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Don’t form habits for social media. It’s a trap. @Jamiersen Yeah totally haha. Harder to separate yourself that way. You'll get lost in the sauce and won't stand out. @Jamiersen uncreative "creatives". same shit in the photo community. trends on social are a trap for personal growth haha.
JFK Jr. rides the NYC Subway 😯 in the 1980s
Retweeted by Colin Ridgway @Jimbrowskee @mattdavella That’s what I’m talking about! @daemain3 @mattdavella 100%. Unless you're on big projects where you need those file sizes / crazy high res specs t… @daemain3 @mattdavella 😭 for sure. His channel is one of the best out there for these sort of things.Watch this video by @mattdavella before you jump into buying a new shiny toy.
@lizbcroft Did you ask Brooks?
@WhatJuSee @IAMAIMOS @C3llDOPE Birth to one of my biggest inspirations that made me pick up a camera @stevesweatpants @cved yeah big thumbs down from me. doesnt fit the NY vibe. Too futuristic.
Grungy West 4th yesterday literally cannot wait to get back to BK this weekend and just shoot simple stuff like @c_ridgway ❄️ It’s been 10…
Retweeted by Colin Ridgway @S0xKrispy @APTheAngel oh shit. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Fleshlights. Slap a MA rating on that one.
It snowed for like 15 minutes this morning @S0xKrispy @APTheAngel Field of FleshlightsKid was crushing @lizbcroft go 🥰 @illkonceptinc haha you need an invite for it?! @WhatJuSee You're grumps
@MatthewFelix_ @PostMalone Likewise. I wish I took more videos of that weekend. Some funny times came out of that. say I miss live music is an understatement. It one of the places I would feel most alive. @PostMalone at Firefly… @WhatJuSee Don’t know what that means but I’m into it
@Jimbrowskee astonishing reallyAfter I released the second issue of my zine, nearly 40 people messaged me asking who I use to print it. I try to… @dergensphotos @dergensphotos It’s truly nuts. Even crazier that a lot of these people claim to be a creative but they can’t get past step one.Haha don’t ask someone if they grew their following off of luck. You for sure won’t get a response 😭
@WhatJuSee Your style will be purrrrrrrrrfect for it @WhatJuSee Is the film cost crazy on those?
@WhatJuSee done 👏🏻😤 @TerryFinnAgain Nah don’t laugh at that. He probably had whiskey throttle. Look it up.And it’s the first time a lot of these people are even interacting with me. It’s just super rude. “Thanks”. Fuck off.I’ve received countless numbers of these messages. Never give away your suppliers. It’ll take away from your value.…“What do you look for in a woman” Me:
Retweeted by Colin Ridgway @Blvck_soap I think I know what you’re talking about. If you’re ever en route to that lmk I’m down to scale a build… @Blvck_soap Haha it’s the top of the rockFun collectible in here
Retweeted by Colin Ridgway @justinaharoni
On a massive Limp Bizkit kick right now. Didn’t see this coming. Into it though. @lizbcroft @newyorkcityvibe crazy crazy crazy crazy. at a loss right now. @newyorkcityvibe thanks my guy!Absolutely blown away by this. Sold out in 30 mins. See you in March for Issue 3. Thank you to everyone who place… @newyorkcityvibe Thanks man 😬. A little fist pump when I saw your name come through. get em. hour. Limited quantities. Thanks in advance for those who support. Super fun putting these things together. Can't… @90pts Correct! @KFCradio’re back
Woodstock '99. Fred Durst performs as Diddy & Kid Rock watch on stage. stickers with every order btw. Stick em on your laptop, stick em on a pole, don't stick em on your cat - it'll… 2 of Photo Dump available tomorrow - 10am on @bludworth 100%. I just want everyone to life their life they way it was meant to be, not through influence of _________.Times were far more pure before smart phones and social media. Crazy that society will never get that back. 😕 @greeneyedlens @b3ll0edits @dave_krugman Ah yes sorry. He was responding to someone’s question about favorite all time quote.
@b3ll0edits as @dave_krugman said earlier today "comparison is the thief of joy" @WhatJuSee
Issue 2 of my bi-monthly zine will release this Friday, 1/15. Manhattan, New Orleans and South Williamsburg. Ava… @brooklynvegan @the1975 Uh oh @lizbcroft @Basedconcept Thanks man 😤
@diabolicalhare glad you like them 🙏🏼 @ckg_7 haha thank you! It's honestly the first time I even noticed this spot there. I'm a couple stops deeper. @MatthewFelix_ hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I see what you did there @_dsprojects @marklashark Sure am @_dsprojects 🖖🏼 snow please 😬
Don't do this. You'll become better at everything in life if you figure it out on your own. No pain no gain. video on the tube. Took the drone over Bushwick. Cheers.
A man lit up a doobie under the Capitol Dome
Retweeted by Colin RidgwayBarzy is back 😤 video on the tube tomorrow
@nathanabauman @newyorkcityvibe @CineStillFilm @Kodak @RFBFilm @FilmAllOver @FILMWAVE_ @BelieveInFilm @oncorage @nathanabauman @newyorkcityvibe @CineStillFilm @Kodak @RFBFilm @FilmAllOver @FILMWAVE_ @BelieveInFilm @oncorage @90pts @90pts 52 arrested yesterday (will be more) and 4 killedNext photo / youtube vid is going to be a litttttttle different...
@WhatJuSee going to be a wild couple of years ahead @90pts Haha they really need to find a hobby @90pts Oh 1000000%. His loyal followers would do ANYTHING for him. This is legit an American Horror Story episode. @90pts Yeah ridiculous. The shit thing about it is, they themselves don't make the call whether they engage or not.… @90pts Right - said that after they went in. Once they got past the barricades bullets should have been zooming. Yo… guys?? These assholes??? They took down the American capitol?? America is so washed up. We stink
Retweeted by Colin RidgwayA paranoid man makes paranoid plans.
Retweeted by Colin RidgwayGROSS day for this country. It's necessary to meet anyone who forcefully enters a Federal Building with all of the force you have. @dave_krugman bars!!!!
@kiddoxnyc 70-200 without a doubt @itisRalphtho_ Oh we had those as well. High school crack. @itisRalphtho_ Haha I used to down those things in high school. Came out of the ice cream vending machine cold so I… @itisRalphtho_ Don’t knock em until you try 😋
@jerm_cohen haha I really hope there aren't many to follow @b3ll0edits haha trashhhh "don't let the door hit ya on the way out lady"Definitely don't do this @cved @JakeChams Fuego 😳