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My jaw is currently stuck idk what the fuck to do, bitch won’t close @Boltsiola what I do now? @Lemii Bet, I’ll let you know when I’m free @Lemii nah its almost 2 am and my mother would k!ll me if she knew im still awake lol @Lemii no cap, lmk when im down @BasedGothlol sowwy kitten, i didnt know she was there @AJisBoring nahhh those filters fr make a difference lol @Lemii thanks brotha, im working on getting better fr @yodogloI i wanna fuck u so bad @JhbTeam are ya gonna stream tonight? @_miyamoto__ oh no, we’re u reminiscing the old times or sum? @Icy_Rapture oh @Icy_Rapture Sheesh, those dupes gon get u some money back, especially them piers lol @Aworyn SorryKodak Black is officially pardoned by Donald Trump.
Retweeted by alexJerking off @isnifffeet It’s so scary when he gets in that mode @notoliviabee HuhPoops violently @mackenziereynaa @reaIIytiny Requested @realJBA Yo im boutta ply this rn @realJBA Lil jit out da pen, my bih bussin her pussy open @tuestbellee Yea @realJBA @angel__babi @makiozi Pokémon cards restock at Walmart @notoliviabee Lfgggg @Chriztopha_ @CAPYBARA_MAN yoooooo, thanks, that’s like a rat/beaver mix fr @CAPYBARA_MAN @Chriztopha_ I still have no clue what this animal is @notoliviabee I was supposed to be #1 @notoliviabee nvm @notoliviabee Where am I at @shivisdumb omg fr lets go @shivisdumb my bad I’ll delete @roojuliee what @Daymeeein @shivisdumb Dawg I hate this pic so much, only because of the holes @Blankzy_ bro I thought you were someone else....
Retweeted by alex @itskaiss I poop in the shower too @may_wedda BANHGGGGGGGFGI present you guys with Twitter Users' 3v3 MW Gunfight $601+ Tournament!! Been wanting to give back and do someth…
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@Yuhuuur @may_wedda @Class @boomtvesports ranked LOL hope I don’t lose my mindMfs named their daughter tommy LMFAOOOOOOOOO4 Mfs left spike rush cuz I picked yoru LMFAOOOOOOOOO @jizzle banger tweet sheesh @notoliviabee yea nvm way too awake @roojuliee gnGoodnight me a maga girl
Retweeted by alex @Leo__ffs @DarienBMG He gave it to me @Leo__ffs @DarienBMG Actually true @Leo__ffs @chickfiley nah I’m jk lol ily babe @chickfiley @Leo__ffs Yo can I get a puñeta? @Leo__ffs @chickfiley fuck you @Leo__ffs @chickfiley Puñeta means like being like disappointed @Leo__ffs @chickfiley He hopes anyone who uses “her” (the character) d!es @chickfiley Ty kitten @chickfiley yea, depending on what’s in stock @chickfiley I change my mind, whatever Pokémon cards send a pic of if and I’ll let u know what u get @chickfiley
@roojuliee ?No worse feeling than knowing you should’ve just kept her as a friend frTHE CAMS ARE GETTING TURNED ON
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2021 rekt buddy! 360 no scoped @kvrohs Except Jack @BlGHINK She been hiding all that ass with them cargo pants @FavsPriv on god tho 🔥 @FavsPriv Tf is this shit LMFAOOOOOnineteen by lil peep is the greatest song ever released
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me and @shivisdumb are DOGSHIT LIVE TO WATCH VAL SCRIMS! @Boy1drr @shivisdumb @Lamborghini VS @Grahamalott @exJackiee @C9AIex Commentary f…
Retweeted by alex @roojuliee okay @optiuh @IittIebesos yo happy day of bird, have a Gud day and stuff @Icy_Rapture Mf sounds like this when he’s running around @LeylaDreams @cherubgutzz Nothing @FuzYKarma yo get on Val wif me and Tate tomorrowYo who got me with $10 @brianabraska my ass does not have that type of money @brianabraska Can u dm me one lol I missed it @FuzYKarma Ironic as fuck @Schovee holy shit pop off shovel @FuzYKarma ?Nah fr tho @TwitchSupport my emails always come in Spanish, and i don’t know what any of it says @dariogoat @HaanzeR @snirot @nmgreen57 @frostyZK @Twitch Why is my email in Spanish @roojuliee Yo sup @roojuliee Nah fr