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Professional account of Charlotte Ariel Finn, autistic gay Canadian trans writer lady (she/her) and also skunk furry. Banner @lokified Av by strongkfurry

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We all sure had a laugh returning to Commander Shepard, but there's only one real shepherd who is going to return t… @LongTallJodie This particular dose was touched off by the scene in Paranorman where a kid freeze-frames on an aero… my ass to a Pixar ass @for_flotsam I hope so! @LongTallJodie I, also, love being a turtle
@Hellburger99 @bairfanx Blue: It's a Flavor Now™ @Bustronaut Wikipedia points to April 18 - I don't recall any sources that say March 5th? Wild @Bustronaut Superman's birthday, and April 18 (debut of Action Comics #1) @Randy_Bobandy13 Yep!Now if you'll x-cuse me, the 17th is Miracle Monday, one of two to three Superman-related holidays I observeFinally a day where we can talk about the X-MenThe Gamer Never WaitsWhat a buckwild add for a hard drive @thedicegoddess Oh, sorry 😅 This is outstanding work! @thedicegoddess This looks so sweet. Who's the artist? @KarlSeames Congrats! School is a motherfucker, but you survived.Oh sure, the G.I. Joe movie posts a picture of a hot girl in glasses and you're all "I want her to step on me," but… @internetFionna Bones are a vibe, but vibes are not necessarily bones @BurnBigTexBurn Ah, well: I am not cooler than SonicFox, but thank you 😁Listen, if Yoko Taro can do it, well, I'm cooler than Yoko TaroMe: want to go back to cons; feeling understandably germphobic. If only there was a way to cover my face politely -… @Leask This thing's middle panel is gonna open up and shoot out a mind control ray or something @PositronicWoman Mother fuck, what an awful bossTony is Like the Hawk: Sometimes He Must Go Hooded"As the anarchist saying goes: in matters of the fursona, refer to the furry." - Quiplash, tonightLast night, a friend drew what a daiklaive from Exalted looks like
@neokefka_99 Would honestly be an improvement over the last three @evanwaters Long Live The New Flesh @colon_three're on a first date with someone and they tell you your social security number. You immediately leave. What is it?Aright, enough people said they didn't want it that I'll refrain from posting it on here in the future. Thanks! @ingdamnit The page goes live for everyone else on Friday but YOU can pledge as little as a dollar and support us,… patrons: BRAND ECHO, by myself and @ingdamnit, has updated! Alice yeets. @ASahrlingHamm I'm so sorry for your loss, Anna. @thornhillgaming My favorite thing from a recent session is that at the end of it, no one was talking about their p…"By the White Wolf!" - Colossus, who talks about his World of Darkness tabletop game when he is surprised @NerbieDansers Hate it when someone is misinformed about Iraq💭 The one that's just starting up has me playing the daughter of a supervillain who has figured out that Daddy migh…💭 Friend Emily invited me to the best campaign I ever been in, been a mildly to majorly annoying evangelist since…💭 MASKS 💭 Its systems are very simple, all work work together to emulate the genre of young superheroes, and they…, young superheroes inspired inhalation) poll, how do people feel about cartoon nudity (AKA "null," aka no naughty parts) on fursona drawings I share?
Retweeted by Charlotte Ariel Finn, Furmaid @VicPerfecto This is actually new to me! What a great composition for an iconic shot.
Jeff Bezos Sees Nothing Wrong With Funding Two Shows About How Lex Luthor’s Arch Nemesis Is Actually the Bad Guy
Retweeted by Charlotte Ariel Finn, Furmaid @cheryllynneaton I have said this before, but if ZS signed on to do a Spawn movie, I would buy a ticket 45 seconds laterBasic skunk colors plus deciding that framing a white stripe with blue and pink bangs would be extremely on-brand.… @ByCharlotteFinn "Let's see Hulk survive this!" *Hulk survives in an increasingly grotesque way* "Ah, well nevert…
Retweeted by Charlotte Ariel Finn, Furmaid @franzferdinand2 @arthurwyatt Villain in Immortal Hulk, about to win: don't you see? Body horror is stupid. Body ho… @jason1749 @franzferdinand2 Impossible! the Hulk can't do that! (reads issue 50) Oh God. The Hulk CAN do that. @arthurwyatt It's good every single time!Every Villain in Immortal Hulk: You're fucked, Hulk. The only way out of this is for you to do something that you c… am about to lovingly dunk on Immortal Hulk. I enjoy Immortal Hulk. Please do not tell me I am being unfair to Imm… @daveexmachina Man, I envy you, I got a text from the boss at 10:00 last night and I had to answer it 'cause it was extremely time sensitive @internetFionna Ah, gotcha. I mean, technically you game with pogs, but, y'know: that emoji maybe needs to quietly slip out the door @internetFionna (Mike Sterling is a mutual who runs his own comic book shop and so: he's got opinions on pogs) @internetFionna but how will Sterling keep his comic shop afloat without pogs??? @internetFionna I live in creation and I keep my stuff there @Caudlewag @TheDandyRay I adore tail floof @internetFionna Judging by this poll's results: apparently! @internetFionna Yeah, but on the Scale of Relative Eyes Emoji where vixens are a 10/10, skunks are closer to the top than ducks are 😁 @ingdamnit If that's true, it may be that being self-critical is why I'm a bright spot? @PositronicWoman Let's be honest, that thing where Angelina Jolie meditated with floppy disks in her hands is 100%… that you're not gonna hurt my feelings if you think it's too far! I realize that Twitter is a content firehose… poll, how do people feel about cartoon nudity (AKA "null," aka no naughty parts) on fursona drawings I share? @SpeelmanTom It is extremely good. @VicPerfecto Who the fuck knew who Thanos was in 2012? @jonrog1 "I still love you even though you are now a hive consciousness controlling a swarm of cicadas" @Leask Are we ready for the tenth anniversary of the We Got Bin Laden scene @Karnythia Toss It Back"How To Hunt and Kill Charlotte Finn: This is Not a Hypothetical Exercise, This Book Will Literally Teach You How T… @taterpie @THEKarlaPacheco As am I!
@Spearhafoc_ I regret to inform you that this screencap is not from Crank 1, but Crank 2, where he has to keep his… is actually not a complaint - okay, not much of one - because one thing I did not like about the first Venom…'t wait for Eddie Brock to fight Him But A Different Color, in contrast to the first film which had him fight Him But The Same Color @TheGonzalez There really was no other imprint quite like it.Can't believe David Bautista will be playing Lupin @BurnBigTexBurn This is p. bad @BurnBigTexBurn I don't like to see thatThe parody is pitch black and not for everyone, but I love it.One student is financing a war on student credit card offers. Another knows he'll succeed in inventing a time machi… you haven't read it, FINALS is about the most pitch perfect parody I've ever read of how post-secondary feels at its most stressful roof of car) "I fucking hate this Autobot" @ChrisCrash00 Shiny latex, basically. The symbiote was, after all, supposed to be something Peter Parker wouldn't f… @dogunderwater "People laughing at their own jokes" is basically 90% of podcastingMy lowest point during the pandemic was significantly lower than "went off diet" @maplesbian Gotcha, I don't follow them, so the risk of me doing so should be minimal @irisjaycomics They hang out at the mouse pad, obviouslyAre Destiny engrams the final form of crypto @maplesbian Hmmm, something I should know about them? @for_flotsam Okay, but no one actually swallows you Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom: oh no?
@for_flotsam What shit specifically is getting weird?I miss my youth physically but I do not miss it emotionally. With age came experience and wisdom.I fell for the "you must be young in order to be important" cognitive trap as well, sadly. It made for a depressing few years from 26 to 36.So, Marvel Comics exists in the Marvel Comics universe, and publishes comics with fictionalized accounts of real pe…
Retweeted by Charlotte Ariel Finn, Furmaid @Doubting_Tom Tom, why have you done thisNice try Dracula
Retweeted by Charlotte Ariel Finn, FurmaidHandling this one better, anyways.Well, it's Mother's Day.