reminder that while you struggle to make ends meet the fed is bailing out hedge funds with your tax dollars… all the time, particularly the founders who do not recover professionally. Startups are a gamblers paradi… @kimgumera Terrible. She could have given that money back to the bank. Smh.It’s about time we stick it to these BLEEDING HEART DO GOODERS. SOME
What do you call a bitcoiner’s house? A maxi pad. I’ll be here all week. Don’t forget to tip your waitresses. @C4liCrypto Hash tag brave*places one online order with company for small item* Company’s marketing department: WE OWN YOUR SOUL NOW BITCH