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BoomerBumpSuperFan69 @BumpFan69 Bumpaahs basement, please help

Pro Malder for @TeamSerenity #MALDSZN YT:

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@PlayVALORANT true hero in the eyes of the enemy... @bumpaah @bumpaah #MALDSZN
@deathyxd @bumpaah No, but his opponents do... @WedidOfficial 1 week @Rsyeda2 @bumpaah Mald 1, Mald 2, Mald 3, Ultimate MaldNew Agent: MAL/D | #VALORANT @Glorinsz @bumpaah There are no good Valorant clips left from Episode 1... @bumpaah @Vanityxz @sznontwittor @xcIairez what about 5$? @bumpaah So basically you lost half of your content... @bumpaah You already do it for 400... @nosyy_tv @NZXT @KillerMillerGG Not watching @bumpaah is a good first step. I swear his gameplay is more contagious than Rona.When are getting bumpMald on a jersey @TeamSerenity? @NevyVFX NevyaahCan't spell @bumpaah without "bum"πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦The Oprah of Valorant ranked... @bumpaah @C0Mtweets Against @bumpaah cause that's at least 1 free Sova kill per ult... @bumpaah I pray for some dick #MALDSZN @ValorINTEL @bumpaah Don't become too straight Bump. @bumpaah @rohan_red Debatable
@Glorinsz @bumpaah @root7K @brawku @Justinovah Thank God @Glorinsz @bumpaah @root7K @brawku @Justinovah I really hope I remember this correctly, if not, please don't say I will look like an idiot.I never played comp valorant but I'll never forget the 1 tournament i did play in 10-2 comeback for the win with th…
Retweeted by BoomerBumpSuperFan69 @Glorinsz @bumpaah @root7K @brawku @Justinovah Greatest cumback on T side Ascent ever. @leaf_cs @bumpaah @ashIyne What about irl? @bumpaah @Vanityxz You don't play the same game... he's top 50 Radiant and you're... well you're "almost" Radiant...GUYS IM THE REAL .@BumpFan69 ITS BEEN FAT AL THIS ENTIRE TIME
Retweeted by BoomerBumpSuperFan69"What is @bumpaah's gang affiliation?" I don't know, take a wild guess... @bumpaah @Bjorlulu You're next @Sentinels @Governor_Val Don't let @bumpaah see this, he will buy it and use it as a fleshlight... @bumpaah I want you to grip my cock like that... @bumpaah @Bluyx1 @BellBopper @bumpaah This has been a known fact for while...I guess it's tough love... @bumpaah @PlayVALORANT @Rsyeda2 Cave, fell in lava, got out, low health, went in a dark corner of the cave, skeleton and zombie fucked him up. @Iam_Arth36 @bumpaah Listen bro, I watch a lot but I'm not there all the time, I'm sorry... @BellBopper @bumpaah Let's be honest Bell, you just want to streamsnipe the old man.Update: He died on Minecraft and is now throwing elo on his alt. 0/2 on Minecraft hardcore but he might go again to… @Rsyeda2 @bumpaah Take a wild guess...LMFAOO @bumpaah rage quit Valorant after a single game. He's now trying to beat Minecraft on hardcore. @GazeSucci No @GazeSucci we ever seen @bumpaah and Hulk Hogan in the same room? @bumpaah Benching 85lbs won't help you not tilt #MALDSZN @JackIgoe LK
@neekolul @Corpse_Husband @CORPSE Thoughts @bumpaah? @bumpaah How I almost became the best Minecraft player in the world... @bumpaah @Guiiimond @Subroza When he says "noobs", I think he's talking about you Bump... @bumpaah Impressive to see you do good in Minecraft Hardco... nvm @Sentinels Only need 1 and it's mald... thing i hear and see when joining a @bumpaah stream πŸ€ πŸ‘
Retweeted by BoomerBumpSuperFan69 @wydScorpion @riotgames @bumpaah Who the fuck is "everybody"? @bumpaah @TabzGTV D: @skewpid @bumpaah They don't show up on the map. It's like a surprise when you see one.Rare picture of @bumpaah with all the hoes... @bumpaah Soon...πŸ‘€ @TenZOfficial to @riotgames: FIX YOUR RANKED SYSTEM FOR FUCK SAKE @bumpaah HAS BEEN RADIANT FOR ALMOST A WEEK. THAT'S NOT…'m lowkey rocking the bad connection... @bumpaah We missed you papa #MALDSZN @wydScorpion @bumpaah @Justinovah @yrkiee @yrkiee Look in those eyes and tell me it isn't possible. it happen malders. @arkh
That's not a gun btw... @bumpaah @bumpaah @Vinniehacker You're in no place to talk young man. @PlayVALORANT @lazytafa @zladam04 LOL @bumpaah @TrickAIM "Deag is more fun" @swimmerlol_ @wydScorpion @JakeSucky @bumpaah Most likely the second option... @swimmerlol_ @wydScorpion @JakeSucky @bumpaah Honestly, I think at least 200 people would buy it. @dapr @kschoob ... @wydScorpion @JakeSucky @bumpaah @skewpid @bumpaah @JakeSucky @Valkyrae This is another one of those situations where I have just ask you to trust me... @bumpaah @JakeSucky @Valkyrae She already rocks your worldSince @bumpaah mains Jett, Reyna, Raze, Cypher, Sova Brim, KJ and used to play a lot of Omen, is he a 51/10? @JakeSucky I think @Valkyrae vs @bumpaah would be a fair fight..."You miss every shot you don't take." And @bumpaah misses every shot he takes... @skewpid @bumpaah Bump does too... in ropes... @bumpaah
@desoGOD @bumpaah It's actually the same fish. It's just @bumpaah being 6'7 and hung like an elk and you being 3'2. Fish is the same. @RiservatoCarlo @bumpaah Thanks, Pog Kaiserwhen da food is bussin
Retweeted by BoomerBumpSuperFan69 @bumpaah Someone needs to tell @bumpaah that having a fishing pic on Tinder doesn't work... @bumpaah @TSM_Myth Is Myth your next victim? @wydScorpion @bumpaah @gwinchie He got fucking shit on @bumpaah @Apidaez @root7K ... @Twitch The new XSET Valorant player is gonna be @bumpaah. Mark my words.1000 followers, pretty cool considering it happened by leaching of @bumpaah for 9 months. @root7K @bumpaah Good luck