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@lynvicious Yeah I’m mad at u now @lynvicious Yes. Lemme govern you and be your DICK tater @lynvicious I like you governed in lemon and gingerREV UP THOSE FRYERS @DREAMMM_OW the last few sips of green juice is so nasty but so good at the same time??No hay champagne Papi…. Este es champagne niño Cae’all I can’t believe I made it to Diamond in Apex and I just started season 9 😭 I went to my very first VOD of Ape… @Vymps Much love to u too VIYUHMP
@XX4W3 U got it boiiiii! I pushed from silver to plat real quick, but the p2-d4 push took THE longest 😭 @lynvicious @DpsDeku *boyfriend named Bob* “BOB…… DO SOMETHING” @cleggnation I hate to break it to you man… he already mf dead @cleggnation That dude been sleeping for too long clegg. U gotta check his pulse or somethingDat face 🥵 Sunday yalll
Retweeted by CaeLETS MF GO BOIZ. THAT LAST MINUTE DIAMOND PUSH @hiiBEAM2 No worries big dawg! I’m chillin tonight, but if I see u on and u not busy, I’ll Ping u!Not ready to deal with apex solo queueing… but one more day left 😩 ya boi was only 100RP from Diamond last night. B… @hiiBEAM2 Luckyyyyy I was 100RP from Diamond and am back in P2 😭 literally spent 3-4 hours just dropping hot and dying right away 😭😭😭Happy National Girlfriend Day. Miss u baby 🥺@lynvicious
Bro I’m watching anime and this dude literally said “yeah, yeah” but the subtitles said “No, no” LIKE WHAT @joshi_tsunami @Angeloking5664 I’m sayinnnn. He already DONT talk to us 😭😭😭Man… all the homies who checked up on me really make it so much better. Thanks y’all 🥺Been soloing and I think I’m a Bangalore main?????????This last minute Diamond push kinda going crazy rn 🥵
To everyone who was expecting a freestyle Friday stream from me tonight… I’m sorry 😭 been going thru some sort of m… rude to women on a video game shouldn't be a personality trait
Retweeted by Caefirst day on IW4X... most fun I've had gaming in awhile. Miss MW2 days so much. pls remaster it #iw4x
Retweeted by CaeKinda just been going thru it these past few days
REACH FOR THE STARS, SO IF U FALL U LAND ON THE CLOUDS @FoMiNiL Yyyyyyyourrrrrrrre haaaaackiiiiiiingggggTeejayx6 get me goin at the gymNEVER BEEN A RAT, BUT I REALY LOVE THE CHEESE
Purposely ignoring hints so they speak up like an adult >>>>>>>>>>>
Retweeted by CaeBUBUSHKA BOIpubs pubs pubs @TheJayBroski Yuhhh with the army cargo shorts 🔥Went a lil too hard on legs today 😩 wobbling to my car manCan we go back to double Nike socks and basketball shorts under our True Religions plz @akaStratus Keep push man, imma be watchin your content and supportin either way 🔥
FaceTimed Josh earlier… miss everyone back home a lil extra tonight 😭😭😭 I AM CRYING and I miss them drunk nights with Brant man 😭Activision Blizzard employees announced they will stage a walkout on Wednesday, July 28 to protest leadership in th…
Retweeted by Cae10 years old. what an image.
Retweeted by CaeEmo nite music has been the jams lately 🤘
@KitchenGangFam to solo queue this morning and lost like 200RP. I swear queue in the daytime is just full of ppl who like t… I’m literally 6RP from plat 1 on apex 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 GIVE ME DIAMOND THIS SEASON BROIf u care too much about what other ppl think, social media ain’t for you 🤣
You can only love and trust someone as much as you love and trust yourselfnah, this shit got me crying🤣
Retweeted by CaeCan a season 3 of mythic quest please come out 😭😭😭I feel like getting tipsy and running PUBs on Apex. That’s a vibeThe moon is in Gatorade or the full moon is in a Aquarium or some shit like that ✨💫🌙
You can be anything you want to be in this world! And some of y’all idiots decide to be… RACIST?!?!?!Bruh the promise never land is so fucked up 😭 @EvoBandit_ @BlazedRTs ALCOHOL MAKE U A RAPPERNow @caelanology got me freestyling for twitter for the free.. fuck the Views, I wanted to make sure when we rapped…
Retweeted by Cae @cleggnation BRUH IM CRYING 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭 @nava94_ Oh naw it’s not too bad… like look at this 😭 MFS EYES TOUCH HER MOUF. The artist really said “ . “ for the… @nava94_ Lemme look rq
@GenG ME ME ME I GOT MATCHING PUMA SUEDES FOR IT 😭 @nava94_ Imma be honest. I have t watched that one yet, but after I finish promise never land, I’m hopping on that!!Bro I went to a different gym and it was so nice but I felt guilty because I felt like I was cheating on my other gym 😭Mannnn I start Promise Neverland & the first thing I think is “WHY ARE THEIR MOUTHS SO CLOSE TO THEIR EYES” 🤣 yall… KEEP SENDING ME A MESSAGE AND THEN UNSENDING IT…
Because of Australia's wildfires in 2020, the government conducted "Operation Rock Wallaby" to dump thousands of po…
Retweeted by CaeI kid you not… I was doing abs and had to stop mid set because I realized a bottle of KY jelly on the ground???!?!?… to the big homie Billy for this masterpiece. Barely looks photoshopped with my muscle mass. I started training different to cut and lose weight. Started my calorie deficit 4 days… GTA update lettin me and the homes go to car meets. I’m pullin up to stream like this tonight: #FAMILY
The ultimate workout song Apex clip dump. That first flick was 🥶 & that Bloodhound right after just wanted to end it all 🤣 ultimate duo @caelanology x @EvoBandit_
Retweeted by Cae
2021 PULL UP, PUBs wit the legendary pek pek. I’m landin hot and postin up like this dude: is NO such thing as a coincidence stream but I’m so pooped :(Staaaaaaay scheeeeeeeemin @nava94_ I legit be playin in Tokyo server pubs and met some dope streamers. Have no idea what they sayin most the… @mjones_BiL 🤣🤣 Marvins always got my backFacts😂
Retweeted by CaeMarvin got my back always
2021 come pull up while I run some solo pubs and a lil ranked! pek pek... IS LEGENDARY @dubbziz If that’s the case why’d you ask why I wasn’t at “church like the rest of them” 😭 u still wrong for dat @dubbziz So what u saying is u assumed I went to the ones that “the rest of them” go to… U wrong for dat 😭 @dubbziz My bad I forgot church last the whole duration of Sunday. MY BAD JAREISundays are dope because the gym empty as helllllll42 Dugg 🔥 @isssa_k Do it
Rock Lee & Guy Sensei would be so proud 😭 GETTING BIG AND SKRONK BOIZ to double take. I thought this was Loba at first then I realized it was my girlfriend’s 8:30am, I haven’t slept yet. And I just wanna say that honey mustard is so fucking good