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@zuzusexytiems not in p2lol this article is actually pretty good ngl, not perfect or anything but way better than i expected is based ?? hilarious that nigga drew Luffy sitting on himself💀
Retweeted by shash @MegaTurtles10_ oh shit yeh there’s a bunch i forgot, got that at like a 7 ish i guess it’s cool @MegaTurtles10_ i don’t it’s still an incredible manga though @Assaultmarley @lucalamnn @25thMyles dno man maybe take a look at how literally every dynamic and interaction and c… @Assaultmarley @lucalamnn @25thMyles eren shiki musashi kaneki shinji @Foriahnoface blood on the tracks? i paused after 4 volumes but i enjoyed it i can see it being like a solid 8 for,… @iiiiiiiiiaki jus b4 y2v4 @iiiiiiiiiaki been 2 long since i read ngl but i’ll reread it when more volumes get translated to have coherent thoughts, i fw bro tho
@rkid_fry wwwww mad interested to see what u think ngl @Torgan616 @25thMyles there are better strugglers than guts lol 💀💀 @YorozuyaTrixs @25thMyles bojack betta 🌚 @itsdavidfnbr @25thMyles @YorozuyaTrixs @25thMyles sigh trixs it’s fine to like that person the most (i got eren above shiki 💀💀) but using t… @lucalamnn @25thMyles in emotional attachment maybe yeah that’s what i said @Boondocks4YO not part of p2 but i’m unironically looking forward to 138/139 the most yeah @lucalamnn @25thMyles he’s great but bro not even close to a conclusion going against characters who have incredibl… @Sharp_bruh not being animated in p2 @25thMyles emotional attachment got mandem shackled cus nah bro 😭💀which chapter of attack on titan are you most looking forward to seeing animated in p2? (assuming it stops at 131 instead of 130)This is how it should be
Retweeted by shash @NotdeoCash b- minus character but go goat @Mythfielder @SahilBand yh toji my t1 shonen antag (melon prolly gonna be above tho bro is insane), vid coming soon 🌚 @SahilBand agreed @boysoIar anime/manga @titusbrotherdoe 🌚 @planetyugen @Cascandriaist @JoshuaDyana sigh @JoshuaDyana @Cascandriaist @planetyugen bro draws rape and abuse scenes for women like it’s a happy go lucky buffe… @RoboStan3 one day maybe @planetyugen @_soultrap_ @JoshuaDyana 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @JoshuaDyana @planetyugen so stupid holy shit @JoshuaDyana @planetyugen it’s not even close 💀💀💀 guts best thing is his development and kaneki clears even in that… @planetyugen @JoshuaDyana guts and grif are fantastic but let’s not act like they’re enough to remove all the flaws… @planetyugen @JoshuaDyana sigh bro berserk stans funny you got an ass cast, ass antags bar griffith, horrific portr… @rkid_fry 😭😭#Real
Retweeted by shash @JoshuaDyana @planetyugen like you didn’t read tokyo ghoul re right either apparently nothing new @planetyugen @JoshuaDyana thinking berserk is even on the same tier as angels egg is hilarious that meathead ass ma… @rkid_fry @Skadoodlespunk @Delfoam peak omggg @charlesmedina8 @YStrawhat shaman king @YStrawhat yeah @YStrawhat only really fw toji, meruem, hao and aizen tbh. zeke great but like below those guys @Kira_mikasa it’s gonna be fun can’t waitconsidering furuta is my second fav antag of all time i’m going to really love melon. Heard they’re both implicit a… explanation of the second panel^. Numerology consistent with legoshi, not enough context for melon. melon bei… melon probably gonna be my t1 shonen antag. already S tier off of his first two scenes @shouyophos @yoshaaq love gil but visually and sound design wise it just felt plastic to me which affected my overall perception 😩 @ladyotsu u say that like it’s a bad thing but w imo ☺️ @sougoskatana no i don’t tend to like the genre, there would be a bunch more with lower scores but this list is onl… @Skadoodlespunk just started rotfl, istg melon borderline S tier off his introduction alone shits wild 💀💀 @Skadoodlespunk manga better @25lasa nothing it’s cool @SoraSoraS got one but changed my rating system and cba to redo it @hulkgamerspamz @TheHeroOfSeinen nahh imma get to that eventually heard i’ll like p4 @M1rzaWaQaS anime and mangaratings 🌚 @BasedLuffy56 @heyitsamir_ why would you say that doesn’t conclude his arc, do u know what his arc is? genuine question @lain_812 stop flirting and marry already @NotdeoCash swap out tr for mha and the sentence stays the same unfortunately @Tefio_ tr slander makes u come so quick 😭😭 revengers top 1 new gen gotta be the funniest take bro 😭😭 @ffstxm starts a lil slow but gets a lot better as it progresses, i’d say manga personally but the sexual stuff is less weird in the anime @Dar1Mori i’m at chapter 104 i thinkjourney is one of accepting his own selfish side. Maybe we can’t ever fully escape our influences but we can come t… is highlighted in the ‘smile’ panel. After eating meat he has his eyes closed (rejecting reality/nature) and t… rejects riz and therefore his own nature, as his ideology is far more flawed (attacks bill for drinking rab… is strengthened by the parallel. Haru is not here but legoshi now stands on the side on nurture. Riz represent… also poses an interesting philosophical question. How far do environmental circumstances dictate behaviour? Le… stands between nature and nurture. This follows his growth in arc 1. He starts off acting as a weak herbivo… says that legoshi likes Haru because she is small and weak, which lines up with his need to save people despit… works off of the interpretation that the sea (left) represents nature while the animal society (right) represe… visual representation of Nature v Nurture in Beastars Mini Thread @lain_812 bottom 1 ong @xoadi_ @ShatteredXLV 7 years imo
@TheBrokenRonin my mans a clown bro but this is more tapped than i expected @nfmaster_99 @XxCoolguyXx123 mandem don’t be reading sigh @XxCoolguyXx123 he doesn’t represent nihilismGOATED @BlueGardenSk1 @rkid_fry @Saintlil4 get that fraudulent twitter user @IeeiUufj no lol @Salazar002809 160 something @Ryuntal spittinexistentialism go brrluffy so enjoyable i love this kid 😭😭 @DeriTristan @BasedLuffy56 lol why would i care it’s beyond stupid @Sharp_bruh sigh @DeriTristan @iiddki @wrld__________ w goat @DeriTristan nah u right furuta ass 🙏🏼🙏🏼 @Saintlil4 w me too @hatsvseno i’m almost done murder incident @DeriTristan by the fandom and rightly so he’s better than everyone on this 3x3 bar johan and even then both takes validwent on the timeline for 30 seconds to be reminded why i don’t go on the timeline anymore @Prod1gy199 nana @KenDavid4549 @SDetective5 @capedbaldy007 @lain_812 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @Skadoodlespunk i think the point is that you can view everything as an extension of your own selfishness, who you… @bagchasinjustin read nana tho