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bumpaah @bumpaah Kentucky, USA

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@TrickAIM @PoggersVAL It has been 6 hours how do you already disband @peanutbrain8 @vitroltv @PlayVALORANT Nah they said it wasn’t coming til Act 2 @crabmusturd @BumpFan69 @PoggersVAL Bumpaah - Cheerleader @rxzn0 @BumpFan69 As in I already did it in his picture dumb dumbOkay guys it was a funny joke but can you actually nerf the judge now? @PlayVALORANT @BumpFan69 Ratio’d @rinaeles @harmfoo 😡
@WedidOfficial You’re so hot 🥵 instant upgrade for whatever lucky team you signed with 😍 @GeezaOfficial Because you’re very good and handsome, fuck u mean @Brush I love you too @C0Mtweets Literally the best character in the game rn @C0Mtweets Yeah, I was grumpy and groggy in the morning but cheered up towards the endFun stream today, I appreciate you guys hanging out 🤝My parents always told me to listen to @bumpaah if I wanted to succeed in life...
Retweeted by bumpaah @witnessqq Secured the fragi am a man of my word. @ValorantRed
Retweeted by bumpaah @Val_Arti The goal isn’t to “own” anyone, just to be helpfulLearning KAY/O @vF_KROADER @ohmilann It doesn’t make logical sense for the virus to be harmless but the vaccine to be dangerous. A… @lintoosleepy You’re a beast, only a matter of time @Governor_Val @WedidOfficial You had a bumpaah game @Caders_ Secured the Wpissed on
Retweeted by bumpaahNew act, new @bumpaah
Retweeted by bumpaah @Glorinsz That’s what I’m saying @Hiko Looks like you need me to carry you in CS 🥱EPISODE 3 WAITING ROOM
@SammayTV @issfanfan Equal rights, equal lefts 🤝Had a lot of fun playing CS the last two days, back to Valorant content starting tomorrow 🤝 @thisisnotminnie 🧢 @LoganAims Too many layers to this @LoganAims show offMore CS:GO today, back to valorant for the update tomorrow @Virtyyyy 😍 @Virtyyyy When are you gonna show me yours? @aikyuna Women’s version of that is “oh my god your hands are so big”
@BumpFan69 Praying for a swift recovery 🙏🏻 @yrkiee Bro 🤨 @TorseFPS nope, crosshair is exactly the same on cs and valHow come you can tell my crosshair is red on CS:GO but when I stream Valorant my crosshair just looks black?Feeling 17 again morning degens @jammyzx We’re all just living the same life huh? (minus the going to Iceland part)
@Poach Nice shot! @ElevateFN He’s not stream sniping tho bro @ashIyne You already know I will @ashIyne I figured out why u can’t rank up @SammayTV I feel this bro, games been bugging me down mentally so hard recentlyFORTNITE TRIO FNCS WORLD CUP CHAMPION SQUAD w/ @C0Mtweets @bumpaah
Retweeted by bumpaahHardcore minecraft player @thisisnotminnie Which finger is the left one @TrickAIM @PlayVALORANT Had this happen to me today too
@AlphxVal @TeamSerenity @_Whiske Lookin drippy @witnessqq Down @1j0seph @Kyrokana @matnjona I’m willing to try itTaking a break from Valorant til the new episode, expect variety tomorrow @symrifle @Justinovah I got nothin to hide smh @symrifle @Justinovah 🤨
@y0shikyu @otterex_ @906Rest It’s common sense for anyone who uses one??? @yrkiee Fins up 🐬 @nitr0 Split with or without judge mains 🤔The dildo expert @Hylyx_ 1st didn’t have any side effects other than my sore arm @Hylyx_ 2nd @BellBopper It’s just a headache, honestly not bad I’m just talking it up for TwitterI was talking tough but this vaccine is kinda kicking my ass rn @westjett1 I think I’ve bitched about the judge one too many timesWho the fuck even is @bumpaah at this point? happy to announce that I will take half of his revenue from now on. Go…
Retweeted by bumpaah @BumpFan69 Since when are you nice to meEnding an hour early, tired as fuck just gonna chill for the rest of the day. I'll see y'all tomorrow 🤝I’m live bitches @Morgausse_ Puttin up bumpaah numbers 🐐 @yobluee_ So cute! Super happy for you guys ❤️ @gwinchiie No u @RiotBallerina Give sage a dismiss or dash and she becomes fun 🥱 @yrkiee @BumpFan69 Girls make me nervous @yrkiee I’m loud as fuck @infamousbtw Fast paced mald, games don’t last 40 mins 😂 @WedidOfficial Trust me bro there’s a long list of reasons worse than playing fortnite @infamousbtw I’ve been enjoying it for like 30 mins - an hour at a time, I like winding down the stream with it
Feeling like a young man again @Glorinsz Sounds like a good business plan @TorseFPS @Inf4mousEnergy @HoellywoodFPS 🤨You best believe I’m throwing ass for 15k viewers @FrostyValorant There’s no coming back from this2nd Pfizer dose ✅ the government has successfully turned me heterosexual‼️ @morgeestreams That sucks, hope you still had fun tho 🤙 @Dasnerth Shut up controller playerI ain't pray for these baguettes I prayed for better days @Glorinsz I made IM fuck u @madacsgo Literally the only reason I don’t try stretched 💀 @rohan_red I’m not dumb bro ‼️
down 10-2 comeback reaction LOL this was so much fun @bumpaah @root7K @symrifle @Justinovah
Retweeted by bumpaah @issfanfan You’re genuinely hilarious, love the streams and YouTube videos, don’t let the morons get to youGetting the second Pfizer dose tomorrow afternoon, I’ll stream on Thursday as long as I don’t feel like shit 🤝 @JackIgoe @Glorinsz @root7K @brawku @Justinovah Heres a timestamp to the 2nd half of the game @Glorinsz @root7K @brawku @Justinovah Honestly one of the most fun games of Valorant I’ve ever played