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EG C0M @C0Mtweets Texas, USA

🇰🇷🇺🇸 Professional VALORANT player for @EvilGeniuses / Business Inquiries:

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@ImJoviGG Done @ImJoviGG I’ll give you $5
@Asunaa They don’t know that you are radiant @willminder @bangzerra @ethanarnold @ReformedVal @NiSMO_VAL @RossyUA @trentFPS @jawgemo @Crashies @BcJFPS DAT BOY… @itskaplan @IanImmi @MatthewCElmore Thank you both for your help getting a Riot Gun Buddy:D GUN BUDDY ACQUIRED RT FOR GOOD LUCK! 😈🔥👀 @AikoKamu Happy Birthday Aiko❤️ @jawgemo @willminder @AYRINval @ethanarnold @brawku @Vanityxz @777eeiu @OfficialAproto @zekkenVAL @Crashies Not too bad yourself🥰🫡😈 @jawgemo PapaJawgemo🫡 @IanImmi Thank you Immi 🙏 @Nurfed UNSPEAKABLE THINGS I WOULD DO FOR IT @priusOBS Fuck, I will find a way.I really REALLY need a Riot Gun Buddy, I’m willing to do many things for the buddy. 😵‍💫Vodka and lemonade are an absolutely deadly combo
@AaronnFtw Look at the fucking chat. That is all. @ValorantEsports We can't be putting Optic, Guild and LOUD in the same group 😬 @AaronnFtw NICE CLUTCH b0iWE HAVE NO COMMSwatch me please @PapaC0M Dad showing my feet pics for free…Seems that Technoblade touched millions. Fuck cancer fr @Vanityxz @NYXL
@GeT_RiGhT @gucci Looking good 🫡 @juv3nileow @MatthewCElmore @Boostio He also has the best Phoenix in the game if it ever becomes meta he said Phoenix is all his. @Vanityxz A paradise🥰 @MatthewCElmore @Boostio He plays Cypher too, he’s not a one trickWhoever plays Chamber today I hope you stub your toe and get laffy taffy stuck up your nose. @trev000000000r ❤️New emotes 👀 is @deev_nicki !!!!🎉🥳
@BlackHeartVAL @xmadisonm thoughts on this?Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube for all upcoming content on our VCT run and other uploads that might interest… get a comms video here going on my YouTube of our playoff run, we’ll see doing my best to roll out some c…
@vinnerwinner Gotchu😘Find a way to be better today. @fl0mtv Bro? @fl0mtv If you play OW2 let’s playWATCH ME NOW. @ANDROIDfps W Brad @KurtG Happy Birthday big dawg🫡❤️ @sevvn Head up homie every path has its bumps @AustinSilgy @xmadisonm Oh yeah what would you do😏 @Nurfed 🫡 ‘twas a good dayI hope something good happened to y’all today
@zombs Yo you got me?I wish/hope NA LCQ would be on LAN seeing the Japan LAN tourney to qualify for Masters is super sick to see just want that for NA.Thank you guys for 16k❤️ @bdog2916 @ShopifyRebels GRATS homieGaming @JonahP_ I pray not
Congrats to @XSET they have been one of the most consistent teams they deserved it Optic and XSET are two insane te… @zekkenVAL RespectI have never seen something like this FaZe facility situation, this is nuts to see😂
This FaZe XSET is brutual crazy plays from both sides.Just thinking of the things like NBA does at the end of seasons which are cool to just think about.If there were awards for this season of VCT, ROY, MVP, COTY, MIP, 1st Team All-VCT, etc. Who would y’all give the a…
@SeattleBuiltPCs 👀nvm @Bartonologist Im sorry.I have Optic 3-0. #VCTrecon phantom @jawgemo Happy Birthday buddy ❤️
NEW VANDAL SKIN GOES CRAZY 🗿 @bumpaah Yes 😈Streams are back live in about 10-15 probably! @KING_BABYBAY Happy Birthday ❤️ @BlackHeartVAL Bro she knows the mechanics better than meLost to my girlfriend in laser tag… down bad
Everyone has their own opinion, it doesn't mean you have to listen. 😅 @hazedCS I don't even care about it, its pretty normal I feel🤷‍♂️ @EGCSGO @TheRealPwnAlone 1 year Anniversary 🥰💙 @xmadisonm
🛬 Landed @jawgemo Grew a lot these past 2 months buddy, you deserve it. We keep building on it now ;) @tahsinvlr Not completely sure yet, but before LCQ @bumpaah OMW @jawgemo’s been a fun 2 months in Seattle and boot camping and living the esports dream, time to go home!✈️❤️
@SicK_cs ❤️VALORANT “Prelude to Chaos” BUNDLE GIVEAWAY > LIKE & RETWEET > TAG 2 FRIENDS > FOLLOW @C0Mtweets & @ApothVal WIN…
Retweeted by EG C0M @JakeSucky @PaincakesVAL @Gucc107 @summit1g @dakotaz Super follow is looking at me for the Gucc107 interview @Bjorlulu I would be a VERY happy man @bumpaah @EvilGeniuses Thank brother, miss you <3I have been with @EvilGeniuses for a little under 2 months now and we have achieved so much in such a short amount… @priusOBS @ELEAGUETV Legendary I miss ELEAGUE @PlayVALORANT I LOVE THIS MORE MORE MORE @Gucc107 @st9llar 🫦 @st9llar Idk bro @Asunaa NT trust me I know ecos are hard af @bangzerra @FaZeClan Nice try, Sean! Close ass games head up brotha ❤️ @seangares @FaZeClan NT❤️Show all the players who were eliminated or advanced today with respect every single player deserves the respect fo… has to be the most entertaining day of matches for spectators. #VCT @muensterGG Thank you brother ❤️
@Vanityxz Thanks bro🥲 @totheLaPointe Thank you😭 @hazedCS Thanks bro, GGs gl