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@_besanii Here’s a nice one in your price range @Riduckulous1 Listen, it’s time to be an adult, here’s one punishment for drinking a Bang! Energy while my wife was on the treadmill is she won’t sit and comfort me when I… kitchen table probably has crumbs all over it Nasty ass @RadiationGhoul I love them, wife HATES themLiterally the @FallGuysGame maintenance team rn @Shroomy3420 Ew @JustaMinx Homeownership is probably one of my only favorite parts of adulthood, enjoy! @DCTheProphecy HE SAID IT @crazyray41 Only good answer @RosaWeeb Wtf is wrong with you @8PercentErik Stop @BellakKovu That’s actually legit @LokisServant_ GIVE ME A PLACE @KevinBryant5 No @Official2Topher THIS WOULD BE MINE, ONLY GOOD ANSWER @LootingKyle YO I JUST HAD THIS NOT EVEN A MONTH AGO, SAUCE IS PERFECTION @LokisServant_ From where doe @KrytonicStudios Whose honey mustard @qtpop AMAZING choice @OGKevinBacon Ight, allowable @GearMagi 50/50 @ZenonightXZ6 Fuck you, leave my mentionsYou only get one sauce from one fast food place, which is it?
@SkepticalPickle I love my house @imqueenmaeee GOOD CATCHI can't fathom in any universe, parallel or otherwise, DrDisrespect has NO CLUE why he was banned and why they term… @Nimicry @TheGameHamster LISTEN @JoMoSenpai a black hole of "good vibes"I found out to be funny and happy again, I need to get sleep acceptable hours @Oreocide @RoraPickles IN A RELATIONSHIP BUT NOT WITH ME, HOW LIMITINGfirst time streamers be like @RoraPickles I ONLY FOLLOW YOUR CONTENT, YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF MY MOOD 24/7Boss- "I'm gonna peg you..." Me- *happy gasp* Boss- "...for a promotion" Me- *sad sigh* @Wilberstien honestly, quality don't mean much if no one is watching it to grow you need both quality and quantityhow about it guys, should I fart really loud while my wife is in a zoom business meeting unmuted?MY STREAM PERSONA IS BEING A REGULAR PERSON WHO LIKES VIDEO GAMESAll I want is breakfast food @FaZeClan Faze doubling down that on 14-16 year olds follow their tweets @DDisc7 DO NOT OPEN IT AND CALL OR EMAIL FDACS Division of Plant Industry at 1-888-397-1517 or
@okeebzo @Tinkuwu @Welgo_ hes also chillin at 300k concurrent @GameSpot played Breath of The Wild but thought it was stupid, the breakable weapons ultimately turned me off @okeebzo @Welgo_ hes collecting mad subs though @_baconwrangler_ twitter IS the place to get surely and belligerent @spiritscorcher it was made to be like this, even if you try to change the culture, I think if you like a streamer… is fundamentally flawed, it rewards building to burnout and punishes self care real question though, is it fixable? @Faxxius they've always been clear, but you dont want to say it out loud when you are streaming because you'll look… @pattonoswalt @bubbaprog @swagamemnon22 Bro if that got in your eye it stung like a motheryou can tell Covid have really effected streaming, streamers are either burning out or putting out uninspired content @jadeyanh I DARE YOU TO STREAM WITH BUTTJUICEIf you start something and you don’t get joy from it, it doesn’t matter how much time or money you’ve sunk into it,…“Fweeze, this is a wabbury uwu” @doodybeardLIVE Make her sleep with the fishes @timthetatman Dave feeds off your pain @vgdunkey How does one compete with this content
I gave my wife a dart and a map and told her wherever it landed I would take her anyone know any good Airbnbs in t… internet drama found this on a Facebook group called “Foreskin Memes” @okeebzo YOU’LL THE TRUTH! @HueGramTwitch @third_artifact Yes @Ninja @DrLupo if this small streamer can do it, SO CAN YOUIn quarantine, standing up has become a workout @okeebzo My wife’s friends made fun of her for dating me for the longest time, she dropped some of them because they wouldn’t let up @HarrisHeller Chaotic goodI haven’t posted much on twitter, honestly I don’t really have anything to say
@Austinator132 Supreme Allied Commander MustardInteresting to see the Navy, who is looking for people who have the apptitude to pilot drones, are on a platform primarily full of gamersTo piss off my wife, whenever we’re doing something with a military rank, I always promote them because “they’re do… ever just go on twitter because you want to be angry for an hour @RottenPapi I ain’t seen no bird @mrfrumps @PlayVALORANT NOOOOO but you’re so nice! I hate this shit! @AITA_reddit honestly, this story is fucking tragicWatching people post motivational content I know they don’t follow themselves makes me irrationally angryI love when dudes working at Best Buy “quit their job to stream full time” they are heroic and chasing their dreams… @SirKatelyn @SirKatelyn simplify this equation 32^(3/5)
dogs rehab doctor sent me this, I had to 🔊 because I don't stream anymore, doesn't make me any less of a gamer @Oreocide "i like to laugh and have fun, I LOVE choking on some grade A hog"The ONLY thing my wife wanted during the pandemic was @SnoopDogg cookbook, I woke up this morning to Not Ya Mamma’s…“If I had tits, is be a famous content creator” Nah, you’d still be the same shitty person just with tits @DyllonKG Quitting (or at least temporarily) has been a great boon to my mental health @MartineXIII @Pikaclicks He makes content of social media platforms, he’s technically a content creator
@Pikaclicks Donald TrumpFor those saying “I just want a bf/gf or husband/wife to have amazing insightful conversations” This is legit 90%…“What’s your type?” “Early 2000’s Kiera Knightley” @Sketchy_Dentist You’re sexy and I want to kiss you, every homo @TedFarkAss I LOVE YOU AND EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU TED @TedFarkAss When I was a smaller streamer I got unfollowed and called someone out and it was gross, I promised myse… my knowledge my wife got this painting commissioned of our dogs as aristocrats This woman is exhausting
@TedFarkAss You unfollowed a while ago, my thought was you hated my content @TedFarkAss ? @big75husky75 It’s multi platform, I played all week on PC now I’m playing it on Xbox @big75husky75 I’m currently losing my mind over Rogue CompanyInstead of begging for keys ❤️SUPPORT🧡THE💛DEVELOPERS💚AND💙BUY💜THE💖GAME🤍There’s something interesting about the same thing being said over and over again on streamer twitter, but streamer… @seriouslyclara WE WANTS THEM @DisguisedToast Setting boundaries on thinks like hours streaming, internet time, and doing little exercises like going for walks