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Retired civil engineer, construction inspector, author, U.S. Army veteran, and compassionate intellectual apprentice.

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Trump startled a lot of us when he said, "NATO is obsolete" in 2016. Here's where we are now. @PaulRLePage1
@greenfield64 The scruples of the GOP have gone south under Trump.
@greenfield64 I can no longer explain anything to anyone under 30... @40AcresBuilt ...and turning them into cesspools. @MaxBoot @AC360 @PostOpinions That will be an easy argument to make Max!
@SlavicLady88 @dmnyc Again, I generally like what you have to say on here, but there is a great deal of distortion… @SlavicLady88 @dmnyc Not consistent with what you stated. @SlavicLady88 @dmnyc Read carefully: he was arrested “after giving food and water” and “faces the federal charge of… @dmnyc @SlavicLady88 Wrong. Show me where someone has been arrested for feeding the homeless or giving water to im… @RudyGiuliani You have not made sense or created anything of humor since your association with Trump began. @olgaNYC1211 You are right, and I like your focus Olga! @SlavicLady88 This is a distortion if you are referring to the US Sveta. I generally like your views and learn fro… @McFaul Adoption ban was a propaganda tool to turn the Russian people against Americans in my belief. @CMCRET I have noticed this too RMC. Never wondered about it until a few years ago. @McFaul Do you think you could or would work for Trump? Honest answer please! @McFaul Have had an overall sense of respect for all presidents, with the current office holder being the very notable exception. @SlavicLady88 Hope your not referring to US republicans Sveta because this is not true at all and it would be consi… affairs, close engagement with local citizens, and immediate attention to rebuilding essential life support i… @Delavegalaw @gtconway3d we "don't even suspect nuthin..." @JustinWStapley Turned out to be the greater of two evils IMO. @JustinWStapley ... and I believe our principles will win out in the end. @JustinWStapley You may have no choice Justin if you want to help remove Trump to preserve the democratic instituti…
@SlavicLady88 This is inflammatory. They do not hate women.Isn't there *something* controversial about this?!! @Gast5502 @McFaul You are one of my favorite "cogs" on twitter, and not at all insignificant! @thehill I don't hold many grudges, but Donaldson was disrespectful to President Reagan. @thehill Wow! @Gast5502 @McFaul Sowing discord is an insidious form of warfare against us and against ourselves - and we certainl… @mccaffreyr3 Like now, we'll worry every single day about what outrageous things Bernie will say and do that will b… @McFaul I should read your book! @McFaul I respect your knowledge and experience, but know that Russia is causing a lot of cold war-like tension in… @lindyli He didn't say he prefers the Soviet Union to the American way of life. I'm from VT, remember this, been to… @steven_pifer This is a waste of a good motorcycle. @KlausRieneck Yes of course, but I like to over-simplify things... @mccaffreyr3 Maybe people are longing for basic civility in the white house above all else. @NWSCaribou It also smashed the record of just a couple hours before that! @thehill Yeah well, if it helps her beat Trump then fine! @ZaknafienDC Yeah, but a couple people liked my book and gave me good feedback so it was worth it. @Jim_Jordan You are among the most divisive examples of the party I recently left after supporting my whole life. @MaxBoot Even for a noble cause, I would feel silly carrying a sign and walking around in circles to get attention.
@KlausRieneck Yes, but ever more laws will not protect people from their own gullibility. Exposing stuff like this here may help somewhat.This is such a destructive, corrosive political message, no matter which side is touting it.
Retweeted by Byron A. Race @McFaul And civility matters!
@andylassner Not sure what to make of this right now... @DanRather @40AcresBuilt Agree, but I also consider your track record of lying about GW Bush. @donwinslow Still processing this... @MysterySolvent Will have to get back to you on this.... @stonecold2050 I don't like name calling, but her views do not seem rational IMO. @40AcresBuilt Not sure what to make of this to be honest - still processing it and appreciate your take PCS. @yellingstopAL and fiddleheads and furbish louseworts. @yellingstopAL Just like raccoon stew and boiled suckers.
@gtconway3d soon, she might even be "disapponted."Glad you recovered and your head is on straight these days. @40AcresBuilt Yes, but it helps to know that others share this view so thanks for stating this PCS. @ECMcLaughlin Bernie is not from Vermont, he is from New York. @Zigmanfreud @jleeannis Please don't refer to them as *once* respected.While you fabricated bone spurs to avoid military service, John Kelly served as a brave & valiant military officer.…
Retweeted by Byron A. RaceI’d take American war hero and Purple Heart/Bronze Star recipient Captain Robert Mueller’s word and his 448 page ev…
Retweeted by Byron A. Race @thehill and historians will ask why we didn't stop it before it was too late. @AdrienneLaF @gtconway3d @PeterAtlantic No surprises to me.This is a big deal. By @PeterAtlantic
Retweeted by Byron A. Race @ChuckRossDC @AnnCoulter so what! @gtconway3d Senator Collins is also very conflicted.Susan Collins is my Senator and I know she has actually been very conflicted over this for some time. makes me smile... @former_gop @axidentaliberal @Mean_Adam @HouseJudiciary @Avonan @realDonaldTrump The damage is ongoing and it is in…
@McFaul Wonderful - she is one of my heroes.What a wonderful new opportunity for the legal profession! They are so good at business development by convincing… resign. @newtgingrich As a historian, I suspect you realize that Hitler also got a lot of votes. Also historic! @SenatorRomney It must also address and aggressively counter Russian propaganda/disinformation warfare being waged throughout the world. @GOPLeader Your buddy Trump says US intelligence lies though.Did they have photoshop then? @frequentbuyer1 I have first-hand knowledge that Maine lost a GOP member in September 2019. @thehill Did your wife help you write this?This is yet another example of there being two systems of justice in America: one for Trump and his buddies, and an…
Retweeted by Byron A. RaceDo you realize intimidating judges is the behavior of failed-state fascists? Just asking!
Retweeted by Byron A. Race @mccaffreyr3 @GingerMEdwin Civility matters! @mccaffreyr3 @GingerMEdwin The last one made me laugh, but absolutely! @AnnCoulter Good grief Ann - mental cases like this of any political persuasion should not receive free publicity! @mccaffreyr3 There could be other military officers who are now as conflicted about what to do as LTC Vindman was.…
@prchovanec There is a lesson there. Not sure what it is in this instance, but there is always a lesson there.You know who did NOT go under oath to tell the truth? Donald Trump John Bolton Don McGahn Mick Mulvaney Mike Pompe…
Retweeted by Byron A. Race @brianklaas I'm a victim of shoveling too much snow by myself today. Horrible and unfair! @SlavicLady88 You speak for a lot of us Sveta and do a good job here. Thanks. @olgaNYC1211 This seems to have changed recently. @KlausRieneck I thought it was largely due to the need for natural gas coming from Russia after coal burning was cut back in the 1990's.
@GovBillWeld and civility matters! @mccaffreyr3 Never voted for Carter, Clinton, or Obama but respected them immensely more than the current office holder. @JustinWStapley Arguments have factual components and emotional components. Lately, even slight emotional componen…
@Gast5502 @SZ Wow, what a mess! @KimBlockMaine Goodness, you were the (nice) face of the news for years when I lived in the Portland area. Good luck to you Kim! @KimBlockMaine Did you retire already? @KlausRieneck wow... @mckaycoppins Emotions are more powerful than facts - a theme of Mein Kampf. @GaryCecchine Yes, PL's are cautioned not to associate closely with soldiers to avoid the appearance of favoritism,… @McFaul Honestly can't understand whether she is genuinely brainwashed or is acting the part to spread discord. Doe… @historylvrsclub And it calculated the date a week from now for him! @donwinslow She is absolutely insane IMO. I don't have the courage to tell a couple people I know, but I believe th… @Daisibird @MysterySolvent Bless you for "taking care of stubborn elderly parents." You will always look back and feel good about this.