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Cabel @cabel Portland, OR

I work at Panic • We’re making Playdate • We published Untitled Goose Game & soon Nour • We make Mac / iOS apps like Nova and Transmit • I only post snack foods

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they’re very good
@Ihnatko Why do they even let you bid before the last 30 seconds of the auction. What's the point![Poll] I'm sorry to bring this up again, but @Nintendeal I mean, I wrote all of that for youFriends, it's time for a Playdate Update. SUMMARY: a rough year, a small delay, but lots of good! Orders should n…
Retweeted by Cabel @saeed_taheri @panzer (This did not happen to me. I am no longer "subscribed" to any storage after subscribing to Apple One Premier.) @stevex NAILED ITHuh! Is it true? 4TB iCloud Storage is possible if you subscribe to Apple One? "You can purchase storage in additio… @m_giacchino let’s goooooooooo
@nicolehe just one @teddygala @brintown TRUTH IS HAPPENING @nep Plus, kids would laugh when they get to the PU part!!!!! Win-win! @brintown It’s after AOh wow 2011 called to tell me I’m not alone @amadlonkay YES. YES.This is truth, R S T U Q W X Y Z is significantly better @chrisheninger 100000%Q is a dumb letter, it should absolutely and obviously be NEAR THE END of the alphabet, but somehow there are like 13 letters after it?????
@kfury The effortless H1 chip in action yet again @RebeccaSlatkin What else can you do!!!! Other than immediately get rid of them and not take a single photo of a ho… @afit ah nuts I didn't mean to leave the username in there 😌 to delete or not to deleteAlso, I sold some AirPods on eBay. After the buyer won the auction and received them I got the following free AirPo… @Arnandegans As it was explained to me, all of the money is going to those four companies, each with different appr… @ticky Hahah that should still be there, it works with Apple Pay sales too! 😅 @legobutts I LOVE THIS DANG GAME @_Michi Hey, all right! 🙌 @ndresfm You're right, you're right. I guess I just want to feel like that 30% is doing something other than just b… @Arnandegans It's all on that page! Give it a read. At the beginning, it's four verifiable projects/companies that… @Iron_Spike EXACTLY. "These kids don't know how to turn their phones so we're gonna make all the content in portrai… @patrickc 🙌 @gracebruxner you're wrong on this one grace. i guess you have never heard the expression "come on, it's just like… @bburbank I loved this game @legobutts 1000%health screens, quarantine, island @waxpancake what @MagicTrashman @frankcifaldi Omg. Omg. 😵 @frankcifaldi Like, seriously. This is not only incredibly technically accurate and totally plausible, but also…… e…
@antichrista Beautiful!!! @Clarko @lindadong Way too “lighting bolt! Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!” @lindadong I never ever liked it tbh. There’s got to be something better. @MikeIsaac normalCarto is really good and I can’t wait to sit down and play the whole thing. Check it out! Add it to your life! @waxpancake Dollhouse mode is obviously unfair. Might as well be a TAS @rmondello We actually totally cheated and were automatically notified, @foozmeat having added it to… @thatbilloakley Yes and also, those new EXTREMELY BRIGHT LED replacement bulbs are killing me @thacher OH SARA the record is at 35.67 and there is clearly room for improvement for future runs anyone found a way to properly archive 2020's game of the year* before it's gone * the claustrophobia amazon s… @culturestate @mrgan Eggs, Water, Vinegar, Salt, Natural Flavors, Polysorbate 80. Is this typical??? @matthewtvincent @thatbilloakley All clear!!!!I know someone’s gonna now reply and say they’re delicious so I’m gonna head that off at the pass AND commit to try… @thatbilloakley my favorite Safeway game now is seeing what’s getting permanently booted off the shelf via the clea… @rmondello PS: we just got notified that our SSL cert expired for — we fixed it very quickl… @PatC @sdw i'm gonna call the city and report that car that's blocking your driveway
@alexr @gruber It cannot. @benjedwards Hey thanks for inspiring all the fun BeOS talk @awk @DmitriyMoroz @gingerbeardman @benjedwards "Working on Common UI and Design Systems across a large product des… @leighalexander For sure, 100%!!! I can name multiple. Weird "old church" vibes Also just in case you didn't see t… @DmitriyMoroz @gingerbeardman @benjedwards @gassee Thank you Dmitriy and Matt!!! This is why I love Twitter (usuall… @catacalypto @lauraehall !!!!!!! Game of the year @lauraehall @catacalypto Oh no… so this is what it’s like to live as a third party Amazon merchant 😩 (Found them h… @alexr @gruber I can confirm no hot keys! (The one light indicates it’s charging the phone.) So I think it’s smart…
@jnack So, winning is: I sign up for their “security protection service” and pay them a few hundred dollars to “pro… @Nelsormensch Why would he admit this!!!!!!Omg a new scammer called back!! Me: “Yeah so, I have a few Apple IDs, can you tell me which one was compromised?”… call: “This is Apple support. Your Apple ID has been compromised. Do not use it. Press one to speak to a rep.”… @mrgan @ja2ke uhhhhhhhh playdate special edition incoming?????
@benjedwards @gassee (Sidebar: do we know who drew the original BeOS icons? I've always loved them!) @muyiwaolu @can I think so. The timer starts now! 😅 @can No, this Base Station Pro is doing something fancier than Qi. It’s Qi based i’m sure, but not precisely Qi. Th… punish me for my positivity, the Base Station Pro doesn’t seem to support the iPhone 12 Pro. The base’s indicato… @pmbuko It was hard to drop off the ballot through all the fires40% of Portland has already voted. Heck yes. Good job everybody. 🙌
@patricktoomey @siracusa THAT WAS MY NEXT TWEET. It was clearly a leading question. I did "Transfer from iPhone" an… @siracusa @SlackHQ Question for you. Did you choose "Transfer from iPhone" or "Download from iCloud"? @_Teejay5 TJ I DEMAND A FULL REPORT @tullera Not that exciting, my friend. A mysterious t-shirt arrived for Nicole. It says "VOTE". Cool! But zero indi… to solve a mail mystery, wound up in St. Louis, MO on Google Street View, and just had to take a moment to a…
this is just what I needed right now @Casey @safesolvent Consider me on-call 24/7 to answer any questions. We can make this happen!!! @safesolvent @Casey Casey please, just print out this thread @alexr @gruber This definitely does device detection before enabling charging — there’s a few second delay before i… @rgb_club Hell yes @Mathewh Oh wow that’s new. Almost looks like a GPU problem. I’ll see if I can reproduce it!Really, it’s a great editor. If you’re on a Mac, check it out! @mungusrising @gruber Thank you!! Timeline update coming soon. :) @mungusrising @gruber Wasn't the entire point of AirPower that you can just put the things anywhere on the thing an… @mungusrising @gruber 7.5W. But I've never really considered that a big deal, because charging pads are overnight w… @Kahjahkins @Powerspike @APCbySchneider I enjoyed it! 🙌 @mrsambarlow Laurel
@plc Yeah so, phew, that's not it. :) That thing is, indeed, extremely finicky — it's just a regular Qi charger. I… @plc Just to be clear, did you get this in the last month or so? I want to make sure you didn't accidentally buy on… @plc Whoah I've had zero issues lining anything up! I just slap my phone down there and it charges. Are you… did yo… @upsetmolecule "Setting multiple cursors is currently supported by setting the 'TextEditor.selectedRanges' property… @upsetmolecule Charlie, why so many coils!!! @BoserHase @gruber No luck. Whatever the Apple Watch is doing, it's clearly not close to Qi compatible. Maybe Apple… @lukeifynz @gruber Seeing how well this works, I can only agree. Why could Aira figure this out when Apple couldn't… @AsherVo You love to see it 🤘 @MichaelStahlke @patrickklepek A beautiful moment from the person the fort replied to: @rstevens @gruber Oh yeah, that's the setback. No watches. Although they are sending out a watch mount so you can a…