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Ben Weinberg @bweiny Evanston, IL

Attorney, NU Football fanatic; Dustin Johnson loyalist since 2007.

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This fight between a new generation of activists linked up with progressives who’ve been wandering in the wildernes…
Retweeted by Ben WeinbergYoung cougar by Laurie Hernandez
Retweeted by Ben WeinbergOne of my greatest annoyances with the center left, especially large names, is that they REALLY love trying to bran…
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Fun Fact: Nobody on the '95 team had ever played at The Big House. Can't be better than 1-0 😉 The replay begins…
Retweeted by Ben Weinberg @RevDJEsq It's the whole Big Ten, all playing (no or 10-20% fans) or not. AD's, school presidents, Kevin Warren all in sync on that. @davidsirota @Romanoff2020 If ever a Charles Booker 2.0, I hope this is it. Hickenlooper was so contemptuous of the… @TeddyGreenstein Michigan could use him this year. McCaffrey & Milton have so little combined experience. Could be… @jbouie Not if the Federal Courts are your top concern. They're not even close to equal given the last 25 years of non-legislation. @Rachel__Nichols @mrvincecarter15 @DaTrillStak5 My favorite basketball player from his 2nd to last season at UNC th… @KylePorterCBS @NoLayingUp When there's been a 58 on Tour at the same course, does more to detract from it than simply being par 70. @mattyglesias @EricLevitz Probate stimulus? @JoeBiden If you're too big a bitch to push single payer w/ its lower overall costs, & take on the predatory insura… @chrisfallica @beatingthebook What's missing is that it doesn't do anything directly to shorten games. Why won't ga… Championship: DJ 22-1 Rose 28-1 Finau 55-1 - Top 5 11-1 CT Pan 250-1 Furyk Top 10 14-1
@Sidelines_SN @charliekolar_ @pat_fry5 @kylepitts__ @noahgray87 John Raine @richjmadrid Burrow's season was better, and Cam has nothing other than 1 season either. Jameis should be in the top 4 over Manziel.This is why many of the national baseball writers insisting the players HAD to make a deal should have withheld com…
Retweeted by Ben Weinberg @J_ManPrime21 @krudell Party establishment embraced Joe Lieberman, giving him a VP nom. He returned the favor by lo… @dennisjohn03 @J_ManPrime21 @krudell Health insurance company revenues are certainly better. Everything else, not r… @daveweigel The "of course he'll win" is 99% from defying expectations in 2016, and 1% being conditioned to oversta… @BeTheChange800 Yea, her taste in ice cream is my biggest problem with Pelosi. I'm just upset it isn't free. @annkillion They all put money over health. The only reasons they buy the franchises are money and personal status.… @People4Shahid @cellobuddy Binging on a $40 pint of ice cream @busted_fIush @dregb @PFF_College CUSA 3rd stringer > Trubisky @RealDavidAJones @powerchowder69 @AsteadWesley This is pointless. You're more concerned with advocating the strengt… @waju80 @chhelenach @perrybaconjr @FiveThirtyEight You can't point to a smear of Kamala here. I've explained multip… @RealDavidAJones @powerchowder69 @AsteadWesley You're not using data at all. The data is Hillary's result. Bernie's… @RealDavidAJones @powerchowder69 @AsteadWesley An objective person uses the known outcome to change their opinion.… @RealDavidAJones @ZeiglerJaguar @AsteadWesley Requirements to be a Democrat: - Faith in & satisfaction with the est… @powerchowder69 @RealDavidAJones @AsteadWesley Even if you think it's unlikely, we played out Hillary and know the… @waju80 @chhelenach @perrybaconjr @FiveThirtyEight WSJ is only smearing if they made up the statement about donors.… @RealDavidAJones @AsteadWesley Keep telling yourself Trump was this fantastic unstoppable candidate if you want. @RealDavidAJones @AsteadWesley The idea that Trump was purely unbeatable is more difficult to believe than Bernie w… @AsteadWesley If they're right, they'll get back to .500 at 1-1. @waju80 @chhelenach @perrybaconjr @FiveThirtyEight If anyone smeared her, it'd be a person lying to the WSJ about d… @aschie30 @JoyAnnReid Capn KHive blocked everyone to the left Rahm Emmanuel.Completely normal reactions happening here
Retweeted by Ben Weinberg @Denlesks Say unpopular shit, lose popularity. Crazy times man.
@WestLoopTom The Roscoe Village one is solid. Should be treated as a serious pizza option, both deep dish and thin.A 2nd current DOJ official will testify that antitrust division was used to pursue politically motivated investigat…
Retweeted by Ben Weinberg @sullydish If you make up a bunch of fairy tales about a character for religious purposes, why wouldn't people even… @walkonredshirts @Gibblez_N_Bits I refused to watch, or even Google it, because I wanted to avoid being uncultured swine. @NM74118354 @TheChuckGregory @KingJames @thefootballgirl How do you know we haven't? @KingJames @thefootballgirl How about persuading Nike to make your sneakers in the USA instead of relying on inhumane labor overseas?
Retweeted by Ben Weinberg @NFayyazi @nocksies @hollyotterbein @fshakir Under normal circumstances I'd agree completely about not wanting to p… @IlliniToffee You mean the Quick Lane Bowl-bound Eastern Michigan Eagles? Come back to me when you lose to a 4-8 Ak… @chhelenach @perrybaconjr @FiveThirtyEight I want Warren b/c I'm most aligned w/ her ideologically. But the irony i… @nocksies @hollyotterbein @fshakir There's still time, primary isn't til Sept 1. But he needs to speak up before early/mail voting starts. @chhelenach @perrybaconjr @FiveThirtyEight Idk where you read him elevating Rice>Abrams/Bottoms/Demings. He says "b… @chhelenach @perrybaconjr @FiveThirtyEight While I personally want EW, as Perry mentions, doing so rebuffs both the… @perrybaconjr @FiveThirtyEight Good piece. As always, you break it down more directly than the cosmetic babble taki… @hollyotterbein @fshakir What's the deal with he & Markey? The lack of endorsement isn't a good look at all. @crampell @kairyssdal @AnnieLowrey With unwavering market exuberance to avoid any preparation and add to the shock. @janesports Lack of calls for the NBA to reduce the amount of teams & games in response to updated numbers, in the… @jbouie What does it say about voting as a large part of the fix when people voted Beshear in as Gov, yet the next… @Buster_ESPN @jensun123 @mr_westtt_phd The problem with 2016 was a lack of diligence by the PA and not listening to… @AndrewBrandt If the PA's critic is a pitcher who threw the ball over the centerfield wall before getting pulled &… @kennethaz Better not come at the expense of time spent requesting tickets to the next Trump rally. @BNightengale Why are expanded playoffs portrayed as good in this article? That was the worst development of all fr… @BauerOutage @Buster_ESPN If MLB expands the playoffs further (5th team play-in is already excessive), it should pr… @kairyssdal That was before the Fed vowed to be anything & everything any investor ever needed.Autzen only has a 5k larger capacity than Dyche/Ryan. Count me among those that didn't know. Jackson is to college football announcing what Tiger is to golf, Jordan to basketball & Gretzky to hockey. Th… @AJentleson @Booker4KY Best reason for optimism is the fact Schumer's up in '22. @bdlatt @chibbqk1ng @mannysdeli Montreal pastrami ruined every damn Chicago deli option for me more than social dis… @chibbqk1ng Not my thing, but I've heard Kaufman's on Dempster is open and doing decent curbside pickup. If they're…
@GregSchwem No athletic success is as gratifying as NU success versus the Big Ten. I'm such a degenerate I just saw… @briankelley230 @JasonSobelTAN I don't mind 1 hour of pregame with Lerner & Chamblee. But 2 hours with Morning Driv… @CFB_Hype @BR_CFB Tough for Amari Rodgers to shock anyone at this point. He's a pretty well known stud. @briankelley230 @JasonSobelTAN But at the same time, they should have talking heads on after the round is complete,… @annkillion The lack of pressure on the NBA to reduce the amount of teams & games is like the emperor's new clothes… @AndrewLiv @pizzacanyon @JesseRogersESPN @JeffPassan Trying to act like they're being hypocrites, when the statemen… @AndrewLiv @pizzacanyon @JesseRogersESPN @JeffPassan It was really tough to find it, I mean I'm exhausted, but I wa… @AndrewLiv @pizzacanyon @JesseRogersESPN @JeffPassan Yet you take the side of the billionaire owners. Strange. @LoweFanClub8 @ADC_PHL @jamfan40 @JesseRogersESPN @JeffPassan Sit this one out snowflake. @JesseRogersESPN @jaysonst @JeffPassan Thank goodness. Stand firm, win your grievance.If it weren't for the Cowboys & Browns, ESPN would be nothing but dead air from 8am-4pm weekdays. Just a complete joke of a network. @BobHarig They moved it back to August, now they have to keep it there.This is the highest-rated recruit Liberty has ever signed. He's transferring because of the "racial insensitivity d…
Retweeted by Ben WeinbergNASCAR needs to be prepared to defend Bubba Wallace from violence, writes @edgeofsports
Retweeted by Ben Weinberg @deadhead2561 Fingers-crossed they reject? PA can't agree to expanded playoffs for this year+next. They're turning… spoke w/ over a dozen staffers for @BernieSanders campaign & got a MUCH more in-depth picture of what went wrong…
Retweeted by Ben Weinberg @AVSIllini @ESPN_BillC And Scheelhaase had over 50% more attempts. They went 1-7 and were passing from behind. The… the Big Ten realigned divisions (2014), Nebraska is just 1-11 vs. Iowa & Wisconsin Over their 6 games, Wisco…
Retweeted by Ben Weinberg @JBradEdwards With Ross injury, & Alabama missing it last season (not exactly the "shake up" we're looking for, I a… @ESPN_BillC @AVSIllini So you're admitting QBR is extremely flawed after using it against Peters? 39th nationally i… @JBradEdwards Opening for TCU & Iowa St. But b/c they aren't big name programs, need to go 13-0 or else CFP will pi… @ESPN_BillC @AVSIllini His passer rating was about the same as Nate Stanley. Lewerke was 39th QBR 5 spots above Sta… @ESPN_BillC @AVSIllini I just used it b/c he said "by any stat you measure," so I picked the one most favorable to… @AVSIllini @ESPN_BillC 18-8 TD-INT ratio is squarely in the middle of the B1G (8th). Not even one of the worst star… @AVSIllini @ESPN_BillC Was as good as any Illini QB season for the last 10 yrs. Scheelhaase '11+13, Lunt '14 are ab… @ESPN_BillC Peters is good, just not durable. @ESPN_BillC Most underrated team in B1G, tbh. Ppl are picking them last in the West while returning a high quality… @33643pts @PlayoffKap Lmao. Gotta change his hair to that freaky shit too.A ringing endorsement of Eliot Engel from...the Senior Editor of the National Review.
Retweeted by Ben Weinberg @BoomYourSales @WillMayRT @volalupi @RealCandaceO I view everything said on here as people's own opinions. If someb… @sahilkapur The true worst of all worlds is that the party is so weak and gutless that if they get a majority they… @BoomYourSales @WillMayRT @volalupi @RealCandaceO Meant to include @BoomYourSales @WillMayRT @volalupi @RealCandaceO Nope. He said "facts of [her] record". Grifter is an accusation based on an opinion. @BoomYourSales @WillMayRT @volalupi @RealCandaceO He said facts of her record. That's not calling the grifter concl…