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Cabel @cabel Portland, OR

I work at Panic • We’re making Playdate • We published Untitled Goose Game • We make Mac / iOS apps like Nova and Transmit • I mostly post new snack foods

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@jessicard Thanks a bunch for the reminder, friend. I was stewing real bad over here and it was what I needed.Did it. Please do it. @gray Bless you, you are good @gray Hogsmeade? @gray Harry Potter. @q_dork @bad_tetris So good. And can I also just appreciate this music for a second. Where in the name of heaven did you get it
@jnadeau Yep ok I'm good. I vented @jnadeau I predict I delete my own tweet within 3 minutes @ronyfadel I had the same vibe with Sketch — "this is for apps". Like, I just want a canvas. I'm clearly not unders… @zabu_san Right, and obviously I’m talking about the latter, not the former, as clearly I’ve just posted a picture… @zabu_san Hell yes man! Nothing more wondeful than going on a ride for the first time without knowing what it is or… @gray Harry Potter! 😅 @mitchrohrer That’s how things look when they’re photographed from the sky! Try to imagine yourself human-sized in the middle. :)Just imagine what it’s gonna feel like to walk through that entrance warp pipe (lower right) and seeing the land a… @cathy_gabrielle @kansaichris It’s interesting that the only thing you tweet about is Leawo. You must really love their software @drewwilson I think this photo is deceptive in that regard! I bet standing in there it's gonna feel huge. But FYI t… @Mantia Very few times we've ever said "wow, the sizzle video and pre-release renderings were 100% accurate" @Jury This would be "Super Nintendo World" at Universal Studios Japan. It'll have two attractions — a kid-friendly… more great pics from themeparx. I can't believe it's this well executed. And now, I do everything I can to av… it's-a almost ready to go!!!!!!!! (via imaiko02 on instagram via themeparx) @paarsec nothing but extreme good vibes in this support chat!!!! @djf1107 Nahhhh. He did ask me my name later in the chat though! Yes we're still chatting… 😅Joby is having issues buying v-bucks and I would like to nominate this Microsoft Xbox support person (Juan Mer) to…
for about 10 minutes in the morning this window shade draws 1-bit art @derekburgan Classic autocorrect. You typed "Pook-a-looz" right👕 Psst… in non-app news, our extremely good yellow Untitled Goose Game shirt is now on sale for just $9 (!!!) while…
Retweeted by Cabel @Beschizza I was going to say… I can't shake the feeling I've seen this guy starring in MULTIPLE Viz comics @benjedwards ultimate port of Super Mario Land 2 (¥5,000 yen, 1 bid) @tdrexplorer Will Mario open with it? Or not ready yet? @mrtwg This is pure fiction. Take a picture of this ballot for us please. @moody_dc @KenHicken @EllieKpop I live in Oregon, in a house built in 1911, with many many owners, and this has nev… @PersimmonFalls With all due respect, it's not a "disagreement" when the person that ACTUALLY worked on the thing,…
@PersimmonFalls @TomKMorris Why would you argue with a guy that worked on Hong Kong Disneyland about Hong Kong Disn… @mistydemeo I found some good old comics of his here. I know for a fact he made some cool M… @mistydemeo Misty I keep meaning to ask you, I remember being blown away by the website of Thoru Yamamoto long ago.… @CenturyLinkHelp Just sent you a DM. I had a card replaced due to fraud so my billing failed, and your self service…
@apretz @zusty I think voodoo is a tastier chip with significantly worse package design (Also I just realized I ev… six years!!!! This month we suddenly, unexpectedly got an $8 check instead.• Zapp’s “Evil Eye”* 🙂 #new * kind of a Cajun ketchup? And the greatest packaging design I’ve seen in years cc… @AaronSlosek Of course!! I've secretly peeked into break room (before it was boarded up). I actually quite love tha… @tdrexplorer @carlyewisel Actually, in seriousness: I’m half tempted to give this a whirl with Tenso, a reshipper I… @ChuckWendig At first not interested, I convinced my friend Christine to golf with me in PE. I’m looking off in the… @AaronSlosek Aaron I should have asked you where you worked!
@sanguish Fully agree, but how ironic that the first statement wouldn't exist if the second statement were truehe out there @mikealmquist ( @mikealmquist It’s Social Security?????(Answer: 28 baby Berthas in 2017. In 1880 it was the 9th most popular baby name.)I just wanted to know how many babies were named “Bertha” last year 😔
@gruber 👍 I’m glad you’re bringing it up! @gruber I don’t know man any time I double click a photo in messages for Mac there’s a 70% chance it opens some tot… wish twitter could algorithmically add perspective. If sometime RTs a video of dumbasses freaking out about masks… @macguitar @jackxalan Hahahaha thank you for visiting!!If anyone is playing AC right now, my son joby (10) tells me has set up “mystery bags” (??) in exchange for NMT so…
I love these Quarter Arcades — and while it ain't cheap, now you can get a cool looking PAC-MAN cabinet signed by T… @365ofpac Sure thing! (Of course I meant 256 not 265 😜) @365ofpac I'm sure you saw this, but JUST IN CASE. I pulled the trigger — only 265 available! @gruber As a kid, I remember just one BBS post: a guy arguing that he shouldn't be forced to wear a seatbelt. His a… @ja2ke @locktheme OH. OH. @mcmar WHO IS ABLE TO DRIVE TO A FIREWORK STAND 😩😩😩 @hoshuajiggins I always had my friends in the office to render twitter just a bonus! I don’t want it to be essential! 🙃 @tdreyno Bummer deal my friend 🙃 that said it’s nice to see your face (avatar) @dloehr Maybe I’ll do a personal zoom social hour for anyone here who cares! That sounds nice!uh oh, I just realized I’m looking for things to post on twitter because I just want to interact with human beings… @adamfc Well, it’s actually designed that way because you hit BOTH. First you hit the dots then you hit the arrow j… @thanland @logancollins That’s the one! Conveniently no lawyers requiredInteresting that Apple is showing giant UI tips like this in Music. I can’t decide if this is good (helping users!)… @logancollins That’s 100MB better than the iPhone! (Also I just realized there is an Apple thing called “QuickTake… @carlyewisel You know who seems to have the most time during this pandemic? eBay resellersa beautiful moment in grammar self-correction
extremely comic book store of our current digitization projects involves a process called photogrammetry, which involves photographing an…
Retweeted by Cabel @film_girl Steve and I were super excited to see you at Build!!!i love that the rain doesn’t evaporate as quickly from the poetry ad from the Outdoor Advertising Association is still up in PDX, taunting us all #GetOutOfHome @dannolan DRIVES ME INSANE @apelad It was on Hulu!?!?!? Always wanted to see it 😫 @CoolBoxArt I just wish I knew what the name of the game was @selfportraitexe OMG
@nsuttner @stevenf @mrgan Dana is UNSTOPPABLE @365ofpac I bought this for some reason (a sucker for an intact "case" of something) and thought you would enjoy se… @Gaohmee I had no idea about any of this until just now, if that helps! It doesn’t define you! @krger Is this the musicial equivalent of “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” @parkscopejoe @Averagedisnerd Joe with all due respect the last thing we need is a 4:3 YetiAt 1:01 in this song the guitarist strums an absolutely incorrect chord and I fully can't handle it. Is it just me @tvaziri TODD @kelly_knox I was watching this great clip and thought geez, what’s that awesome shirt Mark has on! Star Wars Dot C… @tvaziri @tdrexplorer I swear to god one time the pool at Disneyland Hotel was closed one time because of an… accid… @tdrexplorer I'm at least 80% sure those flashes are special markers used for scanning/calibrating projection mappi… @killerDLS @rocco_botte I can't believe I never saw this. It's too good (as always)
Good stuff @rocco_botte Rocco why is the Goose back there. What was happening here. Hahahaha @steveriggins 💯 @chancerubbage Whoah this is a very important web page @keithwhamond THIS IS TRUE @Mantia It's like, who's the poor sap who wrote the bad theme song that was replaced by the much better theme song… @alexpalex I just… did I jump timelines… how do I confirm I'm realI'm sorry, Gilligan's Island originally had a DIFFERENT THEME SONG??? Written by John Williams and Sherwood Schwart…