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I'm a Ragin' Cajun, and a die hard Catholic.

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@timotheeology On the other hand, (no pun intended) this is probably the least important among the controversies wa…
Netflix is depicting Christ as homosexual. Imagine if they did this with Muhammad! Christians, why are you such spi…
Retweeted by The Burning Warrior @Topher1722 @kawashima_ami_ If any one sees his brother committing what is not a mortal sin, he will ask, and God w… in the world did I misspell Kevin? Maybe I should start doing my proof reading before I post instead of after... I'm sorry Mr. James.A Tridentine mass offered by Fr. Ripperger. With Keven James (Paul Blart, King of Queens) as altar server. At a ret… @nypost I was going to make a joke about the bullet proof glass, but the article already had that covered. purchased the Little Office Of The Blessed Virgin Mary and an Adoration Prayer Book called Let Us Bow Down in…
Retweeted by The Burning Warrior @nypost That crazy first lady making distinctions between private and public personages. @marko36102375 @EmilStark10 @XrpMoonCat @therightliberty @realAndy_A_R @PrisonPlanet Is that the fabled magic beani…
@MrJustinFREAKN Bruh. You were quoting an analysis which ultimately came from Mother flipping Jones earlier. @MrJustinFREAKN It doesn't; that's why I said also. That info was from the House ways and means committee. @MrJustinFREAKN And lest we get too tied down to just one of the many impeachable scandals: @MrJustinFREAKN 248 of 298 applications for non profit status which were pulled from ordinary processing to receive… @MrJustinFREAKN Sure, under the Obama Administration the IRS began giving targeted scrutiny to "tea party" politica… @MrJustinFREAKN Since he won the most votes in the electoral college, yes he is. That is what the law says, hence t… @MrJustinFREAKN You quoted the post in question, which wasn't a smart move if you wanted to play games like this. I… @MrJustinFREAKN @realDailyWire The load of impeachable offenses I've already referenced and specified one of the most egregious examples. @MrJustinFREAKN @realDailyWire He won in the electoral college which is precisely how things are supposed to functi… @MrJustinFREAKN If I had ever said Obama was not president, then you would be right to call me a hypocrite. Since I… @MrJustinFREAKN @realDailyWire As for legitimacy, he was illegitimate in the sense that for various reasons he shou… @MrJustinFREAKN @realDailyWire The first is an exaggeration for rhetorical effect, but only one of many instances n… @MrJustinFREAKN @realDailyWire Except he apparently tried to commit 3 impeachable offenses before breakfast every m… @DogsMumm @realDailyWire On the same note as my other comment, yes of course that's true, but the US isn't a democr… @realDailyWire Well no duh he's not your prime minister. He's the crown's prime minister. Technically the queen can… @S_OReilly_USA @JonahofNinevah Well, this bit is merely wrong (since it's about specific treatments). He's said ple… @SteveMissionary BOOM CLAP I'M IN MY MUM'S CAR THE BEAT GOES ON "GET OUT ME CAR" (AWWW)
@savebyj @MattWalshBlog I would hazard to say that most porn is not on a .xxx tld. It didn't even exist until this decade. @NeoliberalThe @MattWalshBlog I post the Summa to give a broad idea of where the proper limits of gov't lie rather… @NeoliberalThe @MattWalshBlog Honestly, it's not playing their game; they are playing a perverse imitation of ours.… @theaschop @MattWalshBlog Jesus specifically says that the old law tolerated evils. i.e. "An eye for an eye" restr… @NeoliberalThe @MattWalshBlog They already do. The long march through the institutions is over and done, now it's our turn to march back. @TheNewRight @MattWalshBlog The liberal and the libertarian are both a libertine in practice.A lot of thoughtful people have chimed in on the porn debate. But there’s one argument I’ve put forward that I have…
Retweeted by The Burning Warrior @sentrygoinup No, it really wasn't. Objective means true independent of observer, just like all the central points… @sentrygoinup @Mike_Mosley I think we can start by explaining the difference between objective and subjective to yo… @RorateCaeli See, this is why we need to bring back Latin. English is losing its forsaken mind. @Casaubon_ @9AbbeyOZ @holland_tom Specifically, by Venetian led crusaders ~22 years after the massacre of the Latin… @Prof_Pownd @TheCrushedBones @Carolyn83103672 Technically he didn't imply they believe in hell. @TheBookOfNick @JDubesesq @BecketAdams On an objective level, it still ruins every movie that came before it. The E… @posmaster @BecketAdams 1) Well, you're half right 2) No, he really *really* doesn't 3) Doesn't even beat the Phant… @AkhnaiSEA @BigMoody3 @jeremymstamper @StefanMolyneux If you're biologically immortal you can play solitaire for a… @AdamTrahan She has taken her place next to Hitler, Stalin (x2), all of boomerdom, Nixon (x2) Ayatollah Khomeini, V… @MarkDice Easy: The Reds won, and they used your own moral laxity to do it. @PapaDomi_ @Truth_Minded @Logos_Logbook @TaylorRMarshall @Xopherplance @timotheeology I would be the last to argue… @PapaDomi_ @Truth_Minded @Logos_Logbook @TaylorRMarshall @Xopherplance @timotheeology How do you judge that they ar… @protnonsense Like pointing out their picture of mom can't bake them cookies or talk to them. Yeah, and? It's a sta… @Orange94363655 @ea_den @TaylorRMarshall Well, one of those has got to be it.
I know that this will not help much, but my sister Abbie has been missing for 24 hours. She does not have her phone…
Retweeted by The Burning Warrior @Logos_Logbook @Truth_Minded @TaylorRMarshall @Xopherplance @timotheeology It's infallible that they made it to hea… @Axehammer_Kenan @AKDot98 @jotaele_emea @Space_Migration @Sybris72 Honestly, if we used clean nuclear (not pressuri… @TrueIctoan @nypost Can you get me an amazon link then? Santa wants a new substitute for coal. @JonahofNinevah Where does it rise at 12:12 on 12/12? @AKDot98 @jotaele_emea @Axehammer_Kenan @Space_Migration @Sybris72 More people doesn't just mean one more mouth to… @AKDot98 @jotaele_emea @Axehammer_Kenan @Space_Migration @Sybris72 Right here right now you could give everyone on…
@Tweet0themoment @MaxJWagner I think she thinks this will resonate with us filthy capitalist right wingers and shut… @Jay3dward @RorateCaeli Or the multiple times with various levels of authority that the Church has proclaimed him (… @RogerDylan8 @TaylorRMarshall Tell me again how this adulterer who conspired to have a woman's husband killed so he… @dogdeuce2 @michaeljknowles We of the comments section think it may be Honeycomb tripe, but have yet to rule out a… @realistxleft @DoctorJenks @michaeljknowles @jotaele_emea @Axehammer_Kenan @Space_Migration @Sybris72 We can start arguing about overpopulation and consumption… #FultonSheen
Retweeted by The Burning Warrior @redsteeze Why is disgraced former journalist Dan Rather opening his mouth right now? Journalists need his help lik… @Catholicgauze @DictatorPope @holysmoke @EdwardPentin @breeadail @SohrabAhmari @BruvverEccles @CatholicSat @SaintHeartwing @benshapiro Accidental death doesn't imply involuntary manslaughter, you brought that to the party,… @SaintHeartwing @benshapiro Accidental death isn't a crime afaik, so what are you on about? If someone chokes on pa… The charges Democrats are leveling here are, on their face, laughably inadequate to support impeachment.
Retweeted by The Burning Warrior @The_Melkite_Kid I like it, or maybe Just Civilization Paladins? We should have a poll. @burning_warrior We can go with Moral Civilization Warriors
Retweeted by The Burning Warrior @The_Melkite_Kid Well, it seems redundant, since all justice is moral. Justice warriors? Warriors of Justice? Palad… @grandekev @TheNigerianTrad They celebrate the ongoing eradication of Down Syndrome in several European countries b… @LSNCatholic Wow: no consensus on whether"[...] unmarried people should be allowed to use artificial contraceptives…
@TheNigerianTrad Cool with our homies with extra chromies. 😎 @johnnyjoe1083 @CatholicSat They should save this for the feast of St.Boniface.
@DavidNathanaelx @MattWalshBlog Because alcohol isn't an evil? Drunkenness is evil, alcohol is not. @TheScelata @ea_den I also heard it described that way before I'd even seen it, so it may be priming, but I hadn't… @TheScelata @ea_den He's standing upright with his arms raised in blessing up to the top of the transept rather tha…
Retweeted by The Burning Warrior @Ukie_g8 @MaxJWagner The world won't be saved, but some will be saved out of it. @HarvardProfess1 @Meeeooow11 @MattWalshBlog Oh, I know and agree with that. It isn't the governments job to eradica… @HarvardProfess1 @Meeeooow11 @MattWalshBlog Before the leftists got involved with the absurd claim that you can't l… @HarvardProfess1 @Meeeooow11 @MattWalshBlog It's not about making anything, it's about enforcing laws already on th… @ea_den Am I missing something? Is it not just a crucifix with a risen Christ as in the San Damiano? @HarvardProfess1 @Meeeooow11 @MattWalshBlog It's written into law and upheld by the courts, and I don't need it for… @SBJack @KingCharles1919 @MattWalshBlog While the miller test is in place there is no precedent. It has to be evalu… @KingCharles1919 @SBJack @MattWalshBlog In exactly the same way as my statement implies that I'm for throwing peopl… @SBJack @MattWalshBlog They mostly just kicked the can down the road and made it dependent on contemporary communit… @KingCharles1919 @SBJack @MattWalshBlog It's also a matter of OPINION whether someone's doubt as to whether a perso… @HarvardProfess1 @Meeeooow11 @MattWalshBlog I never said they are in the constitution, I said they have stood since… @TheAgeofShoddy @matthewschmitz Well, since I don't see the world in such a fashion, I don't see how that applies,… @HarvardProfess1 @Meeeooow11 @MattWalshBlog I'm a dangerous psychopath so your threatening me with violence for see… @Tomb_Vedian @MattWalshBlog We saw what it was like when it was underground, and it wasn't as bad as at present. @ChampMarage @EliteKnightFPS @ihatedapatriots @austinruse @JTeeEss @Schilling1776 Ah the old "in canon she's a thou… @TheAgeofShoddy @matthewschmitz Further, I didn't have room to say above, but promoting obscenity isn't a right. @TheAgeofShoddy @matthewschmitz Playing to not lose is the surest way to ensure you'll never win. Leftists know thi… @jking1962TW @matthewschmitz @RorateCaeli There have always been lines, and there will always be lines. Obscenity h… @crulge Its actually a place of perfect natural happiness. What too many people think of when they picture heaven i… @crulge Reasons 1: a toy isn't the same as the real deal. 2: he's fictional, so there is no real deal. Unfortunatel… @MyTimesProse @SBJack @MattWalshBlog You don't? @HarvardProfess1 @Meeeooow11 @MattWalshBlog The plague example may be obscure, so by way of explanation, your freed… @HarvardProfess1 @Meeeooow11 @MattWalshBlog And yes, it is the job of the government to prohibit those vices which…