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From now on I'll soft block the accounts who follow me just for the follow back Obviously I can't be sure when som… partir de ahora haré soft block a las cuentas que me sigan solo por el follow back. Obviamente no puedo estar se… @DoodlyLaIa Another Code @ethercannon (it's a joke btw) @ethercannon Byleth is brokenNintendo can nerf Joker. But they will never be able to nerf MkLeo @cloudseaqueen Exactly 👌🏻
Retweeted by byBeli🔻#XenobladeRemakeMorning folks[XENOBLADE 1 SPOILERS] People who played Xenoblade 1 when they realised Malos has a Monado Original video:…
Retweeted by byBeli🔻#XenobladeRemake @link_zak @AivanSwitch Sí, voy a dormir ya xd👏🏻 PLAY 👏🏻 THIS 👏🏻 GAME 👏🏻 @Cedrik1699 Monday @buckywarriors I meant I can DM you cause you follow me @link_zak @AivanSwitch Que va @CloudStrian Who would vote it's fine? Smh @ontosTorin YOOOOOO ITS HAPPENING @Kaito6651 @Lelouchs_Aegis You're so cool and a pretty nice mutual @buckywarriors I can if u follow me @_ButterflyStep It's called Definitive Edition and that tells me there will be a post game secret episode, but at t… @_ButterflyStep @RawkHawk2010 I'm 100% sure they'll make two new tracks (one for day and one for night) for the Bionis' shoulder祝3周年! #NieR #ニーア
Retweeted by byBeli🔻#XenobladeRemake @link_zak @AivanSwitch No creo que sea un remake @link_zak @AivanSwitch Pokémon ROZA, Fire Emblem Echoes... Y ya (no cuento remasters) @link_zak @AivanSwitch No sé. Tampoco recuerdo muchos remakes que haya hecho Nintendo en la pasada décadaFUCK IT, IT'S HAPPENING @_ButterflyStep @NoXenoblaDEnews It's Tuesday so that's almost impossible, but it could happen that weekDude this has been every Xenoblade fan since 2020 started. We're never getting Xenoblade DE news. It's canceled @L0k0hGaming JuegazoNo XenoblaDE news @ontosTorin I still think it's too good to be true. What if it's a collective dream @ontosTorin Update: the game is canceled"She will no longer talk, no longer laugh, cry... or get angry..."
Retweeted by byBeli🔻#XenobladeRemakeMe voy a limitar a decirte que me cago en tu puta madre @UsagiTempo This @UsagiTempo Las de Rex, Pyra y Vandham no me encajan nada, y muchas veces la entonación es bastante malaI'm glad someone made this never thought I'd say this, but: I'm starting to like Xenoblade 2's English voice acting. I'll probably play it i… @Koro_Art @arthas1100 Estoy 100% seguro de que es un personaje de Xenogears o Xenosaga @JustinSub Tiene una evolución increíble, y en Torna ves más de su relación con Lora y ay 💔 @WOKENJJT I HADN'T SEEN THIS UNTIL NOW TOO, IT'S SO GOOD @Lelouchs_Aegis I LIKED THIS WITHOUT SEEING THE FULL VIDEO LMAOOOOHot take: Jin is the best Xenoblade 2 character, and probably the best character in the whole series[XENOBLADE 1 SPOILERS] People who played Xenoblade 1 when they realised Malos has a Monado Original video:…
@ontosTorin Same lmao @spaghettikuni @davidRevived @Dr_1up @auriwave Lo veía venir desde antes de leerlo @salseress Es la verdad @link_zak @AivanSwitch Que tiene que ver xd‘Faith shall be my shield’ ✨🥀 #octopathtraveler
Retweeted by byBeli🔻#XenobladeRemake @TheObbster @ActualAero The disappointment is inevitable @Blun_Z Can't wait for ACNH 2 to be announced @ActualAero @ActualAero @ActualAero Spoiler: there won't be a Direct @Shonen_King No se hable más @Cedrik1699 1 @_Shergiock_ Yo nunca he jugado a un SMT y tengo claro que será el primero que juegue @YuYuHyper I'm a Pyra stan but if I choose Pneuma I have both Pyra and Mythra so it's obviousI'm dead @SkulleD42 @SkulleD42 @SkulleD42 @ac_starlight @MiisterBek Hey ✌🏻3月のオルスタ君でこんな本が、出る、かもしれないぞ!!!中身はパロギャグかな!戦争はしません
Retweeted by byBeli🔻#XenobladeRemake @ethercannon There's no way I'm better than you @agniiratha -It's the best game ever @varooskd @AivanSwitch @MrTheory4 Decir que es un remake pero no un juego nuevo es contradictorio xD. Y ni de broma… @AivanSwitch La semana que viene no creo, pero si que estoy casi seguro de que habrá un Xenoblade Direct. No creo q… she's done. So good to paint for myself again. Seriously hyped for the game. Let me know if you're interested i…
Retweeted by byBeli🔻#XenobladeRemake
Retweeted by byBeli🔻#XenobladeRemake @chetara_world I-I'm sorry but I love Melia tooI feel like throwing a fact out original name for Xenoblade Chronicles, the JRPG masterpiece launched on the Wii in 2010 (JP), was "Monado: Beg…
Retweeted by byBeli🔻#XenobladeRemake @DynastyArigato I'm both lmao @MarioLuigi0404 @XenobladeOST EXACTLY @Azul_Oak @mariobenito55 AZUL ESTOY EN EL SUELO XDDD @DoodlyLaIa @Sr_AlqZ
Retweeted by byBeli🔻#XenobladeRemake @TropicalMaku Bruh 🥺🎶 Spicy Calamari Inkantation (Splatoon 2)[Xenoblade] "The Monado is a divine sword capable of disturbing the very fabric of existence. Of both the material…
Retweeted by byBeli🔻#XenobladeRemake @Dr_1up Yeah cool but who's the winner @ethercannon PP is the one character I'm in Elite with lol @joseluischav831 @XenobladeOST YESTHE TIME IS COMING @KingRegulus2002 @XenoTrivia @Damage_Go WE MOVE @SkulleD42 Lo acabo de ver. XDDDDD @SkulleD42 No me jodas que han vuelto a decirloWho made this account. I gotta fight you @Sirotik_ Ya hay cosas nuevas confirmadas xD: zona nueva (hombro de Bionis), nuevos trajes y nueva réplica de Monado @mrpyo1 @Sreliata I think he's ok but not ok at the same time#xenoblade2 #ゼノブレイド #ゼノブレイド2 #Nintendo ホムラ 火遊び
Retweeted by byBeli🔻#XenobladeRemake