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Bushhhyy @bushhhyy Wisconsin, USA

You don’t grind, you don’t shine. Current land speed Taco Bell run record holder. #HailSouthern PSN/XB1: bushhhyy

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@arxster When you sound like a robot at the start of stream @Chase43930246 uwu @JazzTheGaymer if u stay up dbd load times will improve.
Sniped this one at the beginning of the game played where I felt he would hit the ball. ready for a move just zaps all the energy from my bonesFaked. out of boost anyways so I thought my teammate was just going to take the ball over but he just demo'd the goali…
Yo #arxstergang - I am LIVE over on probably drawing emotes or playing RL. Come join me?
Retweeted by Bushhhyy @bushhhyy @KayWafflee Kayla is the bomb and makes things happen, #stroopitup!!!😍
Retweeted by Bushhhyy @SportsCenter @PGATOUR Possibly a rock would be my best guessGot my @StroopClub order in today, thanks to @KayWafflee for discount code KAYLA 🤤 needed this reminder, so here it is in case you do as well. ❤️
Retweeted by Bushhhyy @2DODDtwitch @devion_wizard What kinda texts Zoe been sending people 🧐 @JJtoob Arguing is so fun thoYo #arxstergang - I am LIVE over on probably drawing emotes or playing RL. Come join me?
Retweeted by Bushhhyy @PaulyWit @PaulyWit Individually they alright, don't mix them ,😖 @PaulyWit NOOOO @wojespn @ramonashelburne Damn Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson really did get him waived after that #AllTheSmoke @Showtime show lmao
I didn't even see that second bar lol @BambiWi5 out here tryna say they haven't played rocket league before 🧐 @yankeegoldfish want your friends in my life 🤔🔴 Friday Stream: 10/11pm EST. Scuffed Rocket League feat @50percentgaming 🔴 Saturday stream: 5/6pm EST. Egirl cos…
Retweeted by Bushhhyy @AdahopAlex I remember when 3G came around and it was supposed to be so fast and now my phone don't even work on 3G
Missed the pass back to my teammate, acknowledged my mistake but it all worked out lol up a shot opportunity and tries to hit it off the back wall for my teammate, luckily he was able to convert the long goal and saw my teammate bumped the defender and the other one was preoccupied with getting boost s… opportunity turned into cutting off the path of the ball, taking boost, and the score before the pass, I said hit it to me and homeboy listened 🥺 after a long night uwu
Retweeted by Bushhhyy#arxstergang Mug Smells#arxstergang hehe @RLEsports @GodsmillaRL @Kaydops
One of these days I'll get these. 🧐’s... so... BEAUTIFUL
Retweeted by Bushhhyy @Taru_Ninja @BambiWi5 @Titan2787 @Fangykins Yo I contemplated putting Super Mario RPG down lol but I don't think I… games a little shrub loved Conker's Bad Fur Day (N64) Grand Theft Auto 3 [the best one] (PS2) F-Zero X (N64) Sup… STREAMS SO GO AND FOLLOW OR 7 YEARS BAD LUCK Messing around with Planet Zoo again! @kungfukiddo @YouTube @NeebsOfficial I feel like it was resolved relatively quickly. I wouldn't think they have mor…
@Le_nee_ I AM DOWN JUST GOTTA LET ME KNOW AND I WILL LET U KNOW @Le_nee_ I got dat game @Le_nee_ 😯saw something that made me lol carry matter how many times i see this pic i’ll always see fried chicken first
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@KontrolFreek @HforHennessy @SportsCenter U mean like DJJ going thru the legs for almost every dunk 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 @HforHennessy @SportsCenter U mean the same dunk lavine did a few years ago? In your own words, unoriginal 😉 @HforHennessy @SportsCenter Most of DJJs dunks were over people 🤔, there have been free throw line dunks for years too 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Retweeted by BushhhyyThink a rewording of the dates are in order @NeebsOfficial @NeebsOfficial @YouTube Haven't clicked a link on a YouTube video in a while lol
@JJtoob @gifyourgame ff @KayWafflee Janesvegas ain't for everyoneSaw a lot of homies buying flowers and cards at the store just now, it's too late fam.
May be driving to plgx lole I will be moving to Milwaukee some time in March and will see what kinda funds I have.… @seakazoo Chill brah @GeekyGarrett16 4Get 10% your Car Soccer Valentines Day shirt. Use code LOVESICK at checkout.
Retweeted by Bushhhyy @AgentBluesky27 For real this snap just came and thankfully it gon git @Le_nee_😮💨 sick view lol playing hoops again, figured it would help me with my flicks and hitting it at angles lol @TinRobit_ @Le_nee_ BEEPBOOP
@svracer34 @wheelz8701 Ope @wheelz8701 I'm so thankful for those streamable bags of broccoli lolAccording to Xbox I got about 372 hours (205 hours of playtime according to RL) into this game and just got diamond… fact that I haven’t DJ’d a single one of my followers’ weddings is deeply upsetting to me hmu it would be THE BEST
Retweeted by BushhhyyLittle hesitation got him on the flip, lole way to start out the game.
Retweeted by Bushhhyy @arxster #arxstergang a lil sumthin sumthin right here. Reply or Tweet me with the tag #arxstergang and join the next stream to f…
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@Le_nee_ that dog don't know where that sock has been D:Kinda messed up in the corner but it all worked out
@ModestMarill double dippin' @arxster @KingJames @SpaceBrainzTV @monkeyismAnimal Crossing Switch Giveaway This is too beautiful not to share, so we are doing another Switch giveaway & copy…
Retweeted by Bushhhyy @Le_nee_ Gentle strokesLove the new game mode @PsyonixStudios @EpicGames @RocketLeague
⭐️METAL STAR PRO GIVEAWAY⭐️ LIMITED Season 8 RLCS Reward Wheels Missed out in Madrid? I GOT YOU! 🤝 ✨ALL CONSOLES✨…
Retweeted by Bushhhyy @Fangykins 😭 it still snowing tho @arxster Gonna have to order many tacos @amustycow
If your extremely biased news source is reposting an article on a hot topic from 3 years ago, a topic that is well…’m giving $10,000 to 1 random person who retweets this tweet AND follows @Pulte and me!!! (You know the drill foll…
Retweeted by Bushhhyy - look for the Go Live 🥰
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We're extending Lucky Lanterns as a thank you for your patience during this week's service interruptions. Plus, eve…
Retweeted by BushhhyyFINALLY! Loook I got my Valentines shirt in! Did you order yours yet? Available in Tshirts, Long sleeves and Hoodi…
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