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@bintinkid 💯 @undercoverloon1 man @undercoverloon1 + we’re just so close of friends that we don’t have to talk all the time💯 @undercoverloon1 it’s hard to respond to LMAOOOO adyaimessage cup pong is harder than actual beer pong and for what @undercoverloon1 u act as if i care enough about ur opinion to send u songs isn’t about a girl #wolleysfriendsOOC @IcedCorgi *doubt* @bintinkid *doubt* @simpformangos @HeyImTexas oh HEYYYYY @simpformangos @HeyImTexas i genuinely don’t know who u are but i’m guessing i should but i like the mystery so i’m…’ve been hating myself for years i’ll never crack @simpformangos @HeyImTexas who the hell are u @soggski i agree but let’s skip to the part where j win🤝 @havannamr hey idk what to say i’ve never got this far😳 @bintinkid thank heavens @IcedCorgi great take. it’s even one of the best @HeyImTexas this wouldn’t work in a court of law @bintinkid im a traitor @soggski it’s a good takethis is to spite certain peoplewolley totally sucks haha this is such a relatable tweet @havannamr man she really just liked it and left nobody text @havannamr hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…’all don’t eat ur uncrustables whole? @RatCabinet i think ur forgetting the ENTIRE south that i sound like and am also from 👍 @RatCabinet YES I KNOW!!!! IT JUST HAS A SOUTHERN ACCENTTTT @RatCabinet SAUCE THE ENTIRE SOUTH TALKS LIKE ME. MEANWHILE THERES P A R T S OF MISSOURI THAT SOUND LIKE ME THI… @RatCabinet U JUST SAID I SOUND LIKE SOUTHERN MISSOURI. I HAVE A SOUTHERN ACCENT. LIKE THAT IF THE SOUTH. SO IF SOU… @RatCabinet no. southern missouri has a southern accent. that’s the proper way to say this @RatCabinet i dont understand ur reply then @RatCabinet ur from misery @havannamr i’m ur bitch🥰 @RatCabinet sauce missouri isn’t the south and i’ll die on this hill tooi’m probably gonna regret tweeting thatthe midwest is mid @RatCabinet I ALSO SOUND LIKE I COULD BE FROM LITERALLY EVERY STATE IN THE SOUTH BC THATS WHERE MY ACCENT IS FROM ????? @jack_r0420 ppl from the midwest tend to hate on florida and then turn around and name all five cities in the midwe… @jack_r0420 yo @RatCabinet NO ITS NOT MY ENTIRE FAMILY IS FROM FLORIDA AND ALABAMA!! THATS NOT THE SAME ACCENT AS THE MIDWEST???? @RatCabinet THIS IS BC UR FROM THE MIDWEST @RatCabinet UR ACCENT SOUNDS NOTHIN LIKE MINE @RatCabinet sauce this is legitimately an insult as far as i’m concerned#wolleysfriendsOOC @RatCabinet this just isn’t true and i’m blocking u if u ever say it againthe gc taking about the midwest i might just have to leave it😬 @micahkrueg @HeyImTexas i lied to make the tweet not as sad but this is actually me constantly haha 👍when i wake up as myself every morning if i just🕳when girls call u love>>>>>>>do u ever go “i shouldn’t have done that” bc i have never thought that not once haha lolthere are some things i simply don’t liketaking a cold shower just to feel somethingevery night i shower and the next night i must do it again. when will it end?😔 @liv_laugh_lovee ohhhhhhh @Mango_simp listen to literally anybody speak @abbyomalley_ haHAAAA ABSOLUTELY NOT @Mango_simp and thank u i tried @Mango_simp i literally don’t there are much better voices @Mango_simp no i dont? @megg0_ :,) thank uuu @liv_laugh_lovee so u agree that u should answer my question @CaucasianJames james u can’t say this and NOT post u yodeling @liv_laugh_lovee i asked first @liv_laugh_lovee w- why?? @liv_laugh_lovee might do another one in a minute @havannamr GO ANNA GO ANNA @liv_laugh_lovee U ALREADY KNEW I WAS SOUTHERN LIVjust tweeted my voice I would now like to be ✨dead✨ @MilkFuzzy :( @havannamr have u heard urself?🥰 @MilkFuzzy this makes me uncomfy @MilkFuzzy i didn’t enjoy that☀️ @JaronOfTheBored ur too late @MilkFuzzy it’s a good thing i love u bc if i didn’t i would hate u @HeyImTexas i’m allowing thisokay it is FINISHED @MilkFuzzy although there’s MANY MANY OTHER THINGS U COULDVE SAID @MilkFuzzy valid @MilkFuzzy whyyyyyyyyyyy @liv_laugh_lovee this is ur only chance better think of something @undercoverloon1 man @Mango_simp ..! @Mango_simp ur not tho💛 @Mango_simp ily2ion swear tho so if there is any i just ain’t gonna say ursi’m leaving this here and whatever replies are here in 15 minutes i’ll read for my voice tweet @Mango_simp yo @soggski this is so deep😢i’ve had an imessage game with char going for five days bc she simply does not do them✨ @Mango_simp i am bothersome 😌 @plebianemile i think u must be mistaken😌 @Mango_simp bc i don’t wanna be bothersome :)me and who and who @micahkrueg :,)i should really stop bothering people
@charhorwood_ i must be drakken with the i want u to beat me up and infiltrate all my plans😳