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short-ish stream
@Subroza Lesine! @bumpaah You mean it?Skye was buffed. No question. 🦜 @LuX_EXE_ Thanks brother I needed that @RealStrongLegs But these one taps hitting differentVandal nice on this new update. @kaboose Happy Birthday my brother😈❤️Episode 3 fun
We play a new game now. All up for grabs. 3 WAITING ROOM @juv3nileow @texerino Never forget the roots @texerino I’m breaking up with you @BxbyJ_ 🐶 🐶 @theKingFPS_ My brain somehow thought it said something about teammates communicating or something idfk 😂 @theKingFPS_ Wait I read it wrong listen just worked out and there no oxygen in brain APOLOGIES @theKingFPS_ Read first point…. 🧢
I think we could potentially see with KAY/O at least for my CS brain thinking, a lot of re-pop flash clear angles t… @TSM_Myth @WARDELL416 @Subroza @Dronecsgo Ah fuck man, I can’t even say what I want to do🥵 @flexinja As soon as mine comes in I will have aimbotGonna try to do a 1080p stream next stream see if my PC/Internet can handle it. @ryannn What you want me to do with it? @jordanfisher Jordan😂Seems I’m getting buffed. @Caders_ Yeah my gamer fingers are faster you are ez af.So new episode comes out tomorrow and if anyone instalocks KAY/O over me imma lose it, I need the content! @mooseloff @Crashies @victorwong God speed homie, heal up!Never playing ranked at the end of the act ever againEPISODE 3 WAITING ROOM @Ban_Val @vinnerwinner You can be my secondary IGL I got the mid rounds @Ban_Val @vinnerwinner Joseph have you seen me IGL, no one can compare @Mendo @dapr I like these @LaskiCS @WedidOfficial Ya get me LeonardoWhen my teammates ask me, “Did you just teamflash me?” @texerino @witmer At a restraunt: Yo that will be probably 45-hour wait Me: oh thats fucking nothing
@Glorinsz True @Glorinsz I am VALORANT playerAscent best map in VALORANT @Klamran Thank you my son @LilGoats1 Thank you sonWhy no one telling me Happy Father’s Day? @GeezaOfficial WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODay* y’all get what I meantHappy Father’s Dad @PapaC0M love you!❤️
@texerino Downgraded to fan not lover down bad @texerino Only if real Tex replies @Justinovah why don't I justHow do I make it to where I can use the KAY/O version of VALORANT I'm trying to figure it out.FORTNITE TRIO FNCS WORLD CUP CHAMPION SQUAD w/ @C0Mtweets @bumpaah
Retweeted by C0MPLAYING FORTNITE WITH @bumpaah @Glorinsz Might dead ass do itALT account gaming today more than likely and then maybe a different game not sure. CHILL stream's $50 GIVEAWAY (PayPal Required) Everything needed to enter is here: Winner will be a…
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Valorant kinda popped off no cap. 👑😈 @Subroza Ya feel me we finna show these demons what’s up now. @Vansilli If it’s Triple Initiator I’m gonna love itSo after reading updates and viewing little gameplay what is y’all’s thinking of who is going to be meta, what’s go… @OfficialAproto Down catastrophicMe as a Sentinel player got buffed after this update😈 @Jonaaa6_VAL With me? I knowGaming All-Star C0Mfps continues his grind @symrifle @Justinovah @vinnerwinner Thanks dawg
@Justinovah BIGNo matter how hard it gets it’s gonna grow me as a person at the end of the day so who cares @bumpaah I can kiss it for you @Justinovah Tall and buff right? @Ban_Val Thanks beautiful no matter what I grind on❤️ luh you @juv3nileow Thanks brother😢🙏Smart player, perfect teammate, can flex any role and frag.
Retweeted by C0MLFT Looking at options. ~RTs appreciated~ a KAY/O main. @Governor_Val Gotchu got some good rage moments in there @Governor_Val Jett Knives cringe @ryannn I’ll do it only for youman its just that free sometimes 🥶📢 @TwitchRivals @PlayVALORANT @kyedae @bnans @plooful @QuarterJade yo squad up or?If you come in here I will give you a hug one day @YaBoiDre I’m sorry
@texerino So this what you doing in your off time you sexy beast🥵😮‍💨 @WedidOfficial I GOTCHU THIS TWEET BANGS💯🗣️📢 @wippiecs morning q's in ranked at the end of the season is mental torture @currydtx @CooperCSGO You went outside, surely not we cant be doing that ever. @Bankroft My name is C0M hello @aleksandarosa @bumpaah Yeah I know you are for 1000 viewers you wouldI just went a game where I had 5 Sova ults and I think all 5 were double killsNo A/C again so maybe short stream
@Bjorlulu Yo give me one @vinnerwinner GotchuC0M's $50 GIVEAWAY (PayPal Required) Everything needed to enter is here: Winner will be a… have to go back and get the second dose again so I can get the buff again is back on we game
I currently have no A/C in I am streaming if you are not in this stream with me suffering of heat then you ain't a… live in 30 had to do somethin
@TSM_Myth @Bartonologist Yo this mfer Bart just dropped in that vent while murdering the pink goggle head dude. Guys GUYS ITS… first ever clip in VALORANT time flies @Ban_Val @c0mfps ❤️ @RealStrongLegs @Subroza