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Satteezy🪐 @Bwandoo Rings of Saturn

Bee.✨♑️8H stellium, Aqua🌙/Gem asc. sharing my eclectic astrologer, anime & spiritual takes⚡️click link for Natal Chart bookings⚡️venmo: $bwandoo (18+)

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@greenfatiguuue Lmaooo 😭!!!!'s based on your moon sign thread
Retweeted by Satteezy🪐Observations of the Mars decan in association to Fire Signs through DBZ Characters, thread 🧵
Retweeted by Satteezy🪐The pull martian-aesthetic looking men have on my 7H sidereal scorpio...UNgodly set up @greenfatiguuue LOVE YOU 💖😭 you just hanging with a saturnian and plutonian 🤣 @soleyrising @greenfatiguuue Us while christelles pisces moon was going thru it 😭 smh you consider a gallon of milk is like $3.50 how can you justify ppl still being paid $7.25
Retweeted by Satteezy🪐✨Welcome to the Ungodly Hour✨
Retweeted by Satteezy🪐 @soleyrising Lmaooo 😭🤣💕 thank youLmaooo omggg 😭 Box but it’s chill beats to study/relax to
Retweeted by Satteezy🪐If any sign is going to be okay with you changing your mind last minute, its a gemini placement lmao @teaxtarot The way this has me howlinggg lmaooooThis album, period on this app will insert their WHOLE opinion on a topic you didnt even mention in your tweet You can say a p… need to keep their cishetero-normative thinking to them damn selves broI’ve been just coasting
Retweeted by Satteezy🪐i made an astrology one
Retweeted by Satteezy🪐Lets talk about why YOU think you have right to say a word that was created for racist exploitation and degradation… mercurial-venus aesthetic mix right here
@MateoFeo89 @MateoFeo89 might need to treat myself to some Eritrean food again caaaauseeeee, i deserve same baby
Retweeted by Satteezy🪐This the tweet! know you’re an Aquarius Mercury when the photos saved on your phone are all memes
Retweeted by Satteezy🪐 @juliejay__ Like a whole mood 😭if you know you mfo kno a smoothie to not skip breakfast for the 4th time this week fam, we moving on up, i might start gettin a lil b… @daiinny Lmaoo only libra mercury or Scorpio could clapback like you do at my saturnian ass🤣 plus the pinned vid in… @daiinny Hmmm, Ima 1st guess libra mercury lmao 👀 the 2nd guess would be scorpio 🤣 @taurusguidetee Yesss miss thats the oneeeWhen ppl tell me their anime taste im always wondering what their asc, mercury,venus & moon are lol maybe neptune if its in personal aspect @saintilyass Yess anime! SUPER GOOD HIGHLY RECOMMEND lol @thecapgoddess Happy birthday gorgeous!😌Not starting the promiseland again till i know how long this season is lmao @lilsydy NOT THIS IMAGE LOLOL @Fatblacktarot Okay like!! Outdid themselvesOkay but she did that on her lil one hit you feeeel it car accident Remembering how this boy used to hardcore tease me when i was younger then he got hit by a car on… the Club by Beyoncé @3squilax Why the enthusiasm sound so forced cancer/scorpio man was HURT lmaooo, virgo, sagittarius, and gemini (after sleeping all day)
Retweeted by Satteezy🪐 @Fatblacktarot HER AGING BACKWARD ASS 😭 @jeraniquesGLOSS They have 12H synastry 😭 you about to see it for real soon @jeraniquesGLOSS PERIODDDMoon-pluto tings cant wait to [redacted] and watch my fav movies all weekend @ickobel But also good morning lmao @ickobel @saintilyass Dance, emphasis in ballet/contemp/ choreo 🤣the stock market is just astrology for men
Retweeted by Satteezy🪐 @saintilyass Now you haaveeee @venusiansol My junk everymorning: with taurus placements will be boring if they don't really care about you, that's the thing 😭
Retweeted by Satteezy🪐Lmao me and the blk maca ive been taking 💀’s giving Capricorn
Retweeted by Satteezy🪐 @earthdomdirtbag Thank you beautiful! 💕💕Major pet peeve when people say “I don’t care if you’re black, white, pink, blue, green....” What?! I would 100%…
Retweeted by Satteezy🪐 @evolvedtarot Thank you beautiful! 💕 @MeliBelli Thank you lovely😌💖
@SmileKennedy Thank you famm! 💖 @AskingMrSaenz Thank youu! @cmeplaywithpapi Thank you gorgeous 💕! @itschrissyboo_ Ayeeee thank you fammm @stromkirkart Thank youu 🥺💘 @saturnandsol Thank youu!Thank you my love 🥺💕💕💕 love youuu too @RIPRAMONFRANCO Thank you beautiful! 🥺💖 💕love you tooAstrology again tells me to start this beauty venture and i shall lmao @jasonjamez Thank you gorgeous! 😌 @jeraniquesGLOSS LMAOOOO I AM CRYING @mon_cheez Thank youu😌 @jeraniquesGLOSS I knew you would love it @saintilyass Thank you love💕🥺Aquarius
Retweeted by Satteezy🪐Yass happy birthday to us the Capricorn gang @AstrologyByJove Thank you! 😌 @zaddyZATHER Thank youuu😌If you are my mutual just know imma gas you up thirst tweet or not because that's what we do around this parts. We…
Retweeted by Satteezy🪐 @jeraniquesGLOSS Thank you boo💕!! @empressatlantis Thank youu🥺! @daiinny Lmaoooo thank you🤣💖 @illuminiah Thank youu😌 @Avalldar Thank youuu gorgeous 💖😭 @thecapgoddess Thank youu!🥺let’s talk about this 🤝
Retweeted by Satteezy🪐*me turning 27 while at work today*……Stop ……checking ……their ……profile ……they ……don’t ………miss ……youuu……
Retweeted by Satteezy🪐*clock strikes 12* @dragonsoultree Okay! Like they really did thatExample A: dnt listen to chris br**n anymore but that mofo was in his bag coming out with the album Exclusive