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@sofiyaballin Okay wait these exist because my grandma used to rack up lol idr where though 😬 @troytheboyy @motherjuniper My great-aunt told me that she had a whole girlfriend and broke her heart for a man bc… @CreeAMoore Lmaooo this music though 😩😂Beyoncé by me for British Vogue :’)
Retweeted by jonai @_naimani Sis you FINE. Stop that. @_naimani Lol iphone ain’t built for this @tanaebriana Nope. My handwriting is trash 😬dignified + esteemed articulate + dexterous AND I RAP BETTER THAN EVERYBODY IN THIS PICTURE! 🤷🏾‍♀️ #Philly
Retweeted by jonai @SomeGoodKarma Sis saging the protest.
Chappelle's Show coming to Netflix is actually the perfect therapy I'm going to need going into next week.
Retweeted by jonaiGOOD DAY'S HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR! Who did it best this year?! #FOX29GoodDay
Retweeted by jonaiComing to America whole fuckin song about loving lady cops and you're not even gonna vote for kamala?
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Retweeted by jonaiIf you roll up to the @brooklynmuseum you can see my short An Ecstatic Experience and a host of other amazing works…
Retweeted by jonai @ThenTheresStar @pussy__willow Wowww what a day 😂
There isn’t a Walmart in North Philly, this is the one in Port Richmond. Redeveloping and renaming sections of th…
Retweeted by jonai @gottheraps Gotta clear the cache from everything.For someone who can talk as much as I do, I really struggle when it comes to talking about my feelings. I oftentime…
Retweeted by jonai @CountryAmmar 😁🙌🏾 @Janell_Corinth 🙌🏾🙌🏾 @HennyxTrae Thank you!! @stankofa Thank you!!how it started --> how it's going
Retweeted by jonaiA frequent daydream of mine is buying hella land with other Black queers and setting up our own little community.
Retweeted by jonai @addyeB Whew you and your daddy!!!
My grandmother rang the bell for her final treatment! @kingnalodarling 🤗 anytime! @kingnalodarling For folks unable to afford therapy, here are a couple of funding resources I’ve used. Both apps ar… summer, we saw how police and other agencies utilized curfews as excuses to further escalate and harm proteste…
Retweeted by jonaiPhiladelphia issued a curfew beginning tonight at 9pm and lasting until 6am.
Retweeted by jonaiBeen waking up to gray skies all week.LMAO yourself a Beth. That’s it. That’s the tweet. #ThisIsUs
Retweeted by jonai @SarahAnnGilbert I’m numb to it at this point. This has been my whole life lol but thank you! I think so too 😊
Me @ America @Luvvie Graphic designer here 🙋🏾‍♀️ @addyeB Lmao he ain’t even worth that energyMy professor mispronounces my name every single class. I’ve corrected him multiple times during each class. My clas… told me that I pronounced Du Bois' name incorrectly, yesterday. They urged that I pronounce it, "the French…
Retweeted by jonai @KaliforniJAY We did happy hour at this cute Cuban spot. After bae paid the bill, we sat there for another 4+ hours… police are absolutely horrible & need to be abolished, but PPD is especially vicious.
Retweeted by jonai @maurachanz This literally just went off lol love me some Emily King 😌 @ScottieBeam This looks like a @MissThrilla dress 👀
@CountryAmmar This is so strange lolCheers to Black people!
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Fire!! : a quarterly devoted to the younger Negro artists. 1926 Complete work digitized:
Retweeted by jonaiMy grandma fries food like this and I just don’t understand.
Love isn’t optional. Love isn’t a reward. Love isn’t an individual obligation to self. You need love to survive. You’ll perish without it.
Retweeted by jonai @VeganPlasdick Happiest birthday 🤗✨how it ended:
Retweeted by jonaiOkay but this crab, egg, and cheese sandwich I made is *chef’s kiss*This is great lol
I’ve been having these moments since I was a kid. I always win 😂professor: this is the assignment. me: okay, but i wanna do it like this. professor: okay, but THIS is the assignme… @themakeda Ayeee congrats!!! wish so bad we could’ve shared conversation in person. She is so brilliant, and left me with the most inspirational gift of words.
In moments I’ll be on a call with thee Carrie Mae Weems and my heart is THUMPING.#TBT
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Hey what y’all Baltimore ass dummies over their doing!
Retweeted by jonai @KW33NSOHI9H Peach was hard lol @CreeAMoore Oooooh yessssss purple naked ladies! @CreeAMoore PurplePeach 🍑 @KW33NSOHI9H Oh let’s play 👀A white woman didn’t tweet this???????? images de Sekhou que j’ai photographié à Paris 🎞
Retweeted by jonaiA professor at @PennGSE wrote this trash. Masturbating in the middle of a work meeting and exposing your penis to y… @SomeGoodKarma Build a relationship with the communities you’re shooting!Just finished watching The Social Dilemma and logged right onto Twitter + IG 😩😂
@tejabailey A lot of people get hung up on sun signs, especially when people are like “you must be a Virgo.” But as… @renaadawilliams Both 🤗“It costs $0 to retweet” yes but also I do not want to retweet thank you
Retweeted by jonaiIt’s like being with your best friend. There’s unwavering trust, ease, transparency, and endless discovery of my pa… don’t care how many times you have allowed someone to mistreat you. You can always decide not to let it happen again.
Retweeted by jonai*calling all emerging photographers* getty asked me to be on a panel to award three image makers grants as follow…
Retweeted by jonaiOpportunity for Black + immigrant filmmakers:
The older I get the more I’m willing to pay extra for convenience.
Retweeted by jonaiA nationally touring exhibit brings a Kehinde Wiley sculpture to West Philly via @phillyinquirer
Retweeted by jonai @Danny4now I think her “innocence” was deff the point. She seemed cool, but at the end of the day, she still went t…’re allowed to love people from a distance.
Retweeted by jonaihappy Sunday.
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- Chaka stanning “Mascara” is my new favorite thing. this energy from legends.
Retweeted by jonaiMy virgo ass cannot do group projects.I feel...attacked 😭
Make cool pictures on the computer. Maya Angelou said “How you feel about me ain’t my business” I internalized that.
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@juhmeer $500!Saidiya Hartman Named University Professor at Columbia:
Retweeted by jonai @RhythmKeene I got to page 62 into a dissertation and was like COME ON!!! LmaoMy commission process is so personal it’s a huge relief when what I’ve painted specifically for someone resonates +…
Retweeted by jonaiSpent the last 4 hours redoing my website + resume bc I can’t sleep 🙃 @KaiDavisPoet This. It took me years to even realize I was sexually assaulted because it didn’t seem “that bad” com… SA I was assaulted over 7 yrs ago. I’ve been in therapy for over 5 yrs and seen 4 different therapists. Some a…
Retweeted by jonaiHell NO. Gates, New Egypt, 2020 the complete volumes of Ebony magazine
Retweeted by jonaiPlot twist: Opr*h produced a series of “Black love” docs to spell out for y’all why marriage ain’t worth a damn to her 😭
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