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@CAKESDAKILLA I would like to be watched over @illegal_fenty @Gialov3 lmfao damn now that I read it thats crazy @KalikYork you know what I "used" to give =/ @Gialov3 @CAKESDAKILLA lmfaoooo @KalikYork I hope you know your body is telling you to be creative or active in some way. Please listen.ICU?! GUARDS!! @Gialov3 I smacked bitches for $40 so I get. @YoungPharaoh11 You must @Gialov3 Chile
OMFG WE ARE A BLESSED PPL is so major... imagine having two major ass samples cleared for ya debut. congrats @loneamorphous!!! u deserve…
Retweeted by Byrell The Great @djgayz @loneamorphous FIRE @blvckyuppie Techno Twitter 🔥🔥 @KeithAlexanderr 🤔 howFinding my way back...Exactly be doing the most
Retweeted by Byrell The Great @KalikYork @sza Crack @UrBoringAsFUCK I love when you say that @neonangelface I never knew!!!!!!! @neonangelface Name them plz @UrBoringAsFUCK LMFAOOOOOOi swear you can be high af in a zone chillin & this would be @ByrellTheGreat cats
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@Destrukshawn @instagram Fixed. Whew!!!!!I miss dj’ing. I *do not* miss politicking with weirdos.
Retweeted by Byrell The GreatSaw ppl judging for having parties like they weren’t in the mix this summer. Like who yall frontin for? 😂 @gabrielganthony Fuck that. I need my things.Im deadass celebrating every holiday this years. Dear Jewish people, shalom darling!Twitter got a lil more desperate since the panny started. @shharine @AMENProducer Best riddim everNigga said I ain't no kidnapper 🤣🤣
Retweeted by Byrell The GreatCollege group projects be like:
Retweeted by Byrell The Great @loneamorphous @fatjoe @Diddy @djkhaled @COOLANDDRE Exactly
So watchu sayingggg 😂 i be talking too much
Retweeted by Byrell The GreatWhenever im asked to do something I literally always come thru if I accept.The free gaza remix is fucking crazy @raisaflowers Muthaedits, cuts, tools,
@CAKESDAKILLA 😂 @CAKESDAKILLA Charge them $1000 a second fuck that
Nah he bodied this im gaggin!Why am I just hearing the uncle murda 2020 wrap up ugh! My fave song series besides the maybach music series.Pu$$y fairy on the wayWhy is the “real depressed girl shit” meme so damn funny omg @loneamorphous No deadassPoconos for the weekend ❄️⛄️
@TrueLaurels Ewwwwww @AarynLang @CAKESDAKILLA !!!!! That’s when I was my cuntiest! @TheNewMethod Love him!! @blvckyuppie 12 is what I meant to write that’s why I deleted my comment. I need edit now lolMy wish in life. ME REPEAT MYSELF NOBODY CAN NEVER PLAY ME AGAIN.
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If you haven’t heard my new track, “CHASER”, featuring the incomparable @AarynLang you are losing at life. Don’t be…
Retweeted by Byrell The Great @TrueLaurels Lol I need itYou can press vinyls w bandcamp now? LordHOT 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵 @CountrySlimm They read in the name!! The video omg @djgayz The fucking commentsThe comments are nuts @dylanali_ @itsmateopalacio The second photo is ICON @darkwaveee !!!!!And then we be wrong for telling a bitch off about it smh sims has been in my life for 20+ years now. I’m gagging! @KalikYork I was with you until you said aggression because that can come in many forms @CaliMOfficial_ @UrBoringAsFUCK @CAKESDAKILLA In the kitchen lol
Happy New Year! I know i've been quiet on the music tip for the while, but Mama's been in the kitchen. Here's a nic…
Retweeted by Byrell The Great @TheRahrahGabor Purrrrrrr @TheRahrahGabor First of all unlock ya page so bitches can rt and carry w thisBlack music journalist.Me last night: bitch let’s write a song right now @CAKESDAKILLA: fjdcncnskrifitkrd... Ok I’m done.She deserves so much more will never go ice skating while we have to wear mask EVER again! @AarynLang @CANO3X It was. I wish everyone could meet their gg and have a relationship. It can be so important. @AarynLang @CANO3X Up until I was 17 she raised me. Best person ever. Such wisdom!Disgust me. Plz.
@leiomy FOR AREA RTW 01 Music: Funny Munny - Byrell The Great Ft. @jusss_precious & fatfemme Directed by… @LSDXOXO_ I love this song @B_E_A_R_C_A_T Exactly @aZollas Ughhhh like wtf I can’t stop thinking bout it @mymixxednuts Lmfaooooo wtf @viixxn Delete this @UrBoringAsFUCK Not roofie tho those are a carryI hate the dream I had last night @rawinfluence_ 😍 @KalikYork TechnicalityGive it to me ice cold! @noellearchives Ugh
tone.... natural reverberation, phrasing, agility and precision...brilliant self sampling
Retweeted by Byrell The Great @DevonMathyou aries vibes
I tried to run it away @solangeknowles how dare you eat it like that?! 🥺I tried to work it away.. But that just made me even sadder..Teyana BODDIED Concrete! I am gaggin @SkyhighNoDisney I’m w it! @YGFRESHH @oh_itsdesss @monroe_goddess @ledynasty_ Why?“Promote my song for me” A person that’s not even following me