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hope y’all are ready for all the stuff that’s gonna drop on my site this month and next :-) here are some samples
Retweeted by sorenI am still struggling a lot because unemployment payments cover basically nothing over than rent and living is expe…
Retweeted by soren @tiarettee im in love with you WOW @tiarettee literally amazing <3 @tiarettee omfg @buffcore ...................................................IM GONNA HAVE TO DM U MY RESPONSE TO THAT ONE @miIf03 hey ... 😳<3Hope U making ur girlfriend feel wanted cus i be Reeaaaal reassuring
Retweeted by soren @scenefags my good sir 👋🏼 @juulsome not sure what i was doing there LMAO @scenefags HEHEEE ^__^ @JOSSI4H PLZZZZZZZZLMFAOOOjujutsu sports jackets..😻
Retweeted by sorenthe best thing ive ever seenLOOK AT THIS EDIT MY FRIEND MADE ME IM LOSING MY MIND up @JustaMinx heyyy @no9mi omgomg * waits excitedly * @no9mi LEMME SEE @shoujobitch hi ur so cutesexyyy @cartierblade hi @babymetul YEAAAAHHHHHH OMGGG HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLY ILY <333 @325amu hey 😳 @samkitty444 hey @vergavestah HEYYYYYgonna make a side acc just for jjkEvening #jujutsukaisen
Retweeted by sorenthe baseball episode left me thinking... #jujutsukaisen
Retweeted by sorenit was a sports anime all along #JujutsuKaisen #呪術廻戦
Retweeted by soren#JujutsuKaisen : I don’t dance !!⚾️
Retweeted by sorenstrawberries part twoo 🍓🍓🍓 #JujutsuKaisen #夏五 #JJK #satosugu
Retweeted by sorenif your bday is in march you’re automatically sexyi rly should start keeping a dream journal i have whole movies unfold in my brain every time i sleep @brainsoupp_ BABYYYYYY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY I LOVE Ujust woke up Gm
@live222feel LETS GOOOOO @y2cchi 😏transphobia from cis lesbians REALLY needs to be talked about
Retweeted by soren @matrixmika ITS SO SEXY IM IN LOVE @veki hi kingThe Knowing
Retweeted by soren @mrsdelevin Fuckthis tweet is proof that im having one of those moments Hiiiu ever just go without thinking or saying words for a very long time and then get random bursts of like. Energy...a… wanna play minecraft
Retweeted by soren @onlinegirlie U ARE SO SEXY AND CUTE @y2cchi i have a crush on u @MeanMug_Mamii u r so cuteone thing ab my art #ArtsOfVibrancy
Retweeted by soren @MeanMug_Mamii hi my beloved wife @alientonics hi ur so cool @kaiallie_ i must know his name @kaiallie_ YOOOOOOOOOO THTS SO COOL @tbhhobi stoppp /___\ ur too kind @benchill3r hi bae ^__^ @lifeIuvr omg himy stupid little ponytail :( @serizawarenka Haiiii <333 @boypwssy I LOVE YOU!!!!! @voidshitter HEHAHEHE THANK UUU ^__^bonus there been a tweet made in the “u just had to be there” format But for wizard101 yeti will never experience the same level of happiness as when i was heavily into haikyuu sophomore year of hs
cant sleep :(
Retweeted by sorenthis is the cutest thing ive ever seen[1/2] [URGENT, PLEASE SHARE/RT] my name is jo and i have just been disowned. i have been financially cut off and my…
Retweeted by sorenWTFF @heavenbrat so beautifulmy hair is getting long
Retweeted by soren @aerg1o WTFFFFFFFFF I JUST NOTICED @matrixmika u look amazing in that color btw @matrixmika u literally never miss U are so beautiful @matrixmika OMFGGGGGGthe face the body
Retweeted by soren @vloids in love w u actually @vloids WOWWOWOWOWOWOWOWmy life is rosy
Retweeted by soren @zephanijong hi angel u look so cute〰️
Retweeted by soren @4riesgirlie can we kiss maybe @4riesgirlie ur so hot Hiii lol @4riesgirlie HEYYYYYYYdont have any pics to post so heres the hair im waiting to get back proper selfies but i will post these anyway
Retweeted by soren
@petun1ia HIII BABY @scenephaze my dream girl @kynthekyd angel
Retweeted by sorenbeen posting to my onlyfans almost every day - sale still going on :)) dont miss outtt <3
@cyberslutzz haiii @cinnabarphos YESSS @spicy_fairy i promise my skin is worse than the pictures show haha