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@monicaisliberal LOL @TopherJames5 lol i can’t blame him @seangentille “Girl, I know what it’s like to feel like I’m going to lose someone I love. Call me anytime."“Mrs. Robinson, I hope you don’t mind: I added your husband to our prayer group. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do.”This morning Magic told his church to pray for the sick, shut-in and Nate Robinson @taddmike It’s like he’s commemorating his KO on its 24th hourMagic heard what happened last night and assumed Nate was in grave condition. Magic probably just texted him, “Please b OK, Nate.”this is the funniest tweet of 2020 @JHWeissmann Smh. well, hey, i’ve always thought of tennis players as being able to generate significant torque wit… playing without a QB today too
@sgw94 Man I *know* you feel some kinda way about this!Imagine being a Bronco and playing through that game today.3-of-9 for 3 yards. The starting QBs in an NFL game today, so far.There were jokes about how the Broncos decided they could play without a QB because the Saints were too but might be some truth to that.I saw him huffing back to the huddle all mad last night after an incompletion and I swear I could feel the resignation from here.He finally had enough of that bullshit lol Hinton guy is a littler fella than I expected“What a disaster. How can they take themselves seriously?” - Jenee, learning about what happened to the Broncos.If you grew up in Houston in the 80s, you got to watch Warren Moon lead the Oilers back to the playoffs and see And… @thrasherxy Haha 2020 was bad but not all badIt would truly be the coup de grace if a white woman walked away with a nice chunk of this man’s remaining assets. @fancytomboy You put it in my timeline and then it becomes my business too! @fancytomboy @AJCLeroyChapman the trained are always apparently looking for fresh meat too lol @micahpeters_ @FourVerts COOL as shit @FourVerts also, i’m way late but: major, major congrats on everything, man. i appreciated the beastquake on the way out, most of all lol @FourVerts here it go! retrospect ... “and they ain’t leaving until 6 in the morning...” sounds like the worst scenario ever
Retweeted by Joel D. Anderson @Melanism Ha, he actually did me a favor by taking it so easy. If it’d had been anyone else with experience, I’d have been in real trouble. @tinclock Oh yeah. At our gym, the trainer wanted to enter us into some amateur fights and that was simply out of the question.Long story short: the security guard from my office, the guy who convinced me to try boxing in the first place, ste… I spent almost two years working with a boxing trainer just because I liked the workouts and learning how to th… made that penalty count and I appreciate the team effort @detroitplair It does clarify priorities, at the least @hodgman Haha, for that to happen, twitter would have to be familiar with my work in the first place! I guess, in s…’re flying the playoff committee to gather in the middle of the pandemic to figure out who looks like the bette… @tressiemcphd mostly, i was wondering if i’d have the self-awareness to notice the slippage and would anyone I love tell me? lolWhew. I avoided people asking me about writers when I posted this. :) I think craft and process are all about manag…
Retweeted by Joel D. Anderson @RocketIntellect Yeah but to me, that’s still him performing. @tinclock Looking like that fairy tale is almost overThat’s the 5-star RB I remembered watching all those times at North Shore. Of course, you know, this is *Kansas.* @busyxb I was legit worried about his brain health!Dallas’ hometown team @B_Spotless Yeah hitting on at least a couple recruiting classes, developing them just so, and then reaping the ben… has had a lot of unspeakably awful passing offenses but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen one this bad, not even d… wait. this *was* johnson. i was wondering why tarver was so light-skinned. @DRobertsIMG yeah, in retrospect, it all makes a lot more sense. but at the time, it was so jarring to see that hap… @rjcc smh black is beautiful @thequeso I too had not remembered it looking this sad @rjcc I don’t wanna see it but ... I kinda doMy god I forgot this happened to B Hop. somehow the Glen Johnson KO seemed so much worse. @YourManDevine oh yeah. almost none of us get to choose when it’s over, eh? plus i’m pretty certain i’ll be a deepl… @morepete @BunkiePerkins they also went 0-12 the year after weis, including a dub to south dakota state (maybe they…"I wondered if comedians have the same built-in reality checks on the natural limits of their creative lifespan tha… @BunkiePerkins I really can’t identify a single thing they do well.Retrospect but I mighta taken Caesar out because he was clearly gone after those penaltiesKansas out here looking like the Washington Generals of college football. I haven’t seen a worse P5 team this year… is what Les Miles has Kansas looking like in Year 3, huh?DeMercado just put someone on their ass and then their back, my word @GTb1973 man i don’t even know @YsanneBueno hey emily got some joints tho lol @trymainelee Haha, in a manner of speaking, he doesn’t know how it happened either.So yeah, a bad Big Ten season just got a little worse.While I was promoting stuff, I really should encourage y’all to check out Danny Boy’s autobiography. If you care ab… @YsanneBueno haha. thanks, i’m just hoping he can make it work a little!
Imagine trying to compose yourself as they double blitz the A gap. @KFILE For sure. 🙏🏾Speaking of 19-year-old aspiring beatmakers, I finally have some music to promote: my cousin has a song on this alb… @roywoodjr Lol yeah but I can feel the resentment. She ain’t have to say he was rolling in a Civic @roybelly Awww Princess Claire! @TopherJames5 @Ethnography911 Hmmm. That’s another good point @by_drew Yeah, man. He’s simply not equipped for the smoke if there isn’t a script or a rehearsal.“Recently got really into making beats.” Man, these people are probably 19. Give it another week. don’t even have Jaylen Waddle!I haven’t loved an Alabama running back like this since Trent Richardson @MacEngelProf Yup. Sounds about right @katienolan From what I understand, the best marketing and promotion plan is telling everyone that that’s exactly w… @Ethnography911 The most humorless professional funny guy I’ve ever seen!Devonta Smith, wriggling out of a phoneboothYou’d think he’d stumble into a funny, lighthearted moment every now again in his offstage life. It’s like being a… I know is that Kevin Hart is never funny, or even trying to be, if he’s not on screen or onstage. I’ve never he… of how much they hate each other to keep it going after all them scuffed knees and elbows. @zneeley25 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾Time to pack it in, Auburn. That hurt.This was an elaborate setup to bring up Slow Burn 3: Biggie and Tupac, including the first episode in which Danny B… but DJ Steward is the son of former Death Row Records R&B artist Danny Boy, who is maybe most famous for bei… @MorganPCampbell Smh lol we shoulda never let y’all have Darnell Autrytextbook
Retweeted by Joel D. AndersonDaniel Wright just made one of the best open-field tackles you’ll see a cornerback make in this ridiculous yearChuba Hubbard could’ve been making NFL money this year smhMichigan fans, this season doesn’t have to count if you don’t want it to. @ebrew79 I was over them after Darnell Autry graduated, manThe Big Ten basically did everything wrong this year, from being bullied into playing, to promising rigorous protoc… Porter Jr. 👨🏾‍🦳👨🏾‍🦳👨🏾‍🦳damn now FSU is ducking UVA. when will the cowardice of new age liberal america stop smfh 🇺🇸
Retweeted by Joel D. AndersonIt’s been 10 years since Cam Newton walked into Bryant-Denny Stadium & made magic happen during a historic Iron Bow…
Retweeted by Joel D. Anderson
Texas needs a coach who understands the program's proud history, knows what it's like to coach in the spotlight, an…
Retweeted by Joel D. Andersonmeanwhile art briles is 18-5 at his little north texas high school @whatersername lol they stole him from LSU!