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u guys just be saying shit
Retweeted by zee 🪄 @HOTGRLBUMMR @khamorri for 19 ur a real dumbass bitch @HOTGRLBUMMR @khamorri ok kpop pfp 😭 @HOTGRLBUMMR @khamorri stfu dumbass don’t speak over Roma people. dipshit @HOTGRLBUMMR @khamorri ?? roma people are NOT white idiot. go touch some grass. grow up @pagandiaries @Shaman_of_chaos 9/10 times love spells are put on people without their consent and it’s disgustinganother unpopular opinion: love spells are baneful magick. bending someone’s free will to force them into loving yo…
Retweeted by zee 🪄wanda stans talking about “hold wanda antis accountable” when some of them aren’t even holding kevin accountable fo…
Retweeted by zee 🪄something about 70s geraldine...
Retweeted by zee 🪄 @heckblazers OMFG ITS SO GOODwhy the FUCK do none of my local comic book store own Zatanna comics ?? not the thrifted stores like actual comic book stores ??so i did a thing ... full video:
Retweeted by zee 🪄 @ACHILLEANANDOR apparently they could’ve all been doing this and writing the songs together behind closed doors...… is so ignorant it’s insane"we cant do anything" actually if u rlly care abt the portrayal of ur fav character u would've stop supporting wand…
Retweeted by zee 🪄how are you gonna be so brave as to admit that you don’t care about whitewashing... some of the finest clownery i h…
Retweeted by zee 🪄i hope yall who say ‘i don’t support the whitewashing of [insert character] but i’m still gonna support their proje…
Retweeted by zee 🪄actors 100% have a choice when it comes to which roles they take. lizzie is white & an atheist. wanda is jewish, ro…
Retweeted by zee 🪄// ableism it really sucks to only see autistic people talking about sia’s movie. that movie has a scene of prone…
Retweeted by zee 🪄no bc i’m glad they killed him off saved him from continuing to whitewashing a Jewish Romani character of yall need to grasp that non binary is a really fucking broad term and not a third gender...
Retweeted by zee 🪄michael fassbender is ugly! erik is hot! there’s a difference!!
Retweeted by zee 🪄madame xanadu layout !’s happening and the date seems to be 8/2 2022 so next year hopefully!
Retweeted by zee 🪄 @violasrey !!! by Oliver Nome on #DeviantArt
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@starspangledkid unrelated but YOUR LAYOUT IS SO AMAZINGi am starfire, starfire is me🤞🏾
Retweeted by zee 🪄space zatanna i hope ur having a good day
Retweeted by zee 🪄Zatanna in The Phantom Stranger #9 (2013)
Retweeted by zee 🪄whitewashed?yes
Retweeted by zee 🪄this was a moment methinks
Retweeted by zee 🪄My cousin got me a new shirt
Retweeted by zee 🪄MY GIRL sun scorpio moon ;), why are you white?
Retweeted by zee 🪄 @pome_sabi_ oooohhh when i see them i think of Lord Of The Rings hobbit homes they seems so beautiful is very poggers
Retweeted by zee 🪄we should talk ab her more!!
Retweeted by zee 🪄 @pome_sabi_ i’ve never been in one before only seen pics... but just the thought of being completely surrounded by… this back
Retweeted by zee 🪄 @pome_sabi_ my dream home @pome_sabi_ HOBBIT HOLEanyway trans and non-binary bisexual supremacy
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Retweeted by zee 🪄“lois lane isnt a milf” go read supersons and try to tell me that again, coward
Retweeted by zee 🪄Costumes with hoods>>
Retweeted by zee 🪄 @ginacarano why won’t you block me transphobe ? block me alreadyalso it makes my chest extremely flat in my comfort outfit ?? amazing bc i am obsessed with how flat my chest is in Lucas’s old binder 🥺 will wendy stans realize most ppl hate their fave because shes whitewashed and not for some r…
Retweeted by zee 🪄 @616LEGION 🙏🏼🕯🙏🏼🕯🕯🙏🏼🕯🙏🏼🕯🤞🏼🕯🙏🏼🕯🕯🙏🏼🕯manifesting we don’t see whitewashed pietro in wv tonight 🙏🏽
Retweeted by zee 🪄 @zatannaspells WELCOMEwe should really talk about the whitewashing of sunspot in the new mutants movie...
Retweeted by zee 🪄 @pandwitch @witchymiw yeah! since i am someone who has roma ethnicity all i really care about is if you hold elizab… @DOOMSUPREMACIST close !! the third girl is Selene Gallio, the first mutant, from marvel !! @WANDAVlSIONN i never said i was mad at anyone for liking the character. in fact as long as you admit the white was… AN ACTOR CONFIRMS THEIR CHARACTER'S SEXUALITY IT BECOMES CANON, THIS SHOULDNT EVEN BE AN ARGUMENT
Retweeted by zee 🪄and i’m not saying Elizabeth is a bad actress, in fact i am watching WandaVision, & i loved her in Sorry For Your Loss. (5/5)is important to Roma culture. Seeing a character that’s supposed to be representation in the comics be stripped awa… just to add on to it, people are (ESPECIALLY Roma people) allowed to actively hate on a show that’s erased a h… is whitewashed. Most of the people, like me, aren’t “antis” we’re just continuing to educate people on the fact t… do have to say tho- like i said before- people have every right to talk about how the whitewashing ruined the sho… not DO NOT compare wanda mf maximoff to joe biden’s wife ?? @wandarcana that made my whole day wtf you’re one of my favorite mutuals too 🥺 @det3ctivewayne don’t worry i’ve been planning hehehe @det3ctivewayne you really are hubbyI DID NOT SEE SOMEONE MISTAKING CONSTANTINE AS THE "GUY FROM SUPERNATURAL"
Retweeted by zee 🪄cannot wait for my hubby to get some @det3ctivewayne @nighztwing for real??? that’s the best news ?? does that mean anna diops starfire is DCEU too ??BRENTON THWAITES DCEU NIGHTWING
Retweeted by zee 🪄blocking anything sent to break me 🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿.
Retweeted by zee 🪄 @wandarcana I SEE ME !! wowowowow :,)))) @ghosttopia i’m. so. excited.that dceu excellence
Retweeted by zee 🪄 @det3ctivewayne ew oh godSHES MY GIRLFRIEND YALL STOP TALKING ANT HER😭
Retweeted by zee 🪄 @ghosttopia currently watching him play life is strange :,)) thank you for tweeting this bc i would’ve never known 😭/srsU guys will hate on cis she/theys and talk about how they don't belong in trans discourse but ur silent about the c…
Retweeted by zee 🪄 @ghosttopia KurtIS CONNER??? WHATokay can’t wait for her life to fall apart she deserves all the hate 🤷🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by zee 🪄very popular opinion
Retweeted by zee 🪄any autistic followers please be careful and watch out for the new sia clips because there's restraint used that co…
Retweeted by zee 🪄Wait...does that mean... DCEU Constantine???
Retweeted by zee 🪄literal dots
Retweeted by zee 🪄 @616LEGION i’m biased towards wanda bc she’s my fav butttttr she could use the probability manipulation to help her… @wandarcana you got em ! the other one is Selene Gallio ! she’s known as the Black Queen and the first mutant (marvel ) !
@det3ctivewayne @witchymiw not @det3ctivewayne @witchymiw absolutely bot @witchymiw @det3ctivewayne i definitely liked a teacher once but ur definitely right if any kids come on to a teach… @witchymiw imagine thinking either are okay.. i hated in hs when kids would come onto teachers ?? like wtf leave th… Freaks.
Retweeted by zee 🪄if you can guess them all ily @616LEGION @616MAXIMOFFS we really do...🤢🤮🤢🤢 🧚🏾‍♀️💖💗💓✨ 🤢 mcu 🤢 💞 616 💘 🤮🤮🤢🤮 💗✨🧚🏾‍♀️💕
Retweeted by zee 🪄 @616LEGION HELL YEAH @616LEGION these two absolute legends said dc is copying marvel cause dc made their shows canon in the dceu 😭
Retweeted by zee 🪄and zatanna is the nanny that they all love