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shefon. @byshefon delaware

a storyteller obsessed with remembering. somewhere smelling like a thrift store. in this house we love Black women, all of ‘em. 🌺 .:. she/her

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rainy, moody fall mornings > @cynfinite morning Cyn, boo ♥️all good things must begin. — octavia e. butler @themakeda iconic.
so much yes. would very much like to be able to access the emoji keyboard via my touch bar in Photoshop.🍂🍁
Retweeted by shefon. @noemietshinanga queen of the self portrait. @GirlNamedMarley lmfao bye @GirlNamedMarley this one 😭 @GirlNamedMarley there’s an old photo of girl twins floating around and it just scream horror film 😭 @rosewithwords nothing else makes sense, tbh. @mayascade not a hard ask at all, lolI want today to feel like the inside of an Emily King song. @themakeda 😘 @emdott_e no prob. it’s one of the few things saving me right now 😂 @joshjenks pls @heyyyychanel @TaytorTot91 yes my son is a 7th grader. He tried to tell y’all this was bad 😭 @heyyyychanel @TaytorTot91 what ages are they?omg 😭 @PeoplesOracle me on our call next week in this exact thing 😂 @PeoplesOracle 😂I am still learning to be better at this 😂“Did you just call me ugly?” — what I think I heard on project/design feedback. @KatSekhotho been told us!I wake up every day not knowing where art and curiosity will carry me, both in practice and life, but I know the wa… much venus in my chart. affirming my love for women, my obsession with sisters and the heartbreak of daughterhoo… @PeoplesOracle obsessed “the wiz” (1978) — one of my favorite films — which is a black maximalism fever dream at its finest.
Retweeted by shefon.Cicely Tyson stuntin with her Emmy’s in 1974 She won for ‘The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman’ for actress of t…
Retweeted by shefon.My favorite dress in the series 😍
2020 @CallMeWilsar girl, I have never physically felt the dissension before in my is bizarre experience to be disgusted by the evils and simultaneously enchanted by the beauty of this world.Good morning everyone, 4 days left to take advantage of my promotional sale! Get 20% off when you order 3 or more c…
Retweeted by shefon. @FirstGentleman idk why this got me screaming.
This video is still a favorite. Warms me every time, man.
Retweeted by shefon. @tchotchkele not a halloween filter 😂 @JoelakaMaG @sweetbtchesbrew Myself 😂Here's a thread of Black creators and showrunners who got their start as writers on a Black tv show. Beginning wi…
Retweeted by shefon.time for a new sky
Retweeted by shefon.thought about this today.Found this little card inside a dresser drawer while thrifting today. The feels, you ask? Yes, absolutely.
Retweeted by shefon.not brahms 😭I’m sorry every time I see him I just see this:
Retweeted by shefon.My favorite James Baldwin photos. Jimmy with the drip.
Retweeted by shefon.I've been really inspired by this artist @byshefon lately and her work has given me the creative energy and mental…
Retweeted by shefon. @zoranealehurtin I know that edge ate her spine up. @PeoplesOracle the handcut stuff yes! digital since about 2017, though.Your curiosities will carry you.This time in 2019, I created my first handcut/analog collage. I can’t really imagine my life without this practice now.This time of year is usually my season of curiosity. It’s slow and dim in the world and I have the time and space t… AND WHERE I ENTER, Carrie Mae Weems, 2006 #blackarthistory
Retweeted by shefon.BLACK BALLERINAS, Marcus Brutus, 2019 #blackarthistory
Retweeted by shefon. @cynfinite Goodnight, boo ♥️ @PeoplesOracle omgggggg. like, pls take me lord.
@tchotchkele that zest color is so bomb.Today's Sunday News Journal: Black women tell their stories of the racism + gaslighting they have experienced when…
Retweeted by shefon.Inside of an old family bible I found a letter that my cousin wrote to my great grandmother after her father was ki… way this book is still blessing me two years later. @PeoplesOracle @FirstGentleman sis had a ‘shondo’ in her bones when them lashes blinked.that ‘good god almighty—woohooohoooo’ made my morning.😭 deserves. @TheTyraTales truly. a level to aspire to! and appreciate you boo ♥️ @TheTyraTales love her work soooo much.RENT FREE
Retweeted by shefon. @KayDavisArtist @schuh : so cute. would definitely purchase for my son if you do any prints! @MarsinCharge 😭 @MarsinCharge I’m here. @PeoplesOracle Fran with the hips. For me.
@TaytorTot91 it’s the finger movements for me 😭 @WrittenByHanna LOL aw lawd. @WrittenByHanna the way I’m about to hate watch. @theTrillFairy lmfao bye. @addyeB giiiiirl.growing my own 🍎
Retweeted by shefon. @TheTyraTales 😍 @theTrillFairy poppiiiiiing @TaytorTot91 me in february 💀 @PeoplesOracle same. @PeoplesOracle left us a gardenia filled legacy, honey.♥️ woman’s voice, I swear ... @jearysylves come on, moisture.🍂 @BlvckRanger this gif really got me hollering.grateful that art has the courage to speak when I am afraid.I’m having a fascination with process at the moment. I shared a short video with my patrons ☺️…
Retweeted by shefon. @therobmilton 😭 @kasandra_alexis dreaaaaaam. got hella venus in my chart too, though.virgo • @PeoplesOracle and so it is. ♥️ @PeoplesOracle okay but like photography and film 😂visual storytelling @PeoplesOracle