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New 🇩🇪 dates added for 2021!
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This lyrics.. ❤️💯 ✅ 👏🏼 @burytomorrow 👑👍🏼
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWCold Sleep - no longer just a song by @BuryTomorrow but what we're all desperate for.
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWNew 🇩🇪 dates added for 2021!
I can't believe I've never heard @burytomorrow the song Choke got me hooked on I'm on Spotify listenin…
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Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWIndividually numbered 🔢 Limited to 200 each print🚨 🛒
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@helene_tors Potentially yes!Individually numbered 🔢 Limited to 200 each print🚨 🛒 Lyric Prints now available!
Cannibal is 1 month old! 🤟 What song is your favourite?
@burytomorrow roaring my way through a cheeky Sunday morning workout with #cannibal and still loving it! 🤟
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Most likely with Dan & Dav! 👇
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BURY TOMORROW – CANNIBAL SBR Review Cannibal is album number six and right from the go wi…
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROW likely with Dan & Dav! 👇
Got that sweet sweet @burytomorrow Cannibal picture disc for my birthday today. 🤤
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INTERVIEW: Daniel Winter-Bates of @burytomorrow on "Cannibal" and Self-Care, with @ghostcultkeefy (@atomsplitterpr)…
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@kaiserDonna @jackobt Yea they fucked up
Seven years ago today I was watching @burytomorrow perform to a tiny crowd in Wrexham. Look at them now!! Can you s…
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROW @JamilBBoy557 Thanks man 🤟💯
@Neon_Rebirth Super cool! 🤟❤️ @burytomorrow I have never been so happy with a single piece of work.! Amazing layers to the album #Cannibal🤘🏻thank…
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROW🍺 tasting with Dan & Dav!
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🍺 tasting with Dan & Dav!„Dass wir überhaupt über Charts reden, ist Wahnsinn“ – Bury Tomorrow über ihr neues Album ‚Cannibal‘…
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWThe most beautiful, most amazing and best album that I held in my hand and that I ordered during my whole life.T-sh…
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWSo I finally sat down and listened to the @burytomorrow album and bruuuhh. It's so fucking good and makes my little metalcore heart happy 💕
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I'm never gonna get bored of listening to 'Cannibal' such an amazing album!! 😄🤘 @burytomorrow
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROW @Ryannoelle038 Which one? 🤟
"I'd rather fade away Than be dreaming awake" @burytomorrow 🖤
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWtwo weeks of cannibal😍
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What size of shows do Bury Tomorrow enjoy the most? @byndjspr asks our next fan question
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWWe asked for your questions for @burytomorrow and you guys delivered. First up, @R0binHood_ asked about the band's…
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROW @burytomorrow's sixth album 'Cannibal' had a lot to live up to thanks to the quality of their previous releases. 🔥🖤…
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Cannibal fucking slaps @burytomorrow
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWJoin us tonight at 7PM (UK) as we answer your questions with Impericon!
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWJoin us tonight at 7PM (UK) as we answer your questions with Impericon! Tomorrow always has been and always will be about the fans. Get hold of a copy of Rock Sound, featuring the…
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROW @Mike333West Thanks Mike! @burytomorrow's new album Cannibal is legit.
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@burytomorrow always put me in the best mood
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWIt has arrived !! Love it ! Lots of love from the states ! Keep it up guys ! @burytomorrow @DanBuryTomorrow
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWDebuts on this week's #EmergingArtists chart: #11, @RVsmtown: Irene & Seulgi #36, @AllNationsMusic #38,…
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWSo, you know our video series Qs From The Queue, where we take YOUR questions and pose them to your favourite bands…
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROW"You're not a messiah because you wrote a good album." We get real with @burytomorrow 👉
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROW @burytomorrow is my sleeper album of the year. The power behind the vocals is just insane.
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWMañana, con motivo de nuestro mega sorteo de verano, haremos un preguntas y respuestas en directo a @burytomorrow .…
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🔥 Black Flame 🔥 What bands and albums are you obsessed with at the moment? Mine has to be Black Flame & Cannibal b…
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWHow have I only just discovered @burytomorrow??? Cannibal is one of the best metalcore albums I’ve ever heard!
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@EmGlost 🙌🙌🙌🤟🤟🤟An incredible result for @BuryTomorrow! New album Cannibal goes straight in at Number 1 on the UK's Official Rock &…
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@burytomorrow I'm hooked on this song
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWGot my vinyl today by @burytomorrow. The lads have surpassed all expectation. Will hopefully get it signed too…
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWOi @ all Runners. Listen to @burytomorrow's new album #cannibal for that sweet BPM, HOOKS AND BREAKDOWNS.
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWMy face listening to how disgusting the riffs are on the new @burytomorrow record. British metal is alive and well
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWThis part of this song full on gives me goosebumps, god I love it when music does that 🖤 @burytomorrow
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWMadness that @burytomorrow have a uk top 10 charting album. So happy for them and for heavy music!
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWThe new @burytomorrow album is absolutely insane. Top tier workout music.
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWThe world according to @burytomorrow frontman Dani Winter-Bates
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Spending the evening celebrating @burytomorrow achieving their first top 10 UK album. So proud! These guys and thei…
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWWhat a band. What a story. Get your copy of Rock Sound, featuring Bury Tomorrow on the cover, from…
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWThe return of #waxfriday! your chance to win one of the excellent vinyl we have in store This week: @burytomorrow
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWThis week’s Official Albums Chart is now live and has seven new entries, including a first Top 10 for Bury Tomorrow…
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWTop 10 album in the UK! Unreal! Thank you all so much ❤️🇬🇧 @Rocksins @musicfornations Thank you guys!Top #3 in Germany! 🇩🇪❤️ Unbelievable, thank you so much! getting hold of a hand-signed poster of Bury Tomorrow? Of course you do! So head over to…
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWGot your physical copy yet? your heroes put out an album that they poured out their soul on, laying bare that they are not perfect and str…
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💿🚨 -
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROW🇩🇪❤️ @burytomorrow! You will not find a band in the UK more deserving of a top 10 spot in the charts. It can hap…
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROW💿🚨 - has got to be the sickest piece of merch I’ve ever owned 🤘🏻
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🚨@burytomorrow's 'Cannibal' is looking to be a strong contender for album of the year.👊 Find out what writer…
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWOfficial Chart Update: @BuryTomorrow on track for first UK Top 10 album with Cannibal
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWJust been told we are holding our UK top 10 right now ... also currently #3 in Germany !!!! Keep doing what you are…
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROW @RorySpeed 🤟👊 @DM2live hell yeah man, thanks for listening!Bury Tomorrow mit riesiger Chance auf die Top 3 in den deutschen Albumcharts Credit: Music…
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWNew @burytomorrow still absolutely slaps! Album of the year locked in already!
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROW @culebre_aqc This sucks, we genuinely thought that postponing the album would avoid this. We were also not informed… @culebre_aqc @musicfornations ??Dear Metal fans in Germany, please stream or buy the new album of @burytomorrow, so the guys have the chance to rea…
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWWe’re taking over the @morecore_de Instagram page today! And also taking part in a Live Q&A at 7pm UK time!> “UK metalcore masters have done it once again,” says @Heavy_NewYork of the new @burytomorrow album ‘Cannibal.’…
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Each time I listen to the @burytomorrow album the more I fall in love with it. Unreal album. Give it a listen folks.🤟
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWImposter - 🗣👤
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWThe 'Cannibal' pack, overflowing with loads of exclusive Bury Tomorrow goodies. Get yours from…
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWCannibal is out now! Who’s listening? #cannibal
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROW @ntyrbbygrl Never to late here 🎉 @RapaxTheGooner Thanks for checking it man!Cannibal is out now! Who’s listening? #cannibal’all are missin out if you haven’t jammed that new @burytomorrow record 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWBury Tomorrow, on the cover of Rock Sound. Read the band's incredible story and pick up some exclusive merch from…
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROWFancy getting your hands on a hand-signed poster of Bury Tomorrow? Well, you'll be wanting to head over to…
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We aren’t the first metal band to enter the charts and I’m sure we won’t be the last , it never fails to make me pr…
Retweeted by BURY TOMORROW @GregJPower Thank you Greg!🤟🤟❤️❤️