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@Indigenia You are such a great voice. Glad to follow you here. @natedub9 It was fine but didn't really explain much @natedub9 Yes, to all of those. @cathinator Whoa, but okI'm wearing the sunglasses from They Live and all of Ann Coulter's tweets look like this now.
Retweeted by BCCDaily Game: You’ll never be able to help anyone else.. Until you get your OWN shit together.
Retweeted by BCC"People in the dominant group can rest in their mediocrity. That’s the privilege of privilege: being mediocre witho…
Retweeted by BCC @TreydenT @poetickate Yes and yes @caroisangry @krisis86 @slickshoe Look, he gets a pass @brooklynmarie I love that emojiThis is going to be great. @sms65 All three are trash @beckwilhelmina @poetickate 😂 @gokaisergo 😂😂😂😂 @livvidiaz Good, don't do it @AGoodHusband Only seven books @jrwatts123 Noooooooooooope @JasonLHudson That's more than 7! @benluthi Hmmm @ryanboam No, just ones where you forever get a pass for not reading @AlexKinghorn I will Google it @erkj72 It's so bad @ryanboam Uh yeah I don't think anyone is going to give you guff for not reading those @jrwatts123 Nope I will not, it was not good for 350 pages and that's more slack than I give the Bible @AquamarineSteph I feel like the Wikipedia entries are solid for each of these, you get full credit for reading tho… @slickshoe So granted. @AquamarineSteph Jk it's cool, my Hitchhiker's Guide jokes are a little stale at this point @AquamarineSteph Wait wut this backfired, some of these are great @jjamesstark That guyI'm sure Infinite Jest is freaking magnificent, its grandeur just waiting for me once I get past page 300 or so @AdamBroud @LifeOnaPlate @dougiec0n Who are you people, get out of my house @JennyGarrard I said it today in sacrament meeting and I wasn't even giving a talkAlso it should be a constitutional right to blow off Infinite Jest without people saying, "oh, you haven't read Inf… chain tweet, but instead of having to post seven books you love, you can blow off any seven books you want withou…, another crackpot Russia conspiracy lawsuit ... Filed by the NYTimes @ogjtm You're way better than the other James the Mormons out there @tiny_jedi @poetickate It is @jcougars7 @poetickate 😂😂😂 What @jenorca OMG let me retweet this @RobotCrow1878 @_Intelligencer_ @poetickate Oh man @katiebambatie @TheExponent Would really like to hear what you're going to teach tomorrow. That's a hard topic - we believe in you!! @redheadedsinger @poetickate 😂😂😂 @_Intelligencer_ @poetickate We should totally do D&D @martalinksy ❤️🇨🇦 @dhblds @GageC768 @poetickate Your body can't digest gum at all. You just poop it out eventually @poetickate IT WAS @CaitlinRDuncan YES @NatsCrazy34 You're welcome @kmonson NicheIf you're Patrick Roy's child the goalie host is your constant companion @poetickate You could tag a brother @poetickate I used to believe that Jesus looked EXACTLY like this painting, by revelation @poetickate You done stole it @poetickate We should start a thread of Bad Ideas we used to really believe @poetickate YesA good birthday present would be a dinner party with Patrick Roy, the gift of the goalie host @poetickate BWAH HAH HAHAHA @poetickate @BenjaminEPark Some of them come to you a little prematurely @megan02260 Oh man that sucks“This Is Bad”
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Today is turning out differently than expected @LifeElevatedMom Yeah @retsooWmartreB The answer to your question is yes. @retsooWmartreB Perhaps next time you will guard your tongue when your first inclination is to be gratuitously insulting to others. @retsooWmartreB You're honestly trolling? Good luck. @retsooWmartreB You're trolling, which is unwelcome on any platform. @fried_madness Yeah he's gone @SpencerWMcBride Kid A @wendy_b No we're not @MichelleLQuist @sltrib I don't agree with his first point, but I largely agree with the rest. @T_Friendly27 Yes @NishWeiseth you might like this @MormonAffirms Lol @MaybeACrook @MattSBN Accurate @T_Friendly27 YesA Public Apology to “the woman taken in adultery.” @nedquimby The kindest thing is to report and block hate in our social media tbh"We do not honor the priesthood of God if we are not kind to others." - Thomas Monson @dhblds But geese are dicks, which is why we should eat them @dhblds Turkeys will beat the snot out of a goose @RelevantQuest I like that thought.Turkeys are modern velociraptors, which is why Thanksgiving kicks buttThe only feathered beast that instills fear is the mighty turkey, heaven help you if you encounter one in the wild (ie your driveway) @ImprovementEra @Quinn_Colter It's personal revelation but it's binding on Twitter @tisheli Why you gotta do this @janellie57 Pffft @TylerWS O wasp where is thy stingI'm ready to abandon evolution because of this bullshiz dinofeather thing. Bring back the fearsome lizardsThe revelation that dinosaurs had feathers completely ruined them for me."The Kick Is Up and It’s...a Career Killer" (Michael Lewis '07)
Retweeted by BCCPHYSICS TEACHER: ...and planes are able to fly due to an effect called "uplift" STUDENT: What's uplift? BRITISH E…
Retweeted by BCC @ldsbishop @brandonhstone @evanghall @SpencerJCox @LifeOnaPlate Ross. @no8675309 ❤️ @brooklynmarie Sounds like he's coming around to socialism, which would definitely hurt the movementHe healed the lame man in order to demonstrate to the Pharisees his power to forgive sins. All of us are so broken… I feel like one purpose behind Jesus' resurrection was to convince us that we can, really, be forgiven of our sins.High school football player barred from team because of homelessness
Retweeted by BCCNina Khrushcheva, the great-granddaughter of the Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev, said that what Russia pulled off…
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