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So from 7pm-9pm I’ll be djing a lil zoom porty for da yout dem (13-21) but I’m sneaking a few of my ppl in the bac… @AMENProducer let me blast hathe dj inquiries are coming in again but like not zoom ones 😳 How does that work?! Like are bitches carrying again?! In person?! @AMENProducer 😂😂😂😂😂
@AshB4Sure tore this theme song. My sis blasting it on ftI love them 😂😍 is why I always listen to myself. I deadass be right, all anxiety aside!If someone says the N word. Be the bigger person and beat they ass.
Retweeted by gran granFrom my dream last night the only thing I remember is somebody handing me an American flag.... I wonder what are m… expect when it’s only one ballroom judge who actually know what’s going on @franktbh @bundlebottom Where’s that video omg
Plz make a new avatar #thoughts @EliToYou It don’t look bad from the video @EliToYou What it gaveeeeStill gaggin I had one of the most fun bdays while stuck in quarantine. That let me know shit gonna be rocking. Still excited. #thoughtsY’all activate when black men are murdered. I wish y’all gave that same energy when black transwomen are murdered.… you can do this send it to my DM😈💕 These are knees ☝🏾
Retweeted by gran granwas reminded of this video and how weeks like this have lasting effects on our collective psyche. thank you…
Retweeted by gran granLets have some fun 🙃 see you in a bit 🤗 @ MY WORLD
Retweeted by gran gran @EliToYou Bet. @destrukshawn My girl @AarynLang been telling me to get it... imma get it @AarynLang Y’all jumped me *sheneneh voice* @EliToYou Lmao. Let’s get ya coin up @destrukshawn WhatI told y’all stop coming for me I’m nice on gta 😂😂😂
Retweeted by gran granAt all but they are fun 🥴 for the double booking... but the triple without paying attention is a kiChile ha
@otaweekly makes its return but this time to bigolive I’ll be doing a dj set to open it up and set the vibes. See… @UrBoringAsFUCK In the nameeee cleared herfucked her up
Retweeted by gran granDon’t knock someone for being strategic. That’s a bumb shit. @goldenpolaroid OmggggggggggggWow it wasn’t even good 🥺 you idk what the fuck the barbs are smoking but AB def got it for the battle. She’s nice and Nicki is nice. I… are bringing our Open Mic Night to IG Live this FRIDAY at 7PM! This line up is fab! This is not a show you want…
Retweeted by gran granPerson: can you not say racist? Me: blackphobic maybe? 🥴 @Dominicannabis_ I would like to munch itLadies and gentlemen Drags and fagsNiggas saying they outside Woo woooooOr remind you that you’re the blueprint
Anng really opened his eyes to Katara saving him and it was love at first sight. That was his baby moms and everything!A chopped cheese w bacon cheddar cheese onions ketchup and mayo would really tf slap rn WOW @moodbytai I mean you can buy her cuz...Sooooo funny ever meet those ppl that like if you say it’s cold they say it’s hot or just anything you say they wanna say the opposite? Hated itWe gone make itThe way I’m craving chicharron is crazy @blu_bone She got me NOT highA real woman is whatever the fuck she wants to be ✨✨✨
Retweeted by gran granI hate girls scout cookies weed ugh. I’m stuck w a Q of this shitYes but still wondering how I would get up to go to the bathroom 🥴 I look cute sis? out this AM w/ @HangTimeMag @ByrellTheGreat @UNIIQU3 @HangTimeMag @HangTimeMusic 😭😭😭
Retweeted by gran gran @UNIIQU3 @UnratedEbony @HangTimeMag @HangTimeMusic right @jrdynjy So cunt omg the way she speaks and all @mistervacation Lmfaooo OMFG (ok) @mistervacation Girlllllllllllll wow I’m gaggin the girls are talking as much... you know what Imma shut up
Chile I just hit aunty level 100 Bitch got a wine subscription 🤯 @BEARCAT_808 🤷🏾‍♂️OH MY GAWDDDDD
LMFAOOO yo what @bftacollective is hosting its 1st Virtual Open Mic on May 29th, 2020 at 7PM on IG Live. You can donate via CashApp…
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2020 Quanna offers up new 'Like Me' remix produced by Lost - #quannamc @quannamc #Quanna
Retweeted by gran granSome bad has come out of this covid situation but a lot of good has come also. Life is a rollercoaster I tell you. @Geez_supreme Ok we need to bring it back @DevTheRealest I was too young 🥺 @JasmineInfiniti RightI miss the hood bus rides to six flags and dorney Park. The cold fried chicken and hot Capri suns at 9am was the tea @KhariiMacc Yup yupI just think artist should stop projecting on other artist what they want for themselves. It’s nothing wrong w want… @KhariiMacc Lol love that @KhariiMacc You 🤔And I get that may be a success for you but don’t project that or anything on everybody as something they’re “suppose” to doLike I really thinking people think just releasing music and having ppl tweet about it then it past is some sort of success story....Y’all have these really funny ideas of success and how it should be.. it says a lot.Who is we all @yunghermoso When you find it call me @CAKESDAKILLA I would like to digest it
It’s toooo much going on. Everyone needs a break. I have funny thoughts about all of this.Nobody: Lana Del Ray: “I paved the way way.. from yesterday”All of the ones that included dinner and a movie @saphainas @yunghermoso Cancelled 😘The internet is so ghetto but I can’t stop peeking at she every now and then for the funny ass videos when I’m high. #sendhelpThis part
Punish me, please? 🥺
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@god_colony @RinseFrance @TheBasementJaxx @azadi_mp3 @Livity_Sound @Client_03 @ChemBros AyeeeMy music sound is very soft n cunt right now Hmmmm @iReyBear Bitches love to hatelets talk about the ordergag order @poppasleazze Hold up this pretty af
I gave the opposite lol either way its fucked I JUST DID THE SNORT LAUGH 😂😂 @BEARCAT_808 Good luckI miss walking into the club and hearing a DJ playing my music not knowing I'm there 😂
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