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Full-time: @AsburyParkPress reporter/"piece of garbage sell out." Part-time: Snotty punk rocker. Past time: #TrentonTimes @RutgersCommInfo. Overtime: #LGM #COYS

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I just remembered Jake Marisnick is on the Mets @jfmclooney All these posers have never heard of deferred money because they don't talk about deferred money iN oCtObErAh, July 1. The day all the Yankees fans text their Mets friends "lol bobby bonilla" as if we actually give a shit.
UPDATE: Dad’s mad. @mattkatz00 It’s inexcusable. It’s like putting cream on your leg to treat a rash on your face.
lol imagine supporting barst**l in the year 2020 year ago today. France 1, USA 2. (Rapinoe 5' Rapinoe 65')
Retweeted by Mike DavisThe mask-less people crowding into these Jersey Shore outdoor bars every weekend (and the owners who let them while… @BobKarpDR I don’t know, Bob. At least your package went in the same general direction. This thing (it’s literally…’m not a geography expert but this seems like a not great way to mail a package to New Jersey.
@AustinBogues And again. @apagliar Isn’t it amazing how all of the biggest moments in Clark Kent’s life happened on gray overcast days? @AustinBogues It’s telling that you didn’t go to a GIF from this dogshit movie.I am watching Man of Steel for the first time in seven years and this movie has convinced me that the “Snyder Cut”… the best pitcher unavailable
Retweeted by Mike Davisoh shit it's true
@newsguz @LittleBlkDres unfortunately I can’t both accelerate and play the melodica at the same time just rode a knock-off Vespa from one end of Long Beach Island to the other, while wearing a Hawaiian shirt and li…
@MylesMaNJ @PaytonGuion Honestly, I think Mourinho would slot the three of us in ahead of Ndombele at this point. @MylesMaNJ @PaytonGuion Extended bench! If Sissoko, Lo Celso, Winks, Toby (who would come in at CB and push Dier to… @PaytonGuion I'd love to ignore it...but the man has a history of this kinda thing.Yesterday, I unearthed a text message I sent to @PaytonGuion in November that basically called this. The disrespect… Are you available for an interview in the next 89 seconds? Also journalists: Hey so sorry it’s taken…
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One of our own. #COYS #THFC Kane. Few human beings have been written off, discounted, derided more times. And retorted by keep on keepin…
Retweeted by Mike Davis @cartilagefree or just "Chas & Dave: The Hits"Fake. It was never tweeted or deleted.
Retweeted by Mike Davis @karen_yi @OglesbyAPP @YossiWolk @nj1015 @WNYC @OglesbyAPP @YossiWolk @nj1015 @WNYC ehhhhhh idk I can't stand that dastardly @karen_yi @YossiWolk @nj1015 That's the thing. It's an unabashed far-right media outlet in a state that, at best, is centrist…'m honestly shocked that the very tabloid-heavy British media never ran the story about how Ndombele kicked Mourin… amount of sheer stupidity spouted on the air every day is honestly astounding. @StephenBeard @Gannett Huh... I guess we just fly that drone to show off our piloting skills. We could lose some we…
Retweeted by Mike DavisAddendum to yesterday's professional note: I just learned this morning I'm on the list of IndyStar staffers who mus…
Retweeted by Mike Davis @jfmclooney As the prophet Meat Loaf once said: “Two outta three ain’t bad.”...even it comes with **dry heave** Barstool jackassesI have never been more on board with a Mets thing than J-Rod.
Whoa. Crazy turn of events here. @CourtMarabella YOU WILL NOT SINK THIS BOAT and @SteveFeitl walking to the car after the 2016 Wild Card Game
Happy Father's Day to the guy who gave me his face, his smarts, his laugh and his toxic relationship with the New Y… wish this statement by 10 leading journalism deans had started with needed self-criticism of our field & how we h…
Retweeted by Mike DavisLove to have the literal Department of Homeland Security choose both-siding the clearly right-wing extremist Boogal…
Retweeted by Mike Davis Bruce was like sixty years too early with the whole “we’re all gonna die” thing.
I am about to eat dinner at a real-life restaurant with actual waiters AMA am a white man, so what the fuck do I know, but I think “your ancestors weren’t murder victims, they’re an inspir… @jfmclooney god why can’t you be like other young people and just play fort night or whatever @jfmclooney lose my numberI always knew the Mets would never win the World Series in my lifetime but I thought it’d be because they were pere… units have PR departments, there is no need to do it for them
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Remember when Citi Field was plastered with Chick-Fil-A ads a week before Pride Night last year?
Retweeted by Mike Davis @anthonydeangelo I mean he had all that success though -- okay, I guess that success was while managing clubs who a… @anthonydeangelo Mourinho has to keep up appearances and alienate really good players for no particular reason.• Eric Dier broke my heart. • Mourinho only making 2 subs in the 1st match in 3 mo’s (and longer for half the squad… @ellabrockway Eric Dier, you stupid motherfucker.
Retweeted by Mike Davis @ellabrockway Eric Dier, you stupid motherfucker.Ph*l M*shn*ck is a complete hack.
...even the friggin METS were able to lock down their best-in-the-league-at-his-position guy. The METS got it done.Good lord, the Jets are worthless
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Retweeted by Mike DavisBOOOOOOOO, Yaloveto @WJCaruso @MatthewArco @ClaudeBrodesser Oh come on. Embrace the mullet. I look like a full-on amphetamine-riddled 1980s baseball player. @WJCaruso So close...
Furlough update #2: Stella and Rosie have discovered ice pops. (📸 @JDavis92, who is mad I didn't tag her on Instagr…
This is the last pre-recorded tweet: It's 4:20 pm and, if this bill became law, it would -- to quote one friendly p… update #1: Have y’all ever heard of this show “The Wire”? It’s really good!Hello, here is another pre-recorded tweet from last week. Lunchtime reading for you: The new marijuana decriminaliz…, this is a pre-recorded tweet from last week, when I was not on furlough. The new marijuana decriminalization…’m not crying you’re crying
@jay_lass The solution is probably to just open more stuff, I'd imagine.Is that bad? manages to tackle the physical and mental wounds, especially PTSD, suffered by both the Vietnamese and A…
I'll be on furlough for the next week. Until then, here is some Mike Davis-related content. I'm gonna try real hard… Supreme Court has already basically legalized corruption with its #Bridgegate decisions. So why should the New…, in New Jersey: @tovaherskovitz @mdiamondapp @AsburyParkPress @jeanmikle @SarahEGriesemer @scervenka @DanielRadelAPP @JoeStrupp Gue…👇🏾 My parents didn’t and there was a time I wish they had. I can’t tell you how many times as a kid I said, “IT’S…
Retweeted by Mike DavisThe more damning the revelations in Bolton’s book, the more damning the fact that he saved it for his book instead…
Retweeted by Mike DavisSo psyched to watch this tonight
If you've been getting your news from right-wing media, you probably think armed militant Antifa activists have sei…
Retweeted by Mike DavisSiri, show me fine art. we need to have a statue of an Italian hero. Let’s make it an actual Italian Hero. Salami, pepperoni, Supasahd,…
Retweeted by Mike DavisSubscribe so you can get this kind of insight from people who know and understand this city and its unique problems analysis of the Asbury Park decision to open indoor dining -- governor be damned -- by my buddy…"With all due respect, we cannot have communities mirroring the cavalier actions taken in other states which have n…
Retweeted by Mike DavisOf all the towns in Monmouth and Ocean counties, I would have never bet on AP being the one to flip Murphy the bird… you gonna tell him? Should I? Is anyone gonna tell him? Crow-Armstrong is a devotee of the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh. He feels weird celebrating his lifelong drea…
Retweeted by Mike DavisNew York Mets: WE HAVE THE PETES
THREAD!!! @RussZimmer hi RussThis tweet blew my mind.