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Dan @buzzingbugs London, England

Drums for @freshpunks. Coys. he/him

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Retweeted by Dan @Hank_Crisp Not my finest day. Everyones fine, car is largely fine.As far as home journeys go, a bullshit parking ticket followed by someone rear-ending my car isn't the best one I've had.There's a man and a woman sitting in this playground talking very loudly about his testicles
@saturrrday The thought of some poor assistant having to run down to the club shop an hour before kick off to press…’m laughing out of politeness but the joke roger just told was actually pretty homophobic
Retweeted by Dan @saturrrday So... The home team have to change their kit... because the away teams home kit clashes. Christ 🤦‍♂️I missed why Leno is wearing the outfield away shirt?Imagine if someone showed you that Tesco Xmas ad a year ago. You'd be convinced you'd had a stroke. @nucosi @_HannaHead_ Thimbleweed Park and Golf Story. Not played mine for a while but I have the following on my li… - The official chocolate of the #WorldBollardAssociation
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This is the first time I've watched a series of I'm a Celeb. Jordan is just a total joy isn't he? I wanna hug him. @laura_k I get this song in my head sometimes @_tommann_ It is family tradition that Punky sits proud at the top of our Christmas tree every year 🥰 @tramfrau @headoflondon My memory of Halo is super hazy, but didn't the AI turn out to be Evil? @biconic__ Right?! Her favourite thing in the world right now @HappyAccidentzz @freshpunks Gawd I forgot all about this. Proper slapstick! (Glad you were ok!)You get his name out your filthy mouth time rap! #BBC #TinyHappyPeople #ParentRap
Retweeted by DanBeen singing "Gruffalo slippers" to the tune of Buffalo Soldier all morning
"OK Google, play the playlist 'Ivys Bedtime' on Spotify" "Alright, playing "I Can't Go To Sleep" by Wu Tang Clan o…'s only a Union Jack if you're vaccinating sailors.
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Lol guy has been doing this bit for the better part of a decade and it crossed the funny/sad line a long time ago.…
Retweeted by DanGraphic design is my passion is great because someone can post a waffling rant about Covid conspiracy theories, followed by a lovely pi… we play badly tonight, I will tweet "did you see that Ludogorets display last night?" tomorrow morning.
I’m not on cartoon duty until next week, but here’s something I drew a couple of years ago, depicting Maradona skip…
Retweeted by Dan @nucosi @MEREXEREM And if it doesn't Vidal got a red card because he has a Mohawk and he’s 36 year old.
Retweeted by Dan😂😂😂😭😭😭 a touching tribute in the comments Spurs social media admin when the only pics they have of Maradona also have Poch in them KNOW IT’S STILL BEING TALKED ABOUT DECADES AFTER, BUT I STILL DON’T FEEL ENOUGH IS MADE ABOUT MARADONA KNOCKING E…
Retweeted by DanNot sure getting your wife a copy of the SCUM manifesto for Christmas sends the right message actuallyIn order to regain the confidence of the Jewish community it is vital that Keir Starmer urgently leans over to you…
Retweeted by DanIn order to regain the confidence of the Jewish community it is vital that Keir Starmer urgently clarifies that Jew…
Retweeted by DanIn order to regain the confidence of the Jewish community it is vital that Keir Starmer urgently puts "((( )))" in his twitter name.
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@freshpunks Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world, took the midnight train going anywhere @nervusmusic @kojisaysaloha @iamsolsticerey @waveitaway @pottymouthworld Is this gonna be your cover of Do They Know It's Christmas?Our Album Of The Week is London indie band ME REX's neurotic, cathartic, word-splattered double-EP set 'Triceratops…
Retweeted by Dan @puns_n_roses Classic Dave, that is @puns_n_roses If I wanted my satanic cult to remain a secret, I would simply not put any of the symbolism in my brandingThe Gruffalo is just a Machiavellian tale for children. @kathrynwoodz The best @TLATWuk Haha right?! @HannahMGeorge We all are, Hannah.Pfizer vaccine: effective, protective and safe Modena vaccine: effective, protective and safe Oxford vaccine: effec…
Retweeted by DanUpdate: the seller confused cm and inches, and it turns out the snake is a far more reasonable size…
@petefrasermusic You should look at the Switch. It's best for family/multiplayer/light hearted games. If you're loo… @Hank_Crisp I'm frog head! @Hank_Crisp The one on the right is the cat! @tussarit Wasn't this on a boxpark, anyway? Not exactly a small businessFamily portrait
@saturrrday God he's so goodThe right thing to do now is for Spurs to sign Ozil on a free. @Hank_Crisp Init
@saturrrday I noticed that tooI swear there's more than one Hojbjerg on the pitch? @petefrasermusic The audiobook of his autobiography is very much worth your timeCITY THOUGHT THEYD WON ITTTTT @_tommann_ Once again, being able to read the quote tweets is the best thing about this website @Hank_Crisp Freedom Squad.
@tom_usher_ Cheers x don't use Instagram anymore and the only thing I miss is all your IG story thirst traps, so I fully welcome Fleets to twitter.
I've seen this one video of Laurence Fox performing a song on TV many times, and I'm still not sure if it's a Shreds video @PauklSchmaukl If I could be bothered I would have photoshopped his head on is dril
@meowkaz It's not a big house, Kaz @TLATWuk We miss you terribly too! @CultDrums Honestly I'll have to wait and see @MEREXEREM Thank you pal xCan't wait to share my house with a 6ft snake puppet'm very confused, are these Nations League qualifiers for the Euros that were meant to be last year, or for the ones in 2024? @nomiddlesliders I so badly want them to be real, but they just CAN'T be, can they? @nomiddlesliders I still don't believe these are realHow is this not a hard times headline @patpatbinks great shout @FOWfilms OMG I had no idea this existed. Christ.think carefully before you say/imply anything about why my name appears in the Great Big Paedophile Directory
Retweeted by DanDoes anyone have any good simple practice tips for guitar? Because all I ever so when I pick one up is play the rif… @kathrynwoodz Can you believe it, 18 today!
@movingnorthuk 262 landlords, initLove to be Jewish, left wing, and on twitter, at the moment @Honeyjoyband @freshpunks :o @nothumanhead @freshpunks This is the worst band name I've ever heard @nothumanhead Errr, I think you'll find he bought some houses
Just thinking back to Matt Hancock's comments earlier this year about Premier League footballers needing to contrib… @WardDuncan It's like they tracked it to a different take from the rest of the band @WardDuncan Hope I haven't ruined it 😕 @vampeyedesign Didn't know it existed hahaWelcome to Wrexham 🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿❤️ 🔴⚪️ #WxmAFC
Retweeted by Dan @full_hearts We've all done it @full_hearts Right?! @patpatbinks Absolutely isIt's actually mad how out of time the bass is at the beginning of Another Girl, Another PlanetThe new Told Slant album is incredible. Feeling very emotional and lost for words at my desk (my sofa)