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Listen to the end for the kicker. @Exposing40 @FrankiCookney Spoke to him on the phone once for a story and told him I used to have a poster of him o… @JoshNeicho @Birdyword That's actually a really great commission. @AccidentalP "Oh aye, you're alright with that, like, cos it's a race of people and it's a food." @JoshNeicho @Birdyword I bet it's peanuts compared to what the virus is paying JHB and T*by Yo*ng. @Birdyword Looks like pretty good value to me.
On the other hand, there are Viagogo's Trustpilot reviews...'s 🇳🇱government is at risk after tax officials wrongly accused thousands of parents of fraud, plunging familie…
Retweeted by Rob Davies @welprich @pennyb I'm just the marketing guy, you'll need to speak to tech support about that. @welprich @pennyb You can programme them to say that, yes. @welprich @pennyb These all sound like they apply to sex dolls. Possibly Care Bear sex dolls, I can't say for sure.‘The international community is part of our enduring problem in Uganda. Now it must stand with those fighting tyran…
Retweeted by Rob DaviesA beautifully executed demonstration of the problem with First Past the Post, courtesy of @DehennaDavison
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@NathanAClark Just...stay on the pitch at half time, playing five a side? @Padsky Yeah I'd like to see us really go at teams and we haven't done that. But we've had a fair few chances. Didn't put them away.Not sure you can blame Mourinho for this one. Lots of chances to score but either we blew it or the keeper made a great save. #thfc #coys @patricksturg They might be saved by Brighton being even worse in front of goal. @pedesign Follow and I'll DMGood luck to #THFC this evening who are playing away to Villa and at home to Fulham at the same time
Retweeted by Rob Davies @stevesharman81 @gamblinglamb I'm only allowed to select five defenders, so no. @rhymerrigby The potato is the canvas upon which great art can be created.All @Airbnb and @HotelTonight reservations in Washington D.C. will be cancelled and new reservations blocked for th…
Retweeted by Rob Davies @stevesharman81 @gamblinglamb My FPL this season has exactly mirrored Spurs. Raced to the top of the table, looked… @gamblinglamb I wouldn't worry. I played a free hit to ensure I got 11 players on the pitch and hardly any of them… @OpenMoney_ajm Hi, can you follow so I can DM?
NEW Chartwells statement here addressing the #FreeSchoolMeals boxes criticised today
Retweeted by Rob Davies @joshspero @Petercampbell1 @helenbarrett By the time I next get my hair cut I'll have enough spare to see you throu… has raised the UK list prices of some of its models, blaming post-Brexit 'rules of origin' tariffs. @Autocar r…
Retweeted by Rob Davies @DBanksy Would definitely buy a fake coronavirus cure from you. That's what the good bishop was selling last year, according to The Sun.Kudos to my Not On Twitter friend for Nuncio Bitcoin Magi. @NickCohen4 One crucial difference. Hayward's comment was a gaffe, not a carefully-chosen doubling down. @NickCohen4 Echoes of Tony Hayward's "I want my life back" after the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.Wanted to share key points from a conversation with @Chartwells_UK this morning. There is a meeting scheduled betwe…
Retweeted by Rob Davies @ByRobDavies The Right Reverend Trump Hugandkiss
Retweeted by Rob Davies @Terry_Bull19 Almost certainly on a no-fly list. @dlknowles @tomjrowley Not really sure what this is about but I can tell you what it's NOT about. @jamiecweir Nice, this gives me another shot. Monsignor Vaccine Sheep“When was the last time you had fun?”
Retweeted by Rob Davies @ByRobDavies Archbishop Pandemic Lollipoplady
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Retweeted by Rob Davies @ByRobDavies @BenStarSports Reverend Bootstrap Honesty Box
Retweeted by Rob DaviesI'm Deacon Brexit KinduncleJust saw an advert for a miracle-working event held by a Bishop Climate Wiseman (recently caught selling coronaviru… Trump’s almost out of office, I figured this would be a fun time to remind everyone of the weirdest & dumbest…
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There is a picture but...I dunno. This isn't MailOnline, I don't just publish graphic death shots for clicks. @andrewjteacher We've just not really had a rodent problem before. Maybe they've been disposing of the bodies befor… is the first useful thing they've done in four years.My cats just killed a mouse in the living room and I...honestly...I'm PROUD. 😭 @Harry_Rose Have the vaccine administered by the heroes of local football teams. "Your jab will be at 3.30am, you… shares down 8.7pc pre market so we can calculate the value of Donald Trump at approximately $3.7bn
Retweeted by Rob Davies @farrell_s Probably shouldn't tweet about these things on my day off when I'm in the middle of running errands and…, hadn't seen when I tweeted that he's off to DAZN. Presumably a v juicy offer and he figures he's out of a job soon anyway.Very odd for Entain CEO Shay Segev to step down in the middle of a live bid situation. He's only been there five mi… is a compilation of the domestic terrorists being arrested to “Layla” #Goodfellas #CapitolRiot #airportarrest
Retweeted by Rob DaviesOne year ago today: -‘First death from mystery illness’
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@HayleyDLondon No I'm down. Do it and deal with the shame after. @HayleyDLondon A milk chocolate Kit-Kat is Jesus to the white chocolate Kit-Kat's Lucifer, don't @ me.To visually show you the differences.
Retweeted by Rob Davies @HayleyDLondon There you have it. You bought something evil and without this accident you'd have eaten it.👋
Retweeted by Rob Davies @yeedo Had you down as a battered tofu man! @omitbdf @PhilipH21343285 Sex has famously never been used to sell products. @jamiecweir Well...I can certainly agree that there are mitigating circs. But I still think he's been very bad. @jamiecweir Still got to turn up and get your head in the game. Sure there are excuses but if you get a chance to i… has been legit bad. Against trainee plumbers and binmen. #thfc #coysShame not to see Ndombele come on. That would be a sight to see against this lot. @marktattersall1 I thought about it but I'm glad you took the risk rather than me. @t_calverley Hart's in goal so get an effort or two on target and you're in with a shout.OK I'm done.I wonder if Marine forward Michael Howard has something of the night about him.I wonder if this game is the second peak in the career of Marine substitute David Lynch. @t_calverley West Ham pulled it back to 3-3 in the last ten minutes after playing worse! @jamiecweir 90+4 Hart spills a routine cross to give Marine a tap-in. 1-1.Right. 1-0. Let’s sit back and see this one out
Retweeted by Rob Davies @WindyCOYS Leader in the dressing room. Second choice to Passant though, let's not be silly.Not saying Joe Hart has found his level but... @Jamie_D_T It's not nothing.I wonder if Marine's right-sided centre back has ever quoth "Never more!"I wonder if Marine's left back has any portraits of himself as a young man.I wonder if Marine's manager has a heart of gold?Not saying Gedson has found his level but he doesn't look massively out of place. @MrHarryCole I've not had many better lunches on a Sunday shift. Mind you, Beer & Burger opposite the Graun office ain't too shabby. @ben_machell If that's true, why is a naked and angry Jonathan Pearce rifling through my bins shouting menacing thi… the no crowds allowed issue doesn't affect you because your garden backs on to the pitch.
Retweeted by Rob DaviesLeeds getting pumped 3-0 at Crawley is really going to test the limits of commentators praising them for playing ni… @MrHarryCole Will try not to answer from my wife's Twitter account next time. That way madness lies. @MrHarryCole It was only there to sit in the base of the dish for the slow roast lamb but the whole thing worked a…'m in a food coma and I've got half a shift still to do. Britain faces a roast dinner-related productivity crisis.Boris Johnson and Michael Gove have spent years making misleading claims about what Brexit would mean. Now their deal speaks the truth.
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@crablabuk Not worried about overcooking, more that the fat might not come out properly. It's lamb stock, going to… @crablabuk And then put the heat back on for a bit? tomorrow? Or just rely on the overnight soak to do the rest of the work?Why did I commit myself to making stock an hour ago? I'm knackered but now have to sit up while some bones boil for… March, Robert Jenrick said no one should lose their home as a result of the pandemic. Tonight, FOI data shows…
Retweeted by Rob Davies @FairandOpen I've already asked for the report but they haven't agreed to give it to me. I've seen an executive sum… @dh21082019 Perfectly fair point.Hi there, I'm new to Twitter and looking to make new friends.
Retweeted by Rob Davies @the_bigstep True but I was more getting at the fact that we didn't have 8.15s before the whistle-to-whistle ban, w… from me: students recruited by @toadmeister’s Free Speech Union for campaign accuse him/organisers of astroturf…
Retweeted by Rob Davies @PaulSculpher @GambleWithLives I speak to good people in the industry a lot. They are very poorly served by some of…