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Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2The Weight Of Thoughts by Thomas Leroy
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Posting this visual experiment because i keep neglecting to try finishing it because it needs a fresh start to real…
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2 @braverbeast That is fucking CURSED
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Reminder, the hackers did not do anything that stopped the pipeline, they locked the payment records and Colonial p…
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I want to create a game that utilizes my character.This is a personal project by an amateur, so progress is slow, b…
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Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEET THE HEAVY!!!
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Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2What's the cartoon this week? #08 What happens when an old gunslinger is finally found?
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2分かりやすい鎧と武器の時代系統図。 資料がダウンロード出来ます。「Arms and armor」Metropolitan Museum.
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Am I doing this right?
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Danny Devito in Lion King
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2i’ve added some recent horror pieces to my INPRNT to help cover the cost of a very expensive work chair. if you’d l…
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Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2I 💛 #INVINCIBLE!
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Palestinian single mother of 3 needs aid
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Resident Evil Village First Time Playthough (Absolutoly Know Juice)
We had a power outage here’s a one-hour Harry
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2ARTIST PSA there's this really cool website where you can make blueprints AND THEN NAVIGATE THEM IN 3D with complet…
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Makeupbrutalism . Eszter Magyar
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2 @tomorchrd "Echo" Bending time on an empty bench.
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2ice cream
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Resident Evil Village First Time Playthough (Just Regular Juice)
Some of my latest commissions for a DnD group
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Ferrofluid Display Cell Bluetooth Speaker by 닥드정 Dakd Jung
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Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag26살 먹고 자기 꼬리랑 싸우는 바보 고앵이 있다?
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2なんかこのポーズが似合うw
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Resident Evil 8 Village First Time Playthough (Alchohol Addition)
입체적인 주먹 쥔 손 그리는 방법으로 꺾인 중지의 마디 길이와 살짝 보이는 손바닥 면적을 대략 같게 해주면 된다
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2LEGO crystal rt if you agree
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Drink Stream Today at 7pm central time. Be there and be aware that you are in for a scare. is a 300+ page artbook with my re-interpretation of the whole 1st generation pokes <3<3<3
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2This guy would have upwards of 50k followers on this site, and his tweets would be absolutely insane
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Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Proud to present the first in a line of sculpts I'm creating for my own brand. This is a super exciting first step…
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2After 700 hours I’ve finally finished my Juice WRLD painting🥲 It’s been a long journey so rts are greatly appreciat…
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2McDonald’s workers are striking starting May 19th don’t cross the picket line.
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1,500-year-old Ceramic Maya Figurine with Removable Helmet, from El Perú-Waka', Petén, Guatemala
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Might set up a drinking game since I have been wanting an exscusse to drink heavily.Bought the new Resident Evil. Gonna stream my first play-through of that shit tomorrow.Frank Frazetta’s cover artwork for paperback, “Death Angel’s Shadow” written by Karl Edward Wagner. This piece is…
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Dagger and scabbard, India, 1800-75. Medium: Watered crucible steel, gold, ivory, wood, velvet, diamonds.
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2There has never been more cum in the world than right nowLight Morr at my artstation!
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2check it 👇
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COMPOUND think about this a lot
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2ばあちゃんちの子犬が変な遊び覚えてて可愛
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Geto’s on permanent Gojo duty #JujutsuKaisen #jjk
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2(PCDD) Doraemon Story of Seasons $12.49 (DRM: Steam) via Humble Bundle.
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Their kinda messy but liking the new nail fit. @KathanNercher
Felt like redrawing this classic shot from Dragon Ball
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Does anyone here know Blender because I need someone to appreciate how long this took to set up (this is all cont…
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2ギター作りました🎸
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Don’t worry about it. :) (digital painting)
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I'm not going to mind-kill myself any longer. I'm going to fucking fight my feelings of ineptitude and reach the highs I wish to reach.ILLUSTRATORS: you might find this helpful, just came across this website that has a big database with images of peo…
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2 @Jueg01 Nah just feel like ass
A friend from Colombia is asking for our help to spread the word about what’s happening in their country right now…
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I would probably eat ants if they were presented to me.Head has been shot.In this 3D space, hue loops around the outside. In Photoshop, hue is laid out as a strip, but it could be thought o…
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Haven't slept a wink so I'm am going to ask the doc to just put the vaccine in a gun and shoot me in the head.Pulling the thread
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Yokai Mokumokuren from Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, designed by Ryosuke Shibuya
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Limbo Crew. #baptistegaubert #characterdesign #darkfantasy #WANDA
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H3VR Hungry watch
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New work 'Guess who?' Sculpture of a naive girl :)
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Flowing fabrics and a dynamic pose give this artwork a rich sense of motion. "Escape" by Erion Makuo @erionmakuo >…
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Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Ink and pencil versions of the same idea, one took significantly longer than the other, I like both for different r…
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Me playing a new Some pikachu Pokémon snap trying to eat after 20 years
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2ブラストダッシュで上空で尻尾切ってみた! #ライズ動画 #モンハンライズ #MHRise #モンハン #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2🖌️ My Free Brush Set 🖌️ Here is a brush set that I use for daily work and it's free yay! (v…
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2⛓️☠️Erm Um Hey Hi I make scary shit and if you like that, you should check out my Patreon. I post timelapse videos…
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2In 2009, a South African IT company showed that it was 25 times faster to send a 4GB SD card 50 miles by carrier pi…
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@lilgaybee @lilgaybee This day seems to suck. Is it in big chunks or is it pulverized? cause depending on its state you could… me makin’ eyes at the other boatmen’s wives
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2 @lilgaybee What happenedGot to my vaccination location too late and now gotta get a new one.
3/3 Wish me luck for the next steps -.-'
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2"Done got bit by a rattle snake" Game Project Last Game Project
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Ganondorf 👿
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Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2It will kill you!
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2Just updating my pinned post. I'm Art Van D'lay, and I sell NFTs on Foundation. #NFT
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XCOM Enemy Unknown Long War *Shoots gun past someones head* stop thinking about this
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Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2hi. i made a new special. it was filmed by me, alone, without a crew or an audience, over the course of the past ye…
Retweeted by TheBumbleCrag2A sign of a healthy economy is when you tell a whole generation to sit tight and wait for their parents to die.
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