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Cabel @cabel Portland, OR

I work at Panic • We’re making Playdate • We published Untitled Goose Game • We make Mac / iOS apps like Nova and Transmit • I mostly post new snack foods

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• Twix Cookies & Creme 🙂 • Kit Kat Duos: Mint + Dark* 😊 • Skittles Dips Creamy Yogurt 😕 • Three Musketeers Birthday…スーパー・ニンテンドー・ワールドに、ドッスンが設置されていました!! 上下しそう…? In Jan 25, SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™,The Thwomp was set up!! #USJ #マリオ
Retweeted by Cabel @lisabronwyn Thank you for your service 😭 I just peeked in there and boy howdy that aisle sure is empty now!! They… @arlenemusume Truly beautiful!!! @hoverbird I got you, friend
@ksouth OH YEAH!!! Next week?There may be a slight delay in my ability to find interesting new chips next week. Since they're on fire <<contrac… @uselink126 @lisabronwyn I am REALLY trying hard not to make a Flamin' Hot Doritos joke @lisabronwyn !!!! Lisa why did the chips catch on fire!!!! (I go here every day!) @evilpeacock RELATED: how has it taken me this long to search eBay for Letraset? Stop me before I buy it all @evilpeacock It's extremely possible — but it feels equally possible to me that it was a Letraset rub-down type tha… @briankrebs Thanks for the tip. (Looking into this more and chatting with VeriSign, strangely they do NOT provide a… @kelslewin @algcifaldi Confirmed!!! @johntv 😂 @lauraehall @TimOfLegend How about this one happy to see Mal’s phenomenal Goose painting went for $1,525 on eBay. I was tempted to bid on it for the Pan… @kelslewin @algcifaldi Word on the street is that the Space Needle has one of these!!!???Thinkin about that “STONE” font, which I’ve never seen. It’s interesting how many period fonts DON’T cross over int…
@samgrover I'm ready to sign the waiver @tvaziri — please have someone sneak this into your next masterpiece @Collectingcandy Holy Ka-Chow! @stakwild Oh nooooooo 😫If you’d like to see a ruined dad, here’s me coming home in the pouring rain after walking to get burgers and fries… @Alhanouf_Alk1 @jakestrick Alhanouf how did you find this tweet
2020 😘Playing name that tune with the kids, I hit four notes. One said “Indiana Jones!” and the other said “Splash Mounta… @KyleHughes I agree but also think that, while I kind of get it technically, “if you mix old and new products, your… that this giant bag of sugar describes itself as “mellow smooth”
🎙 It is the 2020's. And there is time for… a Panic Podcast. Our pilot run of six shows will cover everything Panic…
Retweeted by Cabel @waxpancake OH MY GOD ANDY I LOVED THIS GAME AND FORGOT ALL ABOUT IT. Looking at the box brought back many feelings… @connyb @solomania That was my fault! She replied after I called out that great feature! 🙌 @ludwiguer Makes sense!
@tvaziri @gruber oh no @waxpancake @neilcic Snag one for me too, I’ll pay ya back @kongtomorrow @jp2chan +50 good job appreciation points to anyone involved in this nice detail! 👍 @1985R Good question, but I can safely say it’s never gotten in the way of anything! @solomania I appreciate the cosplay. Also hoping for this person to show up!! @grooveplex Let’s just focus on the snapping 😅(For example, if it used pixels and was looking for straight lines, it would snap to every separator line in Settin… iOS crop tool does some really nice and helpful snapping when cropping screenshots. I don’t think it’s using p…
By the way, if you remember this one, I actually bought it. Why. Unsurprisingly, the only bidder. Surely the weird… sidebar: the patent on the back of the Game and Watch, 4438926, is for a "Timepiece Apparatus Having a Game… it's always been mildly interesting to me that the Game & Watch "Zelda" is just "Zelda". There's no legend here… @noby829 ➡️ This thread continues in a new thread! Head on over!, it's not a videogame, but that's some of the best box art/design I've ever seen. Absolutely wonderful. (¥2,980…👾💴 It's time for a second thread of "interesting Japanese game auctions I've found", since the last one was gettin'… @noby829 Speaking of Nintendo arcade games, "Sheriff" is pre-Donkey Kong, with art by Miyamoto, and must be quite r… @rocco_botte Well you were not wrong. That was the fuckin worst thing. Human beings are garbage
@disk0s2ioerror I just learned about your new found flight powers the other day, from that other nice guy at the st… @danmessing @MichaelSteeber Somehow I am not surprised 😔 @drpanman @Collectingcandy @obra I’m gonna hold off on this eBay purchase then!! 😛 Good luck Lou!! @DrewCoffman You absolutely 100% have to eat there @obra What the… they went out of business! But I will absolutely try this! @NTRSKT Oh no, that's totally fair, they are MOSTLY not good!! But I miss something about the texture and crunch… i… no, I had a hankering for a necco wafer, but forgot they stopped making necco wafers 😦 Cc @Collectingcandy @tvaziri It was absolutely on.Love to see Apple retail tweaks over time. Clearly the on-device info/signage was not enough, so now there’s physi… old design is good design, I am really happy to see Disneyland roll out these wonderful popcorn boxes, comp…
@davemakes HEROabsolute hero @ChrisJValdez Oh yes, I enjoyed watching the bidding 😅😂😅 @mripley 1989
@kellygiz @Yuta_USJ Yes, these are helicopter photos from Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in Osaka! @carlyewisel 💖💖💖 @geocitiesgifbot @mistydemeo Holy carp @Yuta_USJ And, if you look closely, 🤓, there's a circular frame around Yoshi with an undulating guide rail. My gue… @davemakes It’s like HQ2x emulator smoothing but in real life!!!Courtesy @Yuta_USJ, and via Japanese TV, some amazing shots of Super Nintendo World construction!!! It really is my…
@kobunheat The real question is are you gonna get that moon ball magic? 😄 @kobunheat I’ve never seen that in all my daily FDS browsing, but yet, all the seller’s items are legit and I doubt… @mrgan Additionally, this paper aims to research advantages and disadvantages of “and scooby doo, on channel two”
@rsa @elirousso Minus eighty points though for me beginning my response with "Disagree!" @elirousso @rsa (Disagree! Hate Motion Smoothing. But there is nothing better than pulling up an old photo of my ki… @noir Oh no, this is all stuff I'm finding on Japanese auction sites — currently up for bidding. I'm trying to cut… @AttractMode re-posted!Here's a "Mario Roulette" cabinet from Konami (!!) that I had no idea was rare — my posting of it scrambled the pre… @AttractMode I accidentally deleted that 😅 I'll re-post it now! @MaxKriegerVG Oh, interesting! I wonder what kind of prizes there were? Also: "even though a lot of videos and ima… @marlowedobbe post all haunted house photos pleaseGET OUT SUPER NINTENDO WORLD has special wristbands and an app and “You can hit coins to collect coins”.... HELP ME I N…
@derekburgan This is hilarious and yet I still cry foul on this Photoshop job. At least match the shadows on the cu… @frankcifaldi @patrickklepek TRUE FACT: the most important, and arguably most annoying, feature of our Slack is tha… @Mantia Louie, if we call all teardrop-shapped chocolate "Kisses", that trademark is TOAST. That's a one-way trip t… thing I saw when I logged into slack, thanks @stevenf @bink @devonbl I approve 👍👍• Trix Trolls Word Tour with Marshmallows 🙂 • Reese’s Puffs Big Puffs 😀 • Jolly Rancher Cereal 😨 • Hershey’s Kisses…• Twinkies Cereal 😒 • Eggo Cereal 😊 • Special K Banana 😕 • Honey Bunches of Oats Frosted 🙂 #new
@dee_bax @KayinNasaki Close! It’s both. It was directed by Eric “The Genie” Goldberg, and the animation was by Rich… @thatbilloakley surely this has been brought to your attention Can’t stop thinking about it. I must eat this sand… @TheKFS @matt_merkle @sumichu @panic I got to push it over $2M with our $10k donation so everything worked out wonderfully 🥰
@tdreyno Prioritize Sea, if you have to choose. The best park they’ve ever built. But Land is really wonderful too!… @ksouth There was a time when nicole felt great rage over our creaky wooden floors during nap time. I think baby wa… thread! Great family! Helpful Goose! @DrewCoffman God bless you Drew. Just about to upload the tongue lady at 15% @DrewCoffman holy shit please do the dad that takes a bite of the burger
@kevhamm @BigSkypride We can definitely find a way to make this happen! E-mail me! (cabel at panic)