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@skypexwilliams Let’s give it @ACABPERIODDDD What it gave @simeonwavy ✍🏾 @THABLACKGOD same to youLife hack: if you back ever hurting randomly, sleep on the floor for a night or two. @88SuperOfficial Of course @88SuperOfficial Add me. Let’s carry @RAHQUISEBOWEN In beans?? @iReyBear Now what rave do you speak of ? @KalikYork @_jwigz Like he said the middle ground is waffles and that’s that @KalikYork @_jwigz He ain’t liedThis grant is one of my proudest visions come to life. I am so proud to have worked with Mariette Pathy Allen, my v…
Retweeted by baby gatI could literally do a capital kaos tribute mix. He told me I own more of his old music than he do lol I loveeeee his music omgAnxiety will be my biggest downfall been doing the most.
Retweeted by baby gat @UrBoringAsFUCK he said it for me demons.
Retweeted by baby gatYo y’all stay screaming BLM then turn around and get mad at black people for standing up for blackness in white spa…
I need to bring back them lil secret mixtape packs I used to make and send out only to the ballroom girls. Someone… you for your journalism, @HarronWawker. via @jezebel
Retweeted by baby gat @idee_fixe_ Lmfao @cordill3ra @kush_jones_ @BlkTransTravel Def the ones! A lot of my friends utilize this and I know a few ppl connected to it. Very legit @BE3K_ ExactlyI hope they have another bandcamp day. I missed a few releases in my cart on the last one. @POSHBABYYY Lol aunty time 🥴😂Sounds about white yeah.... I know it’s aunty o’clock w me the way I just got so happy. Let’s order 🥴 of the best worst songs you’ll hear in ya life besides anything blue face @AarynLang trust and believe when this day come I will be paying humans dust 🥴😂’m sure white ppl started the cake thing. It’s very boring.The internet is a wild place @KensBestLyfe I need to try @CAKESDAKILLA She ateI adore the 90’s so much 🥺 @AarynLang Big time#NewProfilePic @skypexwilliams Me. Black aunty style @LSDXOXO_ That’s why Beyoncé dropped ya ass! She said DROP hahahahaMy problematic downfall is definitely overreacting but then again don’t start no shit it won’t be no shit 😂 And I… the fuck I been sitting on the stock market for 30mins wonder why nothing is moving 😡 pauly got me thinking today is a week dayDancing queen was my anthem as a child. @UNIIQU3 Relatable 🥴 @UNIIQU3 The saddest/ craziest part of it all that not many care because of how she speaks her opinion / the truth… would love some kimchi rnClub music in the morningTeyana - Wake up love actually needs to be my alarm @88SuperOfficial wanna dance on shrooms to lsd - inertia But the version y’all never heard w cakes.And that’s a fendi is Sunday not the weekend? Tf @AMoDELSLIFE Bitch @UrBoringAsFUCK For faxxxxthis how byrell house looked on my birthday
Retweeted by baby gatUpdate: FUCK THIS JOB!!
Retweeted by baby gat @kush_jones_ Wait they were shaming ppl for that? Lol weird... music is always the savior @serge_fils No what would be wrong is if you say that but treat them like you want moreEgo Death 🤯 @UrBoringAsFUCK Aggotfay @UrBoringAsFUCK Bitch mixing wine and tequila is literally a death wish lol @jonovia Chile sis it’s a ki @UrBoringAsFUCK You didn’t... nigga my last drink was wine tequila and white claw lmfao alchey shitI am currently laying my blanket out to sleep 🥴 I’m still gaggin @noellearchives LmfaooooooMe heart is bursting 🥺 in the car teas! Whew.. y’all are not weady WORLD
Visibility is a must! @LorKoley Def. we mustThe House of Lanvin... 🔥🔥🔥 @LorKoley You knew. I always used to tell you. Lol now I just wanna hug you @LorKoley You were so mean when I first met you omg. I couldn’t stand you @loneamorphous Lol they must’ve blocked you cuz I still see it @Flako_Curva What the fuck where is this? You always knew the spots!Confession: I have a secret obsession w Queen Latifah! Always have since a child. Her range is so crazy!Reinvest in the hood @Malefikunt Right @mistervacation DeadassToo me it’s harder because people either hate the truth or can’t handle... but imma still be honest @dylanali_ LeavingLMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @AMoDELSLIFE We got that from our mothers and aunts so idk @UrBoringAsFUCK Mind you I do forgot bout thatWon’t you come inside before the frostbite takes your life...@idee_fixe_
Retweeted by baby gat @CAKESDAKILLA My fave banji name is mumu @UrBoringAsFUCK Wait whom @Gialov3 Lmfaoooo omg @mistervacation RightOps I mean girl Girl girl girl Eminem ate that lolNo Guidance Rmx by Capital Kaos is whew! This makes me feel like I’m in 2014 nyc club scene. HOT! @PrincePBJuicee LmfaoooBAREBELLY by @kush_jones_ is crazy! Such a good track. @PrincePBJuicee CarriedMy bitch said entanglement
@vanna_blac Ate🤫 the kind of weather where you just pay it and play kelela @fatfemme @TheBakedCookie_ work sista!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s not forget