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I have an unfortunate confession. Tonight while trying to click “Revenge of the Sith” I accidentally clicked “Attac… bad @BflatOfficial *eyeroll* @BflatOfficial OG Rough Rider puts it past D tier on its own. It's a fast an EZ DLC to finish and a solid raid boss to meme on. @ilovecheese_2 I just make it for fun :) hope you’re ready for my possible “Bring back Slag” tweet tomorrow. @bookwarm96 There is more relevant gear in GTD than Underdome. @BflatOfficial I sense no respect here. This is war. @JamesaroniTV Dope theme.Alright who's gonna WRONGLY disagree with me? #Borderlands3 @BflatOfficial @PlayGodfall Is there one for a Byrd? 🥺👉👈 @nonoelleno The duo boon with her and Ares got me my first win. Hence why she is the best.HOMIE!!!!! just wanna thank everyone who helped me get here! I absolutely love this community and I really did not expect th…
IRL WEEB PLAYS WEEB ZELDA BREATH OF THE WILD ||| #tatmanarmy ||| !yt ||| !died ||| !shop ||| @realancientrune It can good sir! @nonoelleno I luv her v much 🥰🥺I'm really sorry for posting this. Forgive me :( my favorite brew co. @SunKingBrewing in a @Wendys ad is absolutely insane!!! GENSHIN IMPACT IS DOPE!!!! Stop on by and watch me play!!! #GenshinImpact 65 *TERROR* ZANE BUILD! BORDERLANDS MAYHEM 10 ZANE BUILD FOR MOBBING!!! via @YouTube #Borderlands3 @EpicNNG Does this count? @EpicNNG SO CLOSE @EpicNNG ??? @ProdigyXL Can FL4K knuckle-bump his Loader Bot? Asking for a chat. @Borderlands Please tell me I knuckle bump my Loader Bot??? @ilovecheese_2 Forgive me father for I have sinned.Farming Stuff @Epicnng wants ||| #tatmanarmy ||| !yt ||| !died ||| !shop ||| I was memeing when I said this. If you want to see how dumb unbalanced the Facepuncher is checkout my new Zane T… the Facepuncher. @CappyYeets Definitely little hints at “pay to level this up” but totally not needed. So far it’s pretty dope if yo… Impact is pretty fun no cap. @EpicNNG @EpicNNG Don't be salty my dude lmaoooo, come to chat we are all raging now @EpicNNG @EpicNNG what about this @EpicNNG is this close enough??? 65 *TERROR* ZANE BUILD! BORDERLANDS MAYHEM 10 ZANE BUILD FOR MOBBING!!! via @YouTube #Borderlands3 @tbj_quag @ilovecheese_2 @MicroMakesMusic
Getting A Backburner Before @Epicnng ||| #tatmanarmy ||| !yt ||| !died ||| !shop ||| A Backburner Before Epicnng ||| #tatmanarmy ||| !yt ||| !died ||| !shop ||| @ilovecheese_2 Totally don’t have a build coming in using that as the focus weapons hahahaha we are going to farm for the Backburner that @EpicNNG wants. @EpicNNG It’s cause you cheat for WilhelmMeal flex @Lazy_Data to dinner with Lady Byrd. Going to stream when I get home. Kinda wanna do a FL4K build. Probs will just do Za… @badboychadhoy This is fucking perfectMost drinks I get are pink. This one has Bourbon in it thoooooo the fuck am I getting so many Trojan/Tinder ads? I'm a married man. I HAVE NO NEED FOR EITHER OF YOU. @BubsterYT Bro he’s got like 10 pre-teens that he gifted a sub to. He has no power over me >:)Now I’m being harassed for having an opinion @EpicNNG wanna say that Wilhelm bad.Random Sunday thought: anyone else miss @timthetatman outro of Vallis Alps “Young” or just me? @EpicNNG @Dankster_TV This fuckin guy. I hope you get a corrosive back burner on your 1999 try and it has ase fire @Dankster_TV How much did @EpicNNG pay you to put Wilhelm in thiscredit: @biggunn01
Retweeted by Byrdman778Kinda want some more UFC fights today :/credit: @biggunn01 @EpicNNG @Ki11ersix @MitsuShow That was very fun to watch @MitsuShow @Ki11ersix @EpicNNG Feels like a gg unless TKZ finishes hot @Ki11ersix @EpicNNG @MitsuShow Every ounce of his being said “stay alive” @EpicNNG @MitsuShow @Ki11ersix Oh that was for sure Ortega. Why everyone throwing these bad legs and getting sucked in the face? @EpicNNG @MitsuShow @Ki11ersix As a bald person I take offense to this. @EpicNNG @MitsuShow @Ki11ersix Oh for sure that was called far too fast. She was up 5 seconds after totally fine. @EpicNNG @MitsuShow @Ki11ersix Upper right to gut and it was over @EpicNNG @MitsuShow @Ki11ersix That was solid @EpicNNG @MitsuShow @Ki11ersix Y’all have hearts too big @Ki11ersix @EpicNNG @MitsuShow I literally asked Lady Byrd and she scoffed at me. @Ki11ersix @EpicNNG @MitsuShow Very good to know. I came out of that less confused than I thought I’d be. @EpicNNG @Ki11ersix @MitsuShow This I can confirm
@Ki11ersix @EpicNNG @MitsuShow Also no more NBA this gives me purpose lmao @Ki11ersix @EpicNNG @MitsuShow No picks for me until I got awhile watching, but after last weeks I’m stoked! @EpicNNG @Ki11ersix @MitsuShow Who we rooting for <3 @Ki11ersix @EpicNNG @MitsuShow Me being a silent watcher so I don't say anything stupid @tbj_quag is way too perfect. Like it’s an issue. >:( @tbj_quag @LogitechG Pro Wireless is perfect, battery last literally forever and is super lightweight. @MitsuShow That's a good choice for sure!Copy and paste but change what the bunny is holding (\_/) ( •_•) / >🐦Making Sub-Par Builds! ||| #tatmanarmy ||| !yt ||| !died ||| !shop ||| Sub-Par Builds ||| #tatmanarmy ||| !yt ||| !died ||| !shop ||| I start stream early and play even more today??? @Ccrypto5 I didn’t want to word flex my 12 pack absI’m bad at trends 🥺👉👈How this year started How it’s going I hate my life and get back into comp Overwatch???
@Chadly_99 A big pic of me or you’re a fakeWe are going to stream most of the day tomorrow! Going to fix some builds then takedowns with friendos!!!… to self: do NOT put my back to cliff! LOL way to start a stream with someone leaving and unfollowing because I'm not playing Borderlands 3. Man-Child Keeps Beating Up Dad ||| #tatmanarmy ||| !yt ||| !died ||| !shop ||| Guru/Crossroads of Destiny is the best ATLA episode by miles. Have a goodnight.Coffee is too good
I BEAT DAD ON MY FIRST RUN OF THE DAY!!!!! #HadesGame what’s best for you and your channel is stressful. Keeping a positive mindset is also key knowing that the… we are back on at 6:30pm est with some more #Hades and maybe some #Borderlands3! Rap. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to this on a drive and just lost time. @Ki11ersix True. I wanna no life it all and was hoping the BL update would be in December. Looks like I shouldn’t b…