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I'm a Ragin' Cajun, and a die hard Catholic.

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@PfisterZero @AndrewB77058256 @MrAndyNgo @livesmattershow From watching Crucifixes toppled in Chinese Churches to b… @PfisterZero @AndrewB77058256 @MrAndyNgo @livesmattershow HK is China, but the CCP isn't. It rules China with a blo… @PfisterZero @AndrewB77058256 @MrAndyNgo @livesmattershow HK is more justified, because we know what's coming for t… @entheogenesist @Blunter_ @garfybaybeee @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 Against peaceful protesters? Yes. Against rio… @Ealdian2 @garfybaybeee @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 Again, asked and answered.
@TheKindCromang @quill65 @Crisprtek @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 So thank goodness that's solved then. 24th amendment ftw. @TheKindCromang @quill65 @Crisprtek @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 Sure, specifics please. @quill65 @Crisprtek @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 Economic sanctions would be more likely than direct intervention… @TheKindCromang @quill65 @Crisprtek @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 Which happened when? @siIver_wind @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 You missed where I said the violent organization. @siIver_wind @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 Of course I am, but I'm not in support of the violent organization that calls itself BLM. @siIver_wind @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 I don't consider racism or antisemitism a joking matter, and besides tha… @TheKindCromang @quill65 @Crisprtek @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 Which one would you be referring to? We may not b… @siIver_wind @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 Do I read you to be suggesting that the CCP is Jewish? That is the new s… @BIueSunshine @SobeBauxite @garfybaybeee @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 Sounds like they have a payday coming then. @TheKindCromang @MASmusic33 @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 I know, right? Like when they attempt to conflate violent… @Blunter_ @garfybaybeee @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 I'm sorry, I replaced my tweet with a functionally similar, b… @Blunter_ @garfybaybeee @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 If that is really what's going on then get serious, stop rioting and start litigating. @quill65 @Crisprtek @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 Well, since that was British territory turned over to them under… @BlackChuckTodd @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 When they started smashing up businesses and sundry it ceased to just… @NightwingPhD @WayneH87 @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 So the plan is to destroy Portland until Kentucky makes an ar… @quill65 @Crisprtek @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 The riots in Hong Kong are justified precisely because they are f… @quill65 @Crisprtek @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 But by treaty it is not supposed to be under the dictatorial syst… @MASmusic33 @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 Riots, let's not abuse words here. @garfybaybeee @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 We started out with that false equivocation, remember? Asked and answered. @garfybaybeee @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 My understanding is that they were arrested by marked federal agents fo… @WayneH87 @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 And what is the desired satisfactory outcome that will lead to the end of the riots? @WayneH87 @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 And how many of those have been shown to be a wrongful killings (i.e. that… @RealDaddyMarx @Crisprtek @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 @rfloh Has decided to add me to a number of lists whose titles libel me with every evil under the sun, because of m… @WayneH87 @Crisprtek @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 That's because they left the idea of turning HK over to PRC on t… @SinoTriumph @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 I'm sure the necessary dictatorship of the proletariat will come to an e… @WayneH87 @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 So why was there no rioting, then the George Floyd incident followed by the… @WayneH87 @Crisprtek @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 The UK is a founding NATO member, China even now, isn't in a pos… @Crisprtek @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 Disheartening how many people are liking your ignorant tweet. One wonders… @fauxnystark @Crisprtek @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 They certainly were promised by treaty with the UK that HK wo… @Crisprtek @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 Wasn't part of Communist China till the UK rolled over and played dead for… @HTTP_Lovecraft @yungkitty404 Hong Kong is fighting to avoid being absorbed into the communist state of China, Port… @MarkDice "Since, clearly, we're having a little trouble communicating: instead of trying to explain what will happ… @AndrewB77058256 @MrAndyNgo @livesmattershow They are stealing the symbols (and tactics) of Hong Kongers who are li… and morally correct opinion: @automobilelos @LizzieReezay Pius X: Not to utter the Name of God irreverently means not to mention this Holy Name,…
@canonlaw I'm in a discussion with a potential convert who's been watching videos from Sedevacantists. He asked a q… @butterf23893966 @survivalvids So an unknown assailant has grappled you in a reverse bearhug, and your suggest resp…
@LordCucan @NoTrueScotist The fathers of the Church and the founders of the Church in England disagree. The Greek b… @Justin_Gerbster @MrAndyNgo Rightwing speech = violence Leftwing violence = "free speech" @fjarilslarv @BVMConsolatrix BB? @bikramjitbiswas @ZaidJilani I believe he was awarded $250 million, though who knows what percentage of that goes t… @IsHeOughtTo @ZaidJilani You may want to cut back on the drank when you're tweeting. They demonized a kid for doing… @CursedModernism The money was awarded to him as damages was it not? Also, a good catholic wouldn't blow a trumpet… @necesitounmonje @CursedModernism Easier than being a faithful catholic and a democrat given that promotion of grav… @TheLaurenChen Two problems with that as I understand it: 1 As a public individual there is a much higher standard… @Malkarnivore @mikewinmill @TheLaurenChen What does this have to do with that though? They demonized a private indi… Post settles $250M suit with Covington teen Nick Sandmann
Retweeted by The Burning Warrior χρ @CursedModernism But the movie showed how they were actually the bad guys dressing up witchcraft to make it seem re… @Jon58789246 @FBIPortland They aren't the side sending brownshirts to disrupt their opponents political rallies. @jordylancaster Nice to see that Baghdad Bob landed on his feet. MSNPC seems like a good fit.
Retweeted by The Burning Warrior χρI’m still not over this
Retweeted by The Burning Warrior χρ @BrimstoneJared @Albany__Rose The shaman guy from Willow?Y’all asked this in 2016, and it turns out that YOU were the ones unable to accept the election results. Funny how…
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Retweeted by The Burning Warrior χρ @JonahofNinevah Sure, you're my only mutual who had information from Aquinas which I wasn't even peripherally aware of. @YoungAlex2217 @HZLABZ @stickwicket1977 @MrAndyNgo True, looking at the video it's probably a carpenter's saw. @HZLABZ @stickwicket1977 @MrAndyNgo A hacksaw being rarely used as a weapon and not especially effective as one, it…
Yellow journalism in it's purest form. He was never charged with theft (as the headline left you to infer) but for… @marissa_hampton @nypost Made it easier for you!
Retweeted by The Burning Warrior χρ @FrChaseg00dman @OCatholicMedia Some of the next gen era was good, but Roddenberry was everything wrong with the 60…*severeRioting is violence, and it has already resulted in sever injuries and death in addition to any property damage. @BrandenJBurke1 @welcomet0nature They spend most of their time hunkered in the trees. Oddly, the one that went exti… Carlson: "I've seen people have debates like 'well you know that's inconsistent with the tenants of capitali…
Retweeted by The Burning Warrior χρ @newgrange333 @AgentSmeeth @SenecaRoka Some of it is also Abbott and Costello, but I think, more than anything, it's Marx Bros. @_norbidthestars @TeawithTolkien Look away, Dixie land! (also series of unfortunate event's isn't remotely obscure,… @philosophus90 @averosamystica @padrebrendon DBH?Does Antifa and other violent extremist groups targeting police officers, journalists, government buildings, and sm…
Retweeted by The Burning Warrior χρ @padrebrendon I'm sorry father, could you provide us with context? I may just be out of the loop, but I don't know… depictions of the Virgin Mary and Jesus
Retweeted by The Burning Warrior χρ @Anael63776750 @FaithWarrior7 @SueMQ4 @SoldierQn3 @Sun_Q_Tzu Well, for one, thing the principle of non contradictio… @TwitterSafety Now do antifa
Retweeted by The Burning Warrior χρ @Anael63776750 @FaithWarrior7 @SueMQ4 @SoldierQn3 @Sun_Q_Tzu A multitude of things are real in potential, much fewe…
@Anael63776750 @FaithWarrior7 @SueMQ4 @SoldierQn3 @Sun_Q_Tzu So, I'm supposed to increase my knowledge by living in… @RoeselerC @_ZacharyMiller @esaagar They bring it like brown shirts (1934). @MannyCruz3 @McSchwartz818 @Cernovich That looks like november zulu three niner to me. @TasteGrass So Pacific Northwest is just an exclave of Austin? @MrRed_FR @killmeplsx3 @CameronFrmPlayZ @stone_toss @GalacticWacky If I had to guess, I would say it's casual holocaust denial. @PrimeVideo 🤔Why is she being so mean to Lando Calrissian? @noelkelly May heaven forbid it. @AmonLotharingen @fatimarosaIes @amerikanism @fatimaxprieto Like it or hate it, (My friends from there prefer the l… @fatimarosaIes @amerikanism @fatimaxprieto Michael could have handled this better, Fatima Prieto almost couldn't ha… @fatimarosaIes @amerikanism @fatimaxprieto I'm a Cajun, and we literally had our language, and all that comes with… @FaithWarrior7 @Anael63776750 @SueMQ4 @SoldierQn3 @Sun_Q_Tzu I'm sorry to have misunderstood you. In many respects,… @FaithWarrior7 @Anael63776750 @SueMQ4 @SoldierQn3 @Sun_Q_Tzu Maybe so, but the bible is clear that we live only onc… @NellyHusz Our society has gotten the full range of misanthropy down to an art form. Historically, the defeminizati… @FaithWarrior7 @Anael63776750 @SueMQ4 @SoldierQn3 @Sun_Q_Tzu Even if reincarnation were a thing, (It isn't) he was… @RealRichGannon @PERFECTSWEETlE @seedutton No worries mate, I just blessed the moon. It'll be fine. @jjbauer15 If I actually feasted for every III class ferial, I would be roughly spherical.
@JonahofNinevah @HouseofPain1776 Acknowledged, but I don't cede any of those to them either. One of my favorite chu…