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needed @angetoss no way @taylornation13 @thankujess 2 months?? already howsend me one you ever miss a friendship you had? like having everything and ending with nothingtwitter is so boring nowis anyone good at adobe draw or anything?
the tension between me and travelling to see my internet friendsstop texting the people who only message when they want something. they aren’t thinking about you @gemsbreathin *normal @gemsbreathin needs the vocals from breathin live on a notmal track @gemsbreathin most songs live >>> @zaynmalik @HPPuzzlesSpells i’m not happy mr malikLockdown for an extra 6 months? I hope everyone’s mental health is in the right place to deal with this. If not, dr…
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@meagangrande i wish we could choose to have it or not @meagangrande i hate it @snapchatsupport this new update is so ugly. makes me hate using the appwhy has my snapchat just randomly updated. it’s so ugly @Snapchat what are you doing?a very important thread:
Retweeted by rileyjust had a dream that i haven’t had for years. made me sad that it used to make me feel so safe :(
@janephilpot_ ‘london are y’all ready to slow it down for a minuite’ i remember balling my eyes out xx @janephilpot_ going to listen as we speak x @janephilpot_ not this being my favourite song from tour :’( u know me so well @gemsbreathin one of my favsif you see this. please link me a song to listen too @gemsbreathin @twaimz say hi king @twaimz pls say hi to me @arismoonshine did you turn it around and cover with another book?do i switch from my iphone x to the xs max? @UOHelpMeEurope ah damn. thank you anyway :) @UOHelpMeEurope when are these coming back in stock? i want them so bad was this energy for Eid ?
Retweeted by riley @caIImeangeI that man is the dumbest twat i’ve ever heard of
@feltangeI 100%how have i lost so many followers lmao @whydtry that’s because you are a princess. these are so cute!!
@janephilpot_ 😭😭 @AskPayPal give me my money back @gemsbreathin i wish i went to the 15th aswell :( @grandesmonet exactly! i’m good thank u @grandesmonet hi bestie. how are u?any ariana stan @foreverqal i love getting them! you’ll love them @juneheavenly it sure is @kneworbits happy birthday! x @rozzybox @verymimi i personally think you should focus on your own damn business
Retweeted by riley @rozzybox @verymimi i personally think you should focus on your own damn businessthought you said you would be right back? where are u? @arianagrande
what’s up? wear a mask @jamescharles @EVERYTlMEARl have the best day! happy birthday <3i have ios 14 now @ringslust thank u :) @maoonlightbae thank u @buterlas okay thank uu. imma do it @buterlas can i keep my home screen the exact same? i don’t want the big widgets @buterlas i’m scared i’ll hate itomg should i?
@ntItcrem @herscIoud thank u me ideas for my next tattoofuck ebay. that’s all i say
Retweeted by rileylove being on the phone with debt collectors
@janephilpot_ the way i love u mostme to imo, jane and jess @buwygyib love u more ! heading back to reh. be happy.
Retweeted by rileyand then she dipped. girl good things are coming @ArianaGrande is this a tease @ArianaGrande wait what?
@nobetterplace 2pls send cute outfits. looking to grow my wardrobelove and miss you always @ArianaGrande @ArianaGrande thank u for rem. it’s amazing @ArianaGrande missing u so much @ArianaGrande how you been baby? @ArianaGrande love you so much. how have you been? @ArianaGrande missing uI DONT WANNA WORK
it’s ok to write me a paragraph abt how much you love me everyday
Retweeted by riley @needygem happy 18th angel! love u and have a good day!! <3
@sweetenerrun thank uu 🤍😊thank u for all the birthday wishes <3rem smells so goodlove £51 worth of food and drinks for £20 @fromnoheaven thank u sm 🤍 @sweeetener thank u :)) @njomzavenue 🤍🤍 thank u @buwygfiib tyyyy @godssawoman ilyyy too. thank u <3 @thearihprint THANK UUU 🥂 @lNTOHARRY thank uu 😚 @needyflatline thank uu. i will try my best 🖤 @everythingabari thanks angel <3 @oneIastdivine thank uu 💙 @giawbutterfly thank u x @gnightgo thank uu bbymy tattoo is all done. @whydtry no its not fair. they are only obliged to make you do the hours given and can’t make you do anymore.