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Mike Baker @ByMikeBaker Washington/Oregon/Idaho/Alaska

Correspondent for @nytimes, based in the Northwest. Previously: @seattletimes and @AP. Tips welcome via DM. Signal or voice: 646-394-3002

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i'm no math whiz, so can someone explain how we are calculating what counts as two days here
@annehelen i accidentally press that button at least 10 times a day. i suspect siri thinks i'm a very profane person.Watch 4 Decades of Inequality Drive American Cities Apart picture of undocumented immigration in the U.S. is changing. Though Trump insists on a wall, the number of peop…
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Black Friday . Small Business Saturday . Cosmic Crisp Sunday <--- We are here . Cyber Monday
@VernalColeman I would definitely pull a pound of food out and started eating it right there at the counterNEW: Weeks after Epstein died, a whiskey-guzzling mystery man came forward. He said he had footage from Epstein's h…
Retweeted by Mike Baker20 years ago today. by @Jim_Brunner
In my latest story, I explore how water infrastructure in California's Central Valley remains tainted by the legacy…
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William Ruckelshaus died today in Seattle. Full obit:😬😬😬 The fuselage of Boeing's 777X ground-test airplane ripped open during a stress test a couple months ago.… Quiz: Holidays Can Test Us. Will You Pass? via @SeanPlambeck and… @RachelAPOly why not make it thursday?
Say what you will about John Bolton, but we need more people who are willing to stand up and declare messages that… Gorton, the former Republican senator from Washington state, writes in an op-ed: "there are multiple actions…
I am a bit worried that my Wingdings typo is going to prompt a Font Club protest. Should I delete????A Font Club at a high school in Oregon is working to remove Comic Sans from school buses. Students have suggested r… university in Idaho is telling students on Medicaid: buy private health insurance, or drop out.
Retweeted by Mike BakerIn North Pole, Alaska, a lack of ice has forced the first cancellation of "Christmas in Ice" …
@EvanBerland That must be why you never gave me a Gchatter of the Week award.The fate of the nation’s oldest civil rights law could be at stake in Byron Allen’s racial discrimination lawsuit a…
Retweeted by Mike Bakersome exciting personal news: the editors back in new york have decorated me with my first accolade high-school student in Washington state apparently communicated with the New Zealand shooter as news of the massa… outstanding investigative reporter is coming to the Northwest. Follow her. But send your best tips to me. police officer in Spokane was just arrested, accused of raping the victim of a crime he was investigating.
NEW: Russia Inquiry Review Is Said to Criticize F.B.I. but Rebuff Claims of Biased Acts w/@charlie_savage
Retweeted by Mike BakerThis is like nothing you’ve ever read. But you must treat yourself. The peerless ⁦@EllenBarryNYT⁩ weaves a beautifu…
Retweeted by Mike BakerWar is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. was a dispute over 2 jobs in Portland. Now, a $93.6 million verdict may bankrupt the I.L.W.U. — one of the nati…
you know, i think there's a chance he could walk away with the governor's seat$93.6 Million Verdict Threatens to Bankrupt One of America’s Most Powerful Unions @KateReports I believe the word they are looking for is "bounty"
How the Collapse of Local News Is Causing a ‘National Crisis’ by @juliebosman @roncjudd love talking my way through the 45 different variations of petty officer @dahliabazzaz cooked fresh in today's stew of frustrations! @ronlieber ah yes, I believe his name is Ryan HowardNot pictured: The assistant to the director of public affairs.I contacted a federal scientist today. In order to answer my questions, she had to get approval from the agency’s r…
A 33-year-old man in Spokane has been arrested for the 58th time. “I always run from you guys.” updates from the library beat: - Colbert did a segment on the Idaho book hider: @gordonrfriedman i'd like a refund nowWhen is an online threat enough to take away someone’s guns, or when is it just joking/posturing? ⁦@ByMikeBaker⁩ ex…
Retweeted by Mike BakerThis is the story of so much of Central Washington — and the story of our future:
Retweeted by Mike BakerThe Divide in Yakima Is the Divide in America I highly recommend taking the time to read to the end.… @Jim_Brunner I still can't decide if he is a "Portland hotel magnate" or a "Seattle hotel magnate"NYT: State leaders said they planned the shock-and-awe strategy, "looking for something that would be edgy and that…"I will shoot any woman any time for any reason," a man posted on Twitter. "Kill all women," he said in another pos…
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“Every single one of us in South Dakota can partner to be on meth.” — the governor.
Retweeted by Mike Baker"The tagline is: I'm on meth," says the governor of South Dakota, ON VIDEO. Well, the campaign is sure to achieve…, JUST TO BE CLEAR, it's not a joke. Here's the governor announcing the new campaign and website: Dakota has launched a campaign to combat meth. With this new logo. the challenging cases have revolved around tricky First and Second Amendment issues. In the “ticket for joker”… many other cases, the red-flag orders have stood, and proponents are confident the laws are saving lives. 17 sta… Washington, authorities detailed a series of comments from one man: “You have no idea how fucked in the head I a… Oregon, where judges have denied 27 of 150 red flag petitions, authorities said one man had been reported for pl… Florida, a man who praised mass shooters online indicated an openness to shooting at one of his former schools,… initially won an order to take his weapons, seizing three rifles and three handguns. But the man went to cou… recently came across a striking test case for laws designed to take guns from dangerous people. The man had post…'s the "101 Ways to Relieve Stress" tipsheet that inmates were getting as they entered solitary confinement. "… states have “red flag” laws to let authorities seize weapons from people deemed to be dangerous. In some cases,… @LessIsMoh i vote yes @LessIsMoh many people are saying we've been waiting all day for it
Here are some stress-relief tips one state's prison officials gave inmates spending 23 hours each day solitary conf…
Retweeted by Mike BakerOn April 2, 2018, an undocumented immigrant was released out the back of a Newton court, evading detention by ICE.…
Retweeted by Mike Baker‘Absolutely No Mercy’: Leaked Files Expose How China Organized Mass Detentions of Muslims case folks are coming across this alarming CNN headline... The state says only 20 gallons spilled and only 5 gal…
Peak prison absurdity, courtesy of Washington state: Put someone in solitary while instructing him, “Avoid negative…
Retweeted by Mike BakerA tipsheet for inmates headed to solitary confinement: “Plant a tree” “Go on a picnic” “Put air freshener in your… asked if their relative had committed a crime, they were told no. “It is just that their thinking has been inf…
Retweeted by Mike BakerBreaking News: President Trump, overruling military leaders, cleared 3 service members accused of war crimes, inclu…
Retweeted by Mike BakerThe search for a G-7 site started with 10 options. Secret service narrowed it down to 4. Then they were told to axe…
Retweeted by Mike BakerNEW: FAA employees have been raising concerns about pressure from Boeing to speed up the approval of new MCAS softw…
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@DBeekman @Jim_Brunner @mnowlin_seattle Fascinating. Great stuff @NatBCo @washingtonpost Enjoyed the piece! But I do feel the need to disclose, with an appropriately Portland euphe… days ago, Ammon Bundy called on his supporters to converge at a northern Idaho property "as soon as possible" to…
boeing has fired a bunch of its robots. is this where the uprising begins? Makah, the only Native Americans with a treaty right to hunt whales, have not been allowed to do so for 20 year… @russ_walker you should be an editor!NEWS: starting today the people behind the Daily are launching a new show, The Latest, an afternoon show that will…
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A judge in Washington State blocked the Trump administration from allowing blueprints for making plastic guns on 3-…
Retweeted by Mike BakerCouncil candidate backed by Amazon money says the company's spending was "unneeded" and changed the whole race: "Wh… @ElaineMThompson Hmmm... The half-shadow made me think it was under some sort of bridge. I guess it's just the trees there.i really like the @ElaineMThompson photo on this story but cannot for the life of me figure out where it was takenVoters Narrowly Reject Affirmative Action in Washington State. What’s Next?
@MelissaSantos1 @mattmday @nytimes i make no promises! @MelissaSantos1 @nytimes i shall rectify this with a gotham city analogy @MikeLindblom @seattletimes I drove through the tunnel a few days ago, and the only thing I kept thinking was "Why… new Yanny or Laurel: Did Geno Smith say heads or tails? @seattlekim EXACTLY! @CraigAWelch It makes me gasp in horror every time!It's clear that Russell Wilson should get the league MVP, but ONLY if he can learn to slide without creating a knee divot in the field.‘The Dewey decimal system is a great equalizer’ via @NYTimes
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Just before the @nytimes broke the Harvey Weinstein story, Dean Baquet confronted Weinstein directly on the phone:…
Retweeted by Mike BakerBefore the first 737 MAX crashed in 2018, Boeing's stock was at $359.27. Today, as Boeing announced that the MAX… Last Days of Legal Cockfighting in Puerto Rico by @PatriciaMazzei
30 years ago, the same library lost so many books on human rights to theft that they had to be placed in a locked c…
Retweeted by Mike BakerBe careful out there, Seattle. After today's championship win, I suspect we will see some cars burning... excess po… the books that have gone missing are those by: @AprilDRyan @ReillyRick @ANatapoff @MichaelWolffNYC in the Library: Someone Keeps Hiding the Anti-Trump Books
@pgcornwell saving my energy for the medina tax vote recount!