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Cofounder of @AlphaMarketio and @ArrowCrypto, Corporate Attorney, Cryptotwitter President, Honorary Fintwit Chairman, Provocateur, Shitposter

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@listendestro DUMP IT. GET THEM TF OUT. @_krutches Someone comes from out back and hits you in the head with a shovel @scub0ne Right now you can buy it at IT. SHIP IT. BREAK IT THE FUCK OFF.
*well run of funny to think about a bunch of degenerate /biz/ dudes meme’ing themselves into millionaires on $link lol @C4liCrypto Blizzard makes insanely addictive gamesReinstalled Diablo 3 this morning and rolled a demon hunter and just stopped playing on lvl 24 @OceanWalrus Yeah I’m a boomerSomeone gave me this link - exactly what I needed. Just change last bit to your shitcoin ticker: @APompliano YES POMP THIS IS THE CONTENT RIGHT HERE 🚀🚀🚀Where can I see realtime charts of these god damn uniswap shitcoins?This 100% reminds me of 2017. This is what it felt like. Man, I missed this!What an absolute fucking beast. $LINK there like some bitcoin newsletter that went out telling maxis to all get on twitter to cry about ETH's supply?… there is some real garbage in the top 50What a day for my GEMS true tried playing options during shitcoin winter but the weekends were too boring. Whether I like it or not, I was b… man people have really lost it dropping some real knowledge bombs on the tl today #study @jebus911 LmaoUniswap tokens are like putting your money on one of the numbers. Major caps are the 1/2/3 12s Eth/btc are red a… @valkenburgh Throw em on a saltine, add a bit of hotsauce, down the hatch. Repeat. @Spifftoshi @ArrowCrypto Read the whitepaper if you’re interested in substance. @Spifftoshi @ArrowCrypto Bro just let me have fun with my pretty graphicsBTW, if you have a project or coin and you want a sweet video like this done, @MadMiners (who made this one) can ma… @ArrowCrypto community bringing the heat @VentureCoinist @CryptoCred I'm gonna kava mental breakdown @VentureCoinist @CryptoCred One more pun like this and I'm gonna kava ill myself @SumHoodlum @AlphaMarketIO @CryptoDale keeps eating them all! @TrustWalletApp @binance $ARW @ArrowCrypto pulling out some of my trading profits and putting them in my own projects this time. Feels good to bet on yourself. @CryptoGainz1 the feeling majors catch their breath here for a bit and alts get a chance to run. But idk dyor gfy xoxo @CryptoGainz1 Bro leave omelettes alone it’s too early for this shit lol @ThisIsNuse Waves! Love it
Retweeted by ฿ully @listendestro That’s why you’re my hero LD @reckless @sarahjeong WHATS WORSE CONCENTRATION CAMPS OR FACEBOOK?! WHO EVEN KNOWS?!Tinkering with your fantasy lineup is the same as over-trading. Trust your plan! @PeterMcCormack One drink an hour! @zackvoell isn’t a serious place. Don’t take it seriously. @lawmaster @IamNomad Larry Larry. You don’t want to do this. @jebus911 21 million tearsMax pain until the election. Close schools. Close gyms. Close bars. Close businesses. Disrupt life in every way pos… @fintechfrank @aubreystrobel THIS IS SOLID AF FUCK FRANK HES MOURNING HIS MUSTACHESeriously the only reason bitcoiners are mad about eth or anything else is that it takes away attention and capital… @zackvoell @JoshManMode @RampCapitalLLC Fritos on pizza? It’s not your call anymore josh. It’s bigger than you. @RampCapitalLLC Jesus @HaileyLennonBTC Cobie$5,000 Ethereum
Bitcoin and Ethereum are fundamentally different asset classes targeting fundamentally different issues and vertica…
Retweeted by ฿ullyMy dude over here dropping truth love to see it @ashtoshii Not sure if you watch Archer but you don’t happen to own a pet oscillot do you? @shillycrypto “The lord giveth; and the lord taketh away.” @cryptobiasfunke @CryptoDale Smart.Yeah okay but how are the China trade talks going cool Biden made it out for a baseball game. Very patriotic! 🇺🇸’s really extraordinary how much better crypto is at business development than most other industries. Twitter i… @alexsmithTDC New website coming!!Great news! Crypto mom is the best. Also I saw “through 2025” and thought “why such a long term” and then realiz… just imagine a giant asteroid full of gold and Roger Ver mining it yelling “BIGGER BLOCKS!” over and over lol man… @CryptoCred “The psychology of the Twitter poaster” by Cred* *In your replies. “I should really stay on message like Luke and Cred. Those guys are super disciplined on Twitter.” 5 minutes l… @CryptoDale he’s a swell guy and confirmed not a fed @CGrantWSJ Holy shit that was 2 years ago?! @legaltechIRL YeahThe moderates need a voice again in politics! The loudest, most extreme fringe currently have the most influence.… shit. @BradMichelson has changed the way we work in many ways. Work is now more remote and more "gig"-focused. We launched… a minute what’s that now @davecraige Haha thanks Dave. Right back at ya!Damn, wechat?! That’s gonna cause some waves. GnSo do we get a partial refund on property taxes if public schools in our city are closed in the fall? No? Okay. Go fuck myself? Got it. @fintechfrank Are you, though, Frank? Are you?
And Jed. Well mainly Jed really. did some reading to try and understand xamp but I felt really stupid and couldn't figure it out so I just bought some @BunchuBets @ChamberRekt @AlphaMarketIO Ok @fightoracle Yes I understand the model. For many companies it’s strategicly important. But there are massive trade… see a lot of young founders who focus on funding rounds like they are some sort of achievement. It’s not. Fun… VC funding doesn’t grow your business. It’s effectively the same thing as going to the bank and getting a… @ChamberRekt Freelance on @AlphaMarketIO @richtechexec @realDonaldTrump Arm the landlords!I’m too good at Twitter @johnnystonks For what?Or to put it in meme form and Ethereum are fundamentally different asset classes targeting fundamentally different issues and vertica… @inversebrah @acityinohio @udiWertheimer @notsofast @BitcoinBirch 🤝 @SilverLiningAds @crypt0fungus taught me about themChina blockchain shares? Digital currency test? What on earth lol @WillbBTC Thanks I’ll pass that along.