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may you live on and know what it means to be human

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hot chicks in david dukes >>>>
Retweeted by Anor Londo gentrifier @Matt_McClure_ me next to a tapir that’s been given michelob and klonopin: I sincerely believe we have something to teach everything we meetif you’re meeting a romantic partner’s family for the first time, a good thing to do is to prepare a slideshow of e… @Biedersam only untrue for Loop Jumper/Sgt Time @Biedersam it makes sense
Retweeted by Anor Londo gentrifier @yungchomsky @justinboldaji credit to my friend spencer @_woIfgang half of posts with any engagement are like a clearly fake post with someone commenting “what the actual fuck!”I really love the Fargo show because every scene is some mook going "you ever hear about Khutulun, Genghis Khan's c…
Retweeted by Anor Londo gentrifierTwo Gibbons Reaching for the Moon, c. 1770 Ito Jakuchu, Japanese
Retweeted by Anor Londo gentrifier @catholicdad420 it’s me making a great predictionme: Kanye blocked all the Kardashians…this next album is finning to be insane… the next album: in my cage and you’r… about live show in brooklyn on JULY22nd featuring @podaboutlist us seeking derangement & special guests…
Retweeted by Anor Londo gentrifier @jewIover I really want to show you guys the most toxic pro Kane and Lynch moments, but first I wanna talk about so… @jewIover what’s. going. on! so, I got to play the only Minecraft mod ever modeled after James Holmes’ infamous 200… Liev Schrieber, my son is the biggest fan of Ray Donovan in the entire world. it would make his 13th birthday if… @jewIover goooooooood morning Drama Freaks. today we’ve got the INSANE story of the REAL LIFE RAY DONOVAN. but firs… @AliceFromQueens this is a troll account @jewIover heeey we have a super crazy video today about the most insane wife killings ever done by Youtubers. guys,… @jewIover yeah that’s why I’m buying 5 backup pairs @willystaley New York is just another word for community @yungkitty404 gambling is the greatest catalyst of the soul’s powersports gambling is a human right @TurmShrub yeah, pretty amazing stuff for a guy that age especially @InsiderSubo imagine?a bit surprised by Anderson, but not shocked @LizbethEden perfect animals @me_im_chloe they’re like fast little tube bears @Dukiswa a sable @turbo_lesbo they’re very smart…god these are so cool @thenoelmiller it doesn’t even work. when a guy shows up doing MMA they can’t handle it @in_a_dry_season he clowned Jr @in_a_dry_season yes…the mad manAnderson has proved boxing is fakeyeah I just think my Airpods are so sick. they’re like…something from David Cage’s Detroit Become Human @froelichsean have not seen thatDating Around is (was? not sure if it’s still filming) is a really well done reality show. looks great, goes down easyplease please please assist here. there's absolutely no way this kid and her friend haven't endured horrific abuse…
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in the 90s there was no shortage of comedy related to prune juice and hearing aides. then Band of Brothers came alo… should teach Shinto instead of philosophy in universitiesChamp has been given a Catholic sea burial @bugman_spencer @clownesvanzandt Nicks an angel @bugman_spencer guys do a heist in stead of going therapy!! @bugman_spencer people are gonna do to michael mann what was done to the sopranosmost people with long COVID develop powers on par with or exceeding those of the X Men @ekc @allelbows happy to hear he’s improving but I’m so sorry he was so sickChamp Biden is in Dog Heaven, which is also very conveniently Journalist and Political Staffer HellThere’s a guy named David Lunch. And he makes movies. Yeah, that’s gonna be a Lol from me.
Retweeted by Anor Londo gentrifierjust don’t come here if you want to keep your ability to have children would never do this
Retweeted by Anor Londo gentrifier @nibiru_TRUTH @protestantwind I put up a Gofundme link but people are just donating 1 cent and posting Rick Roll an… @immolations same brain dead shit here. we see Black protestors brutalized by military tactics, Muslims put on list… administration happy to keep prosecuting anyone committing acts of terrorism like filming slaughterhouse cond…
Retweeted by Anor Londo gentrifier22 years old today! 🥳🎉 We’re celebrating by trading our teammates’ deaths, throwing good flashes, making accurate…
Retweeted by Anor Londo gentrifierHallo mein Freund, I hope this text message finds you well. Last night I saw Stuart Little at Berghain.
Retweeted by Anor Londo gentrifier @Slampig2012 stay put for as long as you can. all my worst health problems came from overtraveling @nashwalina this was the most baffling and annoying thing i could think of today @willystaley just let him do it @thelateempire I was thinking today about the people I talked to who escaped from Gulf monarchies for various reaso… Iroquois had a deep understanding of "uncle magic"
Retweeted by Anor Londo gentrifierpeople build it up in their heads too much. it’s not that bad to date if you don’t really drink. it’s totally legal… the fbi agent CNN analyst is going with the narrative that you're helping russia and china by weakening t…
Retweeted by Anor Londo gentrifierVarg showing up under women's foot pics to lecture them about domesticated cats again
Retweeted by Anor Londo gentrifier @piagnone lol
we need more surveillance powers because we didn’t stop the thing people were openly posting about. we earned it @d0vish oh my godChris Weidman apologized during a powerful conversation with Anderson Silva, who was the first guest on Weidman’s n…
Retweeted by Anor Londo gentrifier @nkulw Tequila. Prime rib. Nuff said. @GarlicCorgi World Soda Lovers disavows Mr Netanyahu @corpseinorbit @mayonnaise_soup @TheWarNerd @cushbomb god damnit you’re making me realize I left that at my old place @corpseinorbit @TheWarNerd @cushbomb he invented the $5 a month thing, he invented this @xomayoxo this post isn’t for Six haters @murderxbryan @PlatoMachiaveli there are many farms and ranches in Cook County @PlatoMachiaveli @murderxbryan can’t figure it out @murderxbryan SHEESH @Papapishu yeah sorry but no. I really doubt they could mach Dean-O and Old Blue Eyes’ legendary stamina and charm.… @python_papi @getfiscal @MsShade Drake “wins” with 95.1 percent of the vote 🙄 @getfiscal @MsShade Drake keeps it safe but at the cost of criminalizing dissent @PlatoMachiaveli I think we need to strongly investigate the possibility that COVID was spread by inferior cities jealous of Toronto @bloodberry_tart well looks like I can take at least one guest off the list for my Streamers In The Six junket @auntcontent doesn’t that sound sickif I had the Holodeck from Hitchhiker’s Guide (42 ftw) I would probably simulate a night out on the town with a pri… @PlatoMachiaveli The Six turns family men into hedoniststrying to live a “trad” lifestyle in The Six would be insane. think of all the temptations Toronto’s nightlife, bee…
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Retweeted by Anor Londo gentrifieri guess there's a new FAST movie (?) today. once again i am asking you to watch 𝘔𝘶𝘭𝘵𝘪-𝘍𝘢𝘤𝘪𝘢𝘭, Vin Diesel's 1995 sho…
Retweeted by Anor Londo gentrifierIn the past 8 yrs, at least 35 Disney park employees have been busted for child-sex crimes. Which explains the new dwarf's name: Sundusky.
Retweeted by Anor Londo gentrifierI'm a big Walt Disney world haunted mansion fan actually. I'd rather be a ghost host.
Retweeted by Anor Londo gentrifierMANCOW IS BACK!!!!! I need all of you great people to subscribe to my NEW Youtube Channel!! First episode is up no…
Retweeted by Anor Londo gentrifierDisneyworld shockingly just became the worst. Dirty. The “cast members” are now rude. 1984 style announcements tha…
Retweeted by Anor Londo gentrifier @theemilyaccount it was a funny videomy friend Alex is really talented and smart but also tried to show me a video from an account called World of Accidents @nibiru_TRUTH lmfao @goingback4olive no the taliban is from real life. haha. just kidding yes2031: the Neo Taliban was so fucking lucky that it was raining when we deployed the Mecha Marines…fight us in a dro… @doulbedoink @daveloach2 Chomsky rted my top tweets @daveloach2 swag