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Chris Mence @C_Mence London, England

I’m studying @ChelseaUAL and enjoy tweeting like a complex diary.

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I really preferred they didn’t make sequel because I just want it to be a stand-alone film as I feel the joker is n… it until you get paid for faking it.
Retweeted by Chris MenceWaiting to watch a new series of rick and morty but in the meantime watching Community because of Dan Harmon’s well crafted writing style. @Christine_Ink @garyvee Gary Vee is really motivated and honest to be willing to help people learn about entreprene… @daveflanagan @BlueDeerDesign might like this.Is this address to orange man in the White House? just be that I’m British amateur designer.Giving #garyvee crushing it a go, it’s insightful so far but wished that editorial design was better executed as it… is not just another skill. It is a technology that humans have been collectively perfecting for thousands o…
Retweeted by Chris MenceProbably had learn how to be more rhetorical when engaging people within personal life and profession.Thank you I will look though tips being recommended.
I am sympathetic for inner spirituality and content of character that I don’t call people by race but as people. Th… @kanyewest is awesome role model as well with @RealCandaceO expressing free thinking through beliefs and actions. I… hardly talk about racial things as I don’t let my skin colour dictate who I am. But It’s hard when people are sub… are incredible. They grind, sacrifice, provide, struggle and achieve every day for women, children, society an…
Retweeted by Chris MenceWhen in an echo chamber I question who cares about me and I’m not pointing blame but considering if my contribution…
Is it generalisation to characterise millennials as post modernists and baby boomers as modernist?Hell yeah! someone agree with me. to stop watching crap in the cinema and even new films on steaming services as I am just felt up with curren… Design Discourse: Evolving Theories, Ideologies, and Processes of Visual Communication you work for yourself it's so easy to get lonely.. Even when you're connected to social all the time. Withou…
Retweeted by Chris MenceDo people ask people if they are on Twitter because it’s seems to be more about Instagram. Weird to say this but I… @LuWakefield That’s the thing? Are trolls calling people out on not existing? Weird insult to make on someone.Retweeting because I am that friend and I want to share with other classmates. @cfowlerdesign What about using FaceTime?The Faker You Are, the More Successful You Can Be | InvisionApp Design L... via @YouTube
Probably going to stop accepting connections on LinkedIn as it is becoming more apparent that users want to grow fo… really pathetic of them.The naysayers often express themselves using the language of legitimate, critical & constructive feedback. It’s not…
Retweeted by Chris MenceDefinitely see a lot of negative crap on Twitter such as bunch of nobodies complaining about people who are living… @bot25181 @stillgray I’m showing emoji with my tweet and so I don’t take this f*cking seriously @bot25181. Like wh…🤣 ppl disagree with my stance on YouTube COPPA. I'm firm in my belief that as currently proposed it doesn't trul…
Retweeted by Chris MenceDon't argue around kids Finally someone who gets my own similar experiences. I always res… @stillgray Animal cruelty at it best. 😅I am keen to post videos with social media but the two things that are against me is having right confidence to com… left the culture of Instagram for nearly a year because it was very negatively influencing me to develop scarcity… back to Instagram but changing it up a bit by providing content to show what I learned as being the graphic design student.In the talk of using social media I am not sure what YouTube is recommending me here.
You can go to school and spend years trying to learn about great marketing. Or you can spend a few minutes watching…
Retweeted by Chris MenceLooking inwards seems to really help to grasp inner self psyche as well with reflecting on personal history because… it hard to seek the sense of authorship in my craft. I know what I can do but who am I leading towards? I’m…
@DixonBaxi #cwlive2019 @CWafflePodcast getting ready for #cwlive2019.
@RaminNasibov The one on the right.It’s really good to confront taboo of information to make sense of adversity within realism.I wonder if having politically and cultural awareness is the good thing? People seem to advise towards voluntarily…
Dose anyone consider about visual literacy within memes?Great books are exactly what they’re meant to be: great books. @helpfulsnowman
Retweeted by Chris MenceCan graphic design be sensuous? If so can we speculate that digital media is becoming customised for user experience? @DannyDutch Sorry but fuck! 🤣 @mgoldst It’s helps to provide content than consume rubbish and you seem to be great at it @mgoldst. Do what you love. @cfowlerdesign I think some simple logos are like semiotics. @cfowlerdesign Argh! just being ironically funny. I think simple logo is manifested concept that is develop as com… @cfowlerdesign I vote Apple the book called tribes by @ThisIsSethsBlog. In questioning a status quo of how tribes operates more genera… @cfowlerdesign @thefuturishere I love discussion that Chris Do and Philip VanDusen have on specialist vs generalis… share common trades and stories with Nemo. The Philosophy of Mr. Nobody – How To Make Meaningful Choice… this for the college project. I think it's most dark and funny motion design I done.
@tannerguzy @ZubyMusic Do you mean inauthentic loser? I understand being the poser but how can poser be authentic…
When going deep into learning something people noticed and find the procedure self explanatorily easy to do.Thanks @thefuturishere for referring this Jim Rohn Success Leaves Clues via @YouTubeAlways the morning person and always impatiently waiting to start activities that drive me crazy.
Radical Honesty – What If We All Told The Truth? via @YouTube @tictoc @business In that case it doesn’t really make sense if airline passengers are allowed to wear glasses and employees are not allowed.How do you find tribes? that I’m the black sheep of my tribes.
I want more realism in my life because of feeling that I’m living in delusional constructed reality.Enjoying @FKAtwigs new album and my favourite songs are cellophane and fallen alien.Art is the sensuous presentation of ideas - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.That our human senses, of which all media are extensions, are also fixed charges on our personal energies, and that… figuring out what I’m thinking and realised that it’s part of the theory. watching the holy mountain if keen to see weird. @pewdiepie T seriesThink I might develop film after graduation about subject of divorce in showing how children cope with their parent…
Every living artist or designer you admire has an email address, and absolutely none of them will be irritated that…
Retweeted by Chris MencePlease retweet this as it is really great historical insights in relation with our current cyberspace. vs baby boomers apparently. advertising is becoming so manipulatively smart.It’s good to expand the mind bubble to avoid ignorance for being aware of new information. But it’s can be hard if… @cfowlerdesign Is illustrator an artist or designer? I feel that artists do propose to the target audience by being… @piersmorgan Why can’t it be GingerBread person? I don’t want to think about eating neutral gender food.I don’t have the answer to much...but the question I often get asked is about making it in TV. I hope this video w…
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Bill Gates is awesome. quite good now. @BlueDeerDesign Glad to hear, by seeing influencers it can motivate people to want go with that route of option but…’s really hard having awareness for it.Couldn’t help myself.
Is it fine to be an fucking idiot? Guess that I’m not that keen to be pretentious. @RaminNasibov idea your apparently not happy is terrible as you should be able to tell that you are happy but by relying… like people who are expressive within themselves not how they appeared.I say becoming culturally aware is really good and important for people to avoid being ignorance to everything but… to try avoiding politics for the while as I learn a lot more on how political landscape operates but it’s bes… recommend it’s ******* hilarious. @itsnicethat @pewdiepie ?Really loving the time wasting on updating adobe applications whilst trying to actually do work.Exploring my inner demons.
@ZubyMusic What an Xenophobic.Think it’s disillusionment.