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hey baby girl lemme light your world up 😌
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️get her a hello kitty bouquet so she knows it’s real 💫
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️ @Tryuga fr goated 😭😭😭 @dmondick7 look up your year bb @Tryuga i had 3 tacos :3i said..👀 biiiiitchhis inferiority complex is such a turn off tho. hate little bitch energydoes anyone think gyutaro is kinda hot..👀I be cute as fuck and never take pictures. Just quick lil story videos here and there lol. Ima do better lol.
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️ @Tryuga haven’t been eating, anxiety, buzzing off nic, also i’m cold 🥲men these are what girls mean when they want flowers NOT THOSE SUPERMARKET FLOWERS PLSSS ;-;
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️ @ErecYeager what is that it looks so good 😩 @mochiopia i’ll see you for our date feb 14 bb 😘💕 @mochiopia aaahh the queen notices me 😩 ty my love 🥺💕 @ivantaged HONESTLY 😩ayo couldn’t i at least have gotten a c in romance 😭 tiger btw’m shakyyy my soul is vibratinggg my body go brrr @kanoajung @Pinkstellaire i remember going to that one! they need to bring it back loli feel so old… and dad <3 @ErecYeager @masturb4sian so less than 10. still a lot LOLhe’s so fucking cute he’s so fucking cute he’s so fucking cute he’s so fu- @ErecYeager @masturb4sian i don’t think i have enough fingers for the amount of gfs/wives you have 😂 @v4mpluvagirl beauty is pain bb“i may be drunk but i still care about you” ima wife him tf upreminiscing over old photos of myself 😿
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️먐
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️🐯💥
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️ @athennessy athena ilysm 🥺💕 @itsnotprancis saaame 😩😩😩 @ErecYeager bro was sleeping for like 3 eps. let’s keep him that way..😂
@nursewaifuu 🥺😭 @ErecYeager you’re literally tengen wymugh that new demon slayer ep felt too shortwhen he holds your hand or your thigh while driving >>>>>
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️ @inporrigible 😭🥺💕💞💘go on and entertain me boy
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️ @G1RLMILK_ thank you bb 😭🥺💕 @ErecYeager i’m wide open 😳idk who needs to hear this but invest in your room
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️if i had a dachshund i’d name it longanisa. nisa for shortone of the very rare moments i felt good about myself 🥲counting stars ✨ @henthaiicedtea omg this is so smartI’m bluebabudidabuda
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️i’m now just discovering chamber from val wanna be held like this
my new banner screams 🚩🚩🚩anyway black denim jackets look hot af on guysyou n me bby
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️im ready for my spoiled gf era
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶)
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️Pov: it’s date night 😴✨
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️can we sit on each other’s laps? as friends of course...unless? 😳yall are BLESSING the tl today 😭🥺💕💖💓💘💞me again
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️Come rest your heaving buttocks on this seat I’ve prepared for you — my face
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️ @masturb4sian can i hold your hand 😳:3
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️ @edmthotiana haha hi 😳💘💓💞haha hey
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️in da car!
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️ @ErecYeager date whenBeing wholesome the last Saturday before school starts and taking my mom on a date 😌
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️ @bbychungus ty babe! def need to buy some @Tryuga hair isn’t cooperating atm 🥲windy days 🌬
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️I never do not want sushi. I could eat it every week.
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️i feel so 姐姐 with black hair
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️ @ErecYeager sushiiia bitch is completely blonde now. with hints of i’ll fix that @jkwvn verysorry Francis we dressing thotty tonight
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️you ever wish you could put a hello kitty bandaid on your brain to fix it @hannahkoko7 damn…as always, we gotta watch what we say @athennessy ty for blessing the tl once again <3hi
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️
@bbyxlb ngl i saw you as sam before you replied ☺️i want tengen uzui to wreck my innardsi’m also in love with daki loldid anyone else laugh when nezuko curb stomped that bitch’s head into the ground over and overfuck zodiac signs. which totally spies girl did you identify with? for me it’s clover 😌wish i could just tattoo myself then absorb the ink immediately when i’m bored with ittoday at work i dropped my phone and the screen cracked and that’s when i knew to leave early loltell me why i had two visits and both times they said i was fine but my pain said otherwise. did an ultrasound and everything smh..doctors are the highest paid gas lighters in the worldi just wanna be spoiled 💔
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️if i wasn’t mentally ill i’d be making so much money right now @jasonnnkham oh my god he’s done it. racism where?? @j1nsoyoung are you free feb 14hellooo emmy nation
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️ @peachmesweettea where do i apply to be your gfsingle btw
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️おそばちゃんただいまぁああああああ
Retweeted by kash🧋🔜 ❌⭕️give it a few years..i will go back to black hair once i’ve healed lolmy guy pretty like a girlsomeone said being 5’2” is a red flag. i can buy platform boots..