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2015 Pictionary World Champion // Wife is @chardonyay

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my twitter personality and florida personality are colliding here @chardonyay sorry to break u the news😔 @IcedCorgi no clue @IcedCorgi this is an appropriate reaction*gasp* how could she @Scared_Of_Toast :)))me and who @GoblinDreamGirl YOOO SHE MOVINme and who @CSchtik hey carol :) @gayassswag hi kit :) @venmo4feet i wish i knew carol @gayassswag i’m loving it @IcedCorgi @sh3riffwoody 👎 @sh3riffwoody @sh3riffwoody don’t u DARE @sh3riffwoody SUREEEEE @miajmcg mia nOoOo @sh3riffwoody U HAVE FIVE TIMES AS MANY FOLLOWERS THAN ME THIS IS EXPECTED !!!! @sh3riffwoody this is even worse than mine @JuanNotSoBot yeah👍 @megg0_ pls i’m beggingi should call her guys i’m sorry for this next one @AyyyyyJay <3me and who
@communistxcutie big needme and who @joeamlolz just realized this says loli lmaooo @sh3riffwoody loss @sh3riffwoody @communistxcutie but yeah peter pan is my favorite story ever i love it so much i just wish the movie didn’t have that @sh3riffwoody @communistxcutie okay i LOVE peter pan its one of my favorite stories ever the only reason it’s not m… @joeamlolz loli and stitch @communistxcutie what’s ur rebuttal @sh3riffwoody @IcedCorgi do it😩 @eightykt BANGER @sh3riffwoody @IcedCorgi i’m so down @IcedCorgi @sh3riffwoody hey corgi idk if u saw this earlier but i thought u would like it @tolfpeck these are absolutely perfect @communistxcutie @tolfpeck i will let them know :) @diverseass @tolfpeck i want to have discussions with pixie @communistxcutie @tolfpeck OMG OMG OMGwaking up and violently corkscrewing my body to shatter every vertebrae in my back is a great way to start the daythis teen is the hardest working man in America
Retweeted by Wolley☀️ @tolfpeck :) (if u need to know their real names the tall one is boone and the other is sonny) @sh3riffwoody i’m using this for a caption on my next good one @sh3riffwoody me and who when and wheremy drafts at any given time & Stitch(2002) is the best movie disney has ever madeit’s actually very cool and rad to wake up at 4pm @gayassswag :) @eightykt i love u i love u i love u a lot and i’m very happy we’re friends :) @gayassswag i could never @chardonyay @VENUSlNARlES we are so good together <3 @sh3riffwoody also u were on twitter like a couple hours ago?? @epicnimrita yes!! this!!! this is why they make me yearn!!! @sh3riffwoody love the new layoutokie gn twitter i love y’all :) @epicnimrita then watch it whenever u want :) romcoms make me YEARN so i will never ever be near it loll @joeamlolz i’d be very happy with one but unfortunately that’s rather rare 😪 @epicnimrita nim tbh this just sounds sad why are u doing this @joeamlolz considering i’m on my phone at 6am i’m not doin g too hot @epicnimrita i’ve never had someone to watch romantics movies with nim😪😪😪 @epicnimrita IVE NEVER EVEN HEARD IF THAT BUT IT SOUNDS LIKE THE KINDA THING THATD MAKE ME LONELY SO IM GONNA AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE @joeamlolz joe!! <33 @epicnimrita BEING UP WAY TOO LATE ON MY OHONE HBU @epicnimrita so apparently the answer was NO lol @epicnimrita NIMRODDDDDis anyone even awake other than nim rn @sh3riffwoody @cowboybreezy @illictseven amazing @tolfpeck @illictseven where is his left nipple @tolfpeck @illictseven DANG IT @illictseven @tolfpeck @sh3riffwoody @cowboybreezy @illictseven hey joel why hasn’t it changed yet?🤨 @gayassswag @tolfpeck hiiii lol @gayassswag this is so true omg i do the same thing @tolfpeck @gayassswag wait fr?? @gayassswag but what if U argue with someone?? @IcedCorgi wrong x2all of my mutuals deserve many more followers than me @eightykt HEY YA @lilnimrita HEY YAAAAA @IcedCorgi HEY YA @aj_dominus HEY YA @megg0_ HEY YAcan i get a hey ya? @communistxcutie @iwantapetfrog pls i’m so tired of getting sad when i’m not expecting it😔 @NotKallyn @megg0_ it is indeed @laswagna )”:)) @gayassswag kit is cool @eightykt very truefood is a neoliberal ideology @communistxcutie :,))) i WILL cryi am literally the butter frog @hawttubdaddy :) @megg0_ OMG BUTTER FROG @bad_composer i have NO ideapeople who go to college but don’t get radicalized freak me out @lilnimrita ily