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Ben Weinberg @bweiny Evanston, IL

Attorney, NU Football fanatic; Dustin Johnson loyalist since 2007.

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@EmbracePace @Daily_DeViation @JeffKreitel @darrenrovell The NFL regular season, even for somebody who doesn't like… @NikhaarShah @irin It's not his mental acuity anybody should be doubting him for (and I don't really see it). It's… @NikhaarShah @irin Per NYT I saw today, he was there "almost 3 years". So not sure where you got the 1.5. Just FYI, I'm no Pete defender. @Daily_DeViation @JeffKreitel @darrenrovell College, but not the NFL, for me personally. I don't argue w/ the indis… @lsutigerzfan @AM_Colts @darrenrovell MLB's totally different, IMO. Fans follow their team only, it's much more loc… @JeffKreitel @darrenrovell MLB among professional leagues, college football overall. @darrenrovell It's the worst of both worlds. MLB games don't mean much, but it's at least there for you everyday. F… @ouakam4 @MaxLewisTV @PeteButtigieg You should probably lower your self-righteousness on this one. @FiveThirtyEight Wisconsin is every bit the usual suspect in Indianapolis that Ohio St is..@MikeBloomberg on candidates' diversity: "Don't complain to me that you're not in the race"
Retweeted by Ben Weinberg @ESPNRittenberg I assume the Rutgers comparison was Ash, not the interim or Schiano's new deal. But that's still pa…’m just wondering why I haven’t seen official condemnations of the NONSTOP trolling online behavior from a senior…
Retweeted by Ben Weinberg @Fiorella_im @AnaKasparian "The fact of the matter is, I get along with the IMF. I get along with the WTO. We respe… @NikhaarShah @irin All the more reason to beat him over the head with it. With his lack of political experience to… afraid of a company that advised cutting food and medical services to immigrant detainees is a great look for a Democratic primary.
Retweeted by Ben WeinbergWorth a few minutes to watch what a Presidential candidate really engaging with a skeptical voter can look like.
Retweeted by Ben Weinberg
@aschie30 Good argument from the opposing, younger black voter's viewpoint: pretty much sums it up.
Retweeted by Ben WeinbergThe fact that Clinton and Obama have spent nearly every public speaking engagement since 2016 chastising the Left a…
Retweeted by Ben Weinberg @walkonredshirts They'll be releasing the CFP teams 1 to 4, in order, separated by 45 minute commercial breaks.I’ve got some insight on the #B1GCats offensive coordinator search. A source told me that Fitz is down to his Final…
Retweeted by Ben Weinberg @WildcatReport That should throw cold water on Kafka more than anyone, given how busy he's been and should continue to be through January. @daveweigel Folks, @BrianCRuss @BernieSanders @PeteButtigieg Free market capitalism isn't going away, regardless of who wins. Highligh… @norwegian76 @MaxLewisTV @PeteButtigieg If you're talking about votes in a loss, Sanders exceeded that in several s… @ouakam4 @MaxLewisTV @PeteButtigieg BLM protested and took the stage at Sanders events 3-4yrs ago. So join the club… @BrianCRuss @BernieSanders @PeteButtigieg Medicare-for-All-who-want-it is the definition of neoliberalism, accommod… @ouakam4 @MaxLewisTV @PeteButtigieg It was people at an event, not "Rose Twitter". If you're running as the mouthpi… @BrianCRuss @BernieSanders @PeteButtigieg The latter's true from 2015-present, for the better. Neoliberalism had be… @BrianCRuss @BernieSanders @PeteButtigieg Real name provided. I don't like Pete b/c he started out much more open t… @tesswhittlesey @Austan_Goolsbee @ReggieLove33 @lindouglass @PeteButtigieg Analogy makes sense if David practiced h… @MaxLewisTV @PeteButtigieg So melodramatic. Somebody should let her know this is the big time. No more 8,500 vote w…
@BernieBroStar Real famous totally non-misogynist shock jock she was chatting with too. Real principled feminist. H… Kamala Harris’ campaign failed:
Retweeted by Ben Weinberg @aschie30 It obviously makes no sense. He's the most out of touch option possible. Their whole schtick against the… @aschie30 I didn't want to spend too long in that mess. I do believe they're a fringe segment, of what was 4%, so t… @C_Schwaber @KENNYBOO93 @BernieSanders @cenkuygur I thought Mr. Weeks drove a truck around NYC and ended Bernie mon… @GBR_Commenter @SchutteCFB They have always been close games, and until last year, the road team was dominant. As h… @GBR_Commenter @SchutteCFB At least you don't have to worry about Northwestern until further notice. @SchutteCFB Ok, then clearly the latter. It's definitely more timid, and less forward-looking than most quotes from… @SchutteCFB It's as favorable as they're going to get with 2 more seasons of OhSt as the annual crossover. Both the… @introvertgay @alexisgoldstein It's objective fact he's run a better (extremely cynical) campaign, that's only fact… @introvertgay @alexisgoldstein I don't like Pete (at all), but as far as commentary on the 2020 race, what are they… another era — like 5-6 years ago — a party committee would immediately cut ties with a candidate who said someth…
Retweeted by Ben WeinbergThe fact that those who make these violent threats very publicly without hesitation reaffirms just how much white s…
Retweeted by Ben WeinbergCats will always be cats 😁
Retweeted by Ben Weinberg @ericrescue @suzanthony7 @gdebenedetti @ewarren I'm sure you rejected talk of Barack & Michelle Obama on the same grounds. @aschie30 I'm pretty sure Bernie brought out more than the DSA-type in 2016. There's more familiarity with him than… @aschie30 But Bernie's never gone after EW that way. That's the disconnect btwn candidate & base I'm talking about.… @mbloh436 @Tim_M_McFalls @WonnellR55 @DanWetzel I think OhSt would still be top 4, positioned to win B1G if that ha… @aschie30 If he won California, then she's looking out for #1. She isn't #KHive, they were an out of control sect.… @mbloh436 @Tim_M_McFalls @WonnellR55 @DanWetzel What? 8 teams would be horrible. What's the point? 4 teams, only co… @aschie30 @notcapnamerica Call me naive, but I don't see her endorsing anyone, until voters are speaking. Definitel… @aschie30 @notcapnamerica This perfectly captures the bubble mentality where they just twist whatever happens to af…
@SchutteCFB "Great" is subjective though. At a program like Michigan, not winning your 7 team division in your firs… @aschie30 Reality was never their strong suit. A tear for @notcapnamerica & all the other psychos who had time bloc… @peterfrost 16oz 4-packs of cans is all I remember about K&C. How can a deal like this even close? BP's creditors w… it comes to employees, FB and Google are channeling Andrew Carnegie. Coddling has been replaced by retaliation…
Retweeted by Ben Weinberg @dpakman @TulsiGabbard @KamalaHarris Given the overlap btwn Kamala supporters & the most toxic die-hard Hillary… @Fox_Mulder_8 @jefmbv @disco_socialist Laying out the cold hard facts with some 3 month old 1 follower retread acco… @jefmbv @Fox_Mulder_8 @disco_socialist Update @HeyMamaJude1 @tweetingth0mas @GoodKidNapCity @BernieSanders @KamalaHarris He won the state you're showing yourself as located in. @HeyMamaJude1 @GoodKidNapCity @BernieSanders @KamalaHarris Except his campaign isn't out of money or going nowhere… the experts.
Retweeted by Ben WeinbergThese are the same people that still blame Bernie supporters for trump
Retweeted by Ben Weinberg @AsteadWesley @ShaneGoldmacher @jmartNYT But according to all the experts on here, your story was targeted slander… @jefmbv @CandiceAiston I hope the sorrow comes thru is simplistic, and reductive, to ignore this. There's a lot of folks on this app whose "trust POC voters" mantra…
Retweeted by Ben Weinberg @aschie30 Real tough day for our favorite contingent of reasonable totally sane people on here. How will Bakari Sel… @terilg @bourgeoisalien @Torchlight_lms It's probably just her supporters complaining about the cop meme/tag/whatever. @jimbo22409501 @raisecallorfold @darrenrovell @AllALittleCrazy I definitely lol'd at you calling me a kid when your… @DeeepThreat @darrenrovell @AllALittleCrazy Thanks for the worthless lecture! @jimbo22409501 @darrenrovell @AllALittleCrazy You're an idiot. The only long-term winner is the house. But stay in… Bub deserved an obit, and she got one
Retweeted by Ben Weinberg @darrenrovell @AllALittleCrazy If mental health is that important to you, a career promoting gambling doesn't seem… had a really great game! Beyond the huge sack to get the ball back inside 2min, he blew up the play before Seattle's last FG.The most majestic tail I've ever seen..
Retweeted by Ben Weinberg @Frustrated_Fan @PaulMBanks @WillChase_ Where's the B1G Tournament being played this year? Atlanta, in late January… @VibezCartell Omg you're an idiot. You don't think the greatest player ever would know how to adapt to rules? He'd…
@Tim_M_McFalls @WonnellR55 @DanWetzel Even if they're in the top 4, we know they're not the best b/c they couldn't… @Tim_M_McFalls @WonnellR55 @DanWetzel The 4-tm setup that allows for 2 from the same conf is already stupid enough.… @TomFornelli @fan_cornell The CFP's incorrectly viewed by fans as the be-all end-all of college ftbl b/c ESPN broad… @Tim_M_McFalls @WonnellR55 @DanWetzel BCS or the prior bowls & polls was better than this charade. OhSt & LSU are i… @WonnellR55 @Tim_M_McFalls @DanWetzel You're kidding yourself if you think they wouldn't include Alabama if it were… @Jared_Shanker Fact OhSt & LSU should be resting their starters in their CCG's if their only goal is winning the CF… @ESPN_BillC @Twitter Yes, but other than Minnesota, the competition was much weaker than what we'd been facing. Suc… @ESPN_BillC @Twitter UMass did a great job whitewashing the devastation wrought by McCall."Amazon is a trillion-dollar company. Working conditions can be much better than they are right now." #CyberMonday
Retweeted by Ben Weinberg @WildcatReport @B1GKurt I hope he ultimately stays, but given the passing offense, there didn't seem to be much opp… @thigpen11 @chrisfallica I actually think UGA's going to win, would love to see UW pull it off. Toxic effect of the… @chrisfallica Makes sense when you consider PennSt's reward for winning that game was getting screwed out of a CFP… @B1GKurt @WildcatReport We knew it was happening. I doubted Greenstein's report that he was going to test the NFL a… @jwsamuel @clcrabtr @JuddLegum That's already been happening. How do you think for-profit colleges came into existe… @SchutteCFB Does the B1G send anyone to the Elk Grove Village Bahamas Bowl? @B1GKurt @SchutteCFB @JeffreyTheGreek @EyesOnB1G What a beautiful schedule Illinois played in 1983. 9 Big Ten, 2 Pa… @B1GKurt @SchutteCFB @JeffreyTheGreek @EyesOnB1G Just looked up. 1983 was the last year. Illinois was too dominant!… @SchutteCFB @B1GKurt @JeffreyTheGreek @EyesOnB1G Then companies noticed how interested people were, and decided the… @B1GKurt @SchutteCFB @JeffreyTheGreek @EyesOnB1G I didn't know B1G had a 9gm pre-expansion. It didn't last until Pe… @SchutteCFB @B1GKurt @JeffreyTheGreek @EyesOnB1G But that isn't a full round-robin. B12 literally has the best poss… @SchutteCFB @JeffreyTheGreek @EyesOnB1G You could try to streamline the process, but I don't really appreciate what…