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@prinzrob If fairness is the concern can they just ban cars lacking wheelchair placards or plates and allow everyone else in?
@prinzrob @OaklandFireCA They might also want to stop foolishness by closing off the entire area to humans. Two wee… @lindsaybanks @schmangee How would you solve this issue? Is there something between the current state of affairs an… @irapolis I mostly dropped my phone on bumpy Caltrain segments. No Caltrain, no dropped phone. @schmangee @lindsaybanks Yes they have. Based on what my mom tells me about her Montessori pre-school, it sounds li… @schmangee @lindsaybanks I don’t know Cleveland. But I grew up in homeschooled in VA. We did coops out of people’s… @schmangee @lindsaybanks I’m not saying *you* go figure it out. I’m saying the schools should provide a framework.… @schmangee There isn’t much info about co-ops online. Basically we’d have groups of say 10 families that do 1 week… @schmangee I don’t have kids, but my mom is scared to death to be teaching right now. I don’t know what the answer… @topomodesto @khuey_ Gyms are a tax paying, politician donating (bribing) business. The beach just sucks in tax revenue. @zachlipton From the widespread distancing and mask failures I’m seeing, the next few weeks will be bad in the Bay…
@J_LaCroix Whoops, wrong penal code. Try @J_LaCroix Violation of a mask order is punishable by a $1,000 fine or 1 year in jail... It’s a misdemeanor crime.… @lulahmae I’d like to understand the urge for diners to do indoor dining. @Derailluer @IDoTheThinking People are moving out my apartment in downtown Oakland — and it’s been open less than a… a mask. We could’ve gone to museums, movies theaters and zoos over the long weekend. Now we can’t because free… @hanlonbt Broadway. I know I’m going to get judged for sounding like a vehicular cyclist… but I’ve been nearly t-… always feel so safe biking the part of Broadway with no bike lanes. @matthias_nyc It’s the Walgreens at 14th & Broadway. It’s on the ground floor of an office tower. We got to fix the…’re gutting & redoing the Walgreens that was burned & looted in late May. campaign slogan: “Make America redlined again.” @rachelswan This was something I specifically asked to do when I was learning to drive. Considering the environment… at my old Copenhagen office thought I had “misunderstood” when I said some stranger on the street spit at me… @eparillon I stayed in Kastrup by CPH airport for an early morning flight once. Good part was there’s a bike path t… @ChroniclesOfAzu @fermoso @Oaklandside Even before the pandemic I think they were having staffing shortages. Back w…
NIMBY By Nature
Retweeted by Joshua Davis @rachelyhe_ @sarah_edo At GMU we had an ethics course for the Applied IT program... We learned about techniques lik… @jefposk You’re 61? Thought you were younger than that... I guess that’s what riding a bike does.
@ATT is there a reason your data center employees/contractors at the 1587 Franklin St, Oakland, CA data center aren… bull-bars on front of the SUV turns the vehicle into a dangerous weapon that’ll push people and bikes underneat… @sashaperigo I think you’re right, but if only we had contact tracing so we didn’t have to play armchair epidemiologist. @tim_mulshine Counter-point: downtown residents had weeks of protests at our doorsteps; nights of her cops detonati… is not nice
The people are doing more to fight COVID-19 than the government. I’ve yet to see this at any official press confere… @levelmeupscotty @robertsalonga @mercnews @EastBayTimes @thomas_peele @daviddebolt @NateGartrell Good point. Someth… Area can’t pretend racist policing isn’t in our communities. We were never an exception to the rule.
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@ebwhamilton Back in 2009 Fairfax Connector was severely gutted. At one time the proposal was to cut some service f… your local McDonald's has been shutdown thanks to a strike ( •_•) ⌐■-■ ( •_•) ⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)
Retweeted by Joshua Davis @IDoTheThinking And we have yet to hear anything about the three people arrested for allegedly shooting at OPD HQ the next day... @bryanculbertson @tim_mulshine Seems like at a minimum the leasing office and retail space should be swapped. It’s… @drooliet @trevorjtweets @bob_vols Presenting... The Everyday #GreenNewDeal! printable PDF at…
Retweeted by Joshua Davis @ambrown I don’t feel comfortable charging a large lithium battery in my apartment due to risk of fire (and lack of… @izs It’s kind of private, but you’re still missing the lock.. cones evidently aren’t doing much to make the slow streets safer. In Emeryville there are plastic jersey wall… yell at dangerous drivers because drivers won’t hesitate to blast their horn at me. Yesterday I was biking downhi…
@graue I have DarkSky on my iPhone... But without getting into the phone wars I use when I’m on desktop @izs My dad left us when I was 2 or 3. My mom used to say things like “I shouldn’t of had you” when she was upset.… correct way to read this attachment to the BART FY21 budget is as positions, not the costs of those positions.… made a Tweet mislabeling FTE positions as dollars. The tweet has been deleted and I apologize for the confusion.… @MitchWex @ryanlcooper Police don’t stop crimes, they respond after a crime has been committed, sometimes making th… @MitchWex @ryanlcooper (Recently as in last 3 weeks... the numbers probably looked different pre-SIP) @MitchWex @ryanlcooper I’ve been following the daily BART police reports recently. I don’t think there’s been a day… @TeknoMaeg @ryanlcooper Janitors clean the system. I’ve never once seen a cop cleaning up anything.Yall been LOUD about your hate for police and the system. But let a woman share her assault story and all of a sudd…
Retweeted by Joshua Davis @daguilarcanabal I know where this is going, and no. Hogan won by a little under 275,000 votes in 2018. In 2018 DC… @daguilarcanabal Have you seen how Hogan treats Baltimore? DC residents would not be well represented by Maryland politicians... @_FREEx99 @Kimbriell @IRE_NICAR @DougHaddix I received an offer from the Post. When I interviewed there I talked to… Republicans oppose state’s rights and local control for poorly managed locales they should disband Louisiana,…
Removing highways alone will not fix racism. It could even worsen contemporary planning discrimination as downtown… Opinion "Despite decades of political change, " David Leonhardt writes, "the wages of black men trail those of…
Retweeted by Joshua Davis @spatial_anomaly @RevClown She’s playing the game on hard mode. It’s the same reason entrepreneurs will make millio… regional housing allocation for the Bay Area (@ABAGSFbayarea) is far too low and based on flawed assumptions. I…
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@ChroniclesOfAzu The amount of fireworks this season seems normal. The intensity is something else though, this is… that overtime pay is for propaganda to open a new “save our statues” front in the culture wars. Just remember,… people aren’t even safe using the best intervention we have for Coronavirus because of racism. @wordsofapwale @rmc031 You know, most places might actually pay. I’m guessing paying people helps reduce absenteeis… scientists are going to push the narrative that “fear of protestors prevented COVID-19 spike” instead of “protes… @wordsofapwale @rmc031 In California we get paid to work at the polls. @khuey_ The difference is probably exasperated by a presidential Super Tuesday race with a half dozen competitive c… I tweeted data that says OVER HALF of police encounters nationwide are from traffic stops (Bland, King, Casti…
Retweeted by Joshua Davis @TransitGeekJoe @chrisarvinsf @DaiyoukaiGeisha @SFBART @BartDirector Before the SIP I rode BART 10-12 times per wee… 25, starting at 9am people ( #DefundThePolice
Retweeted by Joshua Davis @DaiyoukaiGeisha @chrisarvinsf BART directors will vote on next year’s budget on June 25. The only policing amendme…'m not saying that Washington Post story about Vallejo is wrong, but it's always good to compare cities. In Oakla…
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That “kill all whits [sic]” graffiti in Santa Cruz is probably a false flag. I didn’t see a single misspelled sign… don’t get the techie dig here. The vast majority of SV except Atherton is anti-Trump. @mipsytipsy Hi, fellow homeschooler here who was diagnosed with ADHD last summer. I put off getting evaluated for y… @OG_Alex_D @californianita My moms a preschool teacher. She says the preschoolers do not comply with social distanc… @NextCityOrg @urbanarium @guardiancities @UrbStrat @AdaptiveCities @Park_People @EleanorMohammed @CityLab
Retweeted by Joshua DavisMany people dealing with tear gas are just sitting in their homes, not even participating in protests. It has seep…
Retweeted by Joshua DavisSo there’s people at the bar outside my house joking and laughing loudly. I can’t believe how much I missed the sou… Alameda County District Attorney's Office literally copied and pasted the first page of its report from Dujuan…
Retweeted by Joshua Davis @sjauhar @nytimes I guess I’ll just go through another round of pissing out my kidney stones like a real man then.
@shane_bauer So a solider stationed 50 miles away shot up the federal building 4 blocks from my house. He killed on… @brentinmock Heh, I’m old enough to remember when looters and thrill seekers were circling the block at high speed,… @IDoTheThinking Yeah they were pretty dumb. For some reason they skipped all the half-completed timber framed build… @IDoTheThinking I’ve seen people lighting fires in the street before. But first time seeing people setting buildings on fire with fireworks.Don’t let up, y’all. So far, all they’ve done is give us a three day weekend and changed the syrup logo. Police h…
Retweeted by Joshua DavisUnanticipated COVID-related issue: sidewalks blocked for outdoor diners are inaccessible for people who use mobilit…
Retweeted by Joshua DavisFires are being set at and near my home. “White lives matter” and “war is coming” is spray painted on my apartment.… person allegedly assaulted a cop with a scooter. Cops then attacked dozens of peaceful protestors with their bi…
@woolie A while back I think they said they were blocking all the CA housing people. If I didn't live in CA I'd pro… dropping "master" in favor of "main" bc of BLM but still working with ICE is a pretty good summary of liberalism
Retweeted by Joshua DavisRayshard Brooks was a father. George Floyd was a father. Eric Garner. Sean Bell. Delrawn Smalls. Alton Sterling.…
Retweeted by Joshua Davis @sharethecities @WholeFoods Better yet, don’t shop there if there are alternatives. Because food deserts are a thin… Foods is racist. In Oakland, armed security beat a Black man trying to buy food, leaving him in a pool of blo… @susanthesquark Seriously, don’t do this if you don’t want your system getting hacked. @izs I’m used to l fireworks starting in early June here. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone is selling highly-regu…