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Burke Holland @burkeholland Franklin, TN, USA

Bald guy. Formerly @telerik now @microsoft. A big fan of sarcasm and JavaScript. That was sarcasm. Host of Five Things and Co-creator of

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@toddanglin What I read here is you have a personal URL shortener @BrianPeek @KaitlinMcKinnon @sethjuarez @ch9 @Golnaz89 AmazingHow could i connect an LED strip that ran around my room, but was connected to my motherboard so ALL my LEDs are in…
I always forget that with @gitlens, you can jump directly to your repo on @github from @code with "Open Repository… you seen the @MicrosoftEdge Dev Tools extension for @Code? It's kinda rad because you can inspect HTML and f…
I've started to incorporate flash cards into my learning workflow, and I realized that I wanted to be able to maint…
Retweeted by Burke HollandDog hair. I've got a dog that's been shedding for 5 months straight. That can't be right.Doing the same thing every dayWhat are you tired of?Prefer Python over JavaScript (crazy talk), but still want to get E2E test codegen? The new release of… @drosenwasser @chanezon @Kelset @typescript You know, the original video that @ahejlsberg did for the launch probab… @TarasNovak LOL - I don't know. That's one persons' opinion, but certainly not gospel. I think there is a trade-of…
@chanezon @Kelset @typescript + @drosenwasserCurious. Do you use punctuation in Teams/Slack/Chat? I do (mostly) but I’m not sure why.
We've gathered some of the best practices for using VS Code and GitHub together. Enjoy!
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Going live on #OnDotNET Live in a few minutes, we'll be diving into Azure Static Web apps with @nthonyChu
Retweeted by Burke Holland @shanselman Unpopular opinion (maybe): Good. I dropped my subscription because I couldn't get in to anything. The…
@LuiseFreese That's so kind! Thank you for saying that. @Xaleph @shahedC In that case I think it moves into the "investment" category is starting now! A conference just for beginners and students. It's @shanselman ask… @shahedC @Xaleph Counts twice @toddanglin Well, I mean, the non-pro certainly won't @coderrob @acanthamoeba @nthonyChu @qubitron Happy Halloween @cecilphillip @AzureCosmosDB For SWA!We just released a new video series to learn @nodejs 🔥 Start from the beginning with: ✨ What is Node.js, why and h…
Retweeted by Burke Holland @JohnDKaneTwit Bonus though: you can ask people to open it on dates just to be on the safe side. @LBugnion Nope @funcshawnal Now there's an idea! Although my passcode is....long and I can't ever seem to get it right the first… @fharper Same. I get annoyed that my phone wants me to look directly at it. First world problems and all, but still… @Xaleph @shahedC Too much maturity in this thread. Where are the impulse purchases? @gwmccull @feoh It does, just not as well. Although better than I would think. It's the mask that makes it unusab… @TheCodeTraveler Denied. Oh well. At least we got a blue one. @manekinekko Yes, but changing your religion is kind of a big deal. That's what I'm up against here. @thnk2wn NOT @feoh @pine64 I hear you. The Apple Headlock is gentle and it feels good. @ryanlanciaux Good idea, but easy to replicate, right? @qubitron "Semi-colons are optional. Kind of like brushing your teeth is optional."Whelp - there goes my hope for a fingerprint scannerAfter JavaScript a great next step is to learn Node.js! We've got a great collection of speakers who will help you…
Retweeted by Burke Holland @toddanglin And LiDAR right
I think folks are getting burnt out on the typical online event structure that the pandemic has forced. I highly re…
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@feoh I was fine with it (although certainly annoying at times), but nobody saw masks coming and I don’t know when… whole “use your face to unlock your phone” thing went south fast. I want my fingerprint scanner back.🎉 The @code September Release is here 🙌 💪Linux ARMv7, ARM64 builds (VS Code on your Raspberry Pi) 📈Get real time p…
Retweeted by Burke Holland💻 Learn JavaScript 🖱️ with our ✨new✨ Beginner's Series! Join @GeekTrainer @burkeholland @paladique @sinedied
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@lynnandtonic @CodePen That is so good! I love the teeth.
Want to learn JavaScript? Have no idea what you're doing? GREAT! You've come to the right place. We launched a ser…
@jmarbutt @ShahidDev @Azure @John_Papa @jeffhollan Me too! @ShahidDev @jmarbutt @Azure @John_Papa @jeffhollan It's very alive and very well! We just announced support for Bl… @manekinekko Roger that! Over and out!
@KaitlinMcKinnon It's my wife's favorite holiday!
CREATE : Serverless is live streaming NOW... @manekinekko and @guypod talking about @snyksec and Serverless securi… than 30 minutes until Create: Serverless. (free) First chat is @codebeast and I! S…
Retweeted by Burke Holland @elijahmanor @jdfwarrior Wrap the replace in a map! Brilliant. This is a brilliant answer.
For the record, I had to look it up. I was trying to use "replace" and I ultimately failed. @elijahmanor This was essentially my solution, although I went with a charAt + substring... ["this-is-first", "thi… @keithwhor Wow. That is.....that code is gonna need a comment. Well done, though! @shahedC LOL! It's ok - I looked it up too. I was trying to do it without looking it up and I failed. Hence the twe… of development is string parsing and 100% of that is hard. [ "this-is-first", "this-is-second", "third" ] Wit…
I straight up have no idea what this is and I want to know real bad. XD is my go-to for design on Windows. @Code i… @code @AdobeXD WHAT IS THIS?!? @tjvantoll @KendoUI @fiveisprime @RobLauer Don't forget the VS Code terminal, ROB @trass3r @code yeah.....................sigh. It's that initial container build time that is just so heavy. Codes… dear friends @microsoftcreate are organizing a live event this September 30 on all things serverless. On top of…
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@amandaksilver I like these digital badges that @suzannechen gets for CREATE events - limited number because blockc… out this sneak preview of our work on adding Linux GUI application support to WSL!
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@pierceboggan @sana_ajani It's that Nashville vibe, Pierce! Where are you at? @spboyer @jenlooper I liked the flowers! Very Victorian look going on there. 5/5 stars. @cod3slinger @code <thank-you /> @cherrypj MIT licensed @nikiforovall Oh that's even better! Is there a write-up on that somewhere? I know that it works with Codespaces, b… inside of containers is rapidly becoming the new paradigm for developers. Because I care about you and ha…
Retweeted by Burke Holland @TarasNovak @code @github Perhaps! Sequels are hard though, you know? Never as good as the original. See Matrix Reloaded @tuecra Every day for me. Every. Day. @maartentibau The Llama!
@manekinekko LOL! Where did you get that image? That's amazing. @simona_cotin I made it just for you! @Hezeb @holtbt Thanks, Sam!Working on improving the user onboarding experience for @code. What are some things you wished you knew when you fi…
Retweeted by Burke HollandCoding inside of containers is rapidly becoming the new paradigm for developers. Because I care about you and ha… @BenLesh 6 months in 3 secondsHint
@DanWahlin Thanks, Dan! @devblackops @jessicaewest I've heard that one. I've even used it. If that ever gets out I'll deny it.CREATE : Serverless All things Serverless, y'all. I used the word "Serverless" so you know it's good. I also mad… @DavidKPiano @donavon @reactjs david no @cecilphillip @isaacrlevin Mah favorite websiteYou can now run Blazor WebAssembly apps in @Azure Static Web Apps. Support for C# APIs is there too. C# all the st…
✨ Getting my tech check done for my Intro to Vue Frontend Masters workshop tomorrow! It's livestreamed unedited for…
Retweeted by Burke Holland @RyannosaurusRex @vuejs @mauridb RIGHT?! And there is no reason you can't do modern things with it. @HasuraHQ will…📣📣Join us for a jam-packed morning🔆of goodness 🌟where our amazing speakers will talk everything #Serverless - Pick…
Retweeted by Burke HollandBusiness idea: Mixed reality experience that shows you how your Ikea pieces go together. Also plays calming music w… @Msdev_WE @Azure @MSFTReactor These streams are cancelled due to Ignite. But we'll get back to it!This is pretty cool - TodoMVC (@vuejs) with a SQL Server backend by @mauridb. We need more of these relational / J…
Vue 3 looks really, really awesome 🎉 Also, this component-state-driven CSS variables feature is super exciting:…
Retweeted by Burke Holland @sinedied Holy Mario! I gotta get in on that action.