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bmi 12.3 // ed + life diary 🧸

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@daisytuIip so well deserved !! 💗 @chinadoIls loveee @chaiteagf OMGGGG SLAY @miaobmi i’m sure you did amazing love @judy6344587 seconddd @myedspo @alltheluvrs THIS IS SO TRUE
@STARGlRL111 goalssss omg @hannarexic REALLLLL <///3 @bunnykcal yue i’m so sorry love it must be so hard,, but you can do this!! stay strong, you’re getting one step cl… @svf444 new bff 🤭🫶🫶 @ribbongw GOOD MORNING JI!! have a lovely day angel <3 @rspberrry i fall more and more in love with your room every time i see it @yeoorexic real! @twlightdove gorg as ever @svf444 SOF @svf444 I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING @svf444 STOP HAHAHAHAHAHA @enhacalz do you have a name for him yet 🤭 @enhacalz NO WAY AWHHHme and tiff have matching halloween themed bitmoji’s, so slay of us!
Retweeted by t ˚ ୨୧ ⋆。 @hearteyedgf4 if you’re going to judge, dni 🙄😒👎😕 @hearteyedgf4 we are soo cute 😋🫶 @Iovelybone i’m so incredibly happy for you love that’s amazing !! 💘💘 @swanpixie those fits always remind me of you hehe 🤍 @loonaticaIs omggg yesss @aIexeats surely save some for me 🤭🫶 @45klbs ABSOLUTE SLAY @hearteyedgf4 oh my gosh 🤧 @zj4ranyjaehyun awh liv, im seriously wishing you all the best. take care and good luck!! 🤍 @OuiBunni def your season 🤭 @loonaticaIs i’ve never seen a picture so perfect omg @lmndrp_ you are absolutely stunning @OuiBunni omg i’m sure you did amazing <3 @dolcecibo i loveeee u @softieblushie cutest ever @youscals NO WAY NO WAYanorexia side effects no one talks ab 🥺🥺: PEE EVERY 5 SECONDS
Retweeted by t ˚ ୨୧ ⋆。 @judy6344587 oh my god. now same. @miaobmi hii xin 🤍 how are you bby @hearteyedgf4 the main guy gives me the biggest ick ever @bunnykcal kisses for you 💘 have a lovely day @bunnykcal YESSSS i’ll be cheering you on always @jadorediary oh noooo :,( rest well love i hope you feel better soon 🤍 @blushyfrills real @icyycals ni i promise youre not :,( @chaiteagf NAURRR @blushyfrills WAIT A SECOND IT DIDNT STOP WHAT @blushyfrills NO 😭 BUT I FIGURED OUT HOW TO STOP IT THANK GOSH 🙏😮‍💨 @icyycals good morninggg <3 have a lovely day ily 💗 @oatvmilk it really is a cruel awful horrible disorder @chaiteagf so true @chinadoIls OH MY GOD YOURE A LIFE SAVER @alltheluvrs MAKES MY HEART MELT TBH @alltheluvrs you look absolutely unreal in them 🫶🫶CAN THAT RANDOM TWEET WEBSITE THING STOP AUTO POSTING SIXHSKFNM @tokki2e NO WAY OMGG @myedspo my wife 🫶 @eIanaya AWHHH @judy6344587 omg good luck!! i’m sure you’ll do amazingggg @daphbokki @_yeonjunnies @bunnykcal @youscals @hearteyedgf4 @loonaticaIs I DIDNT MEAN TO POST TJIS WHAT @hannarexic omg omg good luck angel, i hope everything goes well 🤧🤍 @swanpixie slay 😋 @hitomibmi i would faint if i saw you at school @hitomibmi CUTIE @minisvelte YES OMGGGG @bunnykcal YUE OH MY GOSH!!! i’m so incredibly proud of you, you deserve to be free and happy and live the life you…
@ashsmeals the layers 😮‍💨 @rottenbugeyes you’re stunning @rspberrry STOP IT RN. @tteokdiet gorggg @hearteyedgf4 we’re already married remember 🙄🙄 @myedspo @icyycals age is just a number 🤗🤗🤗 @blossomcaIs the outfit is adorable! @sanriocovery yue angel you will ALWAYS deserve recovery no matter what, there is no “low enough”. this disorder is… @miuluvy it’s a must @jadorediary yasss get the beauty sleep 🫶“this reminded me of you” marry me rn. @wintercqls stop you’re the cutest omg @svf444 AWHHHH STOPP OMG 😭😭😭🤍 @loonaticaIs this looks stunning @svf444 OH MY GOD. tiramisu is love @daphbokki no 🤭 @STARGlRL111 cutestttt @alltheluvrs BBY HOW COULD WE EVER @minjiovt ilysm and im always here for you 💘 @svf444 noooo that’s your bd @MIRK4Sv2 HEHEHE 🫶 @prettykcals_ YAYAYAYAYAY CAN’T WAIT @minjiovt lee im so so sorry, you don’t deserve any of this pain :,( 🤍 @twlightdove I LOVE @MIRK4Sv2 def your season @minisvelte the pain </3 @softieblushie omg goals @chaiteagf ARGHHH NOOO @chinadoIls YAYAYAY stay safe love @youscals serving 🙏🙏 @svf444 not at all sof :,( you’re literally thinspo istg