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@artieology_ Aww thanks bb 😍 @BYRELLTHEGREAT dj’d at OTA last night and his set was AMAZING. Listening to Werk Ya Bawdy all day btw.…
Retweeted by hood hero @UNIIQU3 @ITSDJSMALLZ @AseManual @yunganz_ @SJAYYOFFICIAL @TheOnlyMikeQ @LeoJusti @LSDXOXO_ 💜💜💜💜💜 @JADALAREIGN @halfmoonbk @jessicnnt Yessss we comingWhat defines the sound of a genre? In celebration of her new pack, we posed this question to Jersey club legend…
Retweeted by hood heroMy names not Kevin today!The PreShow was ON!!! (SWIPE) Thank You: MARCWAYNE itsmarcwayne SACRAFICE @HusshMedicine JASMIN VAN WALES jasminv…
Retweeted by hood heroVjuan Allure came to OTA last night and gave me such a fab compliment. Like the CREATOR of ballroom music came and said i was turning it. @JADALAREIGN @halfmoonbk Wait what’s the dates. I’ll be in Paris and amsterdam w my mom this weekend @BrandonKyle___ Do it lol but keep in touchOTA WAS FUCKING FIRE LAST NIGHT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I feel bad for you if you missed that!Sorry I didn’t 😣 my girl carried
but yall worried about gay couples influencing your kids sexuality
Retweeted by hood hero @UNIIQU3 @mistervacation Lmaooooo @UrBoringAsFUCK Us the movieAht Aht Aht Aht Aht Aht Noooo Noooo . I know witch craft when I hear it . im on to you @BYRELLTHEGREAT (Btw did…
Retweeted by hood hero @mistervacation I didn’t expect for the clubs to snap. Really only the ballroom girlsThis happens to me almost every time i party in manhattan or Brooklyn now and fronto saves many of lives I’m sureBalling in the thrift shop @rivermoon98 ChileSummer Walker really came and scalped the girls... I’m the girls! @rivermoon98 Omg 😰 thank you @BYRELLTHEGREAT
Retweeted by hood heroThe Book of Vanity is getting crazy good feedback 😭 & im ready to drop another project.🔥Hymn For Battle @Leonce Exactly!!
Mugler Porcelain Ball aftermath tonight at melrose ballroom. Beats by me know you carried @djjd805 @UNIIQU3 I would like to hear it 😍😍😍 She did this blend of oVahReAcTiOn and I gagged 😣A dark skin girl won! Yaaassssss
Retweeted by hood hero @BabyCurtis She already is @_jahdiah BasicallyWhat I thought the mugler ball was gonna give 😂😂😂 really be hating @YaUpperBody Let’s call it I would like to see you do it pookah @DenoSupremo Right i caught @YaUpperBody Exactly so it was shade. Convo done @YaUpperBody That I guess was very shady.... @YaUpperBody Ewwwwww what’s the shade???Said no one ever lol @LSDXOXO_ They gone give you more pieces pay it lmao @devdivine3 Period bitch!ICONIC HALL OF FAMER!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by hood heroFQ FACE - Dee Dee Lanvin $10K face winner 😍 #FQ @djswisha_ The 2 train??? Yo I stay seeing him.Look at y’all sharing 1 kundle in the club 1 kundle in the ass bitches @LegenDewry It gives thatMe calculating how much his chains are worth for when I rob him later.
Retweeted by hood heroi stopped dressing up for halloween in 2006 when tisha campbell-martin went as tyra banks because after that what’s…
Retweeted by hood hero @carpenika @QUANNAMC @A3C @DJCandyRaine Ayeeee @NomraInnasa Lmfaooo yo your captionLol gay boys really been on tv doing whatever tf and people really act like this shit so 2019
Retweeted by hood hero @blu_bone The left side with the crispy edges @VoguesBest Grand march.. not tens @UrBoringAsFUCK Had no number to call back. Ain’t get that @UrBoringAsFUCK I was on the 1 train at that time why you ain’t text me? @UrBoringAsFUCK Eww / I texted you
@MisterJROCKA ExactlyLmfaooooi. My favorite thing to play when biking is @BYRELLTHEGREAT ‘Vogue Workout Pt3’ cause that Ice Cream Truck…
Retweeted by hood heroJust rode past this diner me and my grands used to eat at when I was younger on kingbridges and almost bust a whole cry. I miss her so much.Every time I listen to FKA Twigs M3LL155X EP I feel possessed. Omg this is tewwww good! @CAKESDAKILLA Drunk off limeritas and lifeHappy birthday @CAKESDAKILLA it’s been a long ride since the flat days #sis @DiarrhaXo Ok work. Sis2Sis @DiarrhaXo @CAKESDAKILLA Wait my sis know my sis @rivermoon98 need10/10x
Retweeted by hood heroIf you didn’t hear my side of the story you probably heard a lie... remember that! @DjorLaJeunesse Fire wow
Sensual @MsTiffanyBender @PowerOf_PR @StevensVeryOwn @Taitortott @court_and_sweet Aww (but not doing) lolMe when my cousins bring they weak ass boyfriends to family functions and they asking dumb questions @desirexdesire A moodMugler weekend is a carry.... I think I’m paying it until Sunday when I dj the aftermathDear Muglers the amount of $$$ I spent on this weekend this better be the best ball I ever attend for the next 2 ye…
Retweeted by hood hero @MojoDisco This is hilarious @blu_bone That’s what she said @_ChrisWaldorf Yes tf he is @buQks_amilliOn Wow @MikelleStreet I say 🥴 @iReyBear #BEANSGirl not Azealia on Tina omg @DamnItCarlos @Flako_Curva 🥴 @rxmsxy This is such a look on you
@MojoDisco But lady marmalade is always the talk. Grammy winning and Kim’s only Grammy. It makes sense that HE would ask about that. @MojoDisco Yeah but he literally never referenced that. Lil’ Kim bought that up. You pulled that relation out of the air. @MojoDisco Wait but he asked female artist not female rappers.... which would be lady marmalade#Np Incantation No. 5 by Byrell The Great
Retweeted by hood hero @rivermoon98 LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO ME WHEN YOU BE WILDIN ON TWITTERThat seat cost $2.75
Retweeted by hood heroHey friends! Follow @ota_opentoall. A weekly ballroom night I dj at 3 Dollar Bill. We lit.I just tried to Shazam @BYRELLTHEGREAT Bean Qween like I don’t have and have never heard it. HAAAAAAAA!!!!!! #Spotify
Retweeted by hood hero @Yungsandwitch 😂😂😂😂Me at the 1:40 mark @BYRELLTHEGREAT
Retweeted by hood hero
@BEARCAT_808 @mistervacation Real witches only @mistervacation Exactly @djjd805 Allegedly