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immortal valorant. gaming papa. BLM. #komradekittens @onemoregcl

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I miss the days when you could just go to the store and buy Pokémon cards lmao my target won’t even sell them in store anymore
@ElevateGG Sup ranked with @Angelval2k come chill
Retweeted by cozbe😼
@adinross $seedlessstar
@slayZon_ Lmao @ola_oyeh Damn can he help me with my hacked por hub account?Oh no someone hacked my Ubisoft account and the only game it has is monopolyBlack pepper wagyu tenderloin 🤤🤤🤤
@mirandvh You ignoring Edward scissor hands is hurting meI really used to stream an average of 200+ hrs a month I need to get back on my grind
@AerithReborn I thought I was seeing double the other day because they were all next to eachother @Paul_Wiggle Just a label saying you own the rights to a picture and nothing else its as dumb as you thinkToday’s stream was amazing thank you guys for all the love<3 I’m gonna do a longer stream when I get back home and… subs and zelena throws me elo coming up soon :-))) right now!
Birthday stream going live soon come hang got some fun stuff planned :-))) we are hot
Retweeted by cozbe😼Just got my first shoe compliment let’s goYo
Thank you guys for the birthday wishes I love you guys 🖤🖤🖤 @_iSchwin Thank you king appreciate you big timeIm now 25 in a 76 stream but we not baby***Anyone else that iPhone groups three dots together … vs .. unless you do spaces . . .
@DuhVera_ Get the ducky mecha mini it comes in a heavy metal case and feels way better than other ducky modelsAre pecans walnuts - high ZelenaCurbed my wheels gg I’m so sad @perolikeme @aheartout ?????But now you’re going up to a sign looking for anxiety help and everyone gonna think you broke, pregnant, and gettin… if a random human holds the door open for you say thank you holy shit @Stat4x Na just wanted to treat myself lol it’s on Thursday
Birthday present from me to me 🥸 @Iegendofmac Yeah I feel fresh af in it but I got both @AerithReborn Yeah exactlyyou just had to be there
Retweeted by cozbe😼Been a giant head scratcher not gonna lie @Tr33man_20 @AerithReborn This is unfortunate but it sounds like you might know where I can get a Reyna cosplay…Sorry to all the homies that enjoy my streams I know I d been MIA but I’m planning a subathon for my birthday on th… I’m done scrolling down memory lane now I feel ugly and wish I was as creative as I was @perolikeme Sub to her only fans she might drop the pic @ConbonMp4 Ty papa we thinking about the fits Twitter
@AerithReborn @perolikeme Idk how much longer I can handle her addiction @aheartout For streaming you’ll see the best upgrade with two PCs and like someone said market kinda a scam so buil…
@perolikeme @strawmaddy @JafetFN Bro I’m literally driving to you right now to do thatTurning 25 in a couple days I think it’s time I finally start skating againGetting carried by judge only player ez no cap
@perolikeme You can finally remember this ratioI’m an omen main now #NewProfilePic vibes over here
I actually like the upgraded Karambit but not enough to lose the normal one but now I get both lfg
Retweeted by cozbe😼This mf tilts me more than Valorant ranked
Retweeted by cozbe😼on that note my first sponsored stream is now LIVE 🥰 #ad
Retweeted by cozbe😼Grinding immortal games baby link in bio
@Luxe_Is_Bad First time playing iron today and it’s all literal bots and smurfs lmaoThe difference from iron to silver is crazy @ConbonMp4 Truly a weird experiencePOV: i tell you to let me get first contact because im low but you have a peanut brain tiktok is hella funny check it out @100Thieves @JBLaudio @JBLQuantumUS @Nadeshot Large baby #100txjbl
@ihykendra The way the jett played that triggered me lolIt’s a known fact that as soon as you say someone is playing their ultimate they instantly swing you @MetroGGs_ New world is really good and super chillI’m so tired of being bad at a game I play all the time lmao ggGetting immortal back just to lose it again!!
@100Thieves Raid ez🔴🔴RGX 11Z PRO BUNDLE GIVEAWAY!🔴🔴 You all know the deal!! - BIG follow for @arcticsoldier_1 - Tag 3 friends - BIG…
Retweeted by cozbe😼 @arcticsoldier_1 @GroovyGuyDanny @perolikeme @itzxmas1k @Pterodactylsftw @arcticsoldier_1 too bad its not a lifetime kill track thats so lame @arcticsoldier_1 The vandal looks sooo goodStraight up don’t let me get a cat I will name it handbag or some shitYoung bozbe with baby I miss you 🖤 want a z3 that’s a two seater boyRunning it back on valorant and new world tonight
@hutchinson I totally forgot about that part @slayZon_ bro @_ImNotRich You are the only exception 🥺let me be your woman 💋
Retweeted by cozbe😼Valorant until I rage and grind new world! @ButterRaine I’m blush stop it
I hate little dogs and little dog owners bro. Put your dog on a fucking leash Jesus @JafetFN @perolikeme @aheartout What can I say I get pussy 😎 @perolikeme I love you💗 also I miss Athena 🥺Any new world grinders in chat
Not a role model or a model citizen bitch @itzxmas1k West coast things @ActuallyEric2 Right now it’s a solid 8 and Na not really I had fun just doing the tutorial so a couple hours you can get some good gameplayPlaying a game of valorant then back to new world come hang best new world gamer right here
This the same mindset that brought out the HBR thought I’d be into an mmo but new world is really fun finally something I can play to chill on after ValNew world grinder ? First mmo be gentle DOING A SUB A THON COME BY!
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