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I am a old school wrestling fan and action figure collector and customizer.

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@KayfabeCollect OSFTM should have stuck with making WCW figures like these because they fit in with the BCA figures well @toypixx yeah kenner did it in 1994 as a last money grab off the Batman Returns toy line
@toypixx the most recent ones is the 1994 Kenner Batman Returns Camo Attack Batmobile that is missing some stuff an… @RealNicel1 @undertaker @WWE I have not watched that at all @PixelDan @NECA_TOYS Ok Pixel Dan your tell me @NECA_TOYS could make these thing but could not do the different hea… @JeremyCom @RingsideC @RingsideC #jeremycom a link to a desired item under $100 on Ringside Collectibles - OR - eBay! I'll choose a winner tomorrow, buy…
Retweeted by Jeremy Burdge @TemporaryMercy @MyDamnToys @VintageJakksBCA @MajorWFPod @KingdomFigure @FScopers i am not much of this type of tri… @Jadababy25 Happy Birthday Jada
@AndrewBeatty20 @VintageJakksBCA @brettrymas @MajorWFPod Testors acrylic enamel water wash up is what i been using since 1993. @VintageJakksBCA @AndrewBeatty20 @brettrymas @MajorWFPod Came out very nice in the blue if i was doing that i woul… @RealNicel1 @xmendirector @WolverSteve @toypixx @ToyScavenger @ronniehowlett3 Nice set bro @kingofdivapicz 7 @WrestleFigNews @BossFightStudio @maskedrepublic That is going to be a awesome figure to get @JeremyCom What is the funnest part about collecting to you?
@brettrymas @VintageJakksBCA @MajorWFPod try the black one @BlkSQDRNStudios @brettrymas @VintageJakksBCA @MajorWFPod very nice and that is a good way to fix up a old figure @toypixx Yeah bro so the good thing that came out of that is it started me on making customs in 1993 and i never looked back
@RealNicel1 @toypixx @ToyScavenger @ronniehowlett3 @WolverSteve @xmentas @xmendirector @FleshFire awesome broOh it’s going down at PFF Stadium tomorrow night. The announcement of the first ever PFF #AEW champion will be cro…
Retweeted by Jeremy BurdgeTomorrow. More reveals. Anyone want the first ever PFF (Padawer Figure Fed) AEW championship match in the Real Sc…
Retweeted by Jeremy BurdgeRT if you want to see the Authentic Scale Ring tonight. 500 RT in the next 52 minutes and it's tonight. #AEW
Retweeted by Jeremy Burdge @JeremyCom Yeah is it bigger then the reissued ljn ring that jakks called a monster ring? @LorynStone oh that is ok Loryn just thought i would ask a fellow MMPR fan :) @LorynStone Awesome. :) do you remember the contest back in 1993 to get a OG Dragon Dagger? I tried to enter but it…
@TamashiiNations I hope it is more to the Kinnikuman series i love all the ones you did so far and there are still… @TamashiiNations DBZ Dr Malaka? @landofthe80s the only two i like are 1985 Legend and The Last Samurai @toypixx since i was a kid i tried to take care of my stuff but a older brother would break alot of it on me so as…
@VelVelHoller @NASM Congrats Velvet :) @TheHookRocks Walk is the only song i like that they did and it is because of ECW and @TherealRVD @Soda_hunter CongratsPost a link to a desired item under $100 on Ringside Collectibles! I'll choose a winner tomorrow, buy it & send to…
Retweeted by Jeremy Burdge @JeremyCom @RingsideC Need this guy bad i have a 1984 Robin with a Batmobile just missing his Batman. P.S. here is… my @RingsideC friends choose who wins. Take a look at last giveaway tweet & choose. 👊😁❤️ There are 500+ po…
Retweeted by Jeremy Burdge @RumbleAlley thanks bro i just printed it out @KEVINTOMIRANDA @pheltzcomics @TemporaryMercy @TheMattCardona @RealJeffJarrett @MajorWFPod @VintageJakksBCA Thanks bro @JeremyCom awesome job and i will be looking forward to get this Jericho figure. @TemporaryMercy @TheMattCardona @RealJeffJarrett @MajorWFPod @VintageJakksBCA awesome bro i might do the same parts…
@RingSkirts @FullyPoseable Awesome bro @JeremyCom not in person but i did watch him on tv and was cool i never got the bca one but someday i will
@thecollectorati dude awesome ad find @tara_burdge @toy_wizards that Scar cover looks wicked cool @TemporaryMercy @VintageJakksBCA @MajorWFPod @KingdomFigure @WrestleFigNews @FScopers also i like the red styled one too @TemporaryMercy @VintageJakksBCA @MajorWFPod @KingdomFigure @WrestleFigNews @FScopers sounds like a good plan bro @RumbleAlley yeah bro the uk ones are hard to get but awesome start my galoobs are low as well i have Sting,Sid, T… @toypixx Scalpers they make it harder to get things for a collector on a budget. @RumbleAlley awesome bro
@TemporaryMercy @VintageJakksBCA @MajorWFPod @KingdomFigure @WrestleFigNews @FScopers Awesome bro and the more you…
@HulkHogan My favorite character you played Hulk. Thunderlips @ShellyFromCali i love stop motion as well Shelly that is why i do it too for fun. Clash of the Titans Medusa is aw…
@JeremyCom #jeremycom @JeremyCom a link to a desired eBay collectible under $100! I'll choose a winner tonight, buy it now & send directly to…
Retweeted by Jeremy Burdge @JeremyCom True wrestling toys are a part of my life and i do get to live my wrestling dream in plastic form Jeremy… @KingdomFigure @JeremyCom Thanks dude @JeremyCom i had a dream to be a actor a chef or a a pro wrestler but working a janitor job for years mad them fade out @Jadababy25 Morning Jada :) @JeremyCom #JeremyComGive 2020 a yelp review here. Most retweeted review wins $100 collector shipping spree tonight. Make sure you @ a…
Retweeted by Jeremy Burdge @JeremyCom not sure i never tried it
Your Kentucky Derby horse name is: Your favorite 1980's wrestler's last name (of gimmick) + the last thing you ate…
Retweeted by Jeremy Burdge @JeremyCom @RicFlairNatrBoy @nabisco @ellle_em Piper MiniweatsAny UFC figure recommendations? #UFC #UFCFigures
Retweeted by Jeremy Burdge @JeremyCom Dan The Beast Severn, Ken Shamrock,Gina Carano,Ronda Rousey. @landofthe80s all the ones i love are on the top row
@undertaker Thank You @undertaker for all the great years and hope you enjoy this pic of some of the custom figure…
Retweeted by Jeremy Burdge @JeremyCom Hunt rules... 1) It’s a specific eBay item. 2) I’m going to give clues. 3) Answer as many times as you’d…
Retweeted by Jeremy BurdgeAll these RT’s from #ECW Alumni but no new Followers 🤷🏻‍♂️
Retweeted by Jeremy Burdge @RingSkirts @Mattel @WWE I think that would make a cool two pack if mattel did that broScavenger hunt tonight? 200 RT’s in the next hour, and it’s on...!
Retweeted by Jeremy Burdge @JeremyCom a link to a desired eBay collectible under $100! I'll choose a winner, buy it now & send directly to ur home!…
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@RingSkirts @Soda_hunter @FullyPoseable @doingthefavor @HOVAAA @MJGIV79 @DrewVencill @ringsiderant_RJ lol welcome b… @RingSkirts @Soda_hunter @FullyPoseable @doingthefavor @HOVAAA @MJGIV79 @DrewVencill @ringsiderant_RJ Right here bro @SmallCorgi_ @xmentas I remember before the dvd part @RingSkirts @Soda_hunter @FullyPoseable @doingthefavor @HOVAAA @MJGIV79 @DrewVencill @ringsiderant_RJ dude i am coo… @PixelDan @EntEarth Just a couple things not accurate about this figure like the knee pads and the boots are too lo… @Soda_hunter @FullyPoseable @doingthefavor @HOVAAA @MJGIV79 @DrewVencill @RingSkirts @ringsiderant_RJ LOL i love it… @FullyPoseable @doingthefavor @Soda_hunter @HOVAAA @MJGIV79 @DrewVencill @RingSkirts @ringsiderant_RJ yeah i love t… @FullyPoseable @doingthefavor @Soda_hunter @HOVAAA @MJGIV79 @DrewVencill @RingSkirts @ringsiderant_RJ Don't get me… @FullyPoseable @doingthefavor @Soda_hunter @HOVAAA @MJGIV79 @DrewVencill @RingSkirts @ringsiderant_RJ do you see ho… @FullyPoseable @doingthefavor @Soda_hunter @HOVAAA @MJGIV79 @DrewVencill @RingSkirts @ringsiderant_RJ i was wonder… @Soda_hunter @FullyPoseable @doingthefavor @BBPH918 @ppwpodcast @ringsiderant_RJ Why did they put him in blue with knee pads and long boots? @Enemies_Allies Michael Keaton @Soda_hunter @FullyPoseable Corporal Kirchner @BluefinBrands @TamashiiNations Tricky question because i have a lot but Kinnikuman is one of my top favoritesGIVEAWAY: Our #MADE sale is almost over but the fun continues. Enter for your chance to win a Golden Ohzaru Goku "D…
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@BluefinBrands @TamashiiNations Dende and Majin Buu = Majin DenbuuGIVEAWAY: Super Gogeta (Dokkan Battle) "Dragon Ball", Bandai Ichiban Figure. To enter for your chance to win simply…
Retweeted by Jeremy BurdgeWe apologize for the temporary outage. The site is back up and good to go. As a way to show our appreciation, we ar…
Retweeted by Jeremy Burdge @BluefinBrands @TamashiiNations Jackie ChunGIVEAWAY: Our #MADE sale ends tonight so don’t miss out. Enter for your chance to win a SHF Jackie Chun by: ☑️ Ret…
Retweeted by Jeremy Burdge#FathersDay is here again @JeremyCom A Marvel Comic Book @JeremyCom @CCC_collects Congrats @CCC_Collects
@JeremyCom Giveaway in 30 minutes,Bros!