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If I had super powers..... well I don't so this is pointless

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@soundgirl64 😘 @JennyLETELLIER Glad you're good. Been going through a tough time just lately but it's looking like things are on t… @JennyLETELLIER Ah thanks Jen 😘 hope you're well xx @m_rm1122339 Not too expensive, so yes @TracyTyson 😘 @ukskippy72 I like them all 😁 @gym_manic Topshop, yep & me too! I'm always wearing them in the summer 😘Car treats of joy #maoam @VanishHaynes Nope @andyrapkins Quite. Bit like Google told me, therefore it's true 😂 @JonnyRegae Really good thanks 😊 @stellafella7777 Sparkplug 😘 @JasonGRef Nah, that'll be later 😁 @stellafella7777 Morning JD. Misfiring @Manaliv51061038 You're welcome 😂What do you do when you're sat in the car waiting for a car part? Tell the world that's what 😄
Was trying to make a conscious effort of not swearing because I think I swear too much..but sometimes a good FUUUUU… @Shaz_Strt Isn't it just?! I've sent it to him, he was like omg when was that?! 😂 @robwatkins111 @philbarker29 Ahem, don't mind me?! 🤷‍♀️ @TracyTyson I'll be checking it out! @SuzyMouzy 😘 @obsidianclad It's bloody awful! @TracyTyson Ah right, well in that case I'd love it!! Is it online? @TracyTyson 🤣🤣 pour yourself a wine, then you'll feel 103 😂 @kaytemids Ditto x @rosiethetwat Gotta love Twitter.... sometimes 😂 @Vanhulious7 Amazing how we forget really. Thank goodness for photos & there's nothing like real ones ❤ @TracyTyson Me too! Don't know Home Sense? @TracyTyson You don't look old enough either! Well we must be doing something right 😘 @Redwazzer Weirdos @Redwazzer It really is 👍 @rosiethetwat They're all over the place Debs 🙄 @Greeny_65 Just wrong really @kaytemids Made me cry Kayte! But in a nice way 🥰 @Vanhulious7 Isn't it just! Made me cry 🥰 @TracyTyson Same!! Made me cry, nice tears though. Wish I could say I'm not, was 46 in that makes me cry in a sad way 😭😂Looking through some old photos & I mean proper photos. My now 17 yr old was only 2. How happy do we look?! 😍 @Davidmkeynes_2 Hello 🙂 @kaytemids Just odd @CumberdickB Pass haven't been in, don't want to either 😆 @KhocolateRain I love it in there, I'm always finding little gems 👍Erm 🤔 @adsy23832230 Weirdo @andyrapkins It was the best & swimming in real butter just for extra fabness 😂 @FunkycoIdjimina I'm a 'would you like toast with your butter' kinda girl 😂 @Darren62621989 Was there a joke there somewhere? No I'm not, it's just early 😂 @Redwazzer Nice 👍 @Dancing_Dollyxx If you pan in you can see all the butter around the edges 😂 @Darren62621989 I love it @tony547uk Love it @Thespianlover12 Went for marmalade! @Dancing_Dollyxx 😘 won....GET. IN. MY. BELLY. @Dancing_Dollyxx Mine too, I just love it toasted with loads of butter & I'm going marmalade! 😄 @de519n I'm a lover, not hater 😍 @WelshLib_Dublin 😂 @SainTemplar That is not jam, marmalade or marmite @DJacko79 Wrong answer 🤪 @Jennife13678800 Decisions, decisions! @Dancing_Dollyxx Oh I know, had it yesterday morning. On seeded sourdough, which is just devine 😍 @Davidmkeynes_2 Morning 👋The only decision I've got to make today is whether to have jam, marmalade or Marmite on my sourdough #notaeupemism @DJacko79 Morning. Yes, I'm all good thanks 😃 @muppermaster That's a shame. You either like it here or you don't
Don't get into any 'cliques' either. Best 'clique' you can be part of? Is your own. @rumpolekid 😁😉🤪 @OliverD1999 Nice! You too! 🤪 @SuzyMouzy I'm hanging in Suzy x @Davidmkeynes_2 Yes thanks 😁 @kaytemids Isn't it just @OliverD1999 Nah @Davidmkeynes_2 Twitter but I guess real world too @muppermaster Ah right! 😂🤪 @thewithy Thanks & I did 😉 @kaytemids Nope. Just an observation 😘 @OliverD1999 PouredThis place is full of twists & turns. Be careful who you trust. @Wappingraces All the best with it you two! Hope you get chance to relax 🍷 @Glynjon55333431 Thanks 😊 @WanderlustJoolz I'm always finding gems! Omg how tiny! @muppermaster Erm.... @JellyAli Good to hear xx @Davektbffhmoore Cheers 🍷 @jauntyjohnson67 🍷 @andyrapkins Ditto @leighdevaney @kaytemids 🤗🤗🤗🤗 @stellafella7777 Poured @kaytemids 😘 @m_rm1122339 Thanks, it's an old one that's been resigned to lounge wear 😁 @JellyAli Hello Ali & thankyou 🤗😘 you okay? @Sefine Better than I thought. Just thinking about pouring another 😘Position of the evening, might even pour a wine... @muppermaster Get yourself to T.K.Maxx then! I'm always finding little gems 👍👌 @gym_manic Ah I see! @gym_manic Thought I'd brave it & tbhwy it wasn't bad at all & soooooo worth it! X @kaytemids Well it was either a trip to T.K.Maxx or spend £450 on one pair of shoes that I'd probably never wear & can't afford anyway 😂 @stellafella7777 They're meant to be oversized JD 😂Picked up these TRUSSARDI sunglasses too for only £21 😎 @Acheerfulchappy Enjoy! @nathancarter600 Don't know. It was a gift, years ago.