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Experience the bank of tomorrow, today. #bankofthefree | Get your bunq Travel Card everywhere in the EU, Norway & Iceland! ✈️:

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@pberkenbosch Could you specify what is not working correctly and report this to please 👍How I saved €21.13 on a single €167.05 transaction by being aware of money exchange scams and using @bunq! If you e…
Retweeted by bunq @Jasper_Meurs That’s a great article! Thanks for sharing this experience 🌈Meet @RubenLen10, one of our most enthusiastic bunq Business users. 💼 Check out how he spreads the rainbow and how… @StramigioliS Welcome! What feature do you like best so far? 😃
@dumanhaydar @tobyx Those are cool right? Keep a close eye on your mailbox upcoming days! 😎 @aboutprivacyNL Onfido is inderdaad onderdeel van het aanmeldingsproces. Dit geldt voor onze gebruikers ouder dan 16 jaar.For entrepreneurs, we continue our commitment to saving you time and energy so you can focus on growing your busine… @rbrtkrgr_ We have options for freelancers to register a a business account with us. 😊 Take a look here👉 @NeuteboomG Ja!🌈Je kan een persoonlijk en zakelijk account bij ons aanmaken. Lees hier meer👉
@tobyx You'd fit right in here at bunq, ours are all stickered up too! Share the love🌈 @MDKDragon As soon as the money arrives at bunq you'll get a notification, and the Travel card will be ordered auto… @MDKDragon Het toevoegen van geld kan wel weer met iDEAL! 😃 Maar ook met een andere Credit Card of SOFORT bijvoorbe… @MDKDragon De Travel Card werkt inmiddels prima op de website van Amazon 👍 Voor iDEAL is Premium of Joint het beste… @PBXg33k Zou je ons kunnen volgen zodat wij je een DM kunnen sturen? Dan kunnen wij even jouw gegevens opzoeken om… @tacopotze If hand recognition isn’t working you can also consider setting up a passphrase to secure your account👍… what’s the difference between a bunq API resource, object, item, and collection? Let’s find out! #bunqAPI @pimvanprooijen Could you follow us so we can send you a DM? We'll then have a look at the application 👍 @pimvanprooijen Sure thing! 👍 You can open a Joint account for personal use 😊 Just drop a message in the chat so we… @orkaa @RevolutApp Thank you for your input! If you share it on we will definitely have a l… @marianach92 Come into the support chat or send an email to and we'd love to help you out 🌈
@ElskeTweet We just followed you so you can send us a DM 👌🏻 @Arcardus @Porkbun @MastercardDE You will see a notification pop up on your mobile to confirm the payment in the bunq app🙌 @renssies Thanks for reporting this to us💡We’ve reported this issue to our developers so they can work on a solution right away. @CescoD @ingnl Je kan geen geld opnemen met Apple Pay🍎 Sinds kort kan je Apple Pay wel activeren voor onze Travel C… the dots between your bunq Insights 📊and behavioural economics, maybe your financial decisions are more… @Rvervuurt Binnen Nederland is een Maestro pas handiger inderdaad. Daarom kun je met bunq Premium drie passen beste… @Rvervuurt Klopt inderdaad, dit ligt echt aan de winkel. Een extra Maestro pas is dus altijd handig 😅Buiten Nederla… @Arcardus @Food4ears You can also set your VAT aside automatically 😃 More info about our awesome business features… @obiemond Dat houden we nog eventjes geheim🤐, dus blijf onze kanalen vooral in de gaten houden👍 @obiemond Wij ondersteunen inderdaad de Europese variant 😊Zodra wij ons aansluiten op de Nederlandse variant, zulle…
@vrooman We have sent you a DM here in order to help you with your issue in the best way possible 👍 @vrooman We’re sorry to hear that this has happened. If you send an email to we will pick it up ri… bunq, we think you should have the freedom to decide what happens with your money. 💶 You can select "Other Bank…
@ChelooApla Check your DMs Marcelo 👍🏻 @the_me Personal questions about your account are best asked with the help function in the app. See here for the be…🗣 “By judging success in terms of customer usage, rather than the total number of users they are able to attract, c…
@Noob34 Could you reach out to us via the chat support in the app? We can check this further for you 🙌🌈 @msambarino Could you follow us here so we can send you a private message? Thanks! @ChelooApla Check your DMs 🌈 @_Teunn Op dit moment is onze enige gratis membership Travel Card 🌈Meer info hier: @_Teunn Ja! Je kan een TravelCard account openen en je TravelCard gebruiken voor Apple Pay. Meer info hier: @NastyNaad @ingnl We do support instant payments but we are currently on different systems. If you'd like to receiv… @_stefankl @martijnvdijk @cwtimk @ingnl @Rabobank @rijcompany @rkiezebrink1 Dit komt doordat de meeste winkels in N… @allac00 At bunq no account gets blocked without a reason.Almost every time these are fraudsters that try to blackm…
Groot denken, dan is Nederland in staat om #SiliconValley-achtige bedrijven op te richten, zegt Ali Niknam @bunq 'W…
Retweeted by bunq @henrikuiper It was your report which made this entirely possible, thanks again! 🤝 @henrikuiper Thanks for reporting this once again! Our team has made sure this is no longer working. Helping on the… @Wendy82321497 Thanks for reporting it! Any effort is needed in the fight against fraudsters. @Lord_Gaav This is definitely not sent by us! We'd never reach out to you to update your log in information. We've… @Wendy82321497 This is definitely not sent by us! We'd never reach out to you to update your log in information. We… @andreasmaks @Outbank Take a look at and you'll find everything that is to know about our API 🙌🌈 Enjoy.Our CEO, Ali, will be on BNR news radio (Dutch) this afternoon between 17:45 - 18:00 (CEST) to talk about @bunq's E… @renssies Thanks for letting us know! We've sent it to our team to make sure it's fixed 👍 @gewoon_amber What a better way for us to celebrate to have you in the family! Wear it with proud! Cheers 🙌🌈There are roughly 8 types of content you can work with via the bunq API. Let’s look at how to work with every type… case you missed it: Challenger bank @bunq launches in the UK #technology #fintech
Retweeted by bunq#fintech startup @bunq is pushing into an additional 22 markets, making it available anywhere in the EU as well as…
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@leonidasfr65 Could you send us the e-mail address or phone number linked to your account in our DM? then we'll mak… @leonidasfr65 If you are referring to the invite bonus, feel free to reach out to our support from the app and they… @Noob34 We hope you had fund there, looks gorgeous! 🇦🇷🌈 @AndreSeesink @Tiqets Any bunq card works as long as you use the promo code on your booking! 🙌 As indicated on… @DorianNisandzic @Tiqets If you have the app, you can reach us directly via the chat of your app… @tacoold We appreciate your feedback and we'll be happy to share it with the teams in charge so that they study how… @iAmRenzoToo You can find a clear pricing outline on our website and if you have any questi… @alibaba0 We've followed you so that you can send us a DM here and we can redirect you to our team to provide you with further steps! 👍 @Antoinedroid Our team is working hard to make Google Pay available everywhere we're launched. As there isn't anyth… @gappendaal It's all good, thanks for the catch! 👍 @herwinthole Thanks for the interview! Great article 👍 can now save even more on your trip with your bunq Travel Card! 💸 Starting today, you can get an exclusive 10%…
@Riek_lt That depends on how you prefer to verify your NFC payments, but it's possible without. You can see all the… @Louis_Torres No problem, if you come via the chat of the app we'll be able to look into th… @Startup_van Thanks!🇪🇺🙌 Sure thing, we've just followed you. Check your inbox 🙂 @vriesspeech We hope you had a great trip, thanks for sharing this! 🙌✈️🌏 @Conijnatwork @HollandUKTrade We'll keep that in mind , thanks! 🌈 @TurXic In addition to @marjamjars comment, you can take a look at our FAQ topic and get most of your questions ans… @matejhol 👋 We can definitely help you out. If you can't reach us via the chat of your app @imkenjohnson 👋 You can definitely keep using your Travel Card without any additional charges after adding it to Ap… @TurklerinMekani Welcome to the club! 🙌 On the following link you'll find the different opt… @TurXic All the bunq cards have the Mastercard logo on it and they'll work on any terminal that accepts Mastercard,… @fipsyfip Our Support Team is currently busier than usual, they're working around the clock to answer everyone as s… that you can use your bunq Travel Card 💳 to pay with your phone 📲, which one do you prefer? 🌈 @djlestephane 👋 Our team is working hard to expand our services, but we don't have any upcoming news or updates ove…
@pawelratajczak The cost of the Travel Card is 9,99 EUR. On this link you will see that it is only a one time fee a… @pataijozsef We will make sure to announce on our Social channels whenever Apple Pay will be available in other countries 🙌🌈 @pataijozsef Our Travel Card is now available in all the countries of the European Union, Norway & Iceland (which includes Hungary) 👍🏻 @sevendotzero We will announce on our Social channels whenever Apple Pay will be available in other countries 🙌🌈 @ricandrademc At the moment, Apple Pay is currently only available in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Irela… @Detective34 You'll be able to use your Travel Card anywhere in the world where the terminal you choose to pay acce… @ripienaar The link is up and running now, thanks! 👍But wait! There's more! 🌈 Your bunq Travel Card experience got even better. Starting today, you can pay all over th… @r0nrupp We'd love to offer Apple everywhere we're launched! Our team is working hard to make this available but we…’re delighted to announce our Travel Card is now available across the EU, Norway & Iceland! 💳🌈 Sign up today and… @dyve 👋 Upgraded Connect can be only used between bunq Business and Premium users You can… @geekywoland 👋 This is about our own direct investment where we ask our users their views on how and where to inves… @frrr No problem! If you can't reach us via the chat of the app you can always send us an email to… @DroidAlexandra On the desktop version you can't currently have that option but we'll make sure to share the feedba…
@iivvoo We’re sorry to hear that this has happened. Unfortunately we cannot help you through social channels as we… @r0nrupp @derdortmunder77 @N26_Support @_tomorrow_one @Fidor_hilft @RevolutApp That's true! Check out our website f… @harmoniumxiv Have a question? You can search through our trusted knowledge topics on Together:…